When the wealthy borrow from the poor


Sell fans a ticket, you owe them a game of football.  Whether the standard or result it good or bad, it’s a relatively easy commitment to keep.  That’s what fans get in return for spending money on a ticket.

Sell people shares, you owe them a share certificate.  That’s what shareholders get in return for coughing up for shares.

Borrow money from fans and you owe them much more than a game of football or a share certificate.  In many instances that money will have come from people who had to forgo things to provide you with the loan.  You owe them a duty of care that their loan will be repaid, or converted with their agreement.

It beggars belief that an unsecured loan has been offered to Rangers International by fans group, Rangers First.  If, as claimed, the obligations to Sports Direct have been met, the club will have both the ability and the incentive to pass the securities previously held by Sports Direct to the fans group.  The club’s IP, training ground and ancillary assets should now be unencumbered, who better to have security over these critical parts of the club than a fans group?

Unless, of course, the obligations to Sports Direct have not been met.  Or someone else has their eye on the assets.

The claim that Dave King would match Rangers First’s loan took me by surprise.  This was counter to everything I knew and expected of him.  His swift denial was more consistent with expectations.

There is an axiom in football: Any club who has enriched a PR individual to the tune of £500k in the last year is making a serious attempt to divert it’s fans attention.  Celtic’s PR machine deals with the efficient communication of football information and financial reports.  Nothing whatsoever is spend attempting to lead the news agenda.  This often leaves us on the receiving end of that agenda, but we have nothing to hide.  Which is the way it should be.

Few sights in business or football can be more alarming than when purportedly wealthy people borrow money from poorer people.  The warning signs are writ as tall as the Ibrox stands.  This time there is no hidden Ticketus deal people can claim they didn’t know about.

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  1. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Delaney’s, Jimmynotpaul, Roy , Blantyre and Gerry, i was bored the other and came across some great footage by Irvinebhoy on youtube.



    He had uploaded clips of our goals which were televised between 1981 to 1989 and compiled them.



    He has goals in 1981 to 1983, 1983 and 1984 , 1984 and 1985 , 1986 and 1987 , 1988 and 1989.



    Some great memories of great and not so great players, the old empty and mobbed Celtic Park and marvellous wins.



    If you have about four hours to spare, there is some brilliant memories.



    Jimmy re old songs , the bells of hell or if had the wings of a sparrow

  2. Melbourne Mick on 8th January 2016 8:52 pm \\



    *at half time a wee Tim said tae me that we should take Henke off as he’ done eff all.

  3. ROY CROPPIE @ 11:01 PM,



    Thanks for clarifying, keep up the great work…



    Hail Hail

  4. Sipsini



    It’s a pity you missed the rest of the fox family. It really is a vermine of the greatest degree and a nightmare for poultry farmers. Personally, I see no benefit whatsoever for them being on the planet, I won’t say any more. HH

  5. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    Chair bhoy


    RC hadn’t noticed BMcC in background of pic


    I was mearly pointing out the fact the unlike the rest of them choccy said nothing and allowed judas and the rest to take the flack whilst sneaking out the backdoor to Fergie at Utd

  6. Delaneys Dunky on




    My confirmation name is Patrick. I made my confirmation with Bishop Winning in Corpus Christi in March. Shortly after at a game we sang Hail Glorious Saint Patrick. I miss that hymn from our old repetoire.


    In the war against Rangers,


    In the fight for the cup,


    Jimmy McGrory put the Celtic one up.

  7. Cowiebhoy/DD



    A date. The Swindon CSC has been badgering for weeks now to get my old ass over to the corner, he even wants me to get a selfie and post on CQN. Don’t know how to do that, his reply,” wan of them will do it” See you ghuys soon, and thank you all for your support. To all of you, and Paul67, thank you.

  8. Roy Croppie thanks for posting that goal by Di Canio up at pittodrie ….first time ive saw it actually…..he was a brilliant player……he always enjoyed scoring and he would then shake the living daylights out of the corner flag…..I guess he loved playing here……then again can never seem to remember him coming back to play in any “special” games…..as per Henke.Pierre. Cadette…….

  9. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Banda Bing



    I think Sharastani won the race…. Emerald green silks with red epulates the Aga Khan colours

  10. BT



    Will contact you over the weekend about that date change. Probs a wee txt. Thanks kiddo, say Hi to “K” and “M” from the wee mhan. HH

  11. Marrakesh Express on

    Sky trumpeting the pre contract signings of Messi and Suarez from Accrington Stanley. Shortbread at it all week too. I keep thinking back to the genius Lubo arriving at CP and how the msm panned the signing. Hardly any of them knew that he’d played in the 90 WC finals or was a star with St Etienne. Derek Johnstone was still getting his name wrong a month later.


    Compare and contrast. Desperate desperate stuff.

  12. -3 at the door and +23 in the hoose. Time for my hammock. The bed’s frozen. Lol. Night Night all. HH.

  13. Delaneys Dunky on




    A selfie wi you me and Cowie would look like a photo advertising a haunted house to scare the weans.

  14. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Blantyre, the picture of some of our platers with the green away top, white shorts and socks, was against Killie , near the end of the 82/83 season.



    I think Danny scored that day. I think it was a week or two before the 4 2 game ay Ibrox.

  15. DD



    My thoughts entirely. We could keep it and sell it at Halloween. A fortune guaranteed lol. Cheers kiddo. HH.

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