Where is the immigrant community protection, Nicola?


Police Scotland have spoken to business owners they think vulnerable to a Newco mob in Glasgow.  Consequently, the Celtic Shop in Argyle St will close tomorrow; police are unable to offer sufficient security to staff or customers.  Other bars and retail premises with links to immigrant communities will also close for the day.

Newco issued a statement asking, “If possible, please celebrate within your own community.”  If possible?  The subtext is not subtle.

The First Minister could not wait to get on in front of a TV camera to talk about a Celtic trip in January, despite her government approving the trip.  But when it counts, when immigrant communities needs her protection, she looks the other way.  Her Cyber Army will not be exploiting this like they exploited another immigrant community this week.  You are being played.

It is like watching two rival gangster families.  They bully indiscriminately but have different rules of engagement for each other.  Celtic would never pull a “If possible” stoke, the £600k gangster knows this, so can grandstand about us.

People make Glasgow, apparently.  Exceptionalism, def.: The term carries the implication, whether or not specified, that the referent is superior in some way.  We are not exceptional, not in the slightest.  If you are in any doubt, reappraise yourself tomorrow.


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  1. Police Scotland and its predecessors have never been even handed in dealing with Celtic and Rangers fans. They have always treated Rangers fans with kid gloves and Celtic fans with and Iron fist.



    i cannot believe we will be closing Celtic shops. We should be insisting they are protected by the police. it’s one of the reasons we pay high rates. The Council should be on our side and also demanding that Police Scotland deliver sufficient resources to protect the shops.



    After all they should be demanding that the Orcs disperse prior to gathering. they should not allow them to gather and should be using Police Horses to disperse them. They should be arresting those who damage shops and benches unlike last time.



    SNP are in charge of both City and Scottish Government and should be enforcing the law without fear or favour and not be posing for selfies mode.



    I recall the comment that lots of the officers marshalling an orange walk would, if off duty, be joining the walk. Remember when the CCTV caught Rangers fans wrecking the toilets at Celtic park and front and Central one of the leaders was an off duty PC. No shock here

  2. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    P8DDY_ on 14TH MAY 2021 1:51 PM



    As a general point…



    And I’m struggling to comprehend actually writing something in defence of the police –



    What do we expect them to do tomorrow/in relation to the Huns and their ‘celebration’?





    treat them the same way they would treat Celtic Supporters in a similar situation.

  3. Big jimmy!! gutted for you m8 , I know how much you were looking forward to it !

  4. Season 2019/20 was curtailed due to Covid as a consequence the season was declared early and Celtic was awarded the SPFL title 9IAR, Celtic recognised that through their T&Cs the customers were due a refund as all home matches were not completed, a pro-rata rebate was offered to the season ticket holders which initially was not taken up by a large section of the season ticket holders.



    Pre-season 2020/21 and a Scottish footballing record beckoned with 10IAR, Celtic although not able to have customers in the stadium which could and did last for the whole season demanded full price season tickets with amended T&Cs to ensure that no rebate would be available for the full price season ticket, all Celtic offered was the hope that fans may return to acclaim our glorious history-making 10IAR before the end of the season with the backup of a Celtic pass scheme to view home league matches to season ticket holders, following a pre-season meeting with Celtic fan orgs Celtic knowing the emotional and historical pull of 10IAR had them in a strong position were bullish on not offering rebates for 10IAR season however, they did commit to at a future date added value to the season ticket for 20/21 which they have now reneged on completely, once this news of no rebates and change in T&Cs spread across social media the number of claims for rebates rose dramatically as fans felt the corporate PLC were playing them to get full season ticket price and offering a TV subscription channel in return, another PR disater, just to be clear Celtic offerd no rebates for this season, apart to corporate hospitality.



    Season 2021/22 we await Celtic FC deciding on what exactly will the coming season ticket pricing be, many families have felt the brunt of the double whammy of Bojos Brexit lies with the UK economy suffering a record economic slump in 2020 and Europes highest death toll from Covid again due to Bojo incompetence, on top of all of that Celtic had a disastrous season with 10IAR also wrecked by managerial ineptitude both at football and corporate level, Celtic have at present kept delayed their season ticket pricing probably hoping a new messiah would boost the customer base to renew at full price



    I would like Celtic to show some compassion to many long-standing customers who are in financial troubles due to circumstances outwith their control but, I recognise that the corporate PLC doesn’t do compassion, bottom line is that’s the price to pay take it or leave it, fair enough it’s a harsh world and we all have to deal with the realities, I will in return will equally not be giving our board any leeway, no mistakes every position to be filled with the best available, no old pals acts only the best will do, you take the wealth privilege and benefits of management then you must deliver no excuses

  5. Greenpinta,


    Really stretching things blaming the SNP for the increase in the Virus in Glasgow.Better to blame the UK government who failed to close down the flights from India coming in to Heathrow.They knew the danger,ignored it for a week,then on a Monday,they said “As from Thursday,they will stop”.Just under two weeks of people pouring into the country from India.Look at the areas affected throughout the UK.All heavily populated by the Indian community.

  6. squire danaher on

    TURKEYBHOY on 14TH MAY 2021 5:51 PM



    I think Greenpinata is blaming the SG and GCC not for the virus increasing, but for what he sees as their disproportionate response to this increase.



    Frankly the reaction is a bit hysterical in respect of grown men spitting out the dummy because they can’t get going to the pub as promised.

  7. I see the Butchers Apron waver is still on,frantically looking for posts and their posters to attack with his anti SNP guff.Yet we have posters like Martim,attacking g Timmy 7 for allegedly posting about politics.


    Frantically sitting g in his wee Pseuds Corner,flicking through his notes,to come up with ,what he thinks are smart answers.


    You are a Troll,Lynch.

  8. DAVID66 on 14TH MAY 2021 5:03 PM


    So no pubs opening for Glasgow next week ffs.







    Ive just seen the News on teletext, so our Beer Fest is CANCELLED for at least a week, but I have a gut feeling it will be longer ? It also says that we in Glasgow are NOT allowed to leave our Council areas either .


    Feck this for a Lark…..


    I aint gonna hold out for yet another Week, I will be out and about on Sunday/Monday looking for a Beer Garden…any bodys Beer garden !




    I sincerely believe that the Huns will be out in force on Saturday and that will make Covid issues even WORSE, thats why I think the delay in pubs reopening will be LONGER than the proposed week, and if thats the case, then not only the Huns, but part of the blame will be on the Scot Gov and the Polis also…IF/WHEN the allow the Huns to do what they want on Saturday..


    Really scunnered…so I am going back to watch SHANE on FILM4 yet again.





    The fault lies with the UK government.You will notice that they have not mentioned the delay,in stopping the flights coming in from India.They did at the time,but hushed up now.


    Their record of being behind the curve in every decision about Covid,is shocking.Both major lockdowns delayed for at least two weeks,while they hummed and hawedcost countless lives.Hopefully,this one won’t.

  10. WISHAW TIM on 14TH MAY 2021 5:50 PM


    Big jimmy!! gutted for you m8 , I know how much you were looking forward to it !




    Cheers mate, Thanks for that…but its NOT the end of the World having to wait longer, but I took the decision NOT to go to a Beer Garden/Another Pub than my Local, a few weeks ago when Beer Gardens reopened…Ive waited long enough…the gloves are OFF , and I intend finding SOMEWHERE with a Beer Garden on Sunday or Monday.,



    Ive almost been literally stuck in the hoose for SEVEN and a Half Months….Ive played MY Part in keeping to Covid Rules…


    So come Sunday/Monday I will be ” AFF OOT” !





  11. Big Jimmy


    David 66


    Sorry you’ll lose your get together bhoys.


    Sadly it looks like the younger the age group, the less they are taking up


    the vaccine. Can’t get my head round that.


    Would advise everyone to get vaccinated.

  12. People on demanding Celtic do something for the fans,cash wise,will still be wanting 10s of millions spent on a new management team,new DOF,and a load of quality players.Which is it to be?Last season,when Celtic gave back some ticket money to thousands,the Huns said,eff that,and gave their fans a cheap goody bag.A visit to the empty Trophy room,etc.

  13. BIG JIMMY,


    sorry for you and the others,let’s see what happens.Stay safe.

  14. DAVID66…


    IF You can Book a Beer Garden for Sunday, PLEASE let me know and I will get a Taxi and join you for a Bevvy…IF You plan to go out obviously ?


    I would phone around some Pubs in the Merchant city Tomorrow , Saturday , ( but they will probably be closed cos of the Huns ?) and try and make a Booking for Sunday….and give you a shout IF I manage to get a Booking and you want to join me ?


    I know that you may not be keen if you are working on Monday, I will understand mate.?



    I hope you are feeling better after your 2nd Jab ?


    HH mate.

  15. Big Jimmy – The wait goes on.



    Cheers guys absolutely gutted with this whole situation.



    I know its trivial to what we have all or some have went through, I was just looking forward to a good day with good beer, banter and good company.



    Unfortunately I fear Prestonpans Bhoy will be right.



    But I bet the Euros at Hampdump are allowed visitors and dignitaries getting wined and dined somewhere in a hospitality setting.



    D :)

  16. Big Jimmy – Unfortunately sitting in a beer garden in this weather does not appeal to me mate…sorry.



    D :)

  17. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    MMCCARTNEY on 14TH MAY 2021 4:59 PM




    To-morrow the fans of a relatively new football club will probably go way over the top in celebrating their 1st trophy in 10 years






    First ever trophy – unless they won the Harry Ramsden cup or whatever not long after they were first formed.

  18. they are not out to celebrate tomorrow.



    they are coming out openly on their blogs saying it is payback time, the city will be trashed, people will get hurt.



    they are out for blood.



    the polis and authroties are shit scared.



    this is the civil rest they once talked about



    sore losers, sorer winners.



    stay safe stay away bhoys.

  19. MARKIEBHOY on 14TH MAY 2021 6:06 PM and TURKEYBHOY…


    Cheers Bhoys.



    Im just feeling a wee bit sorry for myself I suppose, but there are worse things happening obviously.


    I will just need to Phone some Beer Garden Pubs, and ask…” Table for ONE” ?


    I just think the Huns will make matters worse after tomorrow…AIDED and ABETTED by the Scot Gov and Cops, and we will face a longer wait than One Week for Pubs to reopen ?


    I hope that I am wrong ?


    HH Bhoys.

  20. DAVID66 on 14TH MAY 2021 6:17 PM


    Big Jimmy – Unfortunately sitting in a beer garden in this weather does not appeal to me mate…sorry.




    OOPS…I FORGOT about the Weather !


    im just THAT Scunnered that I didnt even consider the weather …and thats the truth.


    HH Mate, hope you feel better.

  21. David 66 got a second vaccination today managed to get a cancellation, same as you feeling a bit unwell, to be honest beginning to wonder if it’s worth it , hopefully the delay to reopening is only delayed , hopefully you and big jimmy get a beer garden!! or sneak out to hamilton or somewhere outside the G postcode,! if the huns can break rules and get away with it , so can everyone else!!!

  22. IF I do find a Beer Garden and the weathers a bit wet…I could wear a Suit….A Frogmans suit !


    C’mon the ” SHANE”….get those Nasty critters…shoot em doon.



  23. Ladies and Gents ( If that’s permitted anymore )



    I do not have a crystal ball although I do believe in a lot of spooky stuff.


    I did not need a crystal ball to predict numerous times on here that NS would get the elections out of the way and them reinforce control.



    We are being played, but we signed up for it.



    Cheers guys and I realise that we all have our own opinions.



    I’ve spent almost every day since the first of February working in one of the


    Vaccination Centres, ( no names no pack drill )


    The worst thing and the repeated thing that I have heard from people


    is the loneliness and isolation people have had to suffer.


    One lady told me that I was the the first stranger she had spoked to for


    14 months. You wouldn’t be allowed to treat a prisoner like that.


    Just you keep posting on here and entertaining the troops, keep the tips


    coming as well and keep yourself safe.

  25. Wishaw Tim – Thanks, hope you feel better.



    I feel better now. Good luck.



    D :)

  26. prestonpans bhoys on

    TURKEYBHOY on 14TH MAY 2021 5:51 PM



    Completely correct about Indian flights coming in.



    Big Jimmy



    When I heard about the continued Glesga restrictions my first thought was sadness for your missed wee drinks day oot.



    And I don’t even know you!




    I can hear Frank from the Shipbank ” JImmy! …come back Jimmy!




    Nae luck big man, always had a soft spot for the Shipbank ,guy I used to work with was on the ‘big walk’ in the early 80s


    He headed into yir pub with his cheap tuxedo and sash ….barman told him ” we don’t serve your sort in here” he was all cut up about it ,we were all in stitches :O)


    Plus big G64 and I used to do a pub crawl in close season from West end to Shipbank before getting a taxi to the vogue.

  28. ERNIE LYNCH 14th MAY



    Their you go talking about the SNP again, everyone who supports Independence are not necessarily fans of the SNP, the sustainable growth commission in my opinion was a report that could have been written by a Tory Party Commission or a Blairite Labour government which the Labour Party is becoming once again.


    I would hope that an Independent Scotland would be a lot more radical in so many ways. In an Independent Scotland the government would most likely be a coalition which would reflect the opinions of the electorate in Scotland far better than Westminster has ever done.


    Football wise when on earth is this Celtic board going to appoint the Manager, hopefully it’s Eddie Howe and he can get down to work pronto.

  29. celticforever on

    totally agree with everyone mentioning delays in closing borders


    as its been the same since the start of the pandemic I remember last year


    we took until early June to start closing our borders and


    starting to quarantine foreigners landing in the UK



    An estimated 20 million foreign national entered the UK unhindered


    and unchecked in those initial 3 months and we now wonder why


    we have the highest rates in Europe



    I blame a lot of that tory clown Boris Johnson but somehow he will be


    hailed a hero due to vaciine program success when we all know


    he has blood on his hands

  30. I forgot to send my commiserations to all Glaswegians, what a bummer, lets hope its only another week.