Where is this relationship going?


Signing young players on loan has worked well for Celtic in the recent past: Patrick Roberts and Odsonne Edouard, being good examples.  While others, like Charly Musonda, failed to make the grade.  Musonda had talent (you remember that chip against Zenit), but he never looked up to the physical challenges of the professional game.

When Celtic sign the likes of Timothy Weah on a short-term loan, our initial thought is, “Where is this relationship going?”  Will the loan be extended, as it was for Roberts, or end in a purchase, as it did for Edouard, or will this be a one-off gig?

Weah appears to have abundant talent but his chances of breakthrough at PSG are limited.  Mbappe, Neymar and Cavani head an illustrious list of strikers at a club always looking to add to their squad.  It is more likely that the Paris club will look to build Weah’s value at Celtic in the hope of earning an inflated transfer fee.  This practice is how all tier-one clubs operate and underpins their Financial Fair Play credentials.

It is important for Celtic to build a squad – to manage our assets.  The try before you buy model, used effectively with Edouard, works well in this regard.  Building relationships with PSG or Man City, who know their players can gain necessary experience and appreciate in value, means we remain a valuable option for future deals.

But we also need to win football games, irrespective of more strategic concerns, even if there is no long-term relationship with the player.  Sometimes it is OK for a relationship not to last beyond the summer.

Welcome to Celtic, Timothy.

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  1. GreeninbingleyinOslo on




    Calling Mikael Lustig “horrific”, in any context, is massively disrespectful and pretty poor behaviour IMO.

  2. Bada Stinks is either a Hun or a Troll. Apart from calling Lustig Horrific he constantly calls Sinclair Stinkhair.


    No Celt would do that, Best ignored.

  3. mike in toronto on




    a war is defined as ” a state of usually open and declared armed hostile conflict between states or nations”.



    And there is the rub …



    when Hitler directed his army to invade Poland in September 1939, did Britain and France sit back and say ‘we are surprised by this turn of events’? no. they declared war.



    I wish Celtic were at war …. but, so far, the sum total of their response has been 2 letters and 2 ‘we are surprised’ comments….



    they might be fighting with us, but we aint fighting with them….

  4. glendalystonsils on

    I have a feeling Mr Bayo is very quickly going to make us forget all about Moussa Dembele.

  5. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    “We don’t see things as they are; we see them as we are” – Someone

  6. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Can psychoanalysts actually read our minds?



    Sigmund can but Emmanuel Kant.



    OK – leavin’



    Hail hail




    Getting there, now for 2CBs and a RB. We seem to be in a rush to announce the signings these days, we usually wait until all formalities (medical, works permit etc ) are completed. Wonder why?

  8. In the last two windows we signed Bain on loan, Musonda on loan, Hendry, Comperr, Morgan, Eddy (perm), Bain (perm), Arzani loan, Izzy and Mulumba. Out of all of those only Eddy is first xi and most others dont even make the 18.



    So, the fact we have signed 3 players in as many days needs to be met with caution. Bayo may be straight into the team but are Burke and Weah going to be?



    Transfers always have an element of risk but our planning leaves a lot to be desired.



    As we stand we haven’t really improved the xi much.



    Plenty work to be done. 8 players to leave/ooc in the summer. And that doesnt consider those that are nowhere near the first xi.

  9. Please keep this post and ram it down my throat at the end of the season .



    Here are my tips for out 3 signings.




    Bayo will be no better than Amido Balde.



    Burke will be like a rugby player that plays football.


    Powerful , fast , but lacking a final ball , spatial awareness, and composure.



    Weah will be a player and show great promise.



    All based on intuition and you tube .(:-)



  10. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    From various outlets



    “In a dispensary mix up – woman given erectile dysfunction cream for dry eye”



    Did this raise any eyebrows?

  11. There is still 23 days left in this transfer window. I am cautiously optimistic there are more to come. No more last minute panic buys. Here’s hoping.

  12. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    DESSYBHOY on 8TH JANUARY 2019 7:23 PM



    That is what I meant about the SFA’s flexible rule book.



    We would be cited under on of their sub section articles about “respect and good faith” , etc.



    Celtic have one, lone, small voice against the Establishment’s megaphone.



    Everybody in the land know’s what has happened since 2012.



    Why have none of the big hitting national media organisations touched it?



    When broadsheets like the Observer and The Times avoid it like the plague, you know there is a big game in play.



    Again I ask, what can Scottish football supporters do to save the game?

  13. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    glendalystonsils on 8th January 2019 7:39 pm


    I have a feeling Mr Bayo is very quickly going to make us forget all about Moussa Dembele.





  14. Stairheedrammy on

    Succulent trolling



    Did the woman with the erectile eye cream give you a hard stare?

  15. 50 shades of green on

    Get the other players in we need sharpish, then Jim White can go hing himself with his yellow tie on the 31st.

  16. thomthethim for Oscar OK on




    “they might be fighting with us, but we aint fighting with them….”



    True, but they have all the big guns and all we have are a few sabres to rattle, plus a few stones to throw at their windows.




    However, we have plenty of camp followers howling, “Go get ‘em , Tiger.



    I ‘m sure you understood my Churchill, Roosevelt, Stalin analogy.



    If not, it was about shelving their differences in the face of a common enemy.

  17. TANGBHOY on 8TH JANUARY 2019 7:49 PM



    We’ve won the last 7 trophies on offer, with a young (ish) squad. Does suggest wholesale changes to the first 16 aren’t really necessary

  18. For some reason i have a feeling Bayo will be one for next season and Weah will be the main striker to the end of the season



    Bayo will hopefully spend the time on the Dembele diet in the meantime

  19. TINYTIM on 8TH JANUARY 2019 7:49 PM


    Please keep this post and ram it down my throat at the end of the season .






    Why wait?

  20. Caraboa Cup is it.?



    I have never heard of Caraboa so I googled it.


    Seemingly it is Thailand’s second most popular energy drink.



    I wonder how many others have done similar.?


    The power of advertising ? Can we expect their sales to become a household name now ?



    PS : Hun like names. I hate to see the CEO of Celtic called Liewell. More befitting of Follow Follow than a Celtic blog, no matter your opinion of the man.

  21. Great work by Celtic getting the 3 players in early.They will help us get No 8.To the posters,who actually seem disappointed by the signings.Never real Celtic fans,only Board haters.Its your reason for getting up in the morning.


    Some showing their true colours today.Surprised so many being taken in with them.Then again,if they are doing what so many do,whinge,denigrate,mock non stop,hard to dig them out with that amount of camouflage.

  22. glendalystonsils on




    …er……..sorry , what was the question? -))

  23. thomthethim for Oscar OK on 8th January 2019 5:25 pm



    Agreed. The Scottish media has slipped effortlessly into overdrive to close down the debate.



    You may have felt that the real discussion centred on Beaton’s bizarre interpretation of the rules.



    No, you fool. It was never about that. The story here is all about Beaton’s victimhood. It’s unsupported by evidence certainly but who cares? And it’s all over the media like a rash from Cowan, the stinking man’s pundit to Gerrard the appalled.



    BTW, rumour has it that the Celtic bus was bricked. No chance of that making the news in Scotland.

  24. onenightinlisbon on

    Three players in, happy with the window so far. Wonder how many of us thought we would be saying that at this early stage. With regards to some who criticise our three new players before they have kicked a ball, just remember Henrik’s fist touch for us..and the rest is history. Welcome to the greatest football club in the world lads!

  25. On the subject of Bayo scoring goals for us.Probably one of the slowest,talentless,strikers ever seen in Scotland,was Kris Boyd.Remind me of how many goals he scored.

  26. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    I am very happy with our 3 new signings and I believe each of them in there own way will add a to our chances of winning 8 in a row.It is good we have brought them in early as it will give us a chance to bring in another at least two players or maybe more. There are several names being floated on line as being pursued by the club this could indeed be our best transfer window ever.H.H.

  27. corkcelt on 8th January 2019 7:36 pm



    Bada Stinks is either a Hun or a Troll. Apart from calling Lustig Horrific he constantly calls Sinclair Stinkhair.



    No Celt would do that, Best ignored.





    It’s like a bag of pus has been released into the community.

  28. mike in toronto on 8th January 2019 7:38 pm








    Mike, for God’s sake! A bit of perspective, please. A quarter of Poland’s population died in WW2, 20 million Russians, at least 20 million Chinese, 6 million Germans and 1 million British.



    Seriously, do you think there’s an analogy?

  29. Chairbhoy @10:00 am




    “Not just now, but look at Clubs in the smaller leagues with Clubs the size of Celtic, think Switzerland, Austria (been mentioned), Netherlands, Portugal, Belgium etc…”



    You have not named any clubs there, just vague examples of countries who are doing better.



    Switzerland with 8 and a half million people (and secretive banking practices) have Basel doing better, Austria with nearly 9 m have RB Salzburg, Netherlands with 17m+ have had at various times Ajax and PSV doing better, Portugal with 10m + have Porto and Benfica- (we are doing better than Sporting), and Belgium with 11 and a half million have Anderlecht who are not doing better than us in Euro comps, unless you cherry pick a year.



    We are a country of 5.4m people. We had a poor TV deal (£18.75m), less than the likes of Poland (£28m), Norway(£36m), Sweden(£21m) and Denmark(£46m), dwarfed even by the basket case of Greece(£50m). The bigger nations you quoted as comparators have even bigger deals- Netherlands (£70m), Belgium (£60m), Portugal (£110m). Only the Swiss and Austria come near our bracket with £25m and £19m respectively.



    So our comparator nations are almost 2 to 3 times our size and earn more money from TV.



    Our real comparators in size are Denmark, Finland, & Slovakia (all slightly bigger) and Norway, Ireland (sadly divided in 2) and Croatia (slightly smaller).



    We need to start realising the barriers our club has to operate under (size, relevance and finance) and recognise the miracle in our club staying alive and remaining semi-relevant.



    We all want better but let’s keep our comparators real.

  30. TTT


    Stick together fight for change, tell their own clubs that they are not accepting the way the game is being run, don’t buy papers, Sevco sports packages, but it takes coordination and strong people to lead it, Celts for Change was difficult for Celtic supporters the ones who stayed away were often criticised or worse by other Celtic fans its not easy , anyone who says otherwise is kidding themselves, vested interests will fight in every way to prevent change, change scrutiny transparency terrifes them.

  31. Not overly impressed by the new loanees…where is all this great planning? All the Celtic media hype has been embarrassing, with the stories of feeling blessed or wearing a celtic strip as a kid but never having been to Celtic Park!! And Celtic grandees are moving to invest in another club!! More schmoozing.


    Rangers, yes I’ve decided to use that word again, have made two shrewd signings, especially Davis, who will fire them up and is an effective player. Gutted for Rogic today. All that training for that result. We need new midfielders as well and better defenders.


    Hail Hail

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