Where is the immigrant community protection, Nicola?


Police Scotland have spoken to business owners they think vulnerable to a Newco mob in Glasgow.  Consequently, the Celtic Shop in Argyle St will close tomorrow; police are unable to offer sufficient security to staff or customers.  Other bars and retail premises with links to immigrant communities will also close for the day.

Newco issued a statement asking, “If possible, please celebrate within your own community.”  If possible?  The subtext is not subtle.

The First Minister could not wait to get on in front of a TV camera to talk about a Celtic trip in January, despite her government approving the trip.  But when it counts, when immigrant communities needs her protection, she looks the other way.  Her Cyber Army will not be exploiting this like they exploited another immigrant community this week.  You are being played.

It is like watching two rival gangster families.  They bully indiscriminately but have different rules of engagement for each other.  Celtic would never pull a “If possible” stoke, the £600k gangster knows this, so can grandstand about us.

People make Glasgow, apparently.  Exceptionalism, def.: The term carries the implication, whether or not specified, that the referent is superior in some way.  We are not exceptional, not in the slightest.  If you are in any doubt, reappraise yourself tomorrow.


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  1. timmy7_noted on

    Ever thought that instead of sniping in the shadows that maybe our board actually stand up for Celtic for a wee change or are we too busy taking down flags of oppressed peoples?

  2. timmy7_noted on

    Rolling_Stone on 14th May 2021 11:49 am



    Firstly I’m glad you recognise that independence is inevitable.



    Would you like to explain how that will happen? Or are you talking nonsense? Are you JHB?

  3. quadrophenian on

    DENIA – from previous.


    Sad news about your pedalling pal – I pray he gets the all the kindness, love and support he needs. HH

  4. I love how the host of this site is brilliant and calling us all mugs and pontificating about the failures of our national government but has ZERO interest in telling us how the club is playing us for fools and stringing this out.



    This IS still a Celtic site, isn’t it? Feel the need to double check that as I thought I’d stumbled into a perverse version of LabourHame.

  5. Paul 67,



    You have obviously been reading CQN over the last few days 😀😀😀



    We are happy to be played, we endorsed it.



    Anyway, it’s amazing what we appreciate now. Before hospitality closes down again I’m off to Inveraray for the weekend. Hopefully the hate fest won’t extend that far.



    Down with the Campbells .



    HH to all.



    PS : A very poignant post on the last article. Life is so precious, take nothing for granted.

  6. TheLurkinTim on

    Is this the same James Forrest that has been filling his own site with….em…clickbait fillers….




  7. JF


    There is enough evidence that we are treated differently by the government from the ugly mob.

  8. Rolling_Stone on

    TIMMY7_NOTED on 14TH MAY 2021 11:52 AM



    Unfortunately I think it is inevitable.



    I think that bigotry will become more pronounced because the bigots will represent a larger section of the voting population in an independent Scotland than they currently do in the UK. They will feel emboldened.



    Any independent oversight from London – I say ‘independent’ in the context of lacking any anti Catholic/ Irish predisposition – will be gone and we will be on our own.



    We are being asked to close our store because its safety cannot be guaranteed by our police force or government and you want to live in an independent Scotland? Madness.



    Nevermind the economic arguments.

  9. McPhail Bhoy on




    From previous thread – no problem at, thanks for your response, hail, hail!



    Talking nonsense.Theres a lot of it about.As you well know.Ignore them.

  11. My opinion is that a government of any of the current parties would act exactly the same – so not a party issue just an establishment one.

  12. T7 @ 11.24



    Loving your chat about the state looking after you when you make 70 …


    We better not be independent then when you make 70 as the pensions will make church / chapel mice weep.

  13. timmy7_noted on

    Rolling_Stone on 14th May 2021 12:06 pm



    Did you miss the Brexit vote? I can assure you the UK has just as many bigots % wise as Scotland does. Your contention is quite simply wrong. Try wearing a Celtic top in many parts of the NE of England or even some parts of London you will soon find out that you are not welcome. Have you seen the OO marches in Liverpool and Manchester? They even have them in Benidorm, should we boycott Spain?



    I agree regarding the approach to this weekends hun behaviour but to somehow associate this with overall anti catholic hatred from the whole country is a leap to say the least. Why are we so silent? Why are we closing the shop? Shouldn’t we be taking a stand? No its too convenient to play the big bad proddy card.



    Also I fundamentally disagree with the association of every Celtic supporter with Catholicism.

  14. Timmy7



    Also I fundamentally disagree with the association of every Celtic supporter with Catholicism.






    And I fundamentally disagree that everyone who voted Brexit is a bigot.

  15. JAMES FORREST on 14TH MAY 2021 11:56 AM



    You know that the host of this site will not criticise the Club.



    We all know it.



    It’s not going to happen.



    An SNP spokesperson will criticise their Offensive Behaviour at Football and Threatening Communications (Scotland) Act before this site criticises the Club.



    It is what it is.



    You don’t have to read the articles. You don’t have to post. But if you do why not engage with the topic in the article?



    I’m sure you have your opinion on the matter.



    But maybe there are things you’ll never criticise or question.

  16. TheLurkinTim on




    I’m pinning my hopes on the next generation, being more aware and involved in politicts, to effect some sort of meaningful change….as long as they’re not Lauren Boebert types ;-))




  17. ROLLING_STONE on 14TH MAY 2021 11:49 AM


    Wait until we are independent. The bigotry will go into overdrive.




    There’s no way of knowing whether that will be the case. But I have always been struck by the comments of friends who have lived and worked in England. Without reservation, they all stated that religion played no part in their working or social lives.

  18. P67



    The response of the police is where we are at in Scotland


    Will the club for one day’s loss of revenue — they should put in an invoice and demand payment.



    Great to see Not-Jacinda and the Nats holding up the rule of law.


    In reality there is no law — just a case of who are your pals and how much mayhem can you deliver.



    The main thing is that what the TFOD2.1 do or don’t do — they should be held accountable.


    And the Scottish political establishment should be held to account for the way that they hold to account the TFOD2.1 shenanigans tomorrow.



    90% = Total carnage / full of immature halfwits losing it.


    10% = Bit of nonsense by the Bluenose element who can wrestle up some self control when required.



    Now for the weather forecast …


    Rain Dances on YouTube?

  19. Personally,I think we will see a massive Police presence in the City Centre tomorrow.For probably no other reason,than for the head honchos to save face.Mobs numbering thousands are not easily kept in check.I hope they do behave as before.So much disgust came their way the last time from the Glasgow public.Another episode will just confirm,if the people did not already know,just what kind of knuckledragging thugs they are.

  20. prestonpans bhoys on

    TIMMY7_NOTED on 14TH MAY 2021 11:46 AM



    Well said 👏👏👏👏👏

  21. ERNIE LYNCH,back on again.Must be no Celtic games on,or no Celtic talk among real fans.Must just sit,in his wee corner,waiting for a post,he can hone in on.A trumpet,of the highest order.Go get a life.

  22. timmy7_noted on

    Gene on 14th May 2021 12:20 pm



    I agree with that but surely you agree it was a major driver in the decision? Particularly in the Nth of England and Wales? I just heard an interview this morning in relation to the election for Batley and Spen (sp) all three contributors stated that they will vote Tory due to immigration.

  23. timmy7_noted on

    Fritzsong on 14th May 2021 12:24 pm



    Try telling them you would support an united Ireland.

  24. Things will be so bad tomorrow that the folk in Gaza will be hanging out green and white flags in support.



    They have issues with the IDF hyper violence / neo zionism / the political slug that is BN / religious + cultural expansionism but at least they do not have to put up with Nat / Not Jacinda / PS double standards.



    Said in jest but on reflection pretty close to the truth.

  25. TIMMY7_NOTED on 14TH MAY 2021 12:17 PM



    Did you miss the Brexit vote? I can assure you the UK has just as many bigots % wise as Scotland does.



    Absolute nonsense.


    Yes there are bigots in England, and criminal racist groups but having lived in Manchester for many years and currently living in the North of England I have virtually zero experience of bigotry. In fundamental contrast to my Scottish experience…………



    I once saw an orange walk in the centre of Manchester many years ago -it was mainly Scottish and ni underclass so called bands. Shoppers were bemused by it. It was pathetic. It did not make Manchester people turn into raving bigots.



    Stop excusing Scottish bigotry.



    I do agree with you that supporting Celtic should not be associated with being Catholic.

  26. Garngad to Croy on

    James Forrest



    Paul67 makes a fair point as it’s the Celtic shop that has to close down.


    All the actions of the SNP leadership at present are PR driven and based on populism. The SNP are a bit like Celtic FC this year in that as no other team could match them previously and the biggest threat the SNP has is the SNP itself.

  27. TURKEYBHOY on 14TH MAY 2021 12:30 PM


    ERNIE LYNCH,back on again.Must be no Celtic games on,or no Celtic talk among real fans.Must just sit,in his wee corner,waiting for a post,he can hone in on.A trumpet,of the highest order.Go get a life.










    Haemorrhoids playing up today?



    Real Celtic fans don’t joke about selling bananas to throw at Mark Walters.



    Real Celtic fans recognise where the term ‘peripheral housing schemes’ when they see it.

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