“Where’s the signings” chat


The players are back in town training and there’s’ already a bit of “where’s the signings” chat.  We are five weeks away from the season starting, nine away from the first derby game and over eleven away from the start of the Champions League campaign.  Patience is not always rewarded, but it is constantly needed.

Players available this early in the window are either out of contract, unwanted by their current club, or high risk.  There is a time for Celtic to engage in all of the above, but if you were in charge, is this where you would want Celtic to shop?

Clubs selling a top talent want to test the market to the fullest.  With one keen buyer on the hook, that means touting the player around hoping that a bigger fish is left short late in the window and bites at a higher price.  They will also want backfill lined up.

If you are in charge and you know you are going to need to wait until late in the window for top talent, would you go down your list to ‘get the players in early’?  How far down would you go?

If you are in the angry blogger business; Christmas comes in the early summer.  The rest of us just need to wait for the tinsel.

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  1. SAINT STIVS on 1ST JULY 2024 11:27 AM


    a new day. and welcome to our new financial year.







    anyone want to guess how much profits were made, and indeed how much cash in the bank?

  2. Superbru update



    celtic mas, Hamiltontim, One Malloy & Greenpinata (one pick), still to trap for tonight’s matches.



    After last night’s results, we have 3 clear leaders



    Borgo67- 38 pts


    18 Yard Man- 37.5 pts


    Jobo Baldie- 36.5 pts



    First deadline is 5 pm tonight

  3. If I were you Paul, I’d stick to slagging the Tartan Army and those who love their country enough to cheer it on.



    Us “angry bloggers” have the same platform you do. You have a Hunnic sense of superiority at times which is pretty unbecoming.



    Your smug attitude makes you sound like a dick.



    You know the thing with “angry bloggers”? We have blogs. We can answer that charge.

  4. BIG JIMMY on 1ST JULY 2024 9:55 AM







    SHENNIGANS Bar Blackpool is at 94/98 North Promenade…..NOT 64/68 as I previously stated.


    Apparently its a very popular Pub with LIVE MUSIC and singsongs etc….thats the UP side….



    As GENE Posted on the previous thread maybe its NOT for you as it doesnt open til 12 Noon ?





    Have a great time Mate. Its been too long since I was last in Blackpool…25 years in fact.


    I MUST try and go back there for a wee holiday some time in the near future.



    HH Mate.

  5. Maybe BRRB is kidding us on ?



    Hes NOT going to Blackpool……as hes going to ” WIMBERS” in W19 London strictly for the strawberries and cream.



    BRRB in his ” Tight Whites”…..NOT an image that I wish to see !





  6. James Forrest



    Stick to what you are good at please…..



    Whatever that is.



    Ridiculous attention seeking nonsense.



    Ever thought about a career in politics ?

  7. Talking of Hunnish, its a slight worry that they look like the they are learning. They appear to have an intelligent manager in charge who understands the need for a more complex recruitment strategy. A serious man with an understanding off the bigger picture.



    As he has said the “important” young talents are easy to get in earlier, the more experienced ones less so. Taking their time this window to avoid the mistakes from last Summer suggests we might face a rival with a better squad than last time out.



    No doubt there will be plenty of players who are linked with both clubs, lots of stories of choosing them over us, especially if they hold their nerve and compete with us when the real quality is bought and sold at the end of the window.



    I have no doubt years of experience of doing this, not to say the financial advantage we have will mean we’ll come out of the window stronger than them as usual, but as always the proof one way or the other will come in May.



    It doesnt suit the internet but its the case and always has been

  8. if celtic plc valuation of matt is indeed £35m he will be off with the first bid

  9. I’m not worried by our transfer inaction at the moment. I’m sure the lessons have been taken on board from last season and with the former recruitment team now emptied ( presumably still waiting on that call from Bayern Munich ), I’m confident we’ll be signing less players with greater quality this year.

  10. They appear to have an intelligent manager in charge






    i see only the big baldy angry belgian who tells lies everytime celtic beat his team.



    he will be sacked before the copland road stand is finished

  11. bigrailroadblues on

    Good afternoon all from the Royal Boston Hotel, Blackpool. Fooking baltic here.



    Big Jimmy


    Wimbers? That near Parkers? 😂

  12. rarely on the blog these days , but wry smile to see JAMES FORREST still trying to get Pauls attention after all these years.



    I m sure he is in to double figures for self imposed lifetime bans.

  13. We’ve known Joe has been leaving since the turn of the year. I would have thought we already have a couple of options already.

  14. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    On a completely unrelated matter, partner club’s final CL qualifier isn’t until 27/28 August…..

  15. SAINT STIVS on 1ST JULY 2024 12:36 PM


    They appear to have an intelligent manager in charge






    i see only the big baldy angry belgian who tells lies everytime celtic beat his team.



    he will be sacked before the copland road stand is finished




    Five year contract it is then, 😁.


    Two young Spanish wingers were excellent last night. If only we could produce and keep something like them. Maybe a striker, also.

  16. Genuine question, and not a dig – who is in charge of our recruitment?


    Did we appoint anyone or is it pretty much ‘any man save’ now?

  17. Glenowen


    I would hope Brendan was in charge of all football matters including recruitment

  18. SAINT STIVS on 1ST JULY 2024 12:36 PM



    All relative I guess.



    But for me he does seem to have identified where they need to change and appears to have the strength of character to ignore the usual nonsense from the orcs in order to do whats necessary.

  19. GLENOWEN @ 12:58 PM,



    Mark Cooper is our Chief Scout…



    Think he was a good appointment.



    Understands the need to get “value” out of recruitment.



    Hail Hail

  20. justshatered on

    It’s great to have a list to work through but the issue is two fold: who makes up the list and the targeted quality of the list.


    If the quality on the list is far too high and well out of our price range then the list is worthless and, regardless how far you go down that list the player is, they are either not interested in playing in Scotland or we simply can’t or won’t pay the wages / fee.


    If the person making up the list doesn’t understand the another most likely the list will also be useless.


    As a club we need to be making gradual incremental improvements in each position. Getting that right is challenging and takes time but if the wrong people are involved in this process it is doomed to fail.


    Rodgers signed a three year deal and ee were told he was here to make an impact in Europe but one third of that timescale has now passed and arguably we are less equipped to achieve European advancement than under Ange in his final season.

  21. Gene and Chairbhoy



    Many thanks, that’s helpful.


    Hopefully, we’re able to fill the known gaps before the sesson starts

  22. bigrailroadblues on

    Chucking it down in Blackpool. Stuck in hotel bar. Still no sign of a handsome hun.

  23. vinniethedog on

    It’s certainly one way to look at it …another way might be celtic are looking for a cheaper deal and are playing chicken……and we all know how that usually turns out !!

  24. The Star Above The Crest on

    Utter horseshit from PLs lackey.



    How long have we known that Bain and Siegrist weren’t up to the job?



    Even if no one knew Hart was retiring, he’s 37 and was showing signs of slowing down.



    But no one does business early in the window so its impossible we could have arranged to sign a keeper with 4 months notice so be patient and keep your mouth shut little Timmy.




  25. SAINT STIVS on 1ST JULY 2024 12:36 PM



    Not sure what to make of that timescale 😂

  26. !!Bada Bing!! on

    BRRB- I would get out of there before Saturday, the clowns will be walking there as well ….

  27. Prestonpans bhoys on

    I thought I read somewhere that the Baldie Belgium had ensured in his contract that dismissal invoked full payment of his 5 years 🤔

  28. Paul 67 et al,



    Not too worried about signings. I have great faith in our manager.



    Tje manager is the most important part of the cog.



    Just look at England. Some of the best players in the world but a manager who doesn’t have a scooby how to use them.




  29. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    GLENOWEN on 1ST JULY 2024 12:58 PM



    Genuine question, and not a dig – who is in charge of our recruitment?





    Perfectly reasonable question.



    Thanks Chairbhoy for response.



    I knew we had bumped a couple of blokes but was unaware we had employed a guy called Mark Cooper.



    Was this announced officially by Celtic?



    More below from M.Ross who, in my experience, falls into the “Not Angry” category.





  30. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    BTW – for Celtic publish an org chart?



    Some folks be interested in inconsequential trifles such as what someone does for a living and who they report to.

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