Who stole Jason?


Delighted for Wales last night but what’s happened to Jason Denayer? Since ending his loan period at Celtic a year ago he’s made 15 starts for Galatasaray. He was hooked on four of those occasions, which is a high percentage substituted for a defender. Gala won their first four league games with Jason in the team but won only once in his final 10 appearances. The point was made to me last night that he looked overweight.

In his 12 months at Celtic he polished his rough edges and established himself as a top performer in the most effective defence we’ve had in years. Manchester City were not prepared to let him return to Celtic as the reckoned he simply wasn’t being stretched.

He signed a new contract at Man City before heading for Turkey, but their new management team are unlikely to promote him to their first team squad. He’s unlikely to have impressed anyone at the Euros and Galatasaray won’t be as keen as Celtic were to have him back.

Is it possible we’re the only ones who know what he’s capable of? I’d have him back tomorrow.


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  1. Would like to see some steel brought into our midfield . Our young kids IMHO could do with an enforcer to counteract the certain aggression they will face , and encouraged by the MIBS eyesight .

  2. Another friendly in an empty stadium…….whats the reason behind this…….as they say no crowd no atmosphere.

  3. Clashcitybhoy on

    Bada Bing



    Several years ago, I remember we were going to Ibrokes for ( I think) a New Year’s Day game.


    I recall someone on here posting that we should go with a centre back pairing of Josh Thompson and the recently signed Ki.


    Worse still, others agreed.



    I can’t remember who the poster was, but when I see criticism of 18 year olds, I often wonder was it him/ her who suggested that line up.

  4. Tricoloured Ribbon on

    Haven’t been on here for a long while,but having read back through various threads I am astonished and saddened to see Macanbheatha has passed away.


    Absolutely staggered.


    Didn’t know the fella personally but he was incarcerated with a great friend of mine who spoke in glowing terms of him..



    Lay him away on the hillside,along with the brave and the bold,


    Inscribe his name on the roll of fame,


    In letters of purest gold.




  5. clogher celt on

    Lurking Huns,



    How many board members of Rangers First have resigned since January?


    I think it might be 5?



    Any idea why?



    Why in the Board Meeting of Ranger’s First on the 25th of February was it agreed that payments (to a certain level) from the RF account required additional authorisation to their bankers?



    All very straightforward I am sure.



    From the published minutes…



    “RF’s payment procedure required two directors’ approval up to an agreed level. Anything above that level required sign off by the full Board. Once approved, payments were made by PINsentry. It was agreed the arrangements with RF’s bankers should be amended to require additional authorisation in the payment process before payment instructions were implemented. New arrangements would also be put in place with the intermediaries who collected members’ donations. “

  6. Re: euros – watching these games throughout, shows the difference in skill between different nation’s.



    Endeavour is paramount as shown by Iceland, Wales et al.



    We as Celtic need to encompass both skill and endeavour..



    In this league where we are, we will not progress. Unless the us less SEA get there act


    together for the betterment of Scottish football.



    We as a country need do get rid of all this bigotry for the good of the nation. It was created by greed. This is not needed. Scotland can be great as an International football club and it is disgraceful that we are not present at these global tournaments.

  7. Rascar Capac on

    Watching Dog Soldiers.



    Kevin McKidd is a very imposing actor.



    Really good in Rome too.

  8. ron67 on 3rd July 2016 9:31 pm



    FAN-A-TIC on 3RD JULY 2016 9:12 PM



    Ralston is a tank,



    is this a good or bad point? he is a young raw footballer who looks like he is on the small side and not very athletic.






    Yeah, God help us if we turn out another one of those hopeless Xavi or Iniesta types…

  9. Yeah, we want the good old Scottish type – a beast who can hoof the ball 90 yards and skittle over those fancy-dan fannies that think fitba’s about gay shit like passing and movement and dribbling…

  10. ..Those traditional Hun attributespromoted by the SFA that have kept Scotland at the very top of the game over the past decades…

  11. Scotland’s just a wee nation, remember. We’ve no right to be up there competing with the big football nations with resources and populations that dwarf us. (copyright SFA)



    Like thise giants of Wales and Iceland…

  12. Neil Lennon & McCartney on

    BILLYBEAR on 3RD JULY 2016 11:29 PM


    Kolo Toure is 35, ffs. Why would any team want to sign someone that old? Oh, wait a minute………………





    ………so is Patrice Evra




  13. Neil Lennon & McCartney on

    Speaking after the 1-0 win over Sturm Graz Rodgers said: “I’m just looking at Kristoffer and thinking he came in as a central midfield player, but he’s played in a number of positions, including striker. I just see him as a good footballer.



    “Obviously at his size, being very comfortable on the ball, once you get that aggression into your game, it’s a position he could play very well.



    “He’s got good speed, good recovery. So let’s see how he develops. I’ll give him an opportunity in midfield at some point.”





    The USA!!!!




  15. Can anyone tell me the difference between Celtic TV’s Online Subscription at £40 per annum and the Premium Subscription at £80 per annum? Can either be viewed on a TV? Can Celtic TV be viewed on an iPad?