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If you sponsor a sporting organisation you would normally assume positive association would follow from the members and supporters of that club, who benefit from the income you contribute.  When it comes to top level football the dynamics change.

Your name or logo emblazoned on the chests of footballers is often the source of resentment.  For some, the income you contribute is irrelevant, you are defiling a sacred relic (the pseudo-religious sentiment is tangible).  The same is true in every land where football is taken seriously.

In this light Tennent’s name on the Celtic jersey this season has been fascinating.  Instead of being blazoned across the chest, as it was last season, it has an understated position below the club badge.  They and kit manufacturer, Nike, have gone one step further this week with the release of the 125 Anniversary Strip, where the logos of both companies are white, embossed on a white shirt.  They will be impossible to see on television and obscure in almost all photographs.

Television coverage and media photographs are two of the three principle reasons companies pay money to put their name on a shirt.  Both have staying power which lasts years; CR Smith are still benefiting every time a period Celtic goal or photograph is featured.

The remaining key benefit to having your name or logo on a shirt is the affinity you build from fans walking the street with your brand.

Tennent’s are a Scottish brand with very little reach even in England, so it doesn’t really matter to them if the Portuguese TV watching public clocked their name on Wednesday, their entire European exposure will be close to meaningless, but the affinity benefit from understating your place on the shirt is worthy of respect from fans who will wear the shirts.  And buy the brand.

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  1. jc2



    Yes it is funny.



    What is not funny is the vacant seats at Celtic park.



    The Lambeg being beaten by the “biggest crowd” Lap-top Loyal is drowning the feeble message we hear from those charged filling Paradise.



    It appeals to the Bears simple desires to be reminded how great they are, meanwhile they are fed images of half-empty Celtic park or told lies that 53,000 were at Champions league fixtures.



    The apathy in our support is almost being created.



    For a time now I’ve felt a new broom is needed at Celtic park. New eye, with new ideas.

  2. celtic in champions league



    the horribles demoted to div 3



    donegal win all ireland



    if carlsberg did the year 2012.

  3. There may be a gig at the Rayo stadium for TET repairing the floodlight cables, anyone got the hotline number for the batcave?




  4. Someone at the BBC with a sense of humour? The following from their report on the Div 3 game at Ibrox today:



    ” The victory moves Rangers into second place in the Third Division, a point behind city rivals Queen’s Park.”



    City rivals!!!!

  5. On the subjects of kit supply and shirt sponsorship deals the following 2 examples should make us all sit up and take notice – of how far we lag behind certain clubs because of the domestic environment we currently play in.



    Man Ure, like ourselves, are a Nike partner club – their deal (13 years) will net them £303 million, or just over £23 million a year! How much do Nike pay us?



    Bayern Munich very recently renegotiated a shirt sponsorship deal with Deutsche Telekom which still had a year to run and was worth €25 million a year! The new deal which will run for 4 years until 2016 will net them €30 million a year! How much is the Tennents deal worth?



    I would guess that both these deals bring in no more than £5 million a year to CFC’s coffers – although I could be well off the mark.



    Food for thought.




  6. Tallyboy





    The background to the OSB from my perspective is in an article I hope CU will publish.



    I have concerns about the whole process of developing ideas that come from supporters that are more to do with organisation and planning and capacity than lack of will that Celtic really need to address.



    Im on mobile and cannot copy paste easily. Can you copy your posts and e mail me them via Paul and I will use them to make my points as well as maybe hurry along things.

  7. Palacio67



    Wouldn’t be the first time.



    Game at Shelborne, floods went down, mate knew I was in the crowd, 10 mins job done.



    St. Pat’s same thing, a bit longer, got a free season ticket for the young fella.



    Madrid is a wee bit far…..

  8. Somebody mentioned todays Spartak Moscow win 3:1 against Rostov. Rostov are rather weak team. Two Spartak players Jurado and Romulo out for three weeks after today game (injured).

  9. Just tried to view the Highlights on BBC site. All other SPL games available but our shows Error 404 and is unavailable. Obviously just a coincidence.





    Wee Gordon.



    Great player,I wish Billy had waited a year before signing him-and Steve Archibald

  11. prestonpans bhoys on

    Gordon_J backing Neil Lennon


    21:08 on


    23 September, 2012



    Nope my comment was after yours, offering praise and then it blew up……………….

  12. Phyllis Dietrichson on

    call me an old-fart idealist but I long to see again the day where the Hoops are not defiled by Sponsors’ logos or kit manufacturer’s badges.



    Who were the kit manufacturers in 1967?




  13. Harpsbhoy


    ‘The horribles demoted to Div3’ ???????


    The horribles were/are going to be liquidated.


    Sevco/NewHorribles were given preferential treatment by the SFA to be allowed into Div3.








    Incredible to think that Kenny Dalglish never won it in Scotland.




  15. all this stuff about poor attendances at celtic park does my box in and fails to recognise some very important truths when compaired to the dead, our season tickets are 50% more than theirs and our match day tickets for non-season ticket holders is 26 pounds (adult) or 11 pounds more per game than theirs. threw in the economic downturn and it becomes clear why attendances are down.



    we, in the main have a spread of supporters all over britain whereas their support in the main comes from west centre scotland so they are less travel issues when two games are at home in one week, still its worth noting that we had 51200 fans at helsinka game, 51600 at Helsingborg game 58000 at Benfica game, 48000 at aberdeen game, 46000 at hibs game and 41000 at dundee game so i think some people need to calm down a little.



    we have had the highest attendance in scotland this season



    we have paid significantly more than dead clubs fans to see our club



    more people have tuned into our games than dead club on t.v and



    if celtic were selling game tickets for 15 pounds we would have 60000 every home games, but celtic are not



    and i can assure you



    if dead club were in the spl asking for 26 pounds for a game against dundee they would not be seeing 48000 people at their place and when you throw in their issues its not surprising what we are seeing.



    p.s celtic will have a tunrover in excess of 65 million this year and will hopefully start on the celtic triangle thing, i think dead club might stave of administration!!!!!!!!



    now there’s a comparision if you want one

  16. leads nicely into the next one


    who was the last english manager to lead a team to title success in the country’s top


    division ?

  17. prestonpans bhoys on

    Doc is Neil Lennon


    21:47 on


    23 September, 2012




    We are a handsome bunch are we not.


    Did you not get someone to take a photo of yourself?



    we tried but the cameria broke :(

  18. TET



    Once fixed the supply cable for the floodlights on the Cowshed at Cappielow yonks ago, my first armour underground joint, I’m sure I used brass crimps on the Aluminium conductors, I did’nt know too much of the dis-similar metals back in my early apprenticeship years, really surprised if the joint has lasted till now.


    Was looking forward to the Real game, tv not up to much, not too long for Sportscene though.