White, male, entitled violence


24 hours after a fan assaulted Aston Villa’s Jack Grealish, the English criminal justice system was able to arrest, charge, try and jail the 27-year-old assailant.  No politicians, football administrators, or clubs were involved.  Nor was alcohol, the perennial bogeyman.  Days were not spent discussing Strict Liability.  Only the police and courts were required.

We know lots about the perpetrators.  There are many women at football now, but these people are always male.  There are many people of colour at games, but not among the offenders, this is a white crime. And, they feel entitled to be violent by throwing coins, bottles or punches.

West Midlands Police and the Birmingham Magistrate’s Court have shown us how to react.  Their action will not end what currently ails football, but it is appropriate.  The politicians can ponder at their leisure why an underclass of white males erroneously feel entitled to carry out violent acts, on our streets as well as our stadiums.

Calling this a football problem, when it is obviously societal, will not wash.  It is not new either, violence like this has come and gone in waves for generations.


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  1. Willie Miller – their not looking like Rangers now- No feckin shit Willie, they died ya fund.



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  2. DAVID66 on 12TH MARCH 2019 9:14 PM


    Steeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevie G has 3 Centre forwards on now and 2 midfielders.




    Who all remembers playing Outside left, inside left, centre forward, Inside right, outside right.




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  3. Anybody fancy gatecrashing the Sevco end-of-season party?



    It kicks off in the Louden at 10pm!

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    the Huns in the Bear Pit are taking this all rather well….



    smiley smiley does a bear take its face for a shoite in the woods thing




  5. the long wait is over on



    Don’t know who I want to win since don’t like either side.







    Yeah. Riiiiiighhhht…




  6. With all these sheep booked you would think the referee was trying to get someone sent off.






    Moreloss has been on the deck about 70 times 😂



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  7. itscalledthemalvinas on

    Would it be greedy to ask for a participant thistle equaliser to cap off a nice Wednesday ?

  8. Bada, That doesn’t matter he will be playing for Barcelona by the time that comes round.