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If you sponsor a sporting organisation you would normally assume positive association would follow from the members and supporters of that club, who benefit from the income you contribute.  When it comes to top level football the dynamics change.

Your name or logo emblazoned on the chests of footballers is often the source of resentment.  For some, the income you contribute is irrelevant, you are defiling a sacred relic (the pseudo-religious sentiment is tangible).  The same is true in every land where football is taken seriously.

In this light Tennent’s name on the Celtic jersey this season has been fascinating.  Instead of being blazoned across the chest, as it was last season, it has an understated position below the club badge.  They and kit manufacturer, Nike, have gone one step further this week with the release of the 125 Anniversary Strip, where the logos of both companies are white, embossed on a white shirt.  They will be impossible to see on television and obscure in almost all photographs.

Television coverage and media photographs are two of the three principle reasons companies pay money to put their name on a shirt.  Both have staying power which lasts years; CR Smith are still benefiting every time a period Celtic goal or photograph is featured.

The remaining key benefit to having your name or logo on a shirt is the affinity you build from fans walking the street with your brand.

Tennent’s are a Scottish brand with very little reach even in England, so it doesn’t really matter to them if the Portuguese TV watching public clocked their name on Wednesday, their entire European exposure will be close to meaningless, but the affinity benefit from understating your place on the shirt is worthy of respect from fans who will wear the shirts.  And buy the brand.

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    I’ll let someone else answer that,clue in my previous answer!

  2. Sooo….Whaur’s Oor Philvis The Day?



    Aye,exactly! What does His Nibs DO over a weekend ?




    He’d have you believe that he’s engaging in ‘International Telephone Conferences’…and suchlike..




    However,I’ve had my Auld Frien’,Chief Inspector John Nettles of the Midsomer Constabulary….




    Make some enquiries on your behalf….





    And The Truth Is Somewhat Different….



    As you’re no doubt aware,we are approaching the climax of the ‘Hunt Season’….





    Sunday Mornings,you will find Philvis resplendent in his brass-buttoned ‘Hunting Pinques’….



    Quaffing ‘Harveys’ Warmer’ from his stirrup cup….




    Afore he mounts his magnificent white stallion,’Enoch’….




    To lead the Cholmondley Hunt….




    Lookin’ to rid the ‘Shire’ of those troublesome unproductive ‘plebians’….



    Who spend their afternoons watching ‘Jeremy Kyle’ and ‘Loose Women’….



    And only have dreams of appearing on these quality shows….



    When their Lottery Numbers don’t come up that week…..








    Saturday Afternoons??….




    You will find Oor Philvis on a ‘recce’…..




    Up in the clouds on ‘Nimble’…….




    Checking out the lie of the Land..



    Spying out where the unwashed miki67s and rtressells have gone to ground that day, on the Eve of the Hunt….









    And so to Sunday….



    “The Unspeakable In Pursuit Of The Uneatable”,as Oscar Wilde once observed




    The Baying Hounds run the miscreant ‘plebs’ to earth….






    They plead for mercy and forgiveness..





    Only for Merciless Philvis to trot up on Enoch….




    And Whip-Off Their ‘Tadgers’…



    With His Trusty Leather Lash…’Maggie’.



    No More Offspring-On-Benefits For THEM..




    Dontcha’ Know…!








    So…..How will the Fine Folk of Cholmondley Witney fill their empty weekends….



    When the Hunt Season comes to a close next month…?





    Well,Oor Philvis also chairs the “Wicker Society”,which arranges Bonfire Parties to welcome unwary Police Sergeants…




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    Tally-ho Hark Away.






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    Come, now my brave sportsmen and make no delay,


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    For the pleb is in view and he’s kindled with scorn,



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    He led us a chase, more than twenty long miles,


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    We will whip-off his tadger with a holloaing noise,





    And we’ll drink a good health to the pleb-hunting boys …






    (Sung to the tune of the “Wearing of the Green”)





  3. celticrollercoaster loves Wee Oscar's Green Bucket Army on

    jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/










  4. celticrollercoaster loves Wee Oscar's Green Bucket Army on




    You been snoozing all day. About time the pics were up :-)


    Incredible effort my friend. Pics are awesome.







  5. Any figures yet for the Wee Oscar collection Yesterday?



    Re The Attendance yesterday, someone over on TSFM said that because this could have been the new co fixture a lot of the seats in that area were not covered by the season books and therefore I think they had to pay extra for them. A lot of these seats are Parent and Child seats, so that would explain how empty that section was.


    An ordinary game like yesterday would have had about another 5k added imo.




  6. Bookies Pen for a Button on a Blazer on




    Totally agree. And in fact I find our attendances given the circumstances are totally stunning!




  7. celticrollercoaster loves Wee Oscar's Green Bucket Army on

    Doc is Neil Lennon



    Have you worked out that Company “A” is first alphabetically yet?







  8. prestonpans bhoys on

    celticrollercoaster loves Wee Oscar’s Green Bucket Army


    21:59 on


    23 September, 2012





    You been snoozing all day. About time the pics were up :-)


    Incredible effort my friend. Pics are awesome.









    yep and the young lady you have me with said ” you have an unusual surname I know someone in Edinburgh with that surname” I said “that will be my brother” then she revealed the name of a colleague at Aberdeen Uni – my nephew – small world or what???

  9. celticrollercoaster loves wee oscar’s green bucket army



    22:02 on


    23 September, 2012



    I spent a lot of time in China, they start the other way around!



    MWD, I’ve had a good look through the photos, top class mate, I didn’t know you were taking those.

  10. stephbhoy



    Another point always forgotten about is that when their club were in deep financial trouble just 16,000 of them turned up at home for SC tie against DU



    I would like to see tv pictures of the crowd at Ibrox today before i believe 45k turned up

  11. That footage of the Man U fans singing filthy slurs at Anfield sums them up perfectly.



    I find their supporters to be thoroughly unpleasant and have a lot in common with the mob who used to be our rivals.



    Scum isn’t a strong enough word for what those who sang those songs and chants.



    THAT is offensive because it is based on reality and those who choose to subvert reality for filthy ends unlike something that has been deemed offensive in Scotland two months later.



    Even when the truth comes out and the people of Liverpool are shown to have been right all along they come out with filth like that.



    Sad but entirely predictable.

  12. celticrollercoaster loves Wee Oscar's Green Bucket Army on

    prestonpans bhoys


    22:07 on


    23 September, 2012



    Small world indeed







  13. Correction



    THAT is offensive because it is based on reality and those who choose to subvert reality for filthy ends are truly offensive unlike something that has been deemed offensive in Scotland two months later.

  14. prestonpans bhoys on

    15 mins to shortbread, any bets on only 41,000 turning up against sevco’s world record breaking attendance of whatever they got today against whoever they played today – lost interest long ago………..

  15. fergus slayed the blues on



    I am sick of hearing what the club will do abroad with this and that ,that well is probably dry .


    Lets stop messing about and get a sports bar in the ground ,the only thing stopping it is the mayhem 30 yrs ago .


    I go to games and I am responsible enough to have a few beers and not run on the park .


    All this nonsense about needing ragers is just that nonsense ,2012 fc will be back soon enough and everyone will fawn over them as if they are some sort of superior team .


    It will of course be as a loss to them as to the shambles their team finds itself in

  16. I saw a bit of the huns or whatever they are called game today, recognised less than half the team.



    A couple of months in, not bad going, a few more months I hope to recognise none of them.

  17. BBC news have just finished reporting the ManU v Liverpool game. Apparently everything passed off without incident and both sets of fans were a credit to their clubs!!!



    Utter nonsense! Utd fans, the majority of them were scum today.




  18. ten men won the league



    You are right. But this attendance charade should be seized on and used by Celtic. We’ll win everytime 60,800 plays 51,000 only one winner.