“Where’s the signings” chat


The players are back in town training and there’s’ already a bit of “where’s the signings” chat.  We are five weeks away from the season starting, nine away from the first derby game and over eleven away from the start of the Champions League campaign.  Patience is not always rewarded, but it is constantly needed.

Players available this early in the window are either out of contract, unwanted by their current club, or high risk.  There is a time for Celtic to engage in all of the above, but if you were in charge, is this where you would want Celtic to shop?

Clubs selling a top talent want to test the market to the fullest.  With one keen buyer on the hook, that means touting the player around hoping that a bigger fish is left short late in the window and bites at a higher price.  They will also want backfill lined up.

If you are in charge and you know you are going to need to wait until late in the window for top talent, would you go down your list to ‘get the players in early’?  How far down would you go?

If you are in the angry blogger business; Christmas comes in the early summer.  The rest of us just need to wait for the tinsel.

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  1. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Who on here has used Track Santa on Christmas Eve at one point in their lives?



    I wonder if R2ngers could make some dough in the short term with a “Track Steel” App?

  2. What is the Starz on

    As a wise old contributor to these pages once asked


    Who would win a fight between The Angry Bloggers and The Parsimonious Lawwellites

  3. I note that Celtic announced 22nd Feb that ‘Joe has recently informed the club of his decision to leave….’


    From 21st Feb to the first games of the season, there are 164 days.


    Of these, 131 have elapsed.


    We now have 33 days remaining.


    Hopefully, I don’t come across as impatient.

  4. What is the Starz on

    It’s only July 1st and transfer anxiety is causing more angst on here than Global Warming, Israeli aggression and the greatest horror of all… England winning the Euros.

  5. What is the Starz on

    Have we not suffered enough.


    We want players now


    Bring back Jonny Hayes

  6. What is the Starz on

    Same every year ,once the season book money is in the bag Lawwell and his dastardly cronies sit back and laugh at us while smoking their big fat cigars.


    It ain’t right so it ain’t


    The parsimonious Lawwellites have a lot for which to answer..No European trophy since 1967 is an utter disgrace.

  7. We also have a South America scout,do we not?.Maybe where the ” Wonder kid” stories are coming from.



    Regards them.Watching closely,they are seriously linked with loads of players,but as soon as money is mentioned,they suddenly change their minds.It looks to me,a chaotic,scatter gun approach,to try and make up the numbers,on the cheap.In the meantime,no matter what they do,they are stuck with a plethora of really high earners,a few injury prone,they are really struggling to shift.


    This is a clever transfer strategy.In what way?.



  8. It’s only my opinion,but I feel Brendan is on charge of Recruitment and any new appointments will be under him, reporting to him and acting to his instructions.


    Brendan will have identified priority areas and the team under him will have come up with a list of options. Brendan will go through these lists and approve or decline the options and then we are on the merry go round of agents. other clubs and players. Brendan will be insuring that we will only sign players he wants



    Brendan will have to carry the can for any new signings as he has full control now. He has a hotline direct to Desmond and therefore can side step the Board. He will be working to a Budget as before but has more flexibility with the Budget



    Previously Mark Lawwell and Joe Dudgeon had a profile of players set for them by the Board and Ange and Brendan went along with it in Summer 23 window. By January, Brendan didn’t agree with what they recommend and blackballed all options. It looks like the two January 24 signings were Brendan’s own options. With Brendan declining all options put forward then the two Recruitment chaps had no option but to offer notice.



    With no like for like replacements hired, I think we can assume that the set up has been altered and that Desmond has agreed that Brendan has all the power and the responsibility.



    I hope it works out for us

  9. WITS


    I think one problem is that when Ange was here the perception/reality was that we brought in players early most of whom seemed to go straight into the first team. We were successful so the thought is what has changed and why?

  10. Reading between the runes, I guess we will just have to wait….


    Until Southampton put in a bid for Matt….

  11. Watching ” WIMBERS ” on BBC TV I am quite struck by the young Estonian Player ” Mark Lajal” and his hair cut.



    I may need to speak to my hair stylist in The Calton and get the same “Hair Do” as Mr Lajals ?



    Then again, maybe NOT !





  12. BRRB…


    Your Blackpool Hotel MUST be very near the Irish Pub ” SHENNIGANS” which I mentioned earlier, a wee hop skip and stagger away ?


    I had a wee look at your Hotel Online earlier, what are the Room and Bar Prices like ?



    HH Mate.

  13. bigrailroadblues on

    Big Jimmy


    £5 for Stella, not bad. That Irish bar is a tram/bus ride from here. I shall investigate. 👍

  14. Over for a few days July/August from Canada and booked in at the Voco hotel at grand central with the missus.


    Decent bars close by that we can enjoy a night out guys?



    Outlander day tour on July 31st to keep me in the good books.



    Looking at the stadium tour too on Aug 1st but wanted to have food at the stadium too but I cannot see anything on that day.



    Any suggestions please.



  15. Paul67



    In a vacuum you are correct. Panicking on July 1st is absurd.



    “Patience is not always rewarded, but it is constantly needed.”



    However, patience can only be granted when there is trust. I speak to dozens of fans in person over the course of my day / week / month and not one trusts the board to deliver. Not. A. Single. One. And nor should they. The evidence against them is proven, plentiful and overwhelming.



    The abysmal transfer windows of Mark Lawwell are just as fresh in the memory as you telling your readers



    “Mark Lawwell also has significant standing in the game. He will end up back in the English Premier League, where there is a bit of flux at the top end.



    City and Chelsea are prodigious hoarders of talent, although he may prefer not to return to City and not be further contaminated by Chelsea. Postecoglou moved for him before and could take him to Spurs. I would keep an eye on Manchester United as a possible destination. Their new controlling shareholder is known to respect the work of CFG and will make changes to the football and recruitment operation.



    Liverpool are probably too focused on replacing Klopp than making any further senior changes. There are lots of clubs keen to move up the food chain further down the EPL, who may also move for him. Bookmark me if you think any other scenario is likely. What happens next will be a measure of what walked out the door yesterday.”






    You told us to bookmark it and I did. And to be fair you were 100% right on the last sentence. What happened next was a measure of what walked out the door. The only regret is that his father wasn’t booted out with him.



    The abysmal performances of last season are also still fresh in the memory. That the season was salvaged by the manager and his insistence on signing Idah is no reason to be complacent. You can absolutely disagree with bringing Rodgers back. You can look on at Maresca and ponder what might have been. But he’s here. He delivered a double despite not getting a single first 11 quality signing over 2 windows for a team crying out for several. And he did it with Lawwel briefing against him via his proxy. That battle is over. Rodgers won it. Back him with quality. You don’t stop for one second to ask when are these players signed in nine weeks time going to be ready to play? For a Champions League campaign starting 2 weeks later?? If their club are selling then they probably aren’t playing ergo not match fit and could take weeks to reach that standard never mind be integrated into the team. Maybe you are stilll touting Kwon to start in the Champion’s League? Will you be blogging about how he’s ‘like a new signing’ if the Celtic board fail to deliver once again?






    We board a plane to the US in 2 weeks. There are no more friendly games when we return. If we don’t have any new players on that plane it is a huge red flag that this board is once again asleep at the wheel and has learned nothing from their vast amount of previous mistakes.



    You said Rodgers will be judged in September






    It is a shame you don’t hold your pal Peter to the same standard. But we know why. To do so would be to admit he’s been an abject failure, shown up by ‘coefficient monkeys’. Without significant investment, we will be a coefficient laughing stock once again.

  16. minceyheidman



    Ye got yer Rab Haws Kitchens in Helenvale Street other side of Springfield Road


    Springfield Road itself, and around Parkhead Cross area,

  17. !!Bada Bing!! on

    minceyheidman- 26 Hope St is a good old fashioned Glasgow pub,cheap for city centre as is Ross’s in Mitchell Lane

  18. We have tickets for Ayr match on Friday.


    It’s a 4 hr round trip drive to see Scott Bain strutt his stuff. He is the worst GK I have ever seen at Celtic Park. Crazy to think we don’t have better from the youth team.

  19. The abysmal performances of last season are also still fresh in the memory.






    I will be in a minoroty of one probably again.



    Abysmal performances when ?


    3 maybe in 38 league games. The aberdeen semi final maybe we should have closed it out. hearts losses, both games we got cheated. the league cup at kilmarnock, that was poor and yet we had chances to win it.



    we won 29 games, had 95 goals. acheived 93 points. marr o was the outstanding performer in the season, what a goal haul, what a contribution.



    more players had purple patches that horrorible complete loss of form.



    sure idah was a great addition, but the rock steady taylor, johnston, scales and the returning injured players worked miracles.



    maeda ia an enigma, for the unemotional one, he didnt half celebrate against the huns,



    who buy the way cannot beat us, they celebrated a draw at home fgs.



    anyways a league and cup double, won by the genius of an elite manager, who did what he said he would and i loved it.



    as to new singing, they are professional players for goodness sake, other than downing tools for their current employers they should be fit to go.



    i trust the management and the system.



    that is just me though.



    ps, i doubt Peter laweell is involved in any transfger dealings, i personally believe that is made up nonsense.

  20. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Ian Andrews and Agnes Hedman,up there as worst GKs….Kharin was another wage thief

  21. The Young Irish keeper with the big long name,:-),was a teenage sensation when he first joined the Irish under whatevers.Remember rave reviews coming from the Irish at the time,forecasting a stellar career.


    Have not seen the boy play.Anyone seen him?.

  22. lets all do the huddle on

    We have tickets for Ayr match on Friday.




    did they have to be bought direct from Ayr? i cant see anything on celtics site.



    any idea if there are any left?

  23. Thanks for the advise guys.


    I will have a look at them and show the missus.


    Her idea to go for the stadium tour BTW and she is English.


    I wasn’t going to so no.

  24. onenightinlisbon on

    If anyone actually think we played well in more than a couple of games last season they are seriously deluded. Most games were a painful watch. The manager surely knows what needs to be done to ensure this doesn’t happen again. If we are in for more of the same then we are in for another roller coaster ride….

  25. If the baldy Belgium has a contract clause that his full salary would’ve paid out in the event of a sacking then I would be working my ticket and not bother about results.

  26. Me I am delusional then.



    Many a game I watched us and thought we did fine then read on line how shite it all is and how poor certain players are even when we won with a few goals.



    Other than the invincible season when have we not had difficulty in some games.



    Next season will be the same.e

  27. SAINT STIVS on 1ST JULY 2024 3:27 PM



    I will be in a minoroty of one probably again.



    Abysmal performances when ?






    This is subjective of course. But I believe for the vast majority of the season our football was awful, boring, side to side keep the ball without any purpose pish. The quotes from the manager here






    “The first half was nowhere near what you expect from a Celtic player and team. Just the level of intensity and ambition in the game, the speed, we were absolutely nowhere near it.



    We got bullied for the goal and we were soft in everything, with and without the ball. Half-time was the angriest I’ve ever been as a manager.”



    could be applied to the majority of the season IMO. You can bludgeon your way to victory domestically due to having far superior resources but the eye test tells me it was rarely in any way shape or form entertaining. I thought our better showings were in the CL in terms of keeping the ball and creating as you have more space to work with, we were just let down by a complete lack of quality in the first 11.

  28. Onil.



    You didn’t enjoy wins at Hampden. Ibrox. Pittodrie. Killie. Ty ie.



    4 wins against the fake id pretend mob ?



    Our win in Europe?



    Several wins by 3 goals or more



    What is it you crave for next season ?

  29. leftclicktic on

    Read somewhere the other day, think it was on SC.


    along the lines of next time you are speaking to a sevconion, ask them the name of the senior figure that lost their job over the “late steel” fiasco.


    So since yesterday I have asked three, no one has an answer for me or even has a clue who it was.


    It’s a mystery CSC

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