Where is this relationship going?


Signing young players on loan has worked well for Celtic in the recent past: Patrick Roberts and Odsonne Edouard, being good examples.  While others, like Charly Musonda, failed to make the grade.  Musonda had talent (you remember that chip against Zenit), but he never looked up to the physical challenges of the professional game.

When Celtic sign the likes of Timothy Weah on a short-term loan, our initial thought is, “Where is this relationship going?”  Will the loan be extended, as it was for Roberts, or end in a purchase, as it did for Edouard, or will this be a one-off gig?

Weah appears to have abundant talent but his chances of breakthrough at PSG are limited.  Mbappe, Neymar and Cavani head an illustrious list of strikers at a club always looking to add to their squad.  It is more likely that the Paris club will look to build Weah’s value at Celtic in the hope of earning an inflated transfer fee.  This practice is how all tier-one clubs operate and underpins their Financial Fair Play credentials.

It is important for Celtic to build a squad – to manage our assets.  The try before you buy model, used effectively with Edouard, works well in this regard.  Building relationships with PSG or Man City, who know their players can gain necessary experience and appreciate in value, means we remain a valuable option for future deals.

But we also need to win football games, irrespective of more strategic concerns, even if there is no long-term relationship with the player.  Sometimes it is OK for a relationship not to last beyond the summer.

Welcome to Celtic, Timothy.


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  1. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Larsson was overrated.



    In their prime Davis and Defoe were the very best at what they did.



    Joe won snooker’s world title 15 times.



    Daniel peaked with his novels Robinson Crusoe and Moll Flanders.



    Hail hail and good night.







    Martin O’Neill wasn’t too bad either. Don’t know if he finished his degree, mind.




    Martin O’Neill MBE, OBE was not a lawyer.


    He enrolled in the Law Faculty of Queen’s Univetsity Belfast in October 1971 and after just five days he left after signing for Nottingham Forest.


    It’s highly unlikely that he attended one lecture in law in those five days.

  3. There is a rose in Spanish Harlem


    A red rose up in Spanish Harlem


    It is a special one, it’s never seen the sun


    It only comes out when the moon is on the run


    And all the stars are gleaming


    It’s growing in the street right up through the concrete


    But soft and sweet and dreaming ?

  4. Why was Defoe playing in the states? Why was he not playing in England? Why were the cash rich mid table clubs in England, let alone the top 6, not beating the sevvies to his signature? Or decent sides in Europe for that matter?



    I haven’t seen the guy play in years but I can’t say I am overly worried by him.



    Davis? Armstrong ahead of him in the pecking order at Southampton. Was there a scrum for his signature?



    This window will be defined by what we do.



    An upgrade at right back is now priority. A centre half or two would be good as well. If we get that then the dealings at iborcs will look like what they are – lazy scouting, overpriced last throws of the dice. Let’s see what happens.

  5. What I will say about the orcs is that in signing Jones and the other fella from the spfl, they are showing signs of doing what they should have been doing from their foundation in 2012 – buying the ‘best of the rest’ in Scotland. It’s the only sustainable business plan for them and doesn’t sit comfortably with the signing of Davis and Defoe so I doubt that it represents a coherent strategy but if I were them that’d be my plan. Then if you can nick something off the big team and consistently beat the rest you put yourself in with a chance every once in a while.



    But that’d take humility and common sense. Not qualities associated with sevconia




    Chairbhoy @10:00 am



    “Not just now, but look at Clubs in the smaller leagues with Clubs the size of Celtic, think Switzerland, Austria (been mentioned), Netherlands, Portugal, Belgium etc…”



    “You have not named any clubs there, just vague examples of countries who are doing better.



    Switzerland with 8 and a half million people (and secretive banking practices) have Basel doing better, Austria with nearly 9 m have RB Salzburg, Netherlands with 17m+ have had at various times Ajax and PSV doing better, Portugal with 10m + have Porto and Benfica- (we are doing better than Sporting), and Belgium with 11 and a half million have Anderlecht who are not doing better than us in Euro comps, unless you cherry pick a year.



    We are a country of 5.4m people. We had a poor TV deal (£18.75m), less than the likes of Poland (£28m), Norway(£36m), Sweden(£21m) and Denmark(£46m), dwarfed even by the basket case of Greece(£50m). The bigger nations you quoted as comparators have even bigger deals- Netherlands (£70m), Belgium (£60m), Portugal (£110m). Only the Swiss and Austria come near our bracket with £25m and £19m respectively.



    So our comparator nations are almost 2 to 3 times our size and earn more money from TV.



    Our real comparators in size are Denmark, Finland, & Slovakia (all slightly bigger) and Norway, Ireland (sadly divided in 2) and Croatia (slightly smaller).



    We need to start realising the barriers our club has to operate under (size, relevance and finance) and recognise the miracle in our club staying alive and remaining semi-relevant.



    We all want better but let’s keep our comparators real.



    Well, that’s not exactly what I meant. You asked me to name some Clubs, of the top of my head there were several that I’ve mentioned before… but didn’t have time to double check that some of their top poeple weren’t in jail… you mentioned Croatia not me;)



    At the end of the day this is just about busting the myth that Celtic are a very well run football club, were not…



    You talk of the advantages other Clubs and Country’s have got – secretive Banking System… Unlike Scotland’s right!?



    The point is you fail to mention the wonderful advantageous position Celtic found itself in when Rangers died.



    Celtic for five years after that event had almost guaranteed access to the UCL Qualifiers, we were put in the Champions route to the qualify for the group stages and were very unlikely to face a team with our resources, even if we failed to get to the league stage, we had an even easier route to the Euros.



    How many Clubs in Europe had that?? Not One But Us!!



    We had an open goal an we failed to capitalise on that.



    We have Billionaire shareholders, we have one of the greatest attendances in Europe, we have the greatest supporters in Europe. We represent the Geal, so not only our kinsfolk in Scotland, Ireland and the rest of the British Isles but a Global diaspora that we can mobilise.



    Why do you fail to highlight the positives!?



    We are run not as a Football Club but as a business with one eye on the bottom line and the other eye on a future franchise in a pan European League. That is the reality…



    That is why we fail to invest in the team and why the “old firm” is a fixture again in British Football…



    Hail Hail

  7. TT



    I hadn’t noticed him do much in games against us. Our last 3 games against them were 3:0, 5:0 and 0:0.



    It seemed we were scouting one of the worst teams in the league for a while, buying Hendry and Bain, and lots of fancies expressed for the Myth that was Steven Caulker, and for Kamara too. The only player I ever saw that turned up against us was Cammy Kerr but I would not buy him either.



    Sevco can always pick up Hun-minded players like Dorrans and McAuley and now Jordan Jones. That will help them stay ahead of Aberdeen but does not get them close to us. They landed Davis and Defoe (and are looking at Charlie Adams) and, if achieved, that is a big whack of money on older players. I saw Davis with S/hampton and he still looks very decent. Defoe can do a turn to spell Morelos if he is still there but is no longer a 90 minute option.



    I am hoping that they perform more like Andy Gray. One of the best players of his generation, he came back to his beloved Ibrox as a swan song and stunk the place out. At that time, he was the slowest professional footballer I had ever seen on a pitch and I had seen Andy Ritchie.



    I’ll reserve my judgement on Celtic’s recruitment till we see the defender buys and loans we need to see us through.



    Not seeing too many signs of those who were on during the first 2 days of January saying we’ll not sign anyone bar a panic buy at the last minute. You’ld think people would remember their predictions.



    Aff to bed now

  8. Chairbhoy



    I can only manage a short reply.




    Firstly, I am still not hearing any club names from you. I introduced Croatia (and a few others) and I explained why that was a more apt comparison country. But you really need to get beyond the countries and name the clubs you believe operate better.







    “Why do you fail to highlight the positives!?”



    You lost me there







    I can only manage a shorter reply;)






    “Why do you fail to highlight the positives!?”



    You lost me there



    I’ll get around go highlighting the Club’s…



    My point was you have a list as long as your arm as to why Celtic continue to fail at the level of their peers.



    My point is you fail to highlight the advantages Celtic have had over their peers in the last five seasons…



    Why have you got a list of why Celtic should be allowed to fail



    Yet totally fail to highlight the huge advantages Celtic have had over their peers…



    Let’s be real… Celtic Have had a huge opportunity in the last five seasons and through it away…



    Hail Hail

  10. Morning all… Wee bit chilly in the Chilterns…



    Meant throw it away… and it wasn’t actually shorter, but you Ken what I mean.



    Have A grand day, one and all.



    Aff Oot



    Hail Hail

  11. Good morning CQN from a dark and freezing Garngad


    To me the 3 signings are a good bit of business, although never keen on too many loan deals. The 3 I think will do well for us.


    Now we still need another 2-3 in at least. A RB, CH & probably a left back.


    If we get 2 out of the 3 then I think that would be great.


    I would really like experienced players though, players about the 26,27 age group who have first team experience.



    Hail Hail



    D. :)

  12. Have the SFA contacted our custodians about a meeting yet?


    I see one of Cheaton Beatons pals is saying Beaton thought he would have been asked to look at the incidents again and would probably have said he would have done things differently but he never got asked that. Wtf cheating bar stewards the lot of them and they are caught bang to rights.


    Do not let this go Celtic



    D. :)

  13. Cosy Corner Bhoy on

    Not been on or read back for a few days as between doing jobs for Mrs CCB and trying to clear garage to actually get the car in it,I was actually at the golf on Monday which is why I am posting!


    MAH: Hope you are able to lurk at least with your new treatment,I did the caunels and a few prayers on Monday in usual place so you are off and running with the Big Man upstairs.Keep positive and good luck,S.

  14. morning bhoys from an extremely cold Cheshire its good we have got 3 in but 2 wont be here in the long term that’s the trouble with loans but in Brendan we trust.hh.

  15. I see it’s now Claire Whyte – FtSFA compliance officers fault, that referees cannot officiate in matches with impartiality and fairness


    Wonder who is driving this agenda ??

  16. Good morning, friends, from a gorgeous looking clear skied, crisp and frosty East KIlbride.

  17. Zeetinfreethebears,I would like to see Brendan Rodgers sign a few Celtic minded players,and go for the 10, Russell,Gardyne O, Donnell,them just spring to my mind,McLean, would be another one,but a bit risky, especially his comments about him a bit of a rebel,

  18. Good evening CQN from Mrs Hebcelt and I here in Miri, Borneo where it is a comfortable 30c we are in the the last two weeks of a ten week holiday to South East Asia. Discovered an interesting fact Shaun Maloney was born here in Miri 36 years ago on 24:01:83, his dad was English his mum Scots he was a helicopter pilot with Bristow’s working offshore same as I was though not as a pilot!!! They moved to Aberdeen when Shaun was5 and the rest is history. May I wish a belated Happy New Year to everyone on CQN specially Melbourne Mick and Paddymacoz – two fine boys. I’ll be back in my usual seat two weeks tonight see you then Malorbhoy,BRTH 67 Heaven and perhaps even Old Tim Hail Hail Hebcelt

  19. setting free the bears for Res. 12 & Oscar Knox, yes Andy Ritchie, as slow as a truck convoy in Kent on a wet Monday in January, and just as paunchy; but great ability. Wikipedia describes him as follows:



    Ritchie was famous for what, by the standard of most professional footballers, was a rotund build and apparently blase demeanour. Scottish football journalist Chick Young saw Ritchie as “the epitome of the Scottish footballer – a fat, lazy bastard, but with great ball skill”

  20. We are living in very interesting times at the moment.



    Second Rate Sisterhood 2 — Sleekit / Sleazy / Slimy Political Dinosaur 1


    Currently being sold as a huge victory to the Hertz man.


    Best wee nation failing again at the basics.



    All that was missing was the Edinburgh jury.



    Then the DR is reporting that all is not well in the governance of Scottish football — things are so bad that we are now witnessing some very rare Ludge on Ludge action.



    MIB Ludge vs SFA Ludge.


    At least it helps us understand what we are up against.



    MIB Ludge = Just hate us as a matter of history / personal upbringing / herd mentality.


    SFA Ludge = They hate us because that is what today’s agenda tells them to do.


    The current establishment policy is TFOD2.1 boosterism for revenue gain.


    Keep them solvent to the end of the season and hopefully put us in our place.


    They need a competive league to maximise the cash in Govan.



    Both of these topics are linked by casual misogyny — very interesting regarding the country we claim to be.



    Finally — have to bring up BrExit.



    AS has endured much more intimidation than the MIB Ludge combined.


    However she is still expected to carry out her role as an MP and take responsibility for her views and voting record.



    Complex, mature and sophisticated society at work.



    JB gets some stick and the story is about his situation and not about his performance.


    The media could not wait to move the debate on from his decision making.



    Shallow, limited and immature society at work.

  21. This, from a DR `source` ( Don`t you just love that claim? :-)) )



    ” “As for John, he and his family are now paying a horrendous price for the whole Morelos mess. When he confirmed he had seen the incidents during the match he also fully expected to be asked if he had any reason to change his mind having watched them all back on TV.



    “Having said that, the SFA’s disciplinary department had already made it almost impossible for referees to deal with these incidents.



    “Remember, it was them who rescinded the red card Morelos was given at Pittodrie for kicking an opponent on the first day of the season at Pittodrie and then failed to punish Steven Naismith for stamping on Celtic’s Jonny Hayes a week later at Tynecastle.



    “Whether John would have changed his mind only he knows for sure. But it does look very much like he was denied that chance and, a result of that, the SFA were able to pin the blame back on him.



    “Referees have to put up with a lot of abuse in this country and they realise that’s part and parcel of the job.



    “Most of the guys would acknowledge also that far too many mistakes have been made over the course of the season so far, but what they do not expect is for their own employers to throw them under a bus whenever the heat is on.



    “As a result, relations between the officials and the compliance officer are extremely strained at this moment.”



    I wonder if he `watched them all back on TV` in The Crown whilst celebrating with his fellow supporters?




  22. TIMBHOY 2,



    You are joking,are you not.One of those players maybe make the bench,if desperate.You come on regularly and moan about transfer windows,andbthis is what you come up with.Gardyne !!!!!!!!!.


    Dear God.

  23. So in referees review of the decisions he never reviewed them ?



    Did our statement suggest we knew this ?



    Was it not along the lines of people make mistakes during game but can


    we get explanation of why after review referee can decide none of incidents were





    SFA replied within an hour

  24. in ither news……………..




    “mysterious inkonsistencies….”












    Hunt thum dooon Celtic, tally ho!

  25. \o/ Hugo Z Hackenbush \o/ on

    Just a thought on the waffle that’s been reproduced from the Daily Retard about Beaton.



    They are trying to argue that he was denied the opportunity to review his decisions on the various Moreorless incidents.



    However, he had to write his post-match report which, presumably, included the confirmation that he had seen all the incidents – this report WAS his opportunity to review those decisions – or does he want a second chance to review after everyone else points out that he is either:



    a) an incompetent nob




    b) as bent as a three pound note

  26. Hugo-or a convenient patsy,to help his heroes……not buying the ‘poor me’ nonsense,all stage managed between the SFA and Jabba………

  27. Someone saying,if you want to know who,read back,that Celtic is not a well run club.I have no idea what a well run club should look like,if that is the case.Who would be the comparison?It certainly would not be any of the clubs in the EPL.Also stating that Celtic is just s business now.Really?What other big club is not?.We would need to go back to the days of the Kellys and Whites to remember when Celtic was not run as a business.How did that turn out?


    I also have no idea what many go on about when stating we have Billionaires on the Board.Yes,so what.They cant throw money into the club.


    I honstly dont know how some fans think,and I have no idea what they expect.What I do know is,if following Celtic was causing me so much angst,about percieved mismanagement,instead of doing what fans are supposed to,enjoy your team playing football,and winning,I would pack it in.


    The old Internet.Everyone has become an expert or a critic.So easy from your keyboard pad.

  28. Turkey Bhoy,it’s when I have seen Michael Gardyne playing,he always seems to play a good game of football,well if you look back at some of the signings over the years,they have been horrendous,but I thought a couple of them were not to bad,I think one of the big problems on here is you are not to have an opinion,I have been slated on here many times,but I can take it,it’s characters like you that have that venom in them, when making a comment about another fans opinion,

  29. The MIBS should declare which if any football club they support, then they shouldn’t be allowed to officiate in games that involve the team they follow.



    Simple as that.



    Or is it?



    Problem being so many of them support the same club, so the club in question wouldn’t be able to fulfil fixtures because no referee would be available due to the conflict of interest.



    Beaton supports Motherwell by the way, allegedly.



    HH. ?

  30. Chairbhoy



    “The point is you fail to mention the wonderful advantageous position Celtic found itself in when Rangers died.


    Celtic for five years after that event had almost guaranteed access to the UCL Qualifiers, we were put in the Champions route to the qualify for the group stages and were very unlikely to face a team with our resources, even if we failed to get to the league stage, we had an even easier route to the Euros.


    How many Clubs in Europe had that?? Not One But Us!!




    OK- What the death of Rangers did was give us an easier (never a guaranteed) run at the title and, therefore, an easier chance to qualify for the qualifiers ; it did not ease the qualifying route to the Group Stages.


    We won the 2012/13 league by 16 points and subsequent leagues by 29, 17, and 44 points until Sevco appeared in the top flight in 2016/17. We then won the league by 30 points with Sevco 9 behind our nearest challenger , Aberdeen. And last year’s league by 9 pts with the same top 3 teams.


    All these titles earned us direct entry into qualifying round 2 of the CL, except the last one where we had to start at round 1.


    The advantage thet the death of Rangers gave us, we took. We won each league and then 2 months later, often with a different squad, we faced our CL qualifiers. We had earned no advantage over our competitors that we met there; they were unaffected by the death of Sevco. Some of our competitors were “advantaged” by being in the midst of their next season by the time qualifiers came around but that is a “swings and roundabouts” type of advantage. Yes , we werre financially stronger than most of our competitors at that stage but, as we reached final qualifying stages we came across teams that were closer to us and close enough for an adverse result to occur.



    In 2012/13 we qualified with 100% record, made the Group Stages and lost in the round of 16. Next year, we made the grup stage also, finishing 4th behind Barca, AC and Ajax. In 2014/15, we messed up, scraping through against Legia and getting our just desserts vs Maribor and getting knocked into the Europa League where we again made post-Xmas and lost in the last 32 to Inter. In 2015/16, we had a disaster- knocked out at the play-off round by the smaller club, Malmo (still have a better TV deal) and a terrible Europa campaign vs Ajax, Fenerbache and Molde, where we , shamefully finished 4th- now that was a failing year. In 16/17, we made CL group stages, but finished in our seeding position 4th, behind Barca, Man City and Gladbach. Last year we qualified for CL and finished 3rd before losing to Zenit in post-Xmas Europa last 32 action. 3 times out of 5 we made the CL Group stage, once into last 16, and twice we were in the Europa (knocked out by Maribor and Malmo) but made last 32 of Europ on one of those 2. That leaves, in my mind, only one failing year (2015/16)



    We had an open goal an we failed to capitalise on that.



    Yes, for 2015/16. I cannot see any other open goals unless you are peddling the unprovable hypothesis that, if we spent a little more, Maribor and Molde can be guaranteed not to happen. Are you advancing that view, that you can remove or drastically reduce sporting risk?



    We have Billionaire shareholders, we have one of the greatest attendances in Europe, we have the greatest supporters in Europe. We represent the Geal, so not only our kinsfolk in Scotland, Ireland and the rest of the British Isles but a Global diaspora that we can mobilise. “



    Oh! I really don’t buy most of this. I don’t care about the wealth of our shareholders. If we start to develop a transfer policy or wage structure, based on “Sugar Daddy” financing, then that way lies Sevco 2012 outcomes. We should run on what we earn. We have a great attendance and support (“Greatest Supporters” is just bombast and self-praise) but unfortunately we do not earn as much from gate money as others get through TV money, which distorts our standing in the game, and affects other big proud clubs like Anderlecht, Legia, Ferencvaros, Slavia Prague etc to create barriers to clubs from peripheral leagues. Finally, I love our Irish support and marvel at the efforts they make but there are far more Man U, Liverpool and, god forbid, supporters of Chelsea in the Republic and, in some parts of the North, than there are for Celtic. We have been forgotten about entirely by the Welsh, the Breton and the Cornish. Thiugh, to be fair, the Manx have given us KT.



    “Why have you got a list of why Celtic should be allowed to fail


    Yet totally fail to highlight the huge advantages Celtic have had over their peers…”



    A “when did you stop beating your wife” type of question framing. I have outlined the reasons and barriers that exist to prevent us and clubs like us, from breaking into the Big 5 league monopoly that is CL riches. You describe this as “allowing us to fail”. If you want to avoid failure, don’t play sport or enter any competition because no matter how good you are, you will lose some and often to supposed “lesser” contenders. History is littered with examples.


    I agree that there have been many occasions where we could and should have done better but I don’t buy into the “specualte to accumulate” myth when you are in a monopoly market, nor into the “if it wisnae for the suits, we would be up there with the Barcas and Man U’s of this world.







    Let’s be real… Celtic Have had a huge opportunity in the last five seasons and through it away…”



    What should we have won that we didn’t and what were the reasons for it? I saw Celtic be perennial first and second round losers in Europe from 1975 to 2001. That is as big a part of our history as is the glorious period of 66 to 74. Since 2001 we have had around 17 years of relatively better Euro success. You are describing the last 5 years as a failure even though we have had a pretty consistent record of achieving our set ceiling as one of many cannon fodder 4th seed CL participants and have surpassed that setting on 1 occasions to reach last 16 of CL, an end feat that I regard as equivalent to our Seville year, though not with the associated emotions.



    If we are to “get real”, maybe you could provide the parameters of success we should have had as 5 league titles, 2 domestic trebles, 3 CL Group qualifying stages and one post Xmas Europa qualification in the past 5 years is being touted as failure. What does success look like?



    Aff oot

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