Wherewithal to even come second in doubt among the rest


Saturday was one of those days when your players descend from various corners of the globe to resume domestic duty with an away fixture – and win – while our nearest three rivals all lose at home after resting for two weeks.

Motherwell have now ‘done’ Aberdeen twice this season; more about them later in the week. Hibs may still finish second in the table, but pushing the champions all the way counts for nothing if you can be mugged at home by a St Johnstone team who had not scored in six games, picking up only a single point in the process. Hibs are better than this, but Neil Lennon needs to find the consistency sauce. Second place is there for whoever gets their act together.

And what about Newco? Murty came so close. It’s been a year since they won three consecutive games and all regular interim manager Graeme Murty needed to do was beat Hamilton Accies at home and he would have broken through the glass ceiling. Unfortunately, the men from the SuperSeal Stadium are made of sterner stuff and gubbed their hosts 0-2.

Only one team has the wherewithal to win the title, but it doesn’t look like anyone else has the stomach for the battle for second place.





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  1. With dross like this in the EPL its only a matter of time before they come calling – Watford, Huddersfield, Burnley, West Brom, Stoke, Brighton, Swansea, Bournemouth, , Crystal Palace, West Ham – got to happen sooner or later.

  2. Rock Tree Bhoy, you’re probably right. Money talks – and the EPL is always listening.



    Meanwhile, just an away tie in the Champions League and a cup final to look forward to this week!









    You miss Pitoddrie and Brussells?








    No I certainly didn’t. Have you any more like those two this season . The games you mention were the point I was TRYING to make , the football in the two games you mention , were what we were used to in abundance last season .





    It’s not a real victory,title,cup,without Rangers. You should know that. You’ve been told often enough.



    However,there will be plenty a show without them.



    And the Glasgow Celtic will be there!!!!

  5. thomthethim for Oscar OK on




    I was touched by your post, describing your early visits to Firhill. They somewhat echoed my own experiences as a child brought up at St.Georges’ Cross.



    We were allowed to trot up to Queens’Cross to watch the Jags’ reserves during the early ,summer stages of the season.


    These were the days of Johnny Mc.Kenzie, Tiger Mc.Gowan, Tommy Ledgerwood, etc.



    I remember one game when Willie Waddell played for a now extinct team.



    However, it was the latter part of your post which resonated with me and ,I’m sure, many others.



    Most days on here are filled with idle football chat, rumours and reminiscences and the odd fracas.



    Then, someone posts about a trauma in their, or someone close to them’s lives.



    This pulls the blog up short and causes us to think about things other than football.


    This happens all to frequently, unfortunately and the collective heart of the blog goes out to those in pain.



    Sometimes we read an “angry” post from someone which we think is out of character for that person.



    It may be that he is just in a bad mood, but perhaps it is because there is something unpleasant going on in their life.



    My wife has a saying in those circumstances which says, ” you don’t know where another man’s shoes are hurting”.



    God Bless all those who are in pain.

  6. TURKEYBHOY on 20TH NOVEMBER 2017 12:34 PM


    JIMTIM on 20TH NOVEMBER 2017 11:24 AM



    Scott Sinclair,s form worries me a bit . So far he has not hit the heights he did last season , but then neither has the team . Saturday was a good 3 points without playing anything near what this team is capable of producing , I hope it’s not to long until we see the super football of last season returning .





    A wee bit of selective memory there,Jimtim.We were not always ,flowing and playing terrific football last season.We had a few dreadful games were we struggled to break down the 11 dustbins.Especially at Celtic Park.We turned it on in the games that mattered though.Keep the faith.

  7. This morning before Mass, I was sitting in the church thinking about all the children and praying for the families that have been mentioned on here in the last few days. Suddenly I felt a tear on the edge of my eye as I prayed for all involved whilst remembering the many words and thoughts provided by so many on here to console and encourage those bereaved and suffering. It struck me that this is often a very good place to find the real meaning of being connected to Celtic. Did Brother Walfrid and the others ever conceive of the possibility that so much good would continue to be present amongst the followers of the team they set up 130 years ago? The truth is that what they gave to the world was more than a football team.



    Then BRTH added his story to the many we have heard and it immediately drew a concerned reaction from so many reminding us of the need that is out there. It is so easy to pass by on the other side and pretend to take no notice of our brothers and sisters in need of even a kind word. If we are honest we have all had crosses to bear personally or in the lives of family members. Perhaps BRTH’s posting will awaken in all of us the need to be more proactive and less judgemental in so many situations.


    BRTH, prayers will be said for Stephen. May he rest in peace.

  8. Rocktree,



    The teams you mention would have a vote on inviting Celtic into their league. Assuming that the size of the EPL does not increase to an odd number, why would these teams vote in favour of reducing their chances of being in the league? Turkeys do not vote for Xmas.




  9. saltires en sevilla on




    Last weekend was pivotal in the ‘journey’ to 7



    It took one moment of blind brilliance …



    Blind ref for Callum pen.




    Brilliance in execution of free kick by Griff.



    Mothers look to be building momentum nicely for 2nd slot. Everything coming together at a critical time in their season.



    We will know we are in a game next Sunday and winning the league cup will take all our efforts and nous.



    Btw i cannot see ‘Ted’Moult moving anywhere but England… will be sitting on huge salary offers and possibly summer departure to the likes of Leeds or Forest etc… no-one other than Celts in SPL can compete on salary and cannot imagine he has any particular interest in any team here.



    Doubt Brendan will have a role for him… so he will be gone!



    applicants for sevco boss should take note – sevco cannot afford Moult ( even if he was inclined to hamstring his own career)!



    Happy Days CSC

  10. BRogan et al and TTT,



    “Resonates” is a word that has been overused and one that makes my toes curl when I hear it thrown out in TV interviews. However, it is the only one that i can think of to describe my reaction to your two posts.



    Addiction is a terrible thing that affects not only the individual but also their immediate circle. It also makes it impossible to judge the addict’s actions accurately. When such behave badly…e,g not turning up to see their dying mother……is it because of their problem, or is it because intrinsically they are just a flawed person that only cares about themselves. You see nasty people can become addicts too, it is not confined to decent people that due to circumstances, fall from grace.



    Good Bless all you are trying to cope with the consequences of addiction and I pray that you find understanding of the addict in your life, especially if it is yourself.






    Sinclair has been a little erratic with form this season.


    Saturday i would give him a pass as that pitch made it impossible for a player who runs at pace with the ball at his feet.


    The ball never ran smoothly at any point during the game and both JF and Sinclair struggled because of.


    Controlling the ball and passing was impossible due to long grass and divots.


    It is scandalous that there are no minimum pitch standards in the top flight.


    How can Scottish football improve with so little attention paid to the details by our corrupt authorities?

  12. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Motherwell look as good as any of the others, although they will miss Moult if he leaves in January.


    I’d actually think about him for Celtic. Looks a player to me. Scores different types of goals, seems to be a confident type.

  13. saltires en sevilla on

    Would solve their 10 in a row nightmares…



    Celts in EPL



    With Barca




  14. saltires en sevilla on

    Joes and BRTH et al



    Just catching up bhoys ….sorry for all your troubles.




  15. I hope that I am singing and dancing in the street this Sunday night after watching the Hoops march on to yet another Treble…………….the PSG match this Wednesday.?…as above…but somehow I can’t see it…then again it’s the Famous Glasgow Celtic I’m talking about so we never know !







    Respect,mate. Can’t have been easy,but it seems Stephen wasn’t either.



    He clearly deserves to be remembered fondly. You’ve done him proud.

  17. Things not happening for Sinclair lately, but he chased down the Ross County GK in the 92nd minute, still working hard for the team.

  18. Rebus67



    I’m not saying we would be welcome with open arms, what I’m saying is the end product, what Sky put on the park and expect viewers to watch, is becoming more and more stale with each passing week, just look at some of the fixtures they are showing, boring to the point viewers will be switching of in big numbers. When the viewing figures collapse due to many ‘Super Sundays’ becoming Boring Sundays, thats when SKY will have to look at livening up their product. It will happen eventually and inviting us in will be considered.

  19. Hi Paul67,



    Interesting observations, my thots were similar on Saturday Evening.



    I now get a real disappointment when Hibs and to a lesser extent Aberdeen lose.



    It is often said, certainly in leafy Englandshire, that the SPL is a two horse race…



    Not sure how Sevco Rangers feel about coming 3rd (last season) or 4th or 5th (this season) in such a contest.



    I can certainly see the threat from Ibrox crumbling away this Season.



    Motherwell are a tuff side to beat no doubt but I remember Aberdeen’s performances weakened last Season when McInnes was linked with the Ibrox Job.



    Hibs, I certainly hope would start reproducing their best form. They are Scotland’s other best hope in Europe and they are developing some good players. Though consistency was never Lenny’s forte. Still he always learns and improves.



    The important thing is that Sevco do not get a European Berth and force those oppressed officials at the SFA & SPFL to bend and break more vital rules and regulations.



    Hail Hail

  20. I think it’s been said on here before about the requirements for elite athletes to get ready for really top tournaments, races, competitions etc compared to footballers who are required to be elite twice a week and train in between times.



    Scott Sinclair has been solid this season. Other teams fear him and they preoccupy part of their team in limiting his effect. That in itself is a tactical plus for us. He also has a great deal to do with KT being able to get up the park and play telling crosses in to the box. He makes space for that. I think he’s scored 11 goals so far this season? I’d like to see his assists. Not bad for an off form player (and I agree that he is).



    Give him the odd week off and see what happens. Generally though I think he contributes much more to the team than the spectacular stuff we like. And I think as a role model for fitness, work rate, team mentality etc Scotty is a real asset.

  21. 16 roads - Celtic über alles... on




    16roads 8.45pm




    I think Paul scored in every debut, Celtic Park, the Crumbledome, Pittodrie ….




    The Maestro was special … Broony is getting there but Kieran Tierney could be better than the two of them :-)






    If KT was a race horse, he’d be Frankel.



    A freak.



    One of the best full backs in the world at 20.



    €50million couldn’t buy him.




  22. Interesting article on back page of this morning’s Herald Sport. Tam McManus writes about David Templeton and his struggles with injury during his years at Sevco. It seems that Templeton was troubled by a knee injury that baffled the best minds at Sevco to the extent that they believed it was a problem inside Templeton’s head rather than his knee and some seemed to suggest that he was a bit lightweight for Scottish football even though the player told them that his knee gave him serious pain when he tried to kick a ball. The upshot was that Templeton was on the point of retiring at the end of the 2015/16 season but decided to visit a London knee specialist “at his own expense” as a last throw of the dice. He was quickly diagnosed as having a deep ligament tear and has made a full recovery. It would appear that at no time did Sevco send young David (a £750000) purchase from Hearts to the specialist at the club’s expense. Surely this should give cause for concern to the parents of any upcoming youngsters who might be pursued by Sevco.



    I remember young Templeton had a great game for Hearts against us at Tynecastle. He gave our defence a torrid time of it but was caught on camera at full time asking Emilio for his shirt and walked off with it with a huge smile on his face. His father was Henry Templeton who was a winger with Airdrie and who was ‘disliked’ (to say the least) by the Celtic support at the time for his Hunnish tendencies. However, young David grew up with his mum’s family in Parkhead who were all Celtic supporters. I bet he felt really good scoring Hamilton’s opener on Saturday at the Crumbledome.

  23. By the way I saw on Inside the SPFL that away teams have won more games than Home teams in the spfl so far this season. You’d normally look at our own record and assume the drawn games were away fixtures.



    Interesting stuff – but why? Pressure on home teams? Complacency at home maybe? Any analysis out there on that?

  24. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    Interesting, but not surprising, if media speculation on Mc.Innes, has an effect on Aberdeen’s form.



    It may be an assumption on my part, but if Derek is by any chance, a member of the Craft, ignoring the distress call have ramifications in his professional and social life.



    On the other hand, perhaps Sevco don’t rate as highly in Masonic levels as the previous occupants of Ibrox and therefore the “pull” may not be as strong.



    It’s all a matter of degrees.

  25. VFR800 is now a Monster 821 on

    CALL_OF_JUAREZ on 20TH NOVEMBER 2017 12:41 PM


    VFR 10.41



    Why have a personal dig at Nicola Sturgeon?






    Because I see her as another odious politician who isn’t willing to look at Independence in a truthful and meaningful manner.



    Without getting to deeply into a political debate, if she was willing to refuse to keep the British Crown, the British Pound and admit that significant tax rises would be required to set up a truly independent Scottish Republic then I would see her and her Party as a viable option for Independence. Until she is willing to tell the truth about what is really required for Independence (our own currency and fiscal control; a

  26. ENNISBHOY on 18TH NOVEMBER 2017 12:41 PM


    Just saw you were in the Fiddler Irish pub, home of the Dresden CSC, watching the game (Ross County v Celtic, Live updates). If you are still here, or visiting again, please introduce yourself and you’ll be made very welcome. Obviously, this request is for everyone! We don’t get many visitors to the frozen wastelands of East Germany, but all are welcome!



  27. VFR800 is now a Monster 821 on

    CALL_OF_JUAREZ on 20TH NOVEMBER 2017 12:41 PM


    VFR 10.41



    Why have a personal dig at Nicola Sturgeon?






    Because I see her as another odious politician who isn’t willing to look at Independence in a truthful and meaningful manner.



    Without getting to deeply into a political debate, if she was willing to refuse to keep the British Crown, the British Pound and admit that significant tax rises would be required to set up a truly independent Scottish Republic then I would see her and her Party as a viable option for Independence. Until she is willing to tell the truth about what is really required for Independence (our own currency and fiscal control; a Republic with a second tier legislature; and the stomach to raise taxation to pay for it) I will view her and her Party with deep mistrust and ridicule.



    Apart from that, Iike her!  





  28. Sadies bhoy – interesting. I remember a few youngsters not going to Celtic years ago (pre Tommy Burns era) because they felt better treated at other clubs. We were relying on the pull of being Celtic. Lessons seem to have been learned while others now rely on their ‘name’.



    It also chimes with the way I think RFC players used to never get injured or recover very quickly. There was something mighty odd about their UEFA cup run season and the remarkable powers of recovery they demonstrated when the cardigan was in charge. It’s probabl just me but I always thought that a lot of those players would end up crippled in old age. Their physio stuff seemed to be out of the 70’s and 80’s handbook that led to players from then hobbling about in their old age with knees, hips and backs literally ruined. Pain killers and play on boys kind of attitude. Hiding injury for fear of the bully boy boss (see Walters YouTube clip talking to chuck dung – archetypal bullying behaviour)

  29. TOSB- Fraser Wishart will be all over the huns in not getting the best treatment for one of his members….

  30. 50 shades of green on

    £58 back for a £1500 investment in your holding company .



    Sometimes you just have to sit back and feel sorry for the guys who invested.










    This isn’t one of these times,



    Ha Ha Ha ya chumps, hell slap it into you.




    H.H Paris is calling.

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