Where is the immigrant community protection, Nicola?


Police Scotland have spoken to business owners they think vulnerable to a Newco mob in Glasgow.  Consequently, the Celtic Shop in Argyle St will close tomorrow; police are unable to offer sufficient security to staff or customers.  Other bars and retail premises with links to immigrant communities will also close for the day.

Newco issued a statement asking, “If possible, please celebrate within your own community.”  If possible?  The subtext is not subtle.

The First Minister could not wait to get on in front of a TV camera to talk about a Celtic trip in January, despite her government approving the trip.  But when it counts, when immigrant communities needs her protection, she looks the other way.  Her Cyber Army will not be exploiting this like they exploited another immigrant community this week.  You are being played.

It is like watching two rival gangster families.  They bully indiscriminately but have different rules of engagement for each other.  Celtic would never pull a “If possible” stoke, the £600k gangster knows this, so can grandstand about us.

People make Glasgow, apparently.  Exceptionalism, def.: The term carries the implication, whether or not specified, that the referent is superior in some way.  We are not exceptional, not in the slightest.  If you are in any doubt, reappraise yourself tomorrow.


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  1. CELTIC MAC on 15TH MAY 2021 12:15 AM


    wishaw tim


    Those travel restrictions ended on April 26.


    Not sure the impact of that myself, in Glasgow for example, or Moray for that matter.




    I worked in Moray for a while, near Elgin to be precise enough. Not a hope in hell from stopping those Unionists shagging their cousins from different households.




    The Mary Wallopers – Cod Liver Oil & the Orange Juice

  2. SIONNAIGH!! from a cross Keys drinker to a ex cross keys drinker ! Brilliant 👍👍

  3. wishaw tim



    Problem might be those Hitachi trains!


    Not just in the Union that the cracks are appearing…


    Hope the visits work out ok for you and yours

  4. CELTIC MAC !! thanks and appreciated! we have booked the train ! but would happily drive! but seriously, no matter what anyone’s views are, there must be thousands in England And Scotland in the same position!! dying to see and hug there families!! I know I am !!

  5. The whole planet right now seems a little pissed, a lot of blame been thrown about, but china still walks away selling shite to us all,

  6. squire danaher on

    WISHAW TIM on 15TH MAY 2021 12:23 AM


    CELTIC MAC! correct, just wondering why ! many people will have family in England! like me , who are desperate to meet up , hope I am wrong, ( big time) but seriously worried that a planned trip may be forbidden, hopefully I am wrong, planning to meet my Daughter and grandkids june 11 !! hopefully politics don’t get in the way






    “hopefully politics don’t get in the way”



    I think you mean a virus is getting in the way as opposed to politics.



    Never mind though, on you go.



    Big Bad Proddy Nippy Sweetie has nothing better to do than stop you going out.

  7. quadrophenian on

    So our new CEO participated in a low-key ‘fans forum’ as he moves to ‘engage with supporters worldwide’.


    Where was it announced, publicised and promoted so us supporters could attend?


    As an online event, I guess it could have easily been streamed to watch, or be uploaded online afterwards.


    Or was it only to help Celtic [the business] pick some new, favoured conduits to help manage fancomms?



    Has anyone seen the highlight of the session or transcript of the full conversation?



    Can’t believe I missed the links but it’s a genuine ask from a supporter who missed his invite. HH

  8. Let me get this right….


    Ive never had Covid, Ive had TWO Vaccines…But I am being told NOT to Venture into other areas of Scotland for a Pint of Beer when Monday comes….


    However, possibly Thousands of mankie Huns, who MAY have HAD Covid, and who have NOT received ANY Vaccines due to their ages etc, can walk/march throughout Scotland, especially through different post codes in Glasgow Today…and the Polis and Scot Gov will do very little IF ANTHING to prevent it, whilst the Hun Hordes will drink in the street and probably ” Take Over” many Pub Beer Gardens, along their way to George Square and beyond, primed for destruction of Property, all along Singing and Chanting RACIST songs etc.


    And the Scot Gov and Polis are unable to Police this and keep the DECENT Members of Scotlands Public safe and sound, and allowed to go about their daily business ?



    When Gerrard and his Team are leaving Ipox AFTER their game Today…will we see…HIM and his Players etc TELLING the gathered mob outside to go home ….somehow I doubt it…THEY…Employees of Sevco FC will be openly ENCOURGING this hate Mob…and whipping them into a frenzy.


    Nicola Sturgeom has often stated in these Covid times that she ” Will NOT attempt to tell the Polis how to do their Jobs”, when it comes to ENFORCING Covid Restrictions etc”…


    Its about time that SHE DID !




  9. The Cops MUST KNOW, who the ring leaders are of the Feckin Union bears who have organised this clear BREACH of the LAWS …..have the Polis amde House Arrests during the night ?…I doubt it ?



    These ring leaders should be arrested for INCITING Mob rule and hatred in Public streets…SIMPLES !


    IF I stood on a soap box in George Square INCITING Folk to Break the Law…I would be locked up Pronto pretty quickly.



  10. FINAL REMINDER for those that enjoy a wee Punt…



    NEWMARKET 2.05 today ( Saturday)…the Horse was/is Tipped by a TV Pundit on Wednesday for todays Race..


    its called ” TASMAN BAY” and is around 6/1.


    PLEASE do NOT Shoot the Messenger if it gets gubbed !


    HH Bhoys and Ghirls and the best of luck with whatever horse and/or Team that you Bet on.



  11. The Polis didnt hing aboot making TWO House Arrests in Pollokshields on Thursday.


    Why NOT the Ring Leaders of the ” union bears” also ?

  12. Big Jimmy



    All the lads say cheers for the tip .


    Skybet prices are shite..11/2 mate.


    Even ma wee ma’s puttin A £5 on it.

  13. No new management team in before our players all ‘jet off’ home then?


    Negligence on an industrial scale.


    Hopefully plenty of excuses from all of the enablers today.


    We’re only 23 points behind. What’s the rush?!

  14. SIONNAIGH on 15TH MAY 2021 12:06 AM



    ‘Never in Scotland, really? Ever been to Culloden? Highland clearances ring any bells?’






    Yes and yes.



    The former was, at root, a battle about the divine right of kings, a concept I have difficulty in accepting, though you might support. Both sides drew support from each side of the border. It wasn’t about Scotland v England.



    The latter was about Scottish land owners evicting Scottish tenants, because sheep were more profitable. It was a process that had happened in England centuries earlier which Thomas Moore summed up as when ‘sheep ate men’. The Clearances weren’t about Scotland v England.



    Bottom line here is that Scotland is not an oppressed nation in the way that Ireland was, no matter how much the cult imagine it is.



    It is unimaginable that events such as the Ballymurphy massacre would have happened in Scotland.



    To deny that is an insult to the victims.

  15. Big Jimmy – Everything you have said in those posts I agree wholeheartedly.




    They have gathered every game for the last 6 I think.



    Strathclyde police look ridiculous trying to manage a group of more than 50. Utter clueless



    Surely there is plans in place during a pandemic in case you get Mob rule looting, running about attacking innocent people……auch exactly what the KKK will be about today and have done already in the last few months.



    Absolutely horrendous management or absolutely great management from Strathclyde police lodge number 666.



    D :)

  16. Haha Big Jimmy..im no very good at wind ups.



    Was talking to a lad i used to work with, who is one of the better huns and usually quite smart,last night.i suggested to him that the weather might curtail his partying today.his reply was along the lines nothing will stop the celebrations today.even when i mentioned covid and the the threat the new strain was causing it was laughed off.



    there may be trouble ahead.

  17. BIG JIMMY,


    You could always jump on the train through to Coatbridge with David,and meet up with some of the Coatbridge boys,for a Swally.




    Why waste your time debating anything with Lynch.Everything he writes is skewed to try and prove his point.

  19. DREW1967 on 15TH MAY 2021 8:37 AM





    How you feeling mate after 2nd jab?




    Drew1967 – Tickety boo today for a wee swally for game later.



    Thanks Drew



    D :)

  20. Thats good mate.a few beers aswell today.gonna catch up with my sister and her man doon the lovat.need to look oot ma old snorkel jacket by the looks of it.lucky it still fits me!🤪

  21. Hi Bhoys



    Sorely disappointed about the cancellation of the beer frenzy. So be it.



    Big Jimmy and David 66 I looked at the weather for Friday 25% chance of rain and 12 degrees.



    If any of you fancy a couple of beers anywhere in Glasgow and can book a table I’ll happily meet you. Just give me a time and place and of course we will respect the rules.


















  22. TURKEYBHOY from earlier thanks for the tip but I would need to ask the train driver to stoap for a few pishes on the way back.



    D :)

  23. DREW1967 on 15TH MAY 2021 7:38 AM


    Big Jimmy







    All the lads say cheers for the tip .





    Skybet prices are shite..11/2 mate.





    Even ma wee ma’s puttin A £5 on it.




    Naw Please dont say ” Cheers/Thanks” for the TIP…UNLESS it WINS !





  24. TONYROME on 15TH MAY 2021 9:05 AM




    I will give you a shout TONYBHOY IF Ive managed to Book a Table on Friday 21st ?.


    HH mate.

  25. DAVID66 on 15TH MAY 2021 9:12 AM


    TURKEYBHOY from earlier thanks for the tip but I would need to ask the train driver to stoap for a few pishes on the way back.




    We could always Pee oot the train Windeas…NAH…Haud oan…WE ARE NOT HUNS !


    Glad you are feeling better after yer Jab.


    HH Mate.

  26. TURKEYBHOY on 15TH MAY 2021 8:40 AM







    You could always jump on the train through to Coatbridge with David,and meet up with some of the Coatbridge boys,for a Swally.




    According to the Scot Gov, I am NOT allowed to go into other areas for at least another week ?



  27. Big Jimmy


    Gutted re the Beer Swally plan for next Fri. Take care, and hopefully we can rearrange as soon as possible.



  28. !!Bada Bing!! on

    A TOP cop’s Twitter account joked Rangers fans should gather for a trophy party at Glasgow’s George Square tomorrow.



    Chiefs are probing a post on Inspector Derek McWhinnie’s page that showed a map of the landmark including an area for “square-gos”.

  29. SIONNAIGH on 15TH MAY 2021 12:06 AM



    ‘I’d rather take our chances in the EU than in the UK that shoots innocent Catholics at will.’






    I think you’ll find that most EU member states have their skeletons. It’s just that you don’t know about them. ‘Where ignorance is bliss….’.