Where is the immigrant community protection, Nicola?


Police Scotland have spoken to business owners they think vulnerable to a Newco mob in Glasgow.  Consequently, the Celtic Shop in Argyle St will close tomorrow; police are unable to offer sufficient security to staff or customers.  Other bars and retail premises with links to immigrant communities will also close for the day.

Newco issued a statement asking, “If possible, please celebrate within your own community.”  If possible?  The subtext is not subtle.

The First Minister could not wait to get on in front of a TV camera to talk about a Celtic trip in January, despite her government approving the trip.  But when it counts, when immigrant communities needs her protection, she looks the other way.  Her Cyber Army will not be exploiting this like they exploited another immigrant community this week.  You are being played.

It is like watching two rival gangster families.  They bully indiscriminately but have different rules of engagement for each other.  Celtic would never pull a “If possible” stoke, the £600k gangster knows this, so can grandstand about us.

People make Glasgow, apparently.  Exceptionalism, def.: The term carries the implication, whether or not specified, that the referent is superior in some way.  We are not exceptional, not in the slightest.  If you are in any doubt, reappraise yourself tomorrow.


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  1. At least we now know who are the teachers / ex teachers on CQN.


    Why am I qualified to talk about the current state of secondary school teaching?


    Skin in the game 2012 / 2022 plus I know quite a few.



    Currently a very mixed bag — some so poor / lacking in self awareness they are s disgrace to the human race never mind teaching and yet they are put in front of a class trying to learn and get ahead.



    Running a higher chemistry class with a guy on a performance improvement plan who you wouldn’t give the time of day to in a pub — yet your children’s future depends on him?



    And then you have the teachers who are taking two bites at the cherry.


    Private tuition / coaching is a huge industry now — nice little earner.



    Some very good teachers — with varied backgrounds — putting in a shift and engaging with the class in front of them. They are out there but there is not enough of them.



    Too many are ego trippers / control freaks who impose on teenagers what they want do to adults but can’t.



    Things are not being helped by the impact of the Curriculum for Excellence.


    Not sure about the problems it was trying to fix but it is currently being implemented as some sort of poundland version of a private education where it is all about front / confidence and nothing about broad learning.



    4th / 5th / 6th year — nothing to do about learning / all about exam practice,


    The history subject is a particular cracker — edited highlights of this week’s particular hot topic.


    All about 4 points / 5 points there — the exam is everything.



    There is a reason why the UK is collapsing around us — too many thick people with a private education making an erse of the to jobs because they could pass an exam but didn’t understand the subject.



    I fear we are now heading in the same direction.



    Finally — Head of IT for primary education ..


    Some title for the person who puts a video / DVD into a machine.

  2. Hi Bhoys



    I see there will be no fans at Hampden for the cup final now.



    1 team from Perth the other from Edinburgh why not just change the venue.



    More incompetence from you know who.




  3. !!Bada Bing!! on

    A play celebrating the life and times of Tommy Burns will be staged at Celtic Park later this year.



    The family of the late Hoops legend announced The Tommy Burns Story to mark the 13th anniversary of his death this week.



    The production will tell the story of the former Celtic player and manager, and Scotland international, from his days as a child in Glasgow’s Calton, to his success in the Hoops.

  4. Ernie Lynch…



    The possibility of Ballymurphy happening in Scotland is irrelevant. What is relevant is the portrayal of the Westminster goverment as more protective of immigrants than the Scottish government. The corollary of this attack is presenting Westminster as a protector of immigrants.



    That a CQN article with the wellbeing and safety of the Irish diaspora at its heart would fail to address Ballymurphy whuilst citiing some shops having to close is beyond parody. It’s tasteless, colourblind and utterly entitled.



    Let’s compare. Westminster: Seeking to protect the state operatives that murdered innocent people in Ballymurphy. Also Westminster: Internment, the Gibralter murders, bloody sunday, the Prevention of Terrorism act, sending people in the direction of the Omagh car bomb purposely…. the list goes on and on. Ballymurphy might not happen on the mainland, but the fitting up or the Birmingham 6 and Guildford 4 did. On the other hand, SNP: Said some stuff about Celtic that not even Celtic fans can agree amounted to discriminatory behaviour. And may have made a complete arse of handling the Huns on their march. Is that really a debate you want to have?



    We might also want to discuss Labour and OrangeFest, where McAveety and Glasgow Labour weaponsied the police against protestors of OrangeFest. And did so to the point of threatening to arrest photographers who complained at being racially abused.



    If a debate is to be had, lets have all the cards on the table. An independent Scotland would absoluitely still have the issues that surround OrangeFest. And sadly still have those same people in the populace, but…. we at least would have the ability to empower parties that would help eradicate, or at least challenge the sectarian problem we have. Westminser has failed utterly in this regard, because they are part of the problem. A white supremacist, fascistic administration that actively works against democracy will never carry that baton.



    This isn’t an argument for the SNP, but it’s an argument against Westminster.




  5. FRIESDORFER on 15TH MAY 2021 9:44 AM




    Cheers mate. Watch this space after next week IF the Pubs get reopened the following week ?



  6. Easy to forget we have got a game on today


    What a season


    Go out on a high



  7. @CelticFC v Hibs



    Barkas, Kenny, Ajer, Welsh, Taylor, Brown, McGregor, Christie,Turnbull, Elyounoussi, Edouard



    Subs:Hazard, Ralston, Soro, Murray, Forrest, Griffiths, Ajeti, Dembele Montgomery

  8. !BADA BING!! on 15TH MAY 2021 9:46 AM


    A TOP cop’s Twitter account joked Rangers fans should gather for a trophy party at Glasgow’s George Square tomorrow.







    Chiefs are probing a post on Inspector Derek McWhinnie’s page that showed a map of the landmark including an area for “square-gos”.




    Cops DON’Y do ” Square Go’s”


    I have a Relative who was beaten up by the Cops in Partick with a HOCKEY STICK !


    Why would Cops have Hockey sticks in Polis stations …?




    Ive Kissed a few Wummin cops over the years….



  9. Expert on teaching now, the fella that dissess Saint Ninians and the pupils there.

  10. p8 @ 11.14



    OMG …



    You are havering now — barrel scraping at its worst.



    Absolutely no self awareness — just grievance mongering turned up to 11.


    You spot it here / you spot it there — but it is all the fault of Westminster.



    Omagh bombing — barking totally up the wrong tree.

  11. Madmitch….



    It’s clear you have no counterpoints because once again, you’ve resorted to ad hominem insults. Ultimately it’s all you have. It doesn’t say a lot about you as a person that your only retort is snide, objectionable comment or insult.



    Bear this in mind – All of CQN is seeing your throwing your toys out of the pram and it’s not a good look.




  12. !!BADA BING!!…



    Thanks for the heads up. I needed to head into the city centre today, I think I’ll give it a miss. Rangers should be dragged over the coals for, once again, failing utterly to ask their fans to act in a responsoble manner.




  13. 20,000 fans at Wembley today, yet hampden can’t host 600.


    Meanwhile, hun hordes flying in from Belfast, yet Glasgow heading for travel restrictions.



  14. Big Jimmy, to be fair to the polis on Thursday, they were not there to arrest the two individuals. The polis were called out as there was a threat to public safety and to manage the large protest crowd that gathered to prevent the van from leaving. The polis on this occasion had nowt to do with the Immigration Enforcement activity.

  15. Brendan is British,




    Daniel Storey




    A column on Brendan/Brentan, aiming to become the only currently serving British manager to win a major trophy in England.

  16. HAIRLIKESPAGHETTI from last night.



    Wow I am so glad you recognise my genius. I served my time as a Pipefitter / Welder and have been telling everyone since I am a professor of Metals.



    Thank you for the compliment 😃😃



    Inveraray is green and white.






  17. Shortie……




    “There was a significant police presence throughout the pre-match celebrations”




    oh aye?

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