Who is the liar here?


You can Read All About It in Scotland’s former top selling newspaper this morning. The SFA and SPL have told Bill Miller he’s welcome into the top league in the country and there will be no additional penalties added to the club. The Daily Record tells us:

“Miller has been given assurances by Scottish football’s governing bodies that even though his survival plan involves a newco, Rangers will not lose their place in the SPL or be hammered with additional penalties.

“Administrator David Whitehouse said: “It’s my belief that is one of the assurances he (Miller) has received.””

Three Twitter comments from BBC correspondent, James Cook, yesterday afternoon captured similar information from the men currently managing Rangers:

“The administrators say they understand Bill Miller has assurances that Rangers will continue in the SPL with no further points deductions.

“Administrators say they understand Rangers will retain all previous titles and continue in SPL with no points deductions.

“Rangers’ administrators say the taxman is supportive of Bill Miller’s deal. HMRC say they have agreed to nothing.”

Mr Cook’s third Tweet contained the inevitable rebuttal from HMRC to the notion put about by Duff and Phelps.

As we reported yesterday, the SFA and SPL have given absolutely no assurances to anyone about further penalties, points deductions, inquiries or the removal of trophies found to be won by cheating. Yesterday’s statements caused agitation as SFA and SPL executives sought to reassure stakeholders they were untrue.

The statements also caused distress among many football fans (who frankly should have known better) and brought the reputation of Scottish football into disrepute.

Allowing misleading comments to be issued on your behalf is unwise, especially if the SFA and SPL will soon have to decide a variety of punishments you will have to endure.

Let me spell this question out as clearly as possible:


Rangers have been banned from registering players for 12 months for failing to ensure the man who bought the club this time last year was Fit and Proper to own a football club.  Are the same club now going to ‘sell’ the assets, including league share, to Mr Miller when the veracity of his claims to the club’s administrators has been unequivocally contradicted by the SFA and SPL?

If a 12 month ban is not stern enough to ensure a club finds an inscrutable new owner perhaps it should be doubled. If the SFA capitulate in the face of this evidence and reduce Rangers player registration ban they would be as well removing the pretence and accepting There Are No Fit and Proper Persons Criteria in Scottish Football.

Rangers are committing the same offence in full sight of the SFA – and they don’t care who knows it.

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  1. It seems that what’s happening with the huns is either completely chaotic with them lurching drunkenly from one morass to another or we are watching a charade being played out to an overall master plan with a specific goal for the benefit of a specific individual or group of individuals.



    On balance I’m inclined to favour the latter explanation. I suppose we’ll find out soon enough.



    The idea of transferring the assets to a newco whilst the oldco is still in existence is interesting. That would of course jeopardise Whyte’s floating charge and leave him exposed. If that happens he can move to wind up old co at which point his floating charge attaches (crystallises). Maybe that’s the intention.

  2. Captured on 4 May, 2012 at 10:26 said:


    hen1rik on 4 May, 2012 at 09:54 said:


    A Must see! http://youtu.be/ek7SfViBvJs



    share on F’book or Twitter




    I can see a new group being formed with “wee wullie bluenose” and “Shuggie walk on ward” I’m sure there is a name for this duo?



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  3. West Wales Celt on

    First podium in a few years, not that I stoop to such depths :-)



    Re-post from last thread:


    West Wales Celt on 4 May, 2012 at 10:25 said:Time for change:There is an upgrade for the Samsung Galaxy S2. Its the Galaxy Note. Its a ‘phablet’ with a huge screen and scribing pen to write notes, etc. Amazing bit of kit. I’ve recently moved to it from an iPhone and have no regrets. I can watch football through reputable and less reputable sources and get amazing quality. It plugs and plays through a USB on my car stereo, whereas my iPhone connected by this route would merely inform me charging was not available!I adore Mac computers and would never go back to a pc but Apple have been left behind in terms of phones…

  4. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Just the good ol’ bhoys,


    Never meanin’ no harm,


    Beats all you’ve ever saw, been in trouble with the law since the day they was born.



    Straight’nin’ the curve,


    Flat’nin’ the hills.


    Someday the mountain might get ‘em, but the law never will.



    Makin’ their way,


    The only way they know how,


    That’s just a little bit more than the law will allow.



    Just good ol’ bhoys,


    Wouldn’t change if they could,


    Fightin’ the system like a true modern day Harry Hood.



    DBBIA/Willie Nelson CSC

  5. Paul67, what can you say except…



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  6. Tell Me Why



    Tell me why you are influenced


    Because of what others come out and say?


    Made up pish like the rumour mill


    We keep hearing it every day!



    Tell me why you are bothered


    Because of what others would like to do?


    Nothing can change the outcome


    We will just have to join the queue!



    Tell me why you won’t support Celtic


    Because of what others will force through?


    Keep the faith, buy your ticket


    We must stick together and be true!

  7. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!..Truth and Justice will always prevail on

    Gordon_J …… I always believe you ……LOL

  8. alex thomson ‏ @alextomo


    Leaving Glasgow, am stunned that tax-dodging Rangers’ latest Big Idea is….a tax dodge. Glasgow papers report this as some kind of triumph!




    Reply Retweet Favorite



    Welcome to the Goldfish Bowl Alex, where everything the huns and their lackeys do is reported as a triumph..



    Jail the lot of them..

  9. Gordon_J backing Neil Lennon on 4 May, 2012 at 10:29 said:



    The chances of people on here believing you would be increased if you said that the person who provided such assurance wore a suit and worked at Celtic Park.




  10. In some ways it’s depressing to read and listen to the MSM ( Alex Thompson excluded) and oh, so predictable.


    Disgusting behaviour from s disgusting shower.



    However to cheer us all up….at game last night and was overjoyed to listen and watch those fantastic kids, the Thai Tims. The only shame was ground was only half full as they performed.


    What a difference there will be at half time in the Hearts game. These kids were marvellous and I , for one, felt humbled and privileged to listen to them.

  11. we knew it before and recent events have confirmed it


    liars, thieves, cheats, whores, prostitutes, scumbags….is there even one good man among them ?



    all we are looking for is fairness

  12. corrib04 is Neil Lennon on




    I dont own a smart phone but was considering taking the plunge and going for the Samsung Galaxy s2. It was a pleasant surprise when I read that their new os is called ‘ice cream sandwich’!

  13. Paul 67



    I think that I’m going to go bust before them at this rate. Can’t get any proper work done in anticipation of the big event. Maybe I should just wait until it’s published in the MSM -aye right!

  14. West Wales Celt on



    Could you explain ‘the floating charge attaches (crystalises)’?

  15. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    We must recognise and honour the due diligence of Celtic supporters with the intellectual wherewithal ( and cojones ) to confront the smoke ,mirrors and bigotry of the “WHAT WE HAVE WE HOLD ” fraternity.



    Every one is a hero.


    Irrespective of the outcome.

  16. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    WWC -only a righteous blast of the ole Toilet Duck will rid your life of the stubborn ‘floating charge’.

  17. Lennon n Mc....Mjallby on




    Their creepy and their kooky,


    Mysterious and spooky,


    Their altogether wooky,


    The Ibrox family.



    Their house is a museum,


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    The Ibrox family.



    So get a witches shawl on,


    A broomstick you can crawl on,


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    The Ibrox famileeee!




  18. Morning all. Well overcast here in North Ayrshire; marks my mood.





    With one of the longer serving members of the old discredtted board at Ibrox heading the SFA, it is not beyond the bounds of possibility that everything their administrators have claimed will be nodded through, I would have thought. The Campbell Ogilivies of this world will ensure that their team will not be punished.



    Scottish football is mired in corruption and scandal, which involves too many of the Establishment and the media. They are not going to do anything to put themselves or their team in trouble.

  19. People say Miller is an unknown. This isn’t true. It is not difficult to go to Tranmere or Sheffield Wednesday message boards, 2 clubs who chased him, and find out what he plans to do.



    Miller is an asset stripper in the purest of terms. He will milk Rangers for their profit. He has already said they will “run within their means”. Now we have heard this before but we have not had an owner before whose primary goal is to cream profit off via management fee’s and probably large annual dividends on his wholly owned shares.



    So ICBINR (I Can’t Believe It’s Not Rangers) will start life with the fixed assets of the toxic dump of the OldCo. Chicanery is already starting to be tried regarding the primary asset he needs for ICBINR, the players.



    No matter what he or D&P say each and every single one of them can walk under TUPE. Any of them with a residual value will do just that.



    Would you play for ICBINR with no Euro football for 4 years? (They need 3 years audited accounts remember which cannot be produced for 12 months, so no licence until year 4) Would you play on a drastically reduced wage? When you will have several sides willing to give you a big cheque, and in the case of their “star” players a vastly increased wage in a more competitive league? No, they may keep the aging “stars” anybody else will be gone. Particularly since the ones with value are furious at all of this and how it has been handled.



    Make no mistake, the real punishment that the Rangers fans are going to have to swallow is mediocrity. Miller will not be buying player bling. Miller will be running a budget for playing staff a FRACTION of today’s.



    Next year Rangers will look back at the Halcyon days of being able to afford the wages of Kirk Broadfoot’s £3000pw. They are heading for a budget equivalent of a Dundee Utd at best. They will sustain a decent SPL team. If they have an excellent day at the office, and us an incredibly poor one, they may in fact win the odd derby. Over a season? We will regularly be 20 odd points better with an utter spanking being handed out in derbies more often than not.



    All this to pay the management fee’s. I heart Bill Miller and Craig Whyte.



    Their pain is in the post.

  20. Dontbrattbakkinanger on 4 May, 2012 at 10:36 said:


    Captured- ‘Duelling Bampots’?



    share on F’book or Twitter






    Maybe ‘The duelling contractors’

  21. celticinthesun on

    UEFA statement on Newcos…



    “Clubs are not allowed to change their legal form or structure in order to obtain a licence, simply by ‘cleaning up’ their balance sheet while offloading debts – thus harming creditors (including employees and social/tax authorities) as well as threatening the INTEGRITY OF SPORTING COMPETITION.



    Anysuch alteration of a club’s legal form or structure is deemed to be an interruption to its membership of a UEFA member association and, consequently, three years must pass before a club can apply again for a UEFA licence. In other words, the three-year rule is designed basically to avoid circumvention of the club licensing system.”



    Do the SFA have the same view on Newco’s than UEFA?



    If they do, they should deny a newco a license or at best relegate them to the bottom tier.



    Or the SFA believe UEFA are wrong in their assertions.



    They believe that the INTEGRITY OF SPORTING COMPETITION is not affected by creating a newco to escape debts. Debts that include those owed to other SFA clubs.

  22. Son of Warsaw on

    Uefa have made the following statement pertaining to newcos: “Clubs are not allowed to change their legal form or structure in order to obtain a licence, simply by ‘cleaning up’ their balance sheet while offloading debts – thus harming creditors (including employees and social/tax authorities) as well as threatening the integrity of sporting competition. Any such alteration of a club’s legal form or structure is deemed to be an interruption to its membership of a UEFA member association and, consequently, three years must pass before a club can apply again for a UEFA licence. In other words, the three-year rule is designed basically to avoid circumvention of the club licensing system.”


    The Uefa stance is clear and unequivocal on how it treats any newco created to shield a football team from any financial or regulatory ills experienced by the organisation from which it sprang.



    “If a club sets up a new company simply to avoid paying its debts or obligations then they would almost certainly fail the three-year rule [for obtaining the required Uefa licence],” a spokesperson for Uefa told The Scotsman.



    “This is to ensure clubs do not simply create a ‘newco’ and leave the previous entity in charge of dealing with debts.”

  23. Jelly And Gelato on

    “Yesterday’s statements caused agitation as SFA and SPL executives sought to reassure stakeholders they were untrue.”



    By stakeholders, I’m assuming you’re not referring to the paying public. I didn’t see any denial statement anywhere in the SFA Statement , nor the SPL Statement



    Transparency and clarity are required at this time from these people. The world is watching.

  24. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    Thoroughly thoroughly enjoyed myself last night.



    First up it was avoiding CQN and any information outlets so that I could watch the game as live last night.



    So it was a case of supping on a beer on the terrace and reading the latest CQN magazine and Bhoy it is a stoater



    Paul67, James, BSR et al thank you very much indeed.



    I then tuned into the game on BBC Alba … please nobody tell me it was on Setanta Ireland



    I really enjoyed the game last night.



    And I really enjoyed the coverage apart from Lomas being the retarded tiny minded hun that he is. The interview was about you you cretin. It was called Lomas not Lennon



    How well did Gorgeous bhoy speak last night. He is a credit to our club his parents and himself.



    Then there was the Thai tim coverage.



    Ok the game was not the best but still I enjoyed seeing what we haven´t seen and also Big Tam Rogne … he is going to be some centre back this bhoy but he still needs a partner.



    Irbahim looks like he could do a job and very sad to see Mark Wilson (a gentleman and a tim) play one of his last games for us. Will always love Mark Wilson … another one of those local bhoys like Tommy that got seriously and series wise diddled by the scum.



    As I fully intended to be in Scotland this week but couldn´t make it for a multitude of reasons the whole night fair picked and perked me up




    I cannot stomach the thought for a second that Celtic PLC would ditch the core of our ethos by playing in a hun league for money.






    Which brings me on to Michael Grant and Andrew Smiths piece in today’s Herald. Surely the inference from both those articles is that Duff & Phelps knew for sure 4 weeks ago that Miller would be preferred bidder.



    It kind of gives the whole game away.




    Hail Hail




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  25. Paul67



    Seems to me that we (Celtic FC) will require to circumvent the scottish sporting ‘establishment’ and the corrupt media and work directly with UEFA in ensuring proper procedure and sporting integrity. Enough of this nonsense.

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