White, male, entitled violence


24 hours after a fan assaulted Aston Villa’s Jack Grealish, the English criminal justice system was able to arrest, charge, try and jail the 27-year-old assailant.  No politicians, football administrators, or clubs were involved.  Nor was alcohol, the perennial bogeyman.  Days were not spent discussing Strict Liability.  Only the police and courts were required.

We know lots about the perpetrators.  There are many women at football now, but these people are always male.  There are many people of colour at games, but not among the offenders, this is a white crime. And, they feel entitled to be violent by throwing coins, bottles or punches.

West Midlands Police and the Birmingham Magistrate’s Court have shown us how to react.  Their action will not end what currently ails football, but it is appropriate.  The politicians can ponder at their leisure why an underclass of white males erroneously feel entitled to carry out violent acts, on our streets as well as our stadiums.

Calling this a football problem, when it is obviously societal, will not wash.  It is not new either, violence like this has come and gone in waves for generations.


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  1. Interesting piece…



    It’s amazing how football supporters get such a bad name. A friend of mine, whose a rugby man and generally doesn’t have a problem in bars even though smart casual sports wear in a norm for him.



    Anyway he was wearing a casual Celtic top when he went into a bar (not the hoops) now it was an evening and there was no football on. Still, the barmaid said to him no football colours, can’t serve you.



    After remonstrating with some fun banter to no avail, so he said what if I take it off…



    She said, that would be fine… no one else had a football associated top on…



    So the big man said, I’ll take this off and you’ll serve me… promise



    She said yes… promise…



    So he took it off and had a Celtic T shirt underneath…



    Still, she laughed and was as good as her word and served them:))



    Point is any rugby tops, gym wear, casual sports wear was fine football… no!!



    Still I believe we all have a responsibility in this respect.



    The criminal who assaulted Grealish, was cheered of by the Birmingham city fans. Although I understand more applauded Grealish off at the end of the game… it was pretty vile stuff… even the stewards getting stuck in.



    Point being, the tribal thing associated with football can exacerbate and intensify this social ill.



    Earlier this year I was really disappointed with the reception some Celtic fans had to the statement from the Airdrionians Supporters Trust after some of their members were assaulted by bottles outside Celtic Park.



    Far from around condemnation of the perpetrators, we had, even on CQN some posters trying to justify it and some suggesting poeple from Airdrie in general and Airdrie Supporters specifically were DOBs, as if they had it coming.



    It’s concerning and damaging to see these traits raise their heads at football matches…



    Hail Hail

  2. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Chairbhoy- the Airdrie mob,were quite happy to conceal,EDL,Chelsea and Burnley casuals in their midst,terrorising folk on Springfield Rd at London Rd with swords….

  3. !!BADA BING!! @ 4:41 PM,



    Well, I don’t doubt that for a minute… these rather nasty right wing idiots seem to be more and more latching on to football again.



    Not sure what’s going on in Scotland but in England there is certainly a lurch to the right among what would have been the “working class”.



    And although I take Paul67’s point about white males and violence… there is certainly a upsurge in females with similar views.



    Now if anyone goes to a football match looking for violence it’s the authorities that should be dealing with the thugs, but if the dish it out they should be ready to get it back… that’s my view.



    The point is innocent (and we all know that’s relative) football fans should be able to go to football without being assaulted with bottles or anything else…



    If they are unfortunately hurt, Clubs and Supporters need to hold their hands up – these folk shouldn’t be regarded as collatoral damage… that’s my view…



    Hail Hail

  4. Gaelic games at top inter -county level attract large crowds in the summertime and can be very tribal but the fans mingle well and sure there can be a bit of humorous banter between opposing fans the same with rugby.



    When the ROi last played Scotland in the World Cup thousands of fans from both sides made the journey to the Aviva and Hampden Park and it was quite evident that opposing fans mingled wjthout a hint of trouble. So it’s not all bad. The recent incidents where spectators obviously high on something got onto the field of play was serious and good to see the incident in Birmingham was dealt almost immediately by the authorities.

  5. If Glasgow is as wild ( weather-wise) as I imagine it is, Ibrox is not somewhere I would like to be tonight ( or any night, really, but you know what I mean). Any danger of the game being called off?



  6. One piece of good news, just heard that Douglas “Red Card Red Card” Ross not involved at all this evening, racing north to be present at the birth of his child!!




  7. We should be running a book on Sheep players being sent off or booked and how many penalties the bigots get , could be a good few bob to be made.


    I bet a 2 pence piece mc Kenna is for the off and the bigots get a penalty in the first 15 mins.


    Last of the big spenders, whit!!!!!


    ‘Mon the sheepy mehs, make them suffer




  8. Fool Time Whistle on

    A better comparison of how authorities respond to fan intrusions in England & Scotland would be to juxtapose the man who entered the field at St Andrews in Birmingham with the man who entered the field at Easter Road in Edinburgh.



    Both under the influence of alcohol/other substance.


    Both white.


    Both with anger management issues.


    Both detained by stewards.


    Both led away by Police.


    Both arrested by Police.


    Both charged.



    White men, usually under 40, are the vast majority of football fans in the UK.


    It’s no surprise that they become the largest group by far of those who cause trouble there.



    No other large attendance events have the level of violence & criminality that football has.



    Society may have/does have a problem with angry people – not just white & not just males.


    Females & non-whites have different avenues to vent their anger.



    Football as an industry is subject to specific licences in order to operate, complete with conditions, amongst which is full responsibility for safety at their grounds. They are advised & supported by all the relevant agencies to achieve this goal but still fail, on occasions, miserably so.



    In effect football is saying there is a level of violence that it, as an industry, is prepared to accept & tolerate. Regardless of al the squwaking about action now etc.



    Clubs are responsible under every legislation that applies, but they get a pass because it’s the most popular sport & politicians are as gutless as the football authorities & clubs



    The law makes clubs/businesses liable under Health & safety, Fire Safety, Safety at Football Grounds Acts & a myriad other laws – yet somehow the clubs shrug & say what can we do?



    We have fans on here claiming that this is all a smokescreen to get the Celtic fans or to stop us winning 8, 9 and 10 in a row. If the clubs accepted their responsibilities and had a zero tolerance policy to those who will not do what stewards tell them – then clubs are to blame, not society, not idiots, not the police.



    No tin hat CSC

  9. Hello from a windy Manchester, large number of Schalke fans in good vouce in city centre today and as i write. Pleased to report that the Manchester police are adopting a low key approach unlike the pumped up Pedro’s we met in Valencia


    Anyway, I have already writen off the Sheeps chances at Ipox tonight as early as last week , so I will focus on watching Atleti brutalise Juve on the telly tonight.


    It is rather sad that the obvious flaw in the Scottish football world , the referees, will never be remedied. Anyone hazard a guess why that is?

  10. Just read back and cant believe some attempts at “point scoring” on here with regard to the shirt the tosser from Birmingham was wearing.


    There is no need to go there. Until we clean up the bawbags in our own support we cannot lecture anyone.

  11. CHAIRBHOY on 12TH MARCH 2019 4:32 PM


    Interesting piece…



    It’s amazing how football supporters get such a bad name. A friend of mine, whose a rugby man and generally doesn’t have a problem in bars even though smart casual sports wear in a norm for him.






    I laughed out loud – literally – in the Tube in London whole reading that. And yes, people did stare….



    HH jg

  12. I forecast a red card for Aberdeen tonight, probably in the first half, just to settle nerves.

  13. Shambolic interview with Scotland manager McLeish.



    He might as well have spoken in Greek.

  14. I have been going to Celtic Park every Home game since I returned to Scotland twelve years ago. I am not sure how many millions of people have attended the ground in that time. I can recall two incidents of two individuals running on to the pitch ( one against PSG and one who ran at the opposition goalkeeper). There was also the coin thrown at Dallas but I wasn`t at that game.


    Bad though the incidents are, perspective is required.




  15. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Uncle Tom Clancy….at a grand a game,these cheats can’t afford to get binned by Fleming…

  16. whitedoghunch on



    been meaning to post this thought you might enjoy


    the index is a great reference point for all things Spanish/Catalan food and drink


    and general unpretentious food natter




    Was a dam fine eatery also


    Can Fabes.

  17. Can’t imagine the game in Govan taking place, if the weather is anything like it is down here. Wild is an understatement. I thought it was bad on Saturday; this is a whole different ball game……

  18. So no Sevco players picked for Scotland Mmmmm.



    I thought Ryan Jack was the new Midfield enforcer.



    We have 5-6 players called up , 2 coming back from serious injury.



    Feckin Hunbelievable



    D. :)




    Gracies amic, sembla car?


    Thats 75% of my Catalan language skills! Looking to try Catala in Manchester next month. Will send a report. HH

  20. NB @ 2.02



    Surprised that you have highlighted the article by that Reptile / Wings over Bath.


    He is a complete charlatan who gives identity politics a worse name than it already has.



    He has history with comments on the Hillsborough Disaster that are straight out of the Scum.


    However he is worth a watching as he seems to be a bit of a kite flyer for the Nat YT.



    The are still smarting bad after their OBA setback.


    That should not and cannot happen as the Nats consider themselves to be omnipotent.


    They simply cannot get anything wrong.


    They will be back.


    Gerstranny: Rangers medie said hesgoal would stream the world’s most successful club.where they lieing




    from hesgoal chat.

  22. Jim Shyte just announced on Sly Sports there that Man City are chasing an unprecedented quadruple.


    So, that must mean the treble and the Charity Shield trophy I suppose???



    If YouKnowTheHistory




    Ho sento no parlo el Catala ;)



    Just a wee thought on the Brummie Bumper who attacked J Grealish.


    Now if he carried out his attack during in Scotland during full tv coverage he most definitely would have been given a NOT PROVAN VERDICT for sure YES !!!


    Is that not what happened to NEIL FRANCIS LENNONS attacker when he entered the technical area at Tynecastle and landed punches ?


    Tin pail for Birmingham hood within 48 hrs


    Slap in the wrist for Wee Hun hearts fan !


    So why is Scottish justice different !


    #onecountrymanyculturesmyarse 😡

  24. !!BADA BING!! @ 5:18 PM,



    Yeah, we just hope it calms down… can’t see it happening anytime soon.



    JAMESGANG @ 6:22 PM,



    Ooops… Apologies… the big man’s a craic…



    Hail Hail