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If you sponsor a sporting organisation you would normally assume positive association would follow from the members and supporters of that club, who benefit from the income you contribute.  When it comes to top level football the dynamics change.

Your name or logo emblazoned on the chests of footballers is often the source of resentment.  For some, the income you contribute is irrelevant, you are defiling a sacred relic (the pseudo-religious sentiment is tangible).  The same is true in every land where football is taken seriously.

In this light Tennent’s name on the Celtic jersey this season has been fascinating.  Instead of being blazoned across the chest, as it was last season, it has an understated position below the club badge.  They and kit manufacturer, Nike, have gone one step further this week with the release of the 125 Anniversary Strip, where the logos of both companies are white, embossed on a white shirt.  They will be impossible to see on television and obscure in almost all photographs.

Television coverage and media photographs are two of the three principle reasons companies pay money to put their name on a shirt.  Both have staying power which lasts years; CR Smith are still benefiting every time a period Celtic goal or photograph is featured.

The remaining key benefit to having your name or logo on a shirt is the affinity you build from fans walking the street with your brand.

Tennent’s are a Scottish brand with very little reach even in England, so it doesn’t really matter to them if the Portuguese TV watching public clocked their name on Wednesday, their entire European exposure will be close to meaningless, but the affinity benefit from understating your place on the shirt is worthy of respect from fans who will wear the shirts.  And buy the brand.

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  1. saltires en sevilla on



    17:23 on


    23 September, 2012





    Some 2 weeks ago I decided to buy an Overseas Season Ticket and contacted the club to express an interest. I left all my details – which they already had – and was informed that they would be in touch.



    I’m still waiting!



    There is something that is not working within the marketing dept at CFC as certain posters on here have pointed out over the last few weeks and months.






    aye -beware total rant below lol



    something, somewhere is not right…judging by the video advertising the new Kit at yesterday’s game someone in marketing is investing a few bob…so there is a crew working on ideas etc.



    it seems no-one is bothering to test how ‘customer (I know…) care’ is being delivered.



    too many complaints for my liking:



    I highlighted ticket office fiasco about a week ago



    on a related subject -the queues for gents toilets under 101 at Benfica game was like the oul’ days in Jungle (post peeing in cans era…) – the bottleneck mainly caused by plonkers just standing about smoking blocking entrance and exit doors



    noticed there were security guys in there yesterday with 2 feds outside and it was a bit better but still too small for purpose



    at least someone is taking action on that wee (sorry) problem



    when stadium was built I complained about the lack of facilities in a new stadium of that size. hardly any no2 traps ….not enough urinals…no hot water or soap and towels run out before kick off



    food is shocking – bought my daughter a hotdog and coke before Benfica cost over £5…and every hotdog was smothered in ketchup ….every one prepared in advance like that- some turkey obviously decided everyone likes ketchup on their dog ..so save a wee bit of time…employee of the month candidate



    that side of things has always been the naff underbelly at CP



    Thank god the fitba side of things more than compensates …but how much revenue and goodwill is being lost?



    memo to board member with that brief- get out and have a look at what’s happening -tastes and expectations on service have changed -even since the stadium was built in ’94



    why can’t we buy something as simple as a decent coffee …..god forbid…. a swift pint?



    The punters can buy a beer at Old Trafford …not just the posh seats



    the Hampden riot was 32 years ago ….get it sorted :-(



    rant over -for the time being

  2. A pertinent thoughtful article, Paul.



    Good point.



    However, get your tin hat on – the resident Trotskyists will be after you for sellling out to the MAN! ;)

  3. Gordon_J



    Well said. Lunacy from Lunny.






    Saw an example of the strip in the Superstore yesterday. I think the sponsors are being reasonable in allowing their brand identity to be down played on the jersey. Fair’s fair on this occasion.



    Won’t be gambling on being around 25 years from now so I’ll defo buy this one.

  4. Gordon_J backing Neil Lennon



    18:04 on 23 September, 2012



    ‘About that banner …’






    What’s interesting about this story is that the media, including the Press Association, have said that the gunman was emblazoned with a green shamrock.



    Where did they get that piece of information from, if it wasn’t from an SFA press release or briefing?



    Have Lunny and the SFA been duped by someone sending them a photo shopped picture of the banner?



    Those are the questions journalists should be asking.

  5. Ha ha ha



    Thread on FF biggest crowd in Britain this weekend



    poster ~1690 “Newcastle will have been more ”



    Ok 2nd biggest crowd in Britain awesome



    bily mc billy “Man City crowd not in yet”



    OK OK 3rd biggest crowd in Britain





    Everything about them these days shouts monty python

  6. Petec ,



    agree re purchasing the top , but for once , since Carling and then Tennants started sponsoring the tops , i might NOT wait for the unbranded one – i wonder if that’s part of the strategy – maybe they examined the branded/unbranded breakdown and decided “if you can’t beat them …”



    Tallybhoy , Saltires en Sevilla , sorry you’ve been having issues with the overseas book. A couple of months ago , we hoped to be involved in the organisation/distribution of these but it didn’t work out. If you want to progress/chase it , drop me a line to sannabhoy@thekanofoundation.com and i’ll try to put you in touch with someone who can help.




  7. Gene's a Bhoys name on

    Rayo v Real Madrid delayed due to sabotage of the electricity supply to the lighting – could be because season ticket holders asked to pay 25euros more for this game




    John Terry retires from international career – unhappy that FA are persuing a case which court has thrown out

  8. Ghuys ,


    having aa chat with EDB and friends at the game yesterday and a thought was raised by a fine chap named Stephen Davis (!)



    His suggestion was a retrospective numbering of the strips to commemorate all Celtic players in this our centenary year , similar to that done by England cricket team.



    There could be a series of presentations to players , or their family , or descendents , to award each player with their number. Stephen reckoned we’d probably be looking at about 600 in total.



    Thoughts ? Good idea ? I think so but was lookig for some more ideas/rounding to try pitching it to Celtic PR/marketing.




  9. prestonpans bhoys on

    Gordon_J backing Neil Lennon



    All I tried to post was that you have a penchant for analysis from your blog and then ……….cqn died :(

  10. Welcome back bhoys!






    Nothing wrong with a good rant if it is warranted! In this case I believe it is.






    Thanks for the offer of help – will be in touch.




  11. Yep, the food at Celtic Park is horrible, overpriced crap. Girl in front of me had one of the pizzas yesterday – really nasty-looking and what you’d see in some three for a quid deal at Iceland

  12. Gene



    It’s perfectly normal practice for season ticket holder to be asked to stump up something extra when Real Madrid or Barcelona are in town.

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