White, male, entitled violence


24 hours after a fan assaulted Aston Villa’s Jack Grealish, the English criminal justice system was able to arrest, charge, try and jail the 27-year-old assailant.  No politicians, football administrators, or clubs were involved.  Nor was alcohol, the perennial bogeyman.  Days were not spent discussing Strict Liability.  Only the police and courts were required.

We know lots about the perpetrators.  There are many women at football now, but these people are always male.  There are many people of colour at games, but not among the offenders, this is a white crime. And, they feel entitled to be violent by throwing coins, bottles or punches.

West Midlands Police and the Birmingham Magistrate’s Court have shown us how to react.  Their action will not end what currently ails football, but it is appropriate.  The politicians can ponder at their leisure why an underclass of white males erroneously feel entitled to carry out violent acts, on our streets as well as our stadiums.

Calling this a football problem, when it is obviously societal, will not wash.  It is not new either, violence like this has come and gone in waves for generations.


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  1. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Derek McInnes isn’t ready to be Rangers (sic) manager.


    Sevco classic statements……

  2. I’m watching their season collapse on a you tube stream and the huns that have it up play that tune We Hate Catholics over the top of the commentary every couple of minutes, sums them and their shitey wee club up really:))))

  3. Bet there is ugly scenes at Ipox






    D. :)

  4. Aw deary me ,such a shame ,still they can concentrate on securing second place now




  5. Neustadt-Braw on

    goodnight …..aff tae ma scratcher….



    smiley Carmylie loon thing




  6. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    Looks like they’ll just have to focus on securing 55 😂

  7. Always happy when Sevco lose but it does mean the semi-final has just become harder.




  8. Allan McGregor announces retirement from club football to concentrate on his international career😂😂😂



    Hail hail




  9. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    Hot smoked,


    Disagree, we only have a team to beat, rather than a team and officials.


    MATT STEWART on 12TH MARCH 2019 9:47 PM



    what was final story about light switch.

  11. VALE BHOY on 12TH MARCH 2019 9:43 PM






    Like there could be any other kind of scenes there.




    Vale Bhoy – well said.



    D. :)

  12. it wil give them more time to devout on child abuse, it seems to be there chosen subject these days

  13. Just on the off chance. Probably nobody knows but here goes.



    What was the Huns score ?

  14. Needn’t have bothered with my apology to Kevin Clancy he bottled Morelos’s second yellow for a bottom clenching embarrassing dive, late on.



    Thanks to Partick Loyal Periscope for letting us enjoy their misery



    Schadenfreude CSC

  15. Bhoyjoebelfast on

    Where Are The Penalties=WATP.


    According to one of their sites……..fighting in the club deck,met by more fight than the team!


    Is Saturday a distant memory?????

  16. Since that 2nd rangers club got promoted no amount of Lanark Shire refs have been able to help them.



    They are not the people.



    Utter shite is what they are.

  17. Our semi against Aberdeen will be testing, very testing. We will have to be at our best.



    Mind you, Shinnie’s absence will damage them. Apart from anything else, they’ll miss his energy and drive.

  18. That has to be a compliance officer job for Morelos, don’t let our media blank the incident.



    That blatant cheating has to be punished.



    Whaaaaa delighted we don’t have to deal with their cheating next though.

  19. Canamalar



    ” Disagree, we only have a team to beat, rather than a team and officials.”


    I was going to say good point but the officials will now favour Aberdeen .They can then claim that their cheating is balanced :-)