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If you sponsor a sporting organisation you would normally assume positive association would follow from the members and supporters of that club, who benefit from the income you contribute.  When it comes to top level football the dynamics change.

Your name or logo emblazoned on the chests of footballers is often the source of resentment.  For some, the income you contribute is irrelevant, you are defiling a sacred relic (the pseudo-religious sentiment is tangible).  The same is true in every land where football is taken seriously.

In this light Tennent’s name on the Celtic jersey this season has been fascinating.  Instead of being blazoned across the chest, as it was last season, it has an understated position below the club badge.  They and kit manufacturer, Nike, have gone one step further this week with the release of the 125 Anniversary Strip, where the logos of both companies are white, embossed on a white shirt.  They will be impossible to see on television and obscure in almost all photographs.

Television coverage and media photographs are two of the three principle reasons companies pay money to put their name on a shirt.  Both have staying power which lasts years; CR Smith are still benefiting every time a period Celtic goal or photograph is featured.

The remaining key benefit to having your name or logo on a shirt is the affinity you build from fans walking the street with your brand.

Tennent’s are a Scottish brand with very little reach even in England, so it doesn’t really matter to them if the Portuguese TV watching public clocked their name on Wednesday, their entire European exposure will be close to meaningless, but the affinity benefit from understating your place on the shirt is worthy of respect from fans who will wear the shirts.  And buy the brand.

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  1. Sutton’s volley



    You said that you put your family first, I don’t think anyone will see anything wrong in that.

  2. prestonpans bhoys on

    suttons volley


    22:45 on


    23 September, 2012



    You’re a bhoy who supported his club when it counted and with a bit of luck will do so in the future.

  3. prestonpans bhoys on



    23:27 on


    23 September, 2012


    suttons volley



    I wish I could afford to go to games, I can’t.



    Family comes first mi amigo, always will.



    If you could from where you live you would be worth a bomb……

  4. suttons volley



    22:45 on 23 September, 2012



    Evening all



    let them petty point score over attendances, its all theyll have for the next few years, just laugh it off!!



    Point out that they only got 28K for their champs lge qualifier last season, what did we get this year?



    I’ll b honest the only 2 games I’ve attended so far this season are the qualifiers, what does this say about me?



    Will I be classed as a glory hunter? Whatever that means!!



    I have 2 young kids, a mrs & a mortgage that come 1st!!



    I attended those games as I felt they were of vital importance to our season and wanted to be there to support the team.



    All in It costs me at least £50 to attend a game at CP



    Some people on here don’t live in the real world








    I hope Celtic reduce the ST prices next season so we have the stadium with more people in it. I’d hope for a 20% reduction as I’m sure the fans would buy into that and appreciate the gesture. These are really tough times financially and we need to keep the fans onside regarding finances. This years CL prices were excellent and rewarded the ST holders, I hope they have that forward thinking next Summer as well.

  5. TET,



    I wonder if the myths and lies that the MSM spout actually cause them more harm than good.



    On the one hand, it keeps them lining the pockets of the latest carpetbagger who rolls into town, whereas, on t’other (Yorkshire patois), it continues the delusion that they are emerging from their “leetle problems” .(di Canio speak).



    The media are spinning like a top, as they have hitched their star to the Ibrox wagon and have caught the tiger by it’s tail.



    If they let go, they will be swallowed up, as if they ran across one of mhark67’s canabalises, or is it cansbalist ? :>)




    I think that I’ve used up my entire collection of clichés and tortured metaphors.




    Off to bed to dream about Peter Maguire, oh no, Sam Maguire!!

  6. prestonpans bhoys



    The last game I was over at cost in the reigon of 600 brit pounds, even going up to Barca will cost a small fortune, Lisbon will be a wee holiday, so that won’t count.



    It’s not really a working class passtime any more sad to say.

  7. Suttons volleys.



    I admire were you come from.


    The kids always come first.


    And always will.


    The day will come when you can afford to follow celtic.


    Been there.hail hail.

  8. sutton’s volley ,



    night .




    don’t take it personally. Sometimes no-one EVER talks to me – it may be what i deserve but i prefer to think that my point is just lost on the proletariat !



    Anyway , we could have got away with one set of books between us cos i’ve only made league games this season -that doesn’t make me any less a supporter.



    Keep posting , keep supporting and know that i’ll talk to you , even if no-one else does.



    T4 , looking forward to it .

  9. whats happening with this blog tonight,



    no sooner has Mouldy67 & Mrs Mouldy67 (patience of a saint that woman) taken out an injuction against MWD about “intimate” photies, kissing and the like, and the whole show comes crashing down.



    i blame the zombies.

  10. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    Celtic were brilliant yesterday and I was expecting at least SOME positivity from Sportscene tonight …… Well, we didn’t get it ……. It really is shockingly pathetic ……… Last week’s defeat, CL draw, Wanyama will be ‘picked up’ soon by some EPL team etc ……. The usual same old, same old negative dross from the usual ‘hurting’ suspects ……. But WSNBM

  11. tommytwiststommyturns on

    Saint Stivs – had a look at MWD’s photies….can you still not get trousers that fit?! ;-)




  12. Sorry guys



    I might have been a bit out of order, bit of a bad day – no excuse though, I just think its too easy for folk to sit and judge others! I include myself in that btw



    I didnt even go midweek coz those bloody kids won’t stop eating!! :)



    Hope I didnt upset just wanted to get that off my chest



    p.s the prices these days of tickets, kits etc make it that wee bit harder to ensue my kids get to follow Celtic the way I did when I was a boy, am only 30 and I’ve seen a world of change in football




  13. sutton’s volley ,



    there you go. you’ve sussed it . throw a strop and we’ll all talk to you.




    On the subject of attendances , yesterday was a strange one . We had 60 empty seats because we couldn’t/wouldn’t pay the extra £4.5K required for these ‘opt-out’ games. i noticed that 115 , in particular , which was normally the buffer zone in games against RFC(IA) , was mostly empty as it’s predominantly a P&C section.



    This season has been a learning curve /unknown territory for the SPL and us in particular – we’ll work it out . For whatever reason , we have the most competitive start to an SPL season (10 teams within 5 points of the top after 7 games ) .




  14. tommytwiststommyturns on

    Sanna – any Hun points out our supposed bad start to the domestic season, then we just have to say that it’s great for Scottish football.



    Oh and we haven’t been knocked out of any domestic competitions, unlike some clubs! :-)



    Suttons volley – good man! Hail Hail.




  15. suttons volley



    Not out of order at all.



    You have your priorities right, a wife 2 kids and a mortgage at 30, many would be happy with that.



    You will be old soon enough, enjoy your family when you can.

  16. suttons volley



    23:44 on 23 September, 2012



    Theres no need to apologise, just sometimes people are in the middle of conversations and miss posts.



    You have a great attitiude towards Celtic IMO.

  17. suttons volley



    For one reason or another, many of us don’t get to Celtic Park now.



    It doesn’t make us less of a supporter.



    Actually there are many who do go to the games that have a negative effect on the proceedings.



    Age, finance and distance now severely curtail my visits, but, even if I can’t be an active supporter, I am certainly a “carrier”.



    I have passed the gift of Celtic on to my children and that is a big thing to do.



    It is the future of the club. It is immortality.



    I’m sure that you will do likewise for your “hungry” weans.



    Who can’t attend, can evangelise.



    Donegal Abhu.

  18. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on




    23:33 on 23 September, 2012



    If the media had done their job 12 years ago, the zombies would not be zombies today ……. so thank you, media, for giving us the zombies ……a wonderful gift, with more to come from greengo’s zombies-in-waiting….!!!!!!!

  19. lefthandpillaroldjungle on

    suttons volley.


    sorry for whit….watch the telly…get the waens interested….how many in here spend money in the pub and watch the game ?…MOST of us have done it at some time…waens home food…life.

  20. sannabhoy


    23:46 on


    23 September, 2012


    sutton’s volley ,



    there you go. you’ve sussed it . throw a strop and we’ll all talk to you





    Ha it doesn’t work in the house though!!



    sorry again guys



    I went to every game I could in the 90’s, even though we were rotten, my dad took me and that meant something.



    just worry that there’s too many good celts being priced out and won’t get to experience what I did groing up, you know, that feeling of being part of something



    at a midweek game last year wi my mate, he got the round before we walked up to CP so I thought its only right I get us a bit of scran at HT.



    2 meals and a coffee = £12



    Wish I’d bought the beers!!




  21. Good sport in the pub yesterday with sevco fan who was blowing about going top today. Before pointing out that they couldn’t I agreed that reaching the dizzy heights of 33rd in Scotland was something to celebrate. He then decided to celebrate the return of the seat derby in football. Puzzled I enquired further. Then explained that this couldn’t be the case as his team were only months old. Cue forced laughter and a return to his own company where he reverted to type by expressing what he would like to do to NFL. They really are beyond redemption.

  22. Had an interesting conversation with a chap on my flight home today, and it’s so fitting to hear what he had to say and then read this article regarding the strip & badge.



    After the EBT case against Glasgow Rangers (IA) comes to an end “Newco rangers” & that’s what they are “Newco” (thats how he put it to me) will have to change the badge on their strip and clearly define themselves as different from the liquidated company. This guy talked with a certain confidence and was well informed on other aspects of this fiasco, pity I didn’t have a notebook handy as I got lost with some of the stuff. He seemed to talk as if he knew what the next move is, he also never gave me his profession when I asked him, he casually moved onto something else.


    I can’t wait to see where this goes, can you imagine the next PR spin?They stole our titles, now they’ve stole our badge & stripped us of everything but our dignity! – lol ! I can hear it now.

  23. TET , T4



    i know , great isn’t it ? We’re sometimes as guilty of supremacy as a certain other , former , club . We have no right to win . We miust work for it. We understand that in Europe – we take it for granted in Scotland.



    Keep us close until xmas while focussing on Europe and we’ll be fine.



    Sutton’s Volley !? it doesn’t work at home ? Of course it doesn’t . I was fortunate enough to sit with OldTim67 , Malorbhoy and ElDiegoBhoy on saturday and i expounded a few thoughts about the different treatment of fans throughout Celtic Park.



    To my mind , The Celtic Triangle and the opportunity for ALL fans to enjoy the game equally is a dream that we can achieve .



    Sanna (ihaveadream csc)

  24. .



    Suttons Volley..



    I have 2 ex-Wives (That l pay the Morgage for) 2 Kids (that I pay CS for) and l still manage to Travel from Australia to see The Hoops..:0))))



    Only Kiddin Buddi..(l have 3 Ex-Wives) ha ha..



    It’s Not the Way You Support Celtic it’s How You do it..



    I have a Mate on here Who started the Darwin CSC.. 2 Members back then met every week to talk Celtic and read the Once a week International Edition Daily Record.. And Watch Betamax Videos that took 3 weeks to get here..There wives probably said it was Just a Excuse for a Drink every Wednesday Night..;0)



    Summa of SupportersCSC

  25. pabloh_AKA_NEIL LENNON on

    When all is said and done…



    41k v Dundee is an excellent crowd.



    With the building of the new stadium and this coinciding with Celtic finally catching up with them around ’96, adding in big money signings in MON period and henrik through all those years and into the new millennium, there was a major boom in attendances between ’96-’08-ish.



    If we got 41k v Dundee prior to this it would probably only be on title winning day or flag day, more often than not.



    Look at attendances around Europe, England for example. Most premiership games don’t get anywhere near 41k. Chelsea just won the champions league and struggle to fill a 40k stadium some weeks.



    And we’re playing in one of Europes poorest leagues against a newly promoted team that brought few fans and get that crowd.



    Sure it’d be great to have 60k full house with 15k on a waiting list again but those days are gone. Poorer product on show & the economic climate has hugely changed.



    41k, great attendance in my opinion.

  26. .



    Talking of Overseas Supporting Celtic fans..



    Well this was more like OverHadriansWall..



    I was in London when The Hoops played The Olde Orcs..Not sure if it was Judas first game for them ( Someone will no doubt tell)..



    No Live TV back in them days to get Radio Clyde in London you had to Use the Oldest radio you could get and Stand on the Bed to get reception..



    EnyWhooo.. Back to the Story..



    I think l had Smashed the Radio the last time we Played them so had to sit and watch Teletext for Ninety Minutes..0-0 Nothing for 90 Mins then it Changed to Judas Own Goal Celtic 1-0 with Minutes to go..Cue Pandemonium in Our wee Pokey Flat..


    Then at Full time The H^n that Worked for Ceefax changed it to……..No I’m not going to say it..;0(



    Someone please tell me it was Just a Nightmare and it Never Happened..



    Summa of CeeFaxBeGoneCSC

  27. A crowd of 41,000 for Dundee is an excellent attendance.



    The club have been caught out by the prices of the child season tickets. £50 for 19 matches is too low but £129 for 21 matches is too expensive. Next season child season tickets will be around £80 which should haopefully keep the majority happy.



    As a goodwill gesture the club should look at reducing adults tickets by around £50 and dropping the £29 matchday price while they are at it.



    Trouble is if Celtic fans still can’t afford season tickets or refuse to buy them because the team they love to hate is not in the league there is no short term benefit for the club but long term fans would welcome the gesture from the club.

  28. tommytwiststommyturns on

    Re-run of the Alan Yentob programme on Tom Jones on Beeb4 now. Great clips from Praise and Blame.