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If you sponsor a sporting organisation you would normally assume positive association would follow from the members and supporters of that club, who benefit from the income you contribute.  When it comes to top level football the dynamics change.

Your name or logo emblazoned on the chests of footballers is often the source of resentment.  For some, the income you contribute is irrelevant, you are defiling a sacred relic (the pseudo-religious sentiment is tangible).  The same is true in every land where football is taken seriously.

In this light Tennent’s name on the Celtic jersey this season has been fascinating.  Instead of being blazoned across the chest, as it was last season, it has an understated position below the club badge.  They and kit manufacturer, Nike, have gone one step further this week with the release of the 125 Anniversary Strip, where the logos of both companies are white, embossed on a white shirt.  They will be impossible to see on television and obscure in almost all photographs.

Television coverage and media photographs are two of the three principle reasons companies pay money to put their name on a shirt.  Both have staying power which lasts years; CR Smith are still benefiting every time a period Celtic goal or photograph is featured.

The remaining key benefit to having your name or logo on a shirt is the affinity you build from fans walking the street with your brand.

Tennent’s are a Scottish brand with very little reach even in England, so it doesn’t really matter to them if the Portuguese TV watching public clocked their name on Wednesday, their entire European exposure will be close to meaningless, but the affinity benefit from understating your place on the shirt is worthy of respect from fans who will wear the shirts.  And buy the brand.

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  1. Sometimes you’ll get a response on here. Sometimes not.


    btw, the photies were great. I’m glad the sun shone for Bucket Collection Day.



  2. Now I know how the msm operates.


    “A newspaper has three things to do. One is to amuse, another is to entertain and the rest is to mislead.” –  Ernest Bevin –  UK Minister of Labour in the war-time coalition government, and as Foreign Secretary in the post-war Labour Government

  3. The youngsters should be encouraged to go to the games.


    I was brought up to support celtic by getting a lift over.


    I bought my daughter and son season books for years till it wasn’t viable anymore.


    My point is times are hard and celtic as a club founded on charity should make it more affordable to celtic fans that are struggling.


    The youth is our future.hail hail.

  4. SeS


    I still can’t understand how our stadia in Glasgow are built at the low standard that seems to be accepted in Glasgow. Is there a ratio of toilets, food concessions, souvenirs, memorabilia, per section, per person, male and female? There must surely be people, at the decision making level, who have visited some of the modern stadia in England, Europe and in particular the US. It was amazing listening to supporters at the RM game in Phila., talking about the the facilities outside and inside that stadium, and this is not the best stadium over there.



    Raisethestandard CSC




  5. sargassosea


    Eagles’ stadium is way short of the newest baseball grounds in terms of facilities.


    What can beat a seller walking up and down the aisles between innings selling beer.


    Add in the selection of eating places in the walkways and you have a good night out at the ballpark.

  6. Gie me a pie ‘n a cuppa tea wi’ a wee dash ae the electric in it an ahm aff!


    ComeOnYouBhoysInGreen! CSC

  7. I wonder where the record got their hands on a copy of the draft agreement.


    From Hampden or Ibrox? Or maybe both?


    I haven’t read the article but I glanced at the draft agreement.


    It shows neither the authorities nor the Zombies in a good light.


    Scottish football is the loser here, as it points to collusion and an attempt to thwart proper standing rules and processes.


    But then we all know the bias and bigotry from the likes of Ogilvie, Smith, Peat and Dallas.



  8. MWD, just gone through all your photos. Good to see some of the CQN’rs I’ve had the pleasure of meeting already and more to follow. Truly stunned by the effort of everyone on here and the Celtic Family in general. Words fail me as to how generous people can be.





    When are you showing the meaty ones,or are the guilty being offered the negatives in return for a wee donation for Oscar?



    A tremendous effort from everyone. Well done……

  10. Good morning CQNers,



    Moonbeams – thanks for posting the phots, donating on-line I missed all the pretty girls.



    It was reassuring in a perverse way to see Mark Halsey’s refereeing performance during the Liverpool – Man Utd game yesterday, to witness that it’s not only Celtic that suffer.



    In England there isn’t the same dynamics at work as those practised by Hughie Dallas and his acolytes so I suspect there are some very happy and very rich Far East betting syndicates this morning.



    I read the headline and had to access the story, can you guess the headline………



    Daily Record – MarkGudi



    NEIL LENNON watched his side get back to winning ways in the SPL – then expressed concern about the amount of chances his players are missing.


    Celtic beat Dundee 2-0 thanks to goals from Gary Hooper and Victor Wanyama but missed a hatful of chances including a Scott Brown penalty which Rab Doulgas saved.


    The Parkhead gaffer said: “It was a good performance – a clean sheet and three points, a quality goal from Gary Hooper and a special strike from Victor. It was going to take something special to beat big Rab today.


    “It was a brilliant save for the penalty and he made a number of other saves.



    Have you guessed yet ?




    “Scott is our designated penalty-taker and this was our first of the season. There might be a queue now to take them.


    “Overall, we looked comfortable defensively but I was a little concerned about our play in the final third.


    “The amount of chances we missed is a concern. Maybe we’re a little bit flat after European games and I can understand that. But I would like to see us putting more of our chances away.”




    Have you guessed yet?




    Lennon started with Tunisian Nouioui Lassad up front and he won Celtic the penalty. He was then taken off but made a decent contribution.


    Team-mate Emilio Izaguirre said: “Lassad was tired as that was his first game in three months. But he is a good player and he has qualities – he enjoyed the game today.”


    On his own form, Izaguirre said: “I’m happy to be playing but I need more games to get up to 100 per cent.”


    Celts will now play Raith Rovers in the League Cup in midweek and Lennon will welcome back Miku, Joe


    Ledley and Beram Kayal.


    And Lennon wants his team to continue their form from yesterday and midweek against Benfica.


    He said: “In the closing stages of the Benfica game I didn’t want us to get mugged. Sometimes you can lose a goal from a set-piece and lose concentration.


    “Obviously we have things to work on in an attacking sense but I hope we will get better and grow into the tournament.


    “Our possession was decent and our work-rate excellent. We never looked like conceding a goal but never really looked like scoring. But it’s great to have those nights back.




    The Headline: “Celtic boss Neil Lennon: I’m worried by the number of chances we missed.” Enough said.

  11. Sannabhoy –



    Saw you spent some time at the game with OldTim67 , Malorbhoy and ElDiegoBhoy. At least you were doing your bit to bring down the average age of the support . . . . .



    Gutted I couldn’t make it down, fingers crossed for the Hertz game!




  12. Moonbeams: Hola amigo; great photies, was that PFayr with the hat on??? I have not read back but it looked like a great day, how much $ did the buckets bring?









    Defo quiet on here,same all weekend.



    A few people down in Blackpool,no doubt.



    Speaking of which-nae Vmhan?



    I doubt he’ll be out running this morning,mind……

  14. Philbhoy - It's just the beginning! on

    Some of us need to keep the wheels of industry turning.



    Hi ho, hi ho it’s off to work i go…..

  15. Morning all. Dark, wild and wet in North Ayrshire today. Looks set for the rest of the day.



    BBC talking about how dry it has been for the last couple of weeks!!! I must live on a different planet.

  16. Morning all!



    Dont forget to ‘shoot’ some zombies today – figuratively speaking of course!





    First two paragraphs of an article in the sun-Fatflop shooting his mouth off again.



    I’d c&p the rest,but I don’t wanna put you all off yer brekkie……….


    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~



    ALLY McCOIST has demanded that the SPL and SFA explain themselves over their failed attempt to strip Rangers of nine trophies.



    He called on Hampden chiefs to come clean after they plotted to hammer Gers for using dual-contract EBTs


    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~




  18. Good morning CQN from a cold and wet Fife



    Have just been reading back





    16:50 on 23 September, 2012



    Mountblow tim


    As I said to RRC when we parted, the day was very good for the soul.


    As SFTB commented earlier, it was built in to any small kids walking by the buckets that they were “indoctrinated” into giving money away.


    Real Goodness that is inspirational and humbling



    Petec I agree with that 100% m8



    Green Bucket team Company B that’s the team for me




    MWD love the photos great work





    Keep the Faith



    Hail Hail

  19. Philbhoy - It's just the beginning! on




    Are FA’s not above the law?



    You know, the way the SFA is.

  20. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Re the crowd at CP on Saturday- it’s not ‘apathy’, times are tough in ole rock’n’roll.



    And call me ole fashioned but it’s better to have 40k inside creatin’ a good atmosphere than the place to be full with the Trip Advisor CSC booin’ every mistake on the park because it doesn’t fit with their ‘customer experience’.



    Anyways, wee Catrina havin’another duvet day. A heavy night at Clatty Pat’s?

  21. MWD:



    Just for you I’ll post this to let you know there are a few lurking today



    Who are personally hoping the skeleton crew in work don’t notice just how rough they are…







  22. DBBIA



    It amuses me how SSN have now become SevCo’s media cheerleader. They actually put on their ticker that their crowd was the biggest in Scotland over the weekend



    Who cares about a 4th tier Scottish club?



    They are crying out for attention. It is very amusing