When the wealthy borrow from the poor


Sell fans a ticket, you owe them a game of football.  Whether the standard or result it good or bad, it’s a relatively easy commitment to keep.  That’s what fans get in return for spending money on a ticket.

Sell people shares, you owe them a share certificate.  That’s what shareholders get in return for coughing up for shares.

Borrow money from fans and you owe them much more than a game of football or a share certificate.  In many instances that money will have come from people who had to forgo things to provide you with the loan.  You owe them a duty of care that their loan will be repaid, or converted with their agreement.

It beggars belief that an unsecured loan has been offered to Rangers International by fans group, Rangers First.  If, as claimed, the obligations to Sports Direct have been met, the club will have both the ability and the incentive to pass the securities previously held by Sports Direct to the fans group.  The club’s IP, training ground and ancillary assets should now be unencumbered, who better to have security over these critical parts of the club than a fans group?

Unless, of course, the obligations to Sports Direct have not been met.  Or someone else has their eye on the assets.

The claim that Dave King would match Rangers First’s loan took me by surprise.  This was counter to everything I knew and expected of him.  His swift denial was more consistent with expectations.

There is an axiom in football: Any club who has enriched a PR individual to the tune of £500k in the last year is making a serious attempt to divert it’s fans attention.  Celtic’s PR machine deals with the efficient communication of football information and financial reports.  Nothing whatsoever is spend attempting to lead the news agenda.  This often leaves us on the receiving end of that agenda, but we have nothing to hide.  Which is the way it should be.

Few sights in business or football can be more alarming than when purportedly wealthy people borrow money from poorer people.  The warning signs are writ as tall as the Ibrox stands.  This time there is no hidden Ticketus deal people can claim they didn’t know about.

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  1. Delaneys Dunky on




    Your daughter takes her taste after her intelligent faither.


    God bless you pal.

  2. DD…



    I’m still a bit away from that age group, probably as well acgr is off site as he would want to fire up there next week :)

  3. eddieinkirkmichael on

    !st test of the weekend passed with flying colours. Bring on Stranraerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  4. Delaneys Dunky on

    Saint Stivs



    Magic. Thanks pal. Funnily I am smoking a bit of Amsterdam tonight.



  5. i think they meant SCORING DEBUT,



    i only copied the title,



    your not on here one year to the next , other than to pop up and pull me up.



    your tony donnellys brother, thats you that is,




  6. Gerryfaethebrig


    Looked at Corals odds on Liverpool game and was sucked in, but got reimbursed in play.


    They had their 4th team out !FA cup is nothing now an bookies know that !

  7. 8 minutes into that watch the huns score the most blatent offside goal.




  8. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    St. Stivs



    7.50 in …….



    “Away ya Cafflic bastard”



    Sure looks like it.:-)

  9. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    Talks held over sectarian songs at Ibrox



    THE SPFL board is to meet to discuss sectarian singing by Rangers fans during the 4-2 win over Hibs at Ibrox – but it’s unlikely any action will be taken.



    Under current SPFL rules, clubs will avoid punishment if the board is satisfied all reasonable and practicable steps were taken to try and ensure acceptable conduct among supporters.



    The ‘Billy Boys’ was heard from some sections of the home support while Hibs boss Alan Stubbs was the target of other sectarian chanting. (The Scotsman)





    Read more: http://www.scotsman.com/sport/football/competitions/premiership/rumour-mill-celtic-eye-peteleu-crepulja-new-rangers-deals-riski-to-dundee-united-1-3994931#ixzz3wnBdzSsa


    Follow us: @TheScotsman on Twitter | TheScotsmanNewspaper on Facebook




    Action unlikely.


    Aye,O.K. then.

  10. 16 roads - Celtic über alles... on

    How to get the zombie neanderthals to quit the sectarian singing?



    Simple – Just make an announcement over the speaker system – if the sectarian chanting doesn’t cease, the game will be abandoned.



    If that doesn’t work, points deducted.



    I’m almost certain that this happened at a Linfield Cliftonville game a season or two ago. As far as I am aware, both sets of fans were at it – the referee, or someone with authority made an announcement that the game would be abandoned if the sectarianism didn’t cease – and hey presto, the singing stopped, and the game continued.



    It isn’t that difficult.



    Not that it bothers me anyway, although I will concede that the zombie support contains a lot of hateful and dangerous sectarian bigots.



    Most of it is all zombie fantasy land bs – their insane obsession with Ireland is funny enough – invading Derry, Dublin and the Falls Road etc.



    Pie-in-the-sky baloney.



    Sectarianism is their problem, not ours.




  11. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on



    How to get the zombie neanderthals to quit the sectarian singing?





    Not going to happen,mate.



    Glasgow`s finest protect them as they play their sectarian tunes on the streets of Glasgow.


    If there were any will for change,that`s where it would begin.And should begin.


    It won`t.


    I quite celebrate their public display of sectarianism.


    Shows them for what they are.

  12. ROY CROPPIE on 8TH JANUARY 2016 10:13 PM




    2 Bhoys and the unmentionable…




    Roy, Hail Hail fella.


    I hope the link of yer pic works.


    Anyway….I remember that day very well…beating the huns 1-2 at ibrokes on New years day 1985 with no TV cameras ?….a guid day for Tims.


    Before the game…the huns at the front of the Copland Road Stand…displayed letters which spelled out…


    …WELL DONE TO – RAPID VIENNA…I’m sure that’s what it said though, I stand to be corrected.


    We got a penalty at the huns end and, Judas took it and….missed it….the huns broke up the park and took the lead as, Cooper(I think) rolled the ball into the net at the Broomloan Rd end…after ht…McLair(I think) brought us level and, Judas scored a cracker of a header into the Broomloan and…that’s where he went…stood on the wall…took the acclaim of the ecstatic Celtic end and…sparked off one of the best parties the Broomloan has ever seen…imho.


    This was the second penalty in a row that judas had missed…on Boxing Day 1984…we played Dundee Utd at Celtic Park and, Utd won 1-2….with Judas missing another penalty.


    Also….in the above game….my ‘uncle’ Gerry McNee wrote his report of the game…in the Jungle!!!!….underneath the cameras he stood with, a big parka hood disguising him!!!…must be the only time ever that, a journalist would stand in amongst the Celtic supporters writing his report whilst the game was being played?….Tommy Burns put us into the lead that day and, ran to the Jungle….slid along the ground on his knees with his arms outstretched like Al Jolson and shouted “CCCCEEEEELLLLLTIIIIC”….if anybody can dig ‘that’ clip out on Youtube it would be a classic.


    P.S. I think that the desperate Celtic board in 1989….paraded Judas at Celtic Park with the promise that he could, sign for Celtic again and, Celtic would sort out his tax problems.


    After Judas had given the club the badly needed lift before the SCF were wee Super Joe scored the winner, the board then informed Judas that, there were complications and, his tax-bill of £150,000 couldn’t be paid by Celtic so…the deal was off…leaving Judas in the lurch and….leaving the door opened to the possibility of an equalizing dirty trick to get it right up the directors who used him…imho.


    A few weeks after Judas scored the winner v’s us at ibrokes…Jim White asked Judas on Scotsport – “Maurice was it because Rangers* offered you more money that, you chose them over Celtic ?”


    Judas answered – “No, that’s not the case…they both offered me the same deal, it’s just that I had a tax-bill of £150,000 from Nantes which, Celtic told me later on that, they couldn’t pay but, Rangers* paid for me.”


    Did the huns tax dodging start with the signing of Judas ? Hmmmm?


    Hail Hail



  13. Good morning friends from the winter wonderland that is East Kilbride. Zero degrees, snow on the ground and hanging from the leafless trees. All very picturesque but unfortunately likely to lead to the postponement of EKFCs cup tie. There’s a pitch inspection at 9am, if they can find the pitch.



    And postponement also of my planned return to ParkRun. Ho hum….

  14. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on



    That is astonishing. It cannot be for real? Surely not?




    PS Have to dash. Will check any reply later.

  15. Marrakesh Express on





    And just down the road in Castlemilk, three beautiful roe deer rooting about in the snow. Lovely sight.

  16. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    It’s a spoof, you can follow more sketches on the same page.

  17. CQN Coupon for this weekend-



    Awalkacrosstherooftops: Ross County


    Blantyretim: Elgin


    Greenlion2: Accrington stanley


    Jobo Baldie: East Kilbride


    Lennybhoy: Ipswich


    PFayr: Bolton


    Pogmathonyahun: Bournemouth


    The Token Tim: Stoke

  18. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Jobo, enjoy the shops.



    Safe journey through. Hopefully there is no snow round the Harthill area as it can be a bottleneck there if it has been snowing.



    My son and I were going to go to K Park if the game was on but will head to the Pollok v Talbot game at Newlandsfield instead , if its on.

  19. coolmore mafia on

    Enjoyed Roy croppie’s old firm match from 81.



    Davie provan was great. Roy, Danny, Tommy also were top class. Along with haddies like Dom Sullivan, mark Reid. And to lesser extent frank Mcgarvey. The intensity of the midfield is something else- total attack, forward short passing. Makes this current team look like imposters.



    Our team from 81 was one of the last home grown teams, and it shows. The passion and intensity it had I’d forgotten. I”ve become used to crab football- almost believing it is mandatory. Boring sideways two defensive midfielders, one attacker, midfielders that do nothing…….

  20. channelislandcelt on

    Can anyone remember a live tv Scottish Cup game at Celtic Park v lower league opposition ?


    Sevco v Cowdenbeath ??? Joke !!


    Games at Stirling , Amnan and Airdrie all have Prem teams visiting , but Sky would rather hand feed the Huns to help keep the lights on .



    Binned Sky a long time ago . Thank God .



  21. BT – sent an email out and posted incorrectly on blog !!!!





    Awalkacrosstherooftops: Ross County


    Blantyretim: Elgin


    Greenlion2: Accrington stanley


    Jobo Baldie: Livingston


    Lennybhoy: Ipswich


    PFayr: Bolton


    Pogmathonyahun: Bournemouth


    The Token Tim: Stoke



    Aff oot………..

  22. Celtic being linked with Fench striker Sebastian Haller, currently playing with Utrecht.


    Decent scoring record, this can’t be right :-)

  23. With regards to the title of our article……



    Has Robbing Hood….( sorry, damned pretictive text!) been directly quoted on the “loan”?





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