When we were kings


Our now-annual defeat against St Johnstone yesterday was a timely reminder of how close to defeat any team can be if they are even slightly off their game.  Despite fighting the urge not to be disrespectful to yesterdays’ victors, they are a poor team, previously without a win, bottom of the league and they had to cancel training during the week due to illness in their small squad.

But, they deservedly beat Celtic.

Kris Commons was a bright light among the largely disorganised looking team structure.  Tony Watt also did well, even if he is still beating himself up for passing up the best chance of the game in the dying seconds, but defensively we were turned over, the midfield singularly failed to control the ball and Gary Hooper looked miles away from scoring his first league goal of the season.

Did we need a sharp reminder of the level of performance required against Benfica on Wednesday?  It looks like it.

When we were kings

Don’t worry too much, a team with Fallon, Gemmell, McNeill, Murdoch, Auld, Johnstone and Wallace were turned over 0-2 at home by Hearts in 1969.  A few days later Eusebio and Benfica, who lost the 1968 European Cup final after extra-time, a year after Celtic won the tournament, walked off Celtic Park having lost 3-0.

Artur Jorge played for Benfica that night.  Apparently he still lurks in the corridors.

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  1. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/


    Ah like it… a Possila Sunrise



    Gene’s a Bhoys name


    Limeade…pfft… only the burds surely?

  2. Steinreignedsupreme on

    JimmyQuinnsBits 21:08 on 16 September, 2012



    I tried Buckfast once – not sure if it was room temperature or not.



    It was on-a-par with tripe as they most disgusting substance to pass my lips.



    A definite one-off experience … unlike the times with those two super models…

  3. I have been flicking between 4 games , Inter, Boca, Colo Colo, Marseille, seen a dozen yellow cards.



    Going by what they were booked for, St Johnstone would have ended up with their keeper on the pitch yesterday.



    Tis a different world is scotland when it comes to the football.

  4. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/


    21:21 on


    16 September, 2012



    Buckie originated in The Big Tree bar Coatbridge. FACT!!!






    I think that there’s a group of Monks in South Devon who may argue with that :-)

  5. Steinreignedsupreme



    Which brings to mind… I didn’t like tripe either, until I tried a Spanish dish “Callos”…. beautiful



    Ahm not a Buckie fan… tried it a couple of times when I’d had too much already… too sweet, much too sweet

  6. EDB,



    You are so right about the posters who have gone. If people like EU feel they have been pushed out, it is a sad reflection on those who now post on this site. I miss all those like him who no longer feel welcome here, for whatever reason.

  7. Can I just big up the work Angela Haggerty has done over the past few days regarding Phil’s book?



    The truth has been a stranger around these parts for years – she’s 26 and her piece on her editorial work for the book and why every (EVERY) Rangers (EXTANT) supporter should read it, has been nothing short of brilliant.



    When I was 26 – Rangers were magic – and that was it really – and God help you if you thought different.



    Players’ wives doing fashion shoots for the Sunday Mail? Yep



    But only one club’s…



    And I’m going pre Eileen Catterson here…

  8. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on

    h t



    I meant to drink in a bar. Im well aware abt its history and where its made. Its not the same Buckie now from the one that came to the Big Tree.



    St Mary’s Boys guild were the villains. They brot it back from a trip to Ireland

  9. Steinreignedsupreme on

    Buckfast is also hellish for the ole complexion. You can spot regular connoisseurs of the Monk’s Milk from a range of 250 yards.



    To achieve similar tonic radiance, non-Buckfast drinkers would need to have their faces sandpapered for a solid month 24/seven.

  10. setting free the bears



    16:58 on 16 September, 2012



    What are our expectations of this Celtic team this year?



    The ultra ambitious or plain delusional will ask that we win every game we play and collect every title and trophy we contest.



    The cautious will look for us to win the SPL and have a respectable showing in the CL i.e we do not get humped (our 3:0 record CL defeat is quite mild considering that Besiktas shipped 8 goals at Annfield and Basel and Roma shipped 7 goals at last 16 level) and have a shout at Europa league qualification.



    The bookies and neutral observers will probably side with the cautious. We are overwhelming favourites for the SPL and, even if Motherwell or Dundee United opened up a 10 point lead by December we would remain the favourites because they have seen us overturn similar early leads to better outfits than Well or United. We are seeded 3 for our CL group stage but no-one, outwith Celtic Park and Glasgow, will be too surprised if we finish 4th or qualify, such are the margins and unpredictability.



    So what does a poorish start to the SPL mean for us?



    I believe it portends absolutely nothing. We have done well in Euro matches when we have been in poor league form and we have messed up when we have been in good form (the 1967 Lisbon champs lost in the first round in September 1967). Of course it is usually better to feel positive than negative about your form but either feeling guarantees nothing.



    Those CQN posters who miraculously re-appeared this weekend foretelling doom for Celtic are serial failed Cassandras. Their predictions for Celtic’s season on the back of the 3:3 game at Killie went down the Swanee. Their surefire predictions that Celtic would not qualify for CL group on the back of some insipid form in pre season friendlies were shown to be so much hogwash and superstition that it seemed to cause their typing fingers paralysis for several weeks. Yet they are back expecting their predictions to be taken seriously despite their success rate.



    However, that does not mean the opposite is true either. Being optimistic or bullish about the CL matches does not alter the fact that Barca can lay claim to be the best club team ever, that Benfica have more players worth big money than we do, and that Spartak contains a player who used to be our star but he is one of many within their ranks.



    Next Wednesday, we will find out if Celtic are good enough to surprise the cautious and vindicate the bullishly optimistic or whether we are out of our depth and long overdue our first proper CL humping.



    If the latter, we can concentrate on the favourite pastime of shouting at the non-players of the Board.



    If the former, well……. then we can concentrate on worrying about Moscow away.



    I am willing to accept the price that treating this as a transition year, an opportunity to blood youngsters in the SPL, is we will lose more points now in order to be a better team in future. I am willing to fall behind in order to give the team the best chance possible in the very difficult CL competitive arena. I am willing to bet that we can haul a league points deficit back once we do not have Europe to occupy us.



    But…… if we make it all the way to the CL final in London or the Europa final in Amsterdam, then we might just lose this league.





    As always, a very good and measured comment.



    I will disagree with the one point at the end, Celtic will win this League even if we have the run to the CL final. ;)



    The youngsters ready to breakthrough are going to make sure the established players know their places are under serious threat, it is all very good as far as the eye can see.



    After our performances last season in Europe, I have been really looking forward to this seasons. I’m sure our Bhoys will make a splash and put a few noses out of joint, even the Greatest Club side ever, Barca, over here in Glasgow. A draw against them would be fantastic.



    Great days to be a Celtic fan, we should cherish them.

  11. Re the buckie.



    In the 80’s a friend worked in a Blantyre Bar. He had just started his first shift. They had Buckie on the gantry and a guy comes up to the bar and says to the lad give me a Buckie.



    The lad pours it and the guys says can you make it a deluxe Buckie son. The boy, what’s a deluxe Buckie.



    For goodness sake son everybody knows a Deluxe Buckie is a Buckie with ice.







  12. Steinreignedsupreme on

    JimmyQuinnsBits 21:26 on 16 September, 2012



    “Which brings to mind… I didn’t like tripe either, until I tried a Spanish dish “Callos”…. beautiful”



    I’ve tried the ole callos – a very long story, and one the most embarrassing episodes from my travelling days.



    I realised the moment it went in my mouth that I had made a Konterman of the situation.

  13. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    Ever since Paul, Phil, RTC revealed what was going on over at the drk side, CQN has been intense, to put it mildly……….think we are in a little lull at the moment, waiting for the FTT, BDO, SPL COMMISSION …… Fortunately, greengo’s calculated rants, sally’s moans and the performance of sevco in SFL3 (how good does that sound) are giving us plenty of interim entertainment……and the media, they’re just their usual desperado selves …… All good stuff !!

  14. parkheadcumsalford 21:28 your post would suggest new posters pushed the old ones out and this I find strange, surely new blood should be welcomed . Of course its a pity old heads feel ousted ,but how do we learn? If I’ve misinterpreted your post apologies




  15. kitalba



    21:29 on 16 September, 2012



    Who pushed out Ed?





    I would hazard a guess a bitter Rangers fan, or even a Celtic fan who was worse than any Rangers fan who were brought up with bitterness in their mind.



    Ed is a massive loss to this site, he was the first conduit to a brighter future.

  16. Apologies if already posted, This is from TSFM site from a poster on the pie and bovril site.



    A see they are still making friends wherever they go…..




    The Annan committee made a major error in allowing so many Sevco fans into the home end yesterday.Never heard so much utter filth being sung at a football match before,they really do belong in the dark ages.During the first half they were politely invited to shut the f**k up .Being told that their sectarian bile had no place at a 3rd division football seemed to enrage these neanderthals and duly started to attack some of the Annan support.The polis were quick to react and i saw at least 2 sevco fans foaming at the mouth being led away.



    Flares were also set of during the game and one of these has damaged the new pitch.I went for a look while walking the dug this morning and its quite a substantial burn.



    We left the ground in a somewhat jovial mood obviously too jovial for the 40 or so sevco fans who tried to start a fight with us at the bottom of north street.One old sevco fan was going ape-shlt because my pal had green polo shirt on.The rest seemed a wee bit confused as to what we were sheepshaggin feni*n paedophiles seemed to be the message they were trying to get across.

  17. Kit/petec



    Don’t think that he was pushed out as such but I remember a while back that he came on CQN for a few days in a row and some newer posters seemed to take exception to him being a rangers supporter on a Celtic site.



    Paul67 gave me a warning because of my poor choice of language addressed to one such poster :-)

  18. petec:



    I remember supersally used to wind him up but I don’t remember Ed calling it a day.






    Regards that game at Shawfield, my ol’ man hooked me and my brother from school for that one. All ticket too if my memory serves. Were Clyde not getting new floodlights around that time and they were not ready, alligned with fixture congestion, hence the game being played on a mid-week afternoon?

  19. I think Ed said he had time constraints and now is heavily involved in the Juniors.



    Beats the Bowling Club, I suppose. :>)

  20. mickbhoy1888



    21:47 on 16 September, 2012


    Alluding to part of the lead article



    Don’t worry too much, a team with Fallon, Gemmell, McNeill, Murdoch, Auld, Johnstone and Wallace were turned over 0-2 at home by Hearts in 1969.  A few days later Eusebio and Benfica, who lost the 1968 European Cup final after extra-time, a year after Celtic won the tournament, walked off Celtic Park having lost 3-0.



    Jeezo comparing the above named players with the likes of our best players just now Brown Commons Ledley Kayal Mulgrew Forrest and Wanyama is like comparing a Ferarri to a Punto. There is not one of the present squad would have got a game with a team from that era or would they even have got on the subs bench

  21. Big Georges Fan Club on

    Hi – just back from Finbars in Blantyre – birthday doo with the in- laws.



    Reading the comments about some posters who have went missing. Although I am a relative newbie poster, I have been an adicted reader for a couple of years now, and I do notice an occasional nastiness that is maybe a bit more prevalent recently – personal name calling, rather than reasoned argument. A fair bit more dodgy language slipping through too – so I need to be a bit more careful letting wee BGFC read the blog, which is a pitty.



    Is this perhaps driving people away? I hope not.



    Coincidence maybe, but in parallel I am also hearing a lot more fairly vile abuse directed at our players from around me in the stands (Jock Stein lower).



    I wonder if, following the demise of the Huns, has the evil soul that inhabited that carcass for 139 years now moved on, and started to infect some among us????



    Happend to big Denzel in The Fallen, don’t you know!







  22. 50 shades of green on

    just like to say a wee thanks to all who offered up a prayer for our family last week after our loss. cheers to you all.




    just been doing a bit of catch up reading.



    sat reminded me of a wee saying from a few years back.



    they had one eye on Europe



    never happy when we lose,and lenny is right to have a go at them.



    but with a win on wed and i am sure all will be forgiven.

  23. I remember when EU last came on here, he hadn’t posted for a long time and was greeted like a long lost friend by many of the old school. However a lot of the newer posters got all fundamentalist on us and Ed, he’s never posted since. I found the hounding of Ed and his friends despicable, nauseating and dare i say it hunnish.



  24. Palacio 67 hailing from norn iron this is the first I’ve heard of their obnoxious carry on. Where there any arrests?