Whitewashing in the age of Judicial Reviews, fans united, we’re gonna do it anyway


Mike Ashley’s petition for a Judicial Review of the processes the SFA followed when finding Dave King fit and proper to run a football club is a lightbulb moment. The decision, taken by the SFA board, was not unanimous. I am sure some pointed to King’s enormously controversial past and alerted supportive voices of the potential for trouble ahead.

The dissenting voices were voted down, but just like Heidi Poon, their unwelcome guidance will ultimately be found to be assured.

What Ashley has demonstrated is that anyone can ask for a Judicial Review. CQN’ers could ask for one into the scope, probity and remit of the Lord Nimmo Smith Commission, for example. I discussed this some time back with an advocate who suggested we hold tight.

The SFA and SPFL must tread carefully, they are no longer in control of events. It would be wise for them to wait until the Supreme Court appeal notification deadline passes before choosing any path.

In the meantime, whoever decided to fan the flames by launching the “no appetite” blocking strategy should calm the waters. There is enormous appetite to look into what many within and outside of Scotland are calling the biggest cheating scam in British sport.

People are angry right now, not at the cheating they have suspected for years, but at the authorities attempt at whitewashing.

There are demonstrations and boycotts being discussed. Millions of words have been written.

Groups of Celtic and Hearts fans are becoming unnervingly cooperative, good grief! See what you’ve done, Mr “No Appetite” man? Supportive understanding is NOT how I usually relate to Hearts, Hibs, Aberdeen, United or Dundee fans. Even Motherwell fans!

Before we get Labi Siffre records back in the charts…

Before the PPI industry start sending “Is there a Judicial Review you’d like to instruct” recorded messages to our phones….

A calming word from the SPFL, in the first instance, should be issued. All it needs to do is acknowledge the Court of Session verdict, and that the notification deadline for a subsequent appeal has not passed. This would commit to nothing, but it would also supersede the earlier attempt to whitewash, and perhaps allow some to get back to doing their day jobs.

For the record, a whitewash will simply not be possible. The fan-mechanisms, honed in 2012, are fired-up. We’re gonna do it anyway.

On Ashley, I’ve said this before about him, our enemy’s enemy is not our friend. Ashley has good reason to raise legal actions against those who subverted his interests at Newco, but he is not someone you or I would want associated with our football club. Those who campaign to remove his influence from their clubs (including Newcastle) do so with sound reason. Even if their tactics harm their club far more than Ashley.

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  1. Can we expect the Scottish media to run articles and tell us on radio and tv that Yvonne Murray should accept that the medals are won on the track? This wanting her bronze upgraded to a silver will mean nothing, its time to move on. Haven’t the Russians suffered enough?

  2. Not sure if Isaw this on CQN or another site…



    A Hun in work giving it the usual whataboutery today.



    Ach, yer like a scarecrow having a piss says I.



    Hun…Wtf ye mean?



    Yer clutching at straws again:)



    Thanks to whomever posted it.

  3. Canamaler,



    Seen your post on the five way agreement earlier on.



    This is key to whose in the Dock for the BTC fall-out.



    As we know, the SFA transferred Oldco Rangers membership to Newco, ostensibly for an undertaking that Newco would take the “punishments” for Oldco.



    Of course these punishments failed to fit the crimes, also, there was a loophole in the transfer embargo and they don’t intend to pay the fines levied. In my book this is an abrogation.



    Now when you consider, over and above any titles stripped a fine should be levied pro rata to the level of income Rangers cheating assured them, then, if the punishment was meted out without tear or favour, Newco could be looking at crippling fines.



    Personally I would be happy for Newco to retrospectively Forfeit any Oldco punishments for the ripping up of the five way aberration.



    Hail Hail

  4. In my innocence I always thought that when you acquired control of a business you inherited both its liabilities and its assets.



    I also thought it was prudent to carry out due diligence to uncover the full extent of assets and liabilities.

  5. And there was me thinking the CFCB might ask for a ban on Scottish teams for cheating of season 11/12, the EBT scam could actually kill international football in Scotland for years, only way out is kill the SFA.

  6. Chairbhoy,


    The five way worked against the rules and should be ripped up without conditions, every signature should face criminal charges for serious organised crime,it was/is fraud on a grand scale.

  7. Time for baw baws


    Sleep comes easy when you go to bed happy :)


    Night night n hail hail timdom

  8. GARY67 on 11TH NOVEMBER 2015 7:11 PM


    Can we expect the Scottish media to run articles and tell us on radio and tv that Yvonne Murray should accept that the medals are won on the track? This wanting her bronze upgraded to a silver will mean nothing, its time to move on. Haven’t the Russians suffered enough?



    Nowadays she has a dodgy ttimmy sounding name.



    – See more at: http://www.celticquicknews.co.uk/whitewashing-in-the-age-of-judicial-reviews-fans-united-were-gonna-do-it-anyway/comment-page-6/#comment-2716990

  9. Quonno,


    No sure :) probably should have said conspirators rather than signatories, I’m sure correspondence on the issue was recorded in case evidence was needed as they all likly knew how dodgy the plan was.


    Nytol :)

  10. Stephen McGowan …. Booted out of Celtic View




    Yep…worth listening to :))))))



    All waiting on Gordon Strachan…..



    Taking the flak away from the cheats

  11. Does King have his hand up Wilsons bahookie, or can Wilson actually spout that garbage unaided?

  12. The”bwoopwint” was a highlight………..



    I think Darryl has done a guid job there………………..

  13. West End of East End on

    I was having a laugh with the token hun in work today on stripping of titles (who wasn’t taking it very well) when a guy who runs an amateur team and is on the committee of their league joined in. He said that he has been at a few meetings at Hampden and after their own discussions where over they were chatting to SFA officials about the huns. He was told that there is no mechanism in place within the SFA articles for title stripping retrospectively, even if there was a will to do it.



    My argument was that any game where a player wasn’t registered correctly ie concealed EBT should be 3 0 fell on deaf ears. He said it wouldn’t happen as they have nothing in the rules to strip the titles even if the players weren’t registered correctly. He was adamant this was the case as he heard it straight from the SFA. I told him that the SFA were part of the problem and were covering up for Ogilvie & Bryson who were complicit in the deception, he just reckons that’s a different argument and that no titles could ever be taken away…token hun left at this point mumbling that it was all a Timmy conspiracy …..

  14. BANKIEBHOY1 on 11TH NOVEMBER 2015 7:21 PM


    Bada, is Gerry now on the Level?



    They punt it as ‘your show,you set the agenda with whatever you want to talk about….’,but as long as we don’t expose the biggest scandal in British sporting history.Some guys on here dismiss the radio charades,but they help get the propaganda out there for the red top readers.HH

  15. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    quonno on 11th November 2015 7:19 pm Has the man with no surname not been trotted out yet?




    When that happens then you know they are panicking!

  16. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on

    Not sure that Yvonne Murray`s situation is comparable. As far as I know, the Russian who beat her in 1988 was not `done` for drugs until 1993. I don`t think it was proven that she had taken drugs in 1988. The Huns` case is much more clear cut. Roll on the end of Appeal Time.




  17. thanks Bada………..understand………………


    I dont listen to Snyde, Shortie is my limit.



    I agree the huns have been great at getting the message out helped oot by their buddies in the meeeja.


    We can’t ignore thum.



    We weren’t paranoid enough.




  18. Quonno



    Very quickly. By no stretch am I some some sort of board sycophant but I do believe I’m objective. Currently there is nothing for Celtic to say. Give the board some space and time until after the appeal’s time has passed.



    If nothing is said or done then I’m sure many Celtic supporters will be holding them to account, as we should.



    Until then, steady mate.

  19. CANAMALAR @ 7:22 PM,



    As you know the Rangers FC and Sevco Scotland signatories are up on criminal charges for other, though related charges.



    Any hopes we’ll see the rest of the parcel? We live in hope.



    But that wasn’t my point really, it was the fact that when Charles Green agreed to take the Footballing liabilities of Rangers on, he thought it would be limited to the agreed sanctions and thought he was going to get a berth in the SPL as well as get the history of Rangers through the membership transfer as part of the deal – scam!



    Of course they got the membership transfer but they failed, due to the pressure from the Scottish Football Supporters, to get into the SPL or even in the top tier of the SFL.



    That’s why they’ve baulked at paying the fines.



    Now with the prospect of huge BTC fines on the way to Sevco, it seems in everyone’s interests to, as you say, rip it up. Put things on an even keel, like they should have done I the first place.



    If it remains in place as things stand, the SFA have no option but to charge Sevco with Rangers Footballing liabilities. Which to my mind, they won’t want to do.



    Hail Hail

  20. You really get the feeling that something is afoot with the daily headlines concerning Sevco / and their former incarnation under attack from different sources; the near hourly stream of angry tub-thumping suggest something bigger is maybe about to happen. Ashley is definitely a wild card here.

  21. Nye Bevans' rebel soldier on




    We allowed the same club company going bust


    bullshit to take hold,we and the rest of Scottish


    fitba must mobilise now,if we don’t then the dying


    game in Scotland will be soon dead, fcuk waiting for


    rights to appeal,the hun and the smsm have their


    “time tae move on” campaign well under way,it


    ain’t about bigotry or hun hating,it’s about SAVING



  22. Lennon n Mc....Mjallby on

    “It had occurred to me that Scottish football fans had taken the demise of integrity in the game rather lightly but for ever action,there is a reaction and a money paying Scottish football fan reaction is quite a fecking thing!”





  23. HT



    You and the good looking one in the Hydro?



    Enjoy the show. I certainly did. Language maybe too rich for a teacher mind:o)

  24. James Forrest


    Did you send your no justice/no moving on piece to A Thomson?


    Did you get a reply?

  25. Dont know about anybody else but Spiers is playing it coy



    It is my opinion but I think he knows there is a good possibility of SH** & hitting fan stuff coming and his questions to Wilson tonight on RS were leading.



    He thinks King is do***







  26. James Forrest


    The last line of that blog.


    They no longer set the agenda, sadly they do, they still have the megaphone, and they have now decided to put it away.


    The only hope is some sort of fan uprising, cos the powers have decided to put a lid on it, will be interesting to see what happens with the support of the clubs, I don’t honestly expect too much from the Celtic support, do you ?