When we were kings


Our now-annual defeat against St Johnstone yesterday was a timely reminder of how close to defeat any team can be if they are even slightly off their game.  Despite fighting the urge not to be disrespectful to yesterdays’ victors, they are a poor team, previously without a win, bottom of the league and they had to cancel training during the week due to illness in their small squad.

But, they deservedly beat Celtic.

Kris Commons was a bright light among the largely disorganised looking team structure.  Tony Watt also did well, even if he is still beating himself up for passing up the best chance of the game in the dying seconds, but defensively we were turned over, the midfield singularly failed to control the ball and Gary Hooper looked miles away from scoring his first league goal of the season.

Did we need a sharp reminder of the level of performance required against Benfica on Wednesday?  It looks like it.

When we were kings

Don’t worry too much, a team with Fallon, Gemmell, McNeill, Murdoch, Auld, Johnstone and Wallace were turned over 0-2 at home by Hearts in 1969.  A few days later Eusebio and Benfica, who lost the 1968 European Cup final after extra-time, a year after Celtic won the tournament, walked off Celtic Park having lost 3-0.

Artur Jorge played for Benfica that night.  Apparently he still lurks in the corridors.

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  1. St John Doyle,



    I didn’t realise that the new St Barnabas was 50 years old. My aunt Ann, who died yesterday, God rest her soul, was married in the old one (the former picture hall) in 1954, I think. I had to present her with a horseshoe in the entrance.

  2. Fav Uncle


    Whereabouts in Yorkhill were you? I was raised at # 11, which was the close next to the telephone kiosk. I also remember going to the ‘Eddie Connaghan’ cup final on the bus from the CSC at the Stirling Castle, which used to be a Galbraith’s grocery store!

  3. MIDFIELD.M.paisley explains a lot.wee dick would love a phone call oot the blue.”hello it’s ma da’s birthday he wants to say hello how are you”MUNGO education.MARIST BROTHER’S teaching.christain teaching.BRO WALFRID,ok get the message.jist sayin like.

  4. Favourite Uncle and Midfield Maestro



    Are you two having a masonic conversation that flies way over the heads of the rest of us tonight?

  5. midfield maestro on



    It is way over ma heid. He knows ma family, but willnae tell me who he/his name is. A gie in :-)

  6. Gene's a Bhoys name on




    It was Shawfield – and you were not alone it giving Bertie an earful – even Big Jock appeared from the dug-out

  7. Sargassosea


    Ahhhh Galbraith’s grocery store!


    The very mention of that name sends me back to being an 8yr old with my ear pressed up at door in Mossend listening to this game on theGalbraith’s Orc store workers “tranny” :))





    My God the mind is a wonderfull thing I vividly remember the hatred and hurt in his voice and on his face as we celebrated,8yr old and we slaughtered him till shutting time (which wasn’t long after the game in they days )

  8. prestonpans bhoys on

    I’m off tomorrow wonder if I should tan in that bottle of red in the fridge……………and yes I like my red cold………

  9. Parkheadcumsalford


    19:26 on


    16 September, 2012





    The new Arch Bishop mentioned this, said about some regulars had difficulty with Sunday mornings and the Picture House conversion to the Church.


    Bit before my time in Shettleston, my early days were St. Michaels’ and St. Bernadettes’.

  10. eldiegobhoy.no .our families go back over a century.may i refer you to top of page one.i am on a roll.

  11. Ohhhh and 2mins 30secs into video huns “strongly disapprove” of celtics victory


    Who’d a thought it eh :)))

  12. Parkheadcumsalford



    I read Bertie’s book over the summer. Sitting on the ball happened at Shawfield and I think he did it twice before Big Jock appeared on the sidelines and he thought better of doing it again!

  13. Gene's a Bhoys name on

    The domestic season so far has been disappointing to say the least – notwithstanding the cheating officials 8 points after 5 games is poor – as far as Wednesday is concerned our main advantage is in the dressing room when we pull on the hoops!

  14. When we were kings?



    We are kings.



    Celtic are the champions of Scotland.



    We are, and rightfully so, after defeating the champions of both Finland and Sweden, the only representatives of this small country in the Champions League.



    I’m disappointed with the result yesterday but suspect we’ll see more of this until Celtic find their domestic form.



    In the meantime, let’s count our blessings. (thumbsup)

  15. prestonpans bhoys on



    19:56 on


    16 September, 2012



    Good to see you yesterday although still not recovered from you shouting my name right behide my heed……….

  16. hamiltontim


    Maybe we should get Bertie to have a word wae the team over breakfast before league games:)).


    Till later HAIL HAIL

  17. Tell you what … What will benficas match fitness be like considering the last game they played was a league game on the 2nd sept?

  18. prestonpans bhoys – They’re uncouth fellows, those Hamiltonians.



    Coatbridge is the only civilised town in Lanarkshire, and even then, is almost compromised by its proximity to Airdrie and Bargeddie. (thumbsup)

  19. prestonpans



    You’re using that as an excuse for the hangover all those cocktails have given you :-)



    Good to meet you mate though things went down hill drastically on the pitch from then on!!

  20. Phivis



    Coatbridge was the first place I encountered where the old style ice cream fridges were utilised to store the Buckfast for those who preferred their wine chilled.



    So don’t you dare talk about ‘uncouth Hamiltonians’ :-)

  21. Was heading home from work yesterday and Off the Ball had just kicked off. Between ML5 and ML3 (20mins tops) they had managed to infuriate me 4 times. Although the joke about a 13K crowd at the time of the fox had me ballistic.



    – we’ll have Celtic supporters on here denying there was ever a crowd of 13K



    – naw issa fact



    – and were that 13K at Seville?



    Giggle giggle.



    Cosgrove, trying desperately, as he does week in week out, to sound erudite and beyond his years when Cowan asks what the relevance of the fox was and how it mirrored ‘the bad old days’ – Cosgrove mumbled on from his small lexicon and ended up with something, something something urban debris…



    Poor, lazy, inept commentators who are viewed as cutting edge and incisively humorous.



    As I’d said before – the world will fail because of people’s unconsidered acceptance of the third rate.



    Urban debris.



    Cosgrove – the Seans and the John Pauls? – aye keep on keeping on with your worldview…




  22. leftclicktic



    Having met Bertie several times when he worked behind the bar in Bairds I think he’d be more likely to scare the living daylights out of our young ‘lions’ :-)

  23. Franco zuculini currently playing for Zaragoza, (just subbed actually) was a Player we tried to get in the summer on a season long loan. We’re still interested by all accounts should it not work out for the player. Just a post to let you know.

  24. St John Doyle,



    I left the”new” St Michael’s Primary 50 years ago last June. I was among the last who went through Elba Lane, the Hall and the Big School in Salamanca Street before it moved to Springfield Road.

  25. hamiltontim – My friend, there’s nothing wrong with chilling one’s Buckfast tonic wine during the balmy North Lanarkshire summer months. I’ve seen Parisians do the same thing with their local fermentations during Les vacances.




  26. Fav Uncle


    Did you know Guest St. or Yorkhill St.?





    Different game. E C was the Dunfermline goalie in the cup final that went to a replay which we lost.



    Too many Connaghans CSC

  27. prestonpans bhoys on



    20:03 on


    16 September, 2012



    I was in Bothy’s for some cocktails – only £5 per shot – and a meal. Went into discussions with some Canadians and one said to me “we have one of you guys playing for our soccer team a Kenny something” well cocktail went right down the wrong way and after a coughing fit, I explained his nickname as misser. This will be now be passed over all Vancouver :-)

  28. moonbeams wd. kano 1000 \o/ supporting neil lennon 100%. champions. c’mon wee oscar.



    Pertinent points about Celtic , is that allowed on here without starting a donnybrook .



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