White, male, entitled violence


24 hours after a fan assaulted Aston Villa’s Jack Grealish, the English criminal justice system was able to arrest, charge, try and jail the 27-year-old assailant.  No politicians, football administrators, or clubs were involved.  Nor was alcohol, the perennial bogeyman.  Days were not spent discussing Strict Liability.  Only the police and courts were required.

We know lots about the perpetrators.  There are many women at football now, but these people are always male.  There are many people of colour at games, but not among the offenders, this is a white crime. And, they feel entitled to be violent by throwing coins, bottles or punches.

West Midlands Police and the Birmingham Magistrate’s Court have shown us how to react.  Their action will not end what currently ails football, but it is appropriate.  The politicians can ponder at their leisure why an underclass of white males erroneously feel entitled to carry out violent acts, on our streets as well as our stadiums.

Calling this a football problem, when it is obviously societal, will not wash.  It is not new either, violence like this has come and gone in waves for generations.


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  1. That club deck fight.



    Prentice special treat for you tonight. I got seats up next to where granda Cameron bought his own lifetime seat and would tell me tales of meeting the greats and the goods of ibrox. Imagine that a lifelong seat with his own blue plaque. McKenzie Cameron it says.



    Dad that’s brilliant. I can’t wait.



    Shuffle shuffle along the club deck row. Father Mason and his wee weirdo kid Prentice.


    They get to section BB. Row 16. Seat 90.



    A big corporate Diddy with a worse sense of entitlement has parked his fat arse on old McKenzie Cameron s seat.



    Here mate that’s my dad’s seat.



    Irate angry Fat arse stands up. Tilts the really faded blue seat up and down. Runs his hand along the back rest.



    Then says



    Naw mate this isn’t your dad’s seat. It doesn’t have his name on it.



    Then the fight started.

  2. Thanks to all those re Shinnie.If he does miss the game, it really will be a blow for the Dons.


    Goodnight all.




  3. Quick question


    Rumours on Martinez and Maloney


    How many comebacks does Maloney get ?


    Not for me

  4. Who would win in a fight on Android between Sony ads v Tesco Lynx Gold Shower Foam. ⚁⚁🐑🐑

  5. prestonpans bhoys on

    Dearly me, this can’t continue. Spent last week taking the pish out of hertz and hibs fans and now have to do the same to the only hun in the office. It’s no fair😂

  6. After tonight’s booking, Morelos will miss the semi-final against Celtic.



    As will the rest of them.

  7. The long wait is over.



    So that peepil person could be sitting anywhere in the Edwardian toilet block.

  8. glendalystonsils on




    Aye , but how do they compare aerodynamically with plastic seats?




    Switch aff Java, it’s dead simple







    Yeah – which then means any other site that uses Javascript such as online banking and many others doesn’t work or I have to switch it on every time I want to use them. CQN is the only site I have this problem with.



    How about this – CQN site gets fixed to work properly.




  10. NORRIEM on 12TH MARCH 2019 10:20 PM



    Quick question Rumours on Martinez and Maloney How many comebacks does Maloney get ?



    *Crossed my mind the day although he may have been advised tae take the Belgian job in preparation for a return, don’t forget it was only a part time job in August 2017 and 13 month later he went full time, we would have known chocolates plans to give up the patriot game by then.

  11. itscalledthemalvinas on

    Theresa May will sitting back on the couch at the moment realising it hasn’t been such a bad day after all as she looks forward to Sportcene knowing there’s some other big public figure making a right arse of it !



    Cheer up Stevie lad, you will be away from the horribles soon.

  12. THE LONG WAIT IS OVER on 12TH MARCH 2019 10:29 PM



    I’m Having a wee Scadenfreude session on Rm.



    Favourite comment so far:–



    “What a waste of time, 27 quid to freeze my balls off and be stuck sitting beside a c***



    that stank of shit.”




    Read that myself – hilarious. But only one of many, many hilarious comments…

  13. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on




    There is not one player in the Aberdeen side that would get in our strongest 11.



    We need to prove that tonight and I think we will.



    Can’t wait to take my seat tonight.



    Let’s go Rangers.

  14. Alasdair MacLean on

    Great night all round – well, a Maryhill win would’ve been nice.



    Ross County 11 clear …. before the big one against Dundee United.



    Couldn’t resist a wee peek at Hunmedia… hmm. Big on the fact that the Aberdeen fans were serenading their manager, calling him a sad OB.



    Wonder how that will work out – given that the Aberdeen fans are likely to be 90% (ish?) of a the protestant denomination background?

  15. Alex mcleish.






    Just watched his interview. About McGregor.



    If he was appointed as your boss you would leave the organization.

  16. Not a hope Martinez will be our manager next season, he is never gonna leave Belgium afore the euros and we won’t pay the compo, Lenny will get the job, free, cheap and pliable, end of.

  17. Asupporterwhogotlucky on

    We probably got more for BR than any sum they’d (be extremely lucky to) get for more-loss going by his diving antics, utterly embarassing !!!




  18. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    I see “signing of the season” Steven Davis got 10 minutes on the pitch and managed to get booked. Good thing they can easily afford him…..

  19. The Huns are seeing the light.


    Quote Originally Posted by Danger Zone, post: 3255532, member: 14356


    You live in a fairy world. We’ve got a team with no balls and no back home, and a manager who although fiercely protected, doesn’t learn from his mistakes and is proving to be completely one dimensional and entirely predictable.

  20. Was at the Etihad tonight watching an exhibition. The Huns getting horsed out has just made my night.

  21. And another


    Quote Originally Posted by Alex MacDonald, post: 3255545, member: 8283


    A season that promised so much has petered out to nothing.


    Question marks over the manager now.

  22. Even though there was only 850 Sheep fans there,the huns need to give them half the gate money 👍😃

  23. HT at a drenched Ibrox stadium.


    Joe Lewis in th eAberdeen goal has not had a save to make.


    Wind and rain in the Huns favour and they haven’t managed a shot to trouble the Sheep keeper.