Where is this relationship going?


Signing young players on loan has worked well for Celtic in the recent past: Patrick Roberts and Odsonne Edouard, being good examples.  While others, like Charly Musonda, failed to make the grade.  Musonda had talent (you remember that chip against Zenit), but he never looked up to the physical challenges of the professional game.

When Celtic sign the likes of Timothy Weah on a short-term loan, our initial thought is, “Where is this relationship going?”  Will the loan be extended, as it was for Roberts, or end in a purchase, as it did for Edouard, or will this be a one-off gig?

Weah appears to have abundant talent but his chances of breakthrough at PSG are limited.  Mbappe, Neymar and Cavani head an illustrious list of strikers at a club always looking to add to their squad.  It is more likely that the Paris club will look to build Weah’s value at Celtic in the hope of earning an inflated transfer fee.  This practice is how all tier-one clubs operate and underpins their Financial Fair Play credentials.

It is important for Celtic to build a squad – to manage our assets.  The try before you buy model, used effectively with Edouard, works well in this regard.  Building relationships with PSG or Man City, who know their players can gain necessary experience and appreciate in value, means we remain a valuable option for future deals.

But we also need to win football games, irrespective of more strategic concerns, even if there is no long-term relationship with the player.  Sometimes it is OK for a relationship not to last beyond the summer.

Welcome to Celtic, Timothy.

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  1. UP LIKE A BIRD on 8TH JANUARY 2019 6:04 PM


    Grogory Ionnadis think #Celtic need a RB and a CB but then again, lawyers do not know much about football, do they?


    The Brad Pritt lookalike up in Toronto certainly doesn’t:-))

  2. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Based on the opinions of someone I had never heard of last week






    the indisputable fact that I know more about football than our scouting and football management teams combined



    I AM 200% CERTAIN



    That the striker who I had never heard of two weeks ago we have just signed




  3. Up like a bird on

    I should expect a rap on the knuckles for my dodgy spelling, just the same as you should expect a lawyers letter through the post for defamation of character ?

  4. mike in toronto on




    Some lawyers who were good footballers …



    Gareth Farrelly, ex Villa, Everton and ROI international



    Mike in Toronto



    Bradley Pritchard played for Charlton in the Championship and recently qualified as a lawyer …

  5. mike in toronto on

    FAn …



    oops … you just beat me to it!






    of the major sports in NA, surprisingly (to me, at least), the NFL seems to have produced the most lawyers/judges … must be all the concussions they suffered as players!



    If we keep this up for the full 31 days we should sign 11 players by the deadline.




    CQStats CSC




    BSR- I like your thinking



    D. :)

  7. GreeninbingleyinOslo on




    Martin O’Neill wasn’t too bad either. Don’t know if he finished his degree, mind.

  8. i'vehadtochangemymind on

    ‘Steven Gerrard: Rangers boss says Alfredo Morelos ‘only trying to protect himself’



    holy moly !



    Isn’t your doppelgänger Stuart Armstrong a soon to be or qualified lawyer?

  10. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    FAN-A-TIC on 8TH JANUARY 2019 5:44 PM



    Celtic have on many occasions have attempted to tackle the corruption in Scottish football.


    The latest on last week with the Beaton Affair.



    Each time they have been ignored, or stonewalled and been isolated by every other club in the League.


    UEFA have led them and RES12 lads on a merry dance, passing the buck backwards and forwards.



    Do you think that FIFA and UEAF are unaware as to what happened in 2012 and since?


    A situation that if handled properly would have meant 3-0 score reversals in EVERY match played in Scotland and Europe involving RFC and every International match involving their players, of all nationalities who played International football with EBTs in their pockets.



    We are all aware of the term APALLING VISTA.



    What a can of worms that would have opened.



    So, the SFA, UEFA and FIFA were closed routes for Celtic.


    What about a media campaign to restore trust ,honesty and integrity to the game?





    Scottish Parliament? Don’t think so.



    The clever bit is that Celtic are bound by the rules of the SFA, which are interpreted by those in power.



    We are one club – one vote.



    They would not hesitate to sanction Celtic through any one of their flexible rules were the club to take any sort of unilateral action.



    I have held this view from the very beginning, as Paul67 or any of the long term posters would testify.



    My first suggestion, bearing in mind of what is written above, was for an influential shareholder, with no official office at the club, to take an action against the SFA.



    That way would have meant that they couldn’t sanction the club.



    The man I had in mind was Denis O’Brien, who was not unfamiliar with litigious cases.



    That is why, I was delighted that Canamalar and the Three Musketeers took up the challenge.



    Celtic, as a club can do very little on their own, apart from raising the issues.



    As has been shown in 2012, the power lies with the cash paying supporters of the game.



    If they are not up for it, then the game’s a bogey, because as we and other clubs fans have showed, we can’t get enough tickets for Hampden and Ibrox……..fans voting with their feet.



    That is why I say BC or DC.



    That’s my rant and had to get it off my manly hirsute chest.

  11. mike in toronto on




    A sharp mind, but I thought he stopped school before finishing his degree …



    plus, he’s not handsome enough to make my list!




  12. DubaiBhoy (nee LondonBhoy) on

    Welcome Bayo. Now for McKenna and Castagne in and Compper, Hendry, Benyu, Hayes and Allen out the door.

  13. Back to Basics GHF…………Just read last week that some goalador, cannot remember his name, has been a 30million flop. That shoud make you feel better.

  14. mike in toronto on




    I dont know if SA is still doing his studies… plus, he was TOO handsome to make my list (I wish I had hair like him!)

  15. 50 shades of green on

    3 in in 8 days and 2 of those days public holidays in Scotland, think big Peter is due another bonus eh. ?

  16. Without getting bogged down in formations and thinking solely about our remaining League games I now find that I’m very happy with the following 7 outfield players as being “first picks” –


    Benkovic, Tierney. McGregor, Christie, Weah, Bayo, Edouard


    As things stand my other 3 would be Ralston, Boyata and one of our many wingers ;-)


    Separately, I wonder whether our 3 recent signings will be eligible for the Valencia game (and beyond!)




    Excellent analysis and a cracking post.



  18. succulentlambstinks on




    Bigger the club balance the bigger lawwells bonus.



    Oh well done lawwell. 3 players signed you all say ?


    I say one player signed and 2 loan deals non of which to replace the horrific lustig.



    Inflate an already inflated squad with more inferior players. God help us.

  19. thomthethim for Oscar OK on




    Thank you for your response.





    “(You shouldn’t waste your time arguing with closed minds, who see anyone who has “done good” for themselves, usually due to parental sacrifices to ensure a good education.)”





    I agree with you. That passage could have been better expressed or ,even better, omitted.


    I blame general frustration with the situation. Also the steroids.


    Are Celtic supporters fiddling while Rome burns ?



    I try to avoid direct conflict with other posters, as it usually ends in a mass brawl on the keyboards.



    I believe that each generation of supporters see the club and it’s place in our lives differently.



    Not being a mind reader, I wouldn’t attempt to analyse the modern fan’s view, but my own comes from a time 1950 – ?, when the club provided us with a focus to our lives, outwith the social situation prevalent at the time.



    The joy of gathering with X thousand people with similar experiences was inestimable.



    We truly loved the club, genuinely Win, Lose or Draw.



    Perhaps that made us more susceptible in accepting a lot of the dross we were served.



    The over riding factor was that we were happy and would never, ever attack Celtic publicly.



    Granted, we had no Internet,



    It is ingrained in many of us that we protect the club from all comers. The shame being that we have to do it with fellow fans.



    Particularly galling is that a lot of criticism the club gets is driven by flawed hypotheses and from unqualified sources.



    It is the incessant and often belligerent manner that these comments are expressed that grind the gears.



    Need to get off these bliddy steroids.

  20. Got an “Alexa” for my Christmas.



    Asked her/it to play Rod Stewart and the first song was “Grace”!



    Greetin’ in front of my visitors………….but they understood.



    (Almost as good as Jim McCann)



    I understand your rant but was just trying to add perspective as to supporters reasons for complaining about board on the blog.

  22. TIMJIM



    Ahem, as I was saying yesterday…….we have signed 3 players……………



    Hope your smile is as wide as mine!

  23. With the financial advantage we have and the level of competition we face we should be going for 8 trebles in a row.


    I beleive the success we have achieved is despite of and not because of the people who run our club.

  24. mike in toronto on




    in the old USSR, sports were used as a large part of propoganda …so, the Red Army hockey team (the state run army team) was basically allowed to pick the best young players from every other team, and the players had to go (as part of their military service)…



    but even they only won 32 of the 46 leagues they competed in.

  25. TTT


    Hope you don’t mind if I put my tuppence worth in, I can see what you are saying about Celtic becoming victims if they pursued the issues you highlighted, however Celtic as a club could make it clear what they consider a post liquidation entity playing out of Ibrox to be, i.e. old club or new club, having titles or what they achieve since 2012, Regan said it was a matter of opinion, Doncaster says they are the same , Celtic keep their cards firmly to their chest, Lord Hodge liquidated RFC 1872, what is difficult to understand about that?










    Bigger the club balance the bigger lawwells bonus.







    Oh well done lawwell. 3 players signed you all say ?





    I say one player signed and 2 loan deals non of which to replace the horrific lustig.



    Horrific? Seriously?

  27. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    FAN-A-TIC on 8TH JANUARY 2019 7:06 PM





    I understand your rant but was just trying to add perspective as to supporters reasons for complaining about board on the blog.





    I understand, but my underlying point is that we are in a War and don’ Need to be sidetracked at this time.



    Even Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin , suspended their difference in the face of a common enemy.

  28. I’vehadtochangemymind…………Getting thirsty after writing that name. Pints of stout all round.

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