Whitewashing in the age of Judicial Reviews, fans united, we’re gonna do it anyway


Mike Ashley’s petition for a Judicial Review of the processes the SFA followed when finding Dave King fit and proper to run a football club is a lightbulb moment. The decision, taken by the SFA board, was not unanimous. I am sure some pointed to King’s enormously controversial past and alerted supportive voices of the potential for trouble ahead.

The dissenting voices were voted down, but just like Heidi Poon, their unwelcome guidance will ultimately be found to be assured.

What Ashley has demonstrated is that anyone can ask for a Judicial Review. CQN’ers could ask for one into the scope, probity and remit of the Lord Nimmo Smith Commission, for example. I discussed this some time back with an advocate who suggested we hold tight.

The SFA and SPFL must tread carefully, they are no longer in control of events. It would be wise for them to wait until the Supreme Court appeal notification deadline passes before choosing any path.

In the meantime, whoever decided to fan the flames by launching the “no appetite” blocking strategy should calm the waters. There is enormous appetite to look into what many within and outside of Scotland are calling the biggest cheating scam in British sport.

People are angry right now, not at the cheating they have suspected for years, but at the authorities attempt at whitewashing.

There are demonstrations and boycotts being discussed. Millions of words have been written.

Groups of Celtic and Hearts fans are becoming unnervingly cooperative, good grief! See what you’ve done, Mr “No Appetite” man? Supportive understanding is NOT how I usually relate to Hearts, Hibs, Aberdeen, United or Dundee fans. Even Motherwell fans!

Before we get Labi Siffre records back in the charts…

Before the PPI industry start sending “Is there a Judicial Review you’d like to instruct” recorded messages to our phones….

A calming word from the SPFL, in the first instance, should be issued. All it needs to do is acknowledge the Court of Session verdict, and that the notification deadline for a subsequent appeal has not passed. This would commit to nothing, but it would also supersede the earlier attempt to whitewash, and perhaps allow some to get back to doing their day jobs.

For the record, a whitewash will simply not be possible. The fan-mechanisms, honed in 2012, are fired-up. We’re gonna do it anyway.

On Ashley, I’ve said this before about him, our enemy’s enemy is not our friend. Ashley has good reason to raise legal actions against those who subverted his interests at Newco, but he is not someone you or I would want associated with our football club. Those who campaign to remove his influence from their clubs (including Newcastle) do so with sound reason. Even if their tactics harm their club far more than Ashley.

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  1. Sevco Scotland is the company formed to become the new club. It bought the assets from those acting for creditors of the company that was the old club.



    Remember Duff and Phelps admin reports? They were always clear they were dealing with one entity that they always described as “club and company.”

  2. “Wolffe for RIFC, cites Lord Nimmo Smith stating “The club has an existence independent of the corporate entity that owns it.”



    WTF! What kind of existence in legal terms precisely? Is Chris Graham Mr Wolffe in disguise?

  3. Jungle VIP on 12th November 2015 10:36 am




    Thanks for the clarification. I was more concerned with title and interest.



    So nothing to stop a shareholder or group of going for Judicial Review on the basis of SFA’s stewardship or lack of costing them loss of money.



    The only thing is that any Rangers’ shareholder would have an equally good reason to do the same!

  4. I can’t imagine the judge in the Green case would be allowed by law to decide that Green is guilty of any crime he has not yet been tried for.


    I think we can make our own guesses, mine is that he and his mates lied, cheated, and stole as much as the could possibly get away with but until found guilty of these acts the judge cannot do any other than ring fence the money from Rangers accounts till that happens.


    No idea if i’m correct……………but I like my thinking.

  5. weeminger on 12th November 2015 12:03 pm –



    Fair enough. Probably explains some of the fraud charges against them.

  6. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on



    I couldn`t find your horse at Staunton but, coincidentally, there is also an Oscar Jane running at Taunton so I backed that instead 0:-)




  7. Tim Malone Will Tell on

    I blame the Celtic Board for all this. If only they had opened the biscuit tin and paid £6 Million to buy Rangers history when they had the chance in 2012, a lot of angst would have been avoided.

  8. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Whit do youse think will be put out of its misery first- Sevco or the ole CQN Poppy debate?

  9. Tim Malone Will Tell



    6 Million???



    If they’d been really sharp they could have got the lot for a quid.



    Jungle VIP



    You made me blush.

  10. I blame CQN for becoming Twisted, because it became horrible to so many posters that had that DIFFERENT view, All are well gone – SADLY.



    A sad thing but the Truth is the Truth.



    I’ve always just wanted to put information out to Celts, Because I know Celtic Supporters are thee Greatest ever.



    That phrase earlier about a friend, Never a Truer Word said, when it comes down to it.



    Yeshua the Lion, the only Wan ye kin Trust.



    I hope noone gets upset by that, as they really shouldn’t.



    For the Almighty God’s sake. ;))

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