When we were kings


Our now-annual defeat against St Johnstone yesterday was a timely reminder of how close to defeat any team can be if they are even slightly off their game.  Despite fighting the urge not to be disrespectful to yesterdays’ victors, they are a poor team, previously without a win, bottom of the league and they had to cancel training during the week due to illness in their small squad.

But, they deservedly beat Celtic.

Kris Commons was a bright light among the largely disorganised looking team structure.  Tony Watt also did well, even if he is still beating himself up for passing up the best chance of the game in the dying seconds, but defensively we were turned over, the midfield singularly failed to control the ball and Gary Hooper looked miles away from scoring his first league goal of the season.

Did we need a sharp reminder of the level of performance required against Benfica on Wednesday?  It looks like it.

When we were kings

Don’t worry too much, a team with Fallon, Gemmell, McNeill, Murdoch, Auld, Johnstone and Wallace were turned over 0-2 at home by Hearts in 1969.  A few days later Eusebio and Benfica, who lost the 1968 European Cup final after extra-time, a year after Celtic won the tournament, walked off Celtic Park having lost 3-0.

Artur Jorge played for Benfica that night.  Apparently he still lurks in the corridors.

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  1. Sargassosea


    It was just the mention of Galbraith’s that brought childhood memories flooding back.

  2. I have not had much of an opportunity to read many posts since the St Johnstone game but was wondering if Sammi, in his absence, has become the superstar who would have saved us from defeat? Yes? No?




  3. ElDiegoBhoy – It was my privilege to know a couple of members of that most shy and retiring of phyla, the lesser spotted decent Rangers fan.



    Sadly, they are all rugby, tennis, and golf fans now.



    I do miss Edward Ursus though, and would be happy to engage in verbal fisticuffs with the less impressive CQN contributors who drove him from our digital shores. We are the poorer without him. (thumbsup)

  4. phivis



    ‘Balmy North Lanarkshire summer months’ are a thing of the past, a bit like rangers in that respect.



    Real Frenchies serve their red wine at room temperature, the Parisian concept of chilled red was introduced by a nomadic stowaway from Kirkshaws who drunkenly boarded a cross channel ferry in 1983 :-)

  5. Philvis



    Living in Hamilton and working in Coatbridge – you have me vexed. But not in a confused sense.



    Airdrie and Bargeddie do make me shudder though. But then, so does Stonehouse and Ferniegair…



    Reminds me of that old joke



    Son – Dad, is America bigger than Larkhall?



    Dad – Don’t be stupid son, America’s bigger than Larkhall and Fernigair put the gither…




  6. philvisreturns



    Many of us from the early days have met Ed and enjoyed his company. He sure is a loss to this site. That said a number of excellent Celtic supporting CQNers from the early days have left the site. I understand why.



    It’s a shame but probably inevitable that the blog would attract some you’d not wish to meet up with for a pint.



    Just my opinion mind.

  7. hamiltontim


    I got off the coach in Seville and was wondering what would be the first thing I would see.


    It was a Gang of middle aged”Kirkshaws Kangaroos” wae their hair sprayed green:))).

  8. ulysses mcghee – You had me going until “Fernigair”, obviously a made-up place. (thumbsup)




    ElDiegoBhoy – I know what you mean. In the last couple of weeks in particular, the blog has seen a remarkable influx of people.



    Sometimes I feel like a cold warrior in 1991, or Malcolm Tucker on the latest series of “The Thick Of It”. The old enemy is dead. The old certainties have evaporated. The future is uncertain and quite possibly less entertaining than the past. Perhaps even the thumbs are growing tired. (thumbsup)

  9. I spent two days in Sanlucar de Barrameda before getting to Seville proper. Mobile networks terrible. Dying for a pee, dips into a bar, goes to the loo, comes back out to see 5 ML3 boys at the bar… An hour later the owner apologetically told us he had ran out of beer.



    Seville was and always will be a pleasure. The journey, the people I met, the emotion. It burns in my heart and only ever gives me pleasure. I dread to think how our lives might have turned out if we’d won.



    I saw Steve Walford in the car park of sainsburys ML3 not long after – I ran up and shook his hand and asked him to pass on my thanks for one of the most fantastic experiences of my life.



    My final thought – if we had ever went ahead in that game – we’d have stayed there.




  10. ElDiego



    As a relative newbie to CQN can you tell me who the ‘missing’ posters are and why you think they no longer post?

  11. leftclicktic



    I think there’s a fair chance my good lady will have known them, indeed she may have been one of them :-)

  12. ht



    I’d prefer to answer your query over a pint. Face to face.



    And it would be wrong to mention who no longer post now without their approval. But be assured we have lost posters up there with the very best who post now and I don’t say that lightly.



    CQN has changed and moved on as was inevitable.

  13. oldtim67:



    Thanks for the Barcelona information, very grateful.



    I’m over early enough (Sunday) to give me a good chance.

  14. SARGASSOSAE.edwadrd st no longer there.other family lived in carfrae st.left yorkhill 60 years ago but cousins stayed on.

  15. ElDiego



    I’m aware of one or two but not the reasons why they no longer post.



    It’s inevitable that on a forum of this nature with so many contributors that there will be amongst them some wahoos.



    Even in the short time that I’ve read and posted on CQN I’ve noticed a different type of poster emerge, however, there are still enough great posters to make the best Celtic site available imo.



    We could have that pint on the 29th Sept at the wee Oscar Quiz Night if you could manage to get a team together, I’ll even buy :-)))))))

  16. HT – EDB



    Yep, there were some greats.



    But guys like yourselves keep the thing real and at the risk of being sookie – Estadio, BRTH and Auldheid make reading this blog a thing of pleasure.



    Kojo is a constant fave and I make no apologies for that.



    Declan is as missed as J Titor (Even though I outed him)



    And Philvis is one of the most witty, quick and singular posters I have ever read.



    I do miss WG and his patron saints though…



    Occam’s razor has been has been silent for a while though…




  17. Is it ok to take your Buckie with a slice of lemon?… or does it call my manhood into question… again

  18. Glendalystonsils likes a mr whippy with his lime green jelly on

    It’s an interesting point about how the tone of the blog can change so dramatically. it seems to depend more on who’s on rather than what’s being discussed.


    A few weeks ago we were inundated with hundreds of new posters who appeared overnight but have never been heard from again. What was that all about?

  19. I agree with ulysses mcghee, (without sooking up )the new posters like myself were enticed to this site because of great wit and celtic banter which wasnt available elsewhere. If old heads stop posting the demographic of the site will be irrevocably changed. WE NEED YOU ALL



  20. Uly



    You’ve hit on one or two absentees but there are more. Our good friend TinyTim no longer posts as an example.



    It’s not the site it once was but noone is to blame for that.

  21. Glendalystonsils likes a mr whippy with his lime green jelly on

    jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/



    With Lomas and one other hun in the studio perhaps?

  22. Sometimes it works out. Sometimes it doesn’t.



    Twelve years ago tomorrow, a wee guy from Rosario turned up to have a go at becoming a Barcelona player. He was a long way from home. He was tiny.

  23. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on

    J Q Bits



    Maraschino cherries me old son & 2 ice cubes.Colour clash wae the lemon. o)))




    Ps Stirred not shaken!!

  24. Gene's a Bhoys name on



    Buckie is best served wrapped in a brown paper bag and at room temperature – a dash of limeade is optional

  25. hamiltontim


    21:12 on


    16 September, 2012





    Your manhood’s fine but with that concoction I’d question your sanity!!





    nice of you to say so…. I always suspected the camera was on when I was postin from the bath



    That wasn’t an elephant in the room ;)



    Didn’t have buckie in my youth, thank god…. only Breaker Malt Liquor and Pomagne



    it’s a wonder I can still take alcohol

  26. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on

    Thers a bucket measure now for pubs that sell the Buckie!! Used to be a skooner I think.

  27. HT



    Occam’s Razor was a smug Rangers (Remember them?) supporter. He dallied for a while, dispensing that leery, over confident bollocks that their fans still suffer from. We also had a guy called in the dark – who would only come on to divulge how much money he had made betting against Celtic – because he had a pal in the know who knew how the machine that was Ibrox rolled. Ultimately off the rails is how they rolled ya tosser!



    Oh it’s been fun. But it still is.



    Tiny Tim – if you’re reading – please post again – I don’t know the reasons why you stopped but FFS – you’re one of the good guys…




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