Where to get the Best Betting Bonus for a punt on Celtic


AS A betting supporter, it really does matters what odds we are given. Betting for Celtic to win in the Scottish Premiership is always a safe bet, but when it comes to the performance in Champions League it’s a completely different story.

Perhaps the smarter choice is to bet on live games where we can see the development and form. This makes us much more likely to make money betting on Celtic games.

Top odds for Celtic to win

In the domestic league, Celtic have won the league seven years running now. Starting the 2018/2019 season, we look back at an amazing track record. The 2016/2017 season the Celts went undefeated in the league.

Despite the odds always being low for Celtic to win (as it is the obvious result!), it’s still a good way to make a bit of extra money. It is worth your while to spend a bit of time finding the best odds, why waste 20 quid because you didn’t put in 10 minutes to find the best odds? And, you rarely even have to bet with your own money, just take part in one of many available bonuses for sports betting. Don’t know where to look? There’s a plethora of web site that are comparing the bonuses that the different operators are offering. One of these sites, one which we particularly enjoy, is bestbettingbonuses.co.uk. They offer a clear view over the most popular operators which will allow you to find free betting money, so that you can apply your knowledge and make money of the game.

Celtic FC in European games

Like we mentioned before, the Scottish Premier League isn’t the same thing as European games. If you’re a betting fan in general, you’ll really want to find an operator who offers you the most competitive of odds. Now, be smart and don’t bet with your heart. Even though we have a home game against, say, Villareal or Sevilla… are we really likely to win it? It may look like a good match-up on the sheet, but what about the form of the Spanish team? How have we been performing lately and who’s injured? What has the practices been like during the past days? There are many factors coming into play, and just because we all love our beloved Celtic FC doesn’t mean we should always bet on them.

There are many things you should keep track off before placing your bet. One of these things should definitely be the bonuses. Make sure the Ts & Cs are worthwhile and reasonable. To have access to live betting is a huge benefit, as even if you’re losing the main bet you can still recover your losses by predicting who the next goalscorer will be, which team will win the next corner-kick, who’ll get booked and much, much more.

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