When the wealthy borrow from the poor


Sell fans a ticket, you owe them a game of football.  Whether the standard or result it good or bad, it’s a relatively easy commitment to keep.  That’s what fans get in return for spending money on a ticket.

Sell people shares, you owe them a share certificate.  That’s what shareholders get in return for coughing up for shares.

Borrow money from fans and you owe them much more than a game of football or a share certificate.  In many instances that money will have come from people who had to forgo things to provide you with the loan.  You owe them a duty of care that their loan will be repaid, or converted with their agreement.

It beggars belief that an unsecured loan has been offered to Rangers International by fans group, Rangers First.  If, as claimed, the obligations to Sports Direct have been met, the club will have both the ability and the incentive to pass the securities previously held by Sports Direct to the fans group.  The club’s IP, training ground and ancillary assets should now be unencumbered, who better to have security over these critical parts of the club than a fans group?

Unless, of course, the obligations to Sports Direct have not been met.  Or someone else has their eye on the assets.

The claim that Dave King would match Rangers First’s loan took me by surprise.  This was counter to everything I knew and expected of him.  His swift denial was more consistent with expectations.

There is an axiom in football: Any club who has enriched a PR individual to the tune of £500k in the last year is making a serious attempt to divert it’s fans attention.  Celtic’s PR machine deals with the efficient communication of football information and financial reports.  Nothing whatsoever is spend attempting to lead the news agenda.  This often leaves us on the receiving end of that agenda, but we have nothing to hide.  Which is the way it should be.

Few sights in business or football can be more alarming than when purportedly wealthy people borrow money from poorer people.  The warning signs are writ as tall as the Ibrox stands.  This time there is no hidden Ticketus deal people can claim they didn’t know about.

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  1. Aw Naw





    I was at Edinburgh yesterday and thought the aims of the Manifesto entirely laudable. Where I have doubt is the opposition the SFSA will face from the three stooled SFA/SFL/RedTop media alliance.



    The guy from Bella Caledonia was there and blogged on the event at






    To which I commented.







    7 hours ago



    ” Recovery has to start somewhere and when the SFA and SPFL’S part in allowing the debacle at RFC, beginning in 2001 when the ebts mentioned in accounts wasn’t questioned (and don’t tell me no one at Hampden didn’t know) begins to be revealed in the upcoming trials, there will never be a greater opportunity to bring about the reform needed.



    The Manifesto is a large elephant and if it is not to become a white one it has to be eaten like any elephant – a bit at a time.



    There are two huge obstacles to progress. The SFA/SPFL culture of governance and the red top football culture pandering to the worst in human nature to sell their wares.



    The SFA/SPFL will be at their the most vulnerable and if any of the other points in the Manifesto are to be realised then that is where the battle to reclaim begins.



    With luck the revelations from the trials, which social media will report because the red tops and SFA/SPFL are co dependent, will coincide with ST renewal time and by then, if as many supporters as possible are aware what went on with regard to the LNS Commission, the 5 Way Agreement and UEFA 2011 licence, then the SFA/SPFL and Red Top alliance can be brought to the negotiating table.



    If crisis represents opportunity then the opportunity is coming soon.”




    Much water has flowed under the Res12 bridge since 2013 and between that, the LNS mis-Commission and 5 Way Agreement what was a Celtic only issue in 2013 is now one of recognisable poor to useless governance supported by the RedTops.



    So if SFA reform under 3 and 8 of the Manifesto is ever going to happen it will have to be forced in order to knock away the SFA leg of that stool and the time to do that will be the next five months before ST sales.



    What emerges from the upcoming trials if delivered to the wider Scottish supporter base could produce another Arab Spring but this time with a manifesto and means should the SFSA recognise the opportunity to drive it forward.



    Watch this space ;0)

  2. SFL is of course SPFL ( I do wish CQN had ability to edit say up to 10 mins after posting.)

  3. Awe Naw



    Just on and read your post from NbM. Coincidentally, I’ve just spent a couple of hours with a Partick Thistle supporter, who recently was convicted under the OBaF Act, after TWO years of court cases and on the word of two police officers (no video evidence despite initial claims there was) for a song he didn’t sing!



    What that guy has endured and the utterly catastrophic (and that’s not an exaggeration) affect it’s had on his life would shock you completely.



    Never mind, Dave Scott will be able to use his conviction as part of his statistical analysis, 33% of sectarian arrests are linked to football matches (which is much higher than our figures!). However, this also means that 66% of arrests have nothing to do with regulation football matches!!!



    Scott and his middle class loony group will always be a barrier to genuine progress while they continue to target ordinary football supporters for the causes of sectarianism in Scotland.



    Axe the Act!

  4. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on




    I agree with you but I can understand their stance. We need to get our priorities right and our own house in order. Maybe if they saw our billionaires take a lead rather than silent complicity they might feel more inclined to help out. They are far more desperate to see success than we are and are just as upset at their clubs toadyi.g to the Old Firm. I still think we should represent ourselves within this movement.




  5. Is there anybody from Rangers First lurking?



    After Christmas purchases – Lego Millenium Falcon, etc, etc – my credit cards are fair bustin’.



    A wee unsecured loan would go a long way. And I promise on Dave King’s credibility I’ll pay yeez back. Honest.

  6. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on




    The focus should be on quality of product and then the punters. Once that is sorted the money will come in. The money needs better distributed. Less money for the blazers and sharp suits. As soon as it becomes transparent it becomes accountable.






    I agree ENTIRELY….. Again it is wrapped in the same malignant problem.




  7. Techie help anyone?



    Wanting to restore Mrs Baldies HP Pavilion Netbook to factory settings. I’ve already saved everything I need onto an external drive. But how do I restore factory settings without a restore disk – the netbook doesn’t even have a CD-drive?



    If you’d rather take any advice off the main blog I’d be happy for any advice sent to jobobaldie@yahoo.co.uk



    Thanks in advance.

  8. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on




    Go on youtube. Search for your laptop name annd model and factory reset. HP will have it up on thete I am sure. It will take you through it. Watch all of it first and if you still have questions. Cone back to me




  9. AWe-Naw, thanks.



    Think the problem might be that currently it has Windows 10 but it was an earlier version when we got it. Or that might not be the problem ;-)

  10. jobo



    Just click Start and type ‘Recovery’ in the search field.



    Select Recovery Manager from the list when it becomes available, and follow on-screen prompts.

  11. Shortbread tv sports surpassing themselves again . Talking about tv technology being used is Scotland the plonker brings up what he calls “the hand-ball that never was ” in the Celtic v ICT semi as an example how controverial incidents would be dealt with. This was accompanied by a couple of clips of the incident that didnt clearly show that most blatent hand-to-ball . Shortbread re-writing Celtic history.

  12. In the new information era we get to see evidence of the internecine strife that otherwise would just be hearsay, such as the emails leaked on KDS between RF members. The ability to call up past proclamations and promises holds people to account like never before and the public airing of the laundry gives us (as Celtic fans) a chance to point and laugh, Nelson from the Simpsons style.



    But in the new information age I have also become aware that RF’s monthly subs are now at a formidable amount, and 500k of a loan is far from ‘all they’ve got’. Might stick in the craw with many but what they have achieved and the power of that particular group is, in my estimation, going to shock many. If you think there’s a complete wipe out scenario in the offing please reconcile yourself with the reality that it isn’t going to happen. From a standing start they would be better off than about 35 of the 42 SPFL clubs.



    The time value of money. This is a case study in the making.

  13. Henke's Flowing Locks on




    Go to Start, Settings, Update & Security, and the Recovery option is there.



    option is ‘Reset this PC’, and it will lead you through the reset, including retaining all your personal files while ressetting Windows. You can only roll back from Windows 10 within a month of upgrading as far as I’m aware.




  14. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on




    I disagree. It is not all about the money. For them it is all about unquestionable superiority. They are dead. Kill the liie that they are not and they will be gone. Kill off a complicit SFA and they will not need to spend as much as they did in tbe Murray era to return to the Graham era to start beating their chests again.




  15. the long wait is over on




    Correct. If thems can make it to the end of the season and get promotion , by hook or by crook, then they’re home and hosed, despite all predictions of doom.



    They’ll sell out every week.


    The honest mistakes will roll out week after week.


    The press will be in full ” they’re back where they belong ”



    We might not like it but we’d better be ready.

  16. Breaking news from Skysports. Sevco announce two marquee signings. Tommy Tent from Farnborough FC., and Wiggie Wam from Molumba FC. Tommy’s Da, Billy Bell Tent said that his lad was the next Messi. Mmmmm, so have to watch out next season. Thinking of East Kilbride tomorrow, win and btts. Worked for me in the last round agains a League team.

  17. eddieinkirkmichael on

    Off to a 50 birthday bash then off to Stranraer for weekend with Delaneys Dunky, can my liver take it?

  18. Delaneys Dunky on




    See you in Stranraer tomorrow night pal.


    I fancy we will paint the Dumfries and Galloway town green this weekend!

  19. bamboo…



    Clyde, I know…played a clip of the great warbo exalting video evidence.



    He obviously wasn’t pre- briefed by the bunker command centre.

  20. Delaneys Dunky on




    Only one way to find out.


    I am having a green night tonight. Saving the liver damage till tomorrow and Sunday. :))

  21. DD: Looking forward to it. Might even see Wee BGFC in his famous hoody on Sunday.



    Stranraer will be green and white!

  22. Delaneys Dunky on




    Ger57 warned me about the Stranraer wumman at the game last week. He seemed jealous I had a ticket though! ;))

  23. Delaneys Dunky on




    Stranraer will be Green and White and full of Irish accents this weekend. :)

  24. THE EXILED TIM on 8TH JANUARY 2016 5:41 PM


    It’s looking like Hector has issued an arrest then, here’s hoping it’s really true.







    explain more bud please .

  25. embramike says "the Huns are Deid" on

    Scottish FA ‏@ScottishFA



    NEWS | Brian Laudrup and Gary Anderson to make @WillHillBet Scottish Cup fifth round draw: The draw will take place on Monday at 6:15pm and will be live on @SkySportsNewsHQ. The draw will also be broadcast live on @ClydeSSB



    So grudgingly it’s SkySports then … What’s the chances for a home draw at last with a Hun and a Hibee making the draw???

  26. Celticrollercoaster supporting Shay,our bhoy wonder along the way on

    BlantyreKev on 8th January 2016 7:13 pm



    Youve been investing haven’t you?



    Mind if they start giving unsecured loans to glib and shamless liars their investment will not return much :-)



    I read that they are having a wee debate on whether to loan or not!







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