Who stole Jason?


Delighted for Wales last night but what’s happened to Jason Denayer? Since ending his loan period at Celtic a year ago he’s made 15 starts for Galatasaray. He was hooked on four of those occasions, which is a high percentage substituted for a defender. Gala won their first four league games with Jason in the team but won only once in his final 10 appearances. The point was made to me last night that he looked overweight.

In his 12 months at Celtic he polished his rough edges and established himself as a top performer in the most effective defence we’ve had in years. Manchester City were not prepared to let him return to Celtic as the reckoned he simply wasn’t being stretched.

He signed a new contract at Man City before heading for Turkey, but their new management team are unlikely to promote him to their first team squad. He’s unlikely to have impressed anyone at the Euros and Galatasaray won’t be as keen as Celtic were to have him back.

Is it possible we’re the only ones who know what he’s capable of? I’d have him back tomorrow.


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    PETEC 424



    Cap doffed.



    You met the man,along with a few others,on Valentine’s Day last year.



    I was stuck on a boat!



    Aye,he has indeed gone home.




  2. saltires en sevilla on

    JMCCORMICK on 2ND JULY 2016 4:24 PM


    I understand from attributed quotes that Jason said defending in the SPL was easy compared to other leagues. I cannot say that I would argue with that as an opinion and he is at least able to say it from experience. …….







    Good post buddy!




    I remember you taking the long way for a short cut. ;))



    I noted you got a Passport for Dublin and now that EU passport is likely to be made redundant. :s



    HH dude.

  4. I really don’t see all the fuss over Joe Allen. He is a decent player in a team doing well (like Ledley). Wales have a great team spirit but the main reason they are doing so well is because they have two superstars in Ramsey and (in particular) Bale.



    I’ll get slaughtered for this but is Allen any better than Johansen? Allen has 0 goals and 3 assists in 30 caps. Johansen has 3 goals and 4 assists in 28 caps.



    Greece won the Euros in 2004 butnone of their players were actually that good. I’d be very cautious about spending more than 4m on a Joe Allen. I’d sign Duda or Kapustka ahead of him!!!

  5. Joe Allen’s awful pass also got his team mate Ramsey booked (who now misses the semi final).



    He’s a decent player, but certainly not worth the inflated value he’s now rated at.

  6. Lennon n Mc....Mjallby on

    There’s a reason


    For the sunshine in the sky


    We’ve got Brendan


    And we’ve done number five


    Must be the season


    We make it six times


    Oh it’s Paradise!




  7. Garngad to Croy on

    For any Welsh bhoyos on CQN there are single Cat 1 tickets 495 Euros available on the UEFA ticket portal , it takes 5 mins to register and you need your passport number





    I think I jinxed it.



    Heyho,the people have spoken,etc.





    We can live without Joe Allen for a year. A word in his shell,and join us for a big signing fee next year.

  10. thetimreaper on

    Joe Allen is a class player, he would be a brilliant signing for us. The SMSM are terrified of us bringing in that calibre of player so they start with the £8-10m nonsense. If he wants to link up with BR again and fancies a spell up here i reckon £3-5 million would be enough. It’s whether we could handle his wages or not.

  11. £3-5mill, have you not seen the money that has already changed hands down south? £20mill seems to be the starting point for most players.

  12. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Seemingly Swansea were knocked back with £8 million bid for Allen last week

  13. We couldn’t come close to meeting his wages, the best we could hope for is a loan for the year with Pool picking up 50% of them.


    With respect to the fella, if we are going to break the bank esp with wages, there are much, much better players out there IMO.

  14. THE EXILED TIM on 2ND JULY 2016 5:52 PM



    Totally agree. If we are going to spend serious money then there are far better options out there!!

  15. THETIMREAPER on 2ND JULY 2016 5:44 PM



    Even though Johansen has only a year left on his contract I would expect a larger fee than 3m.



    He is the captain of his country, has 28 international caps, 3 international goals, was POTY in 2015 (ok he was very average in 2016 but still managed 4 goals and 9 assists…….and he played in the DM position more often than the season before).



    I think we got 6m for Ki in the last year of his contract and Johansen is a better all round player (IMO). For me starting price would be 4-4.5m.

  16. I remain glad that many of you are not allowed to conduct transfer policy on behalf of our clubs.



    You would sell all our internationalists for peanuts and buy players for £10m (internationalists or not).



    There is a long history of the just punt McGeady for £1m, give Ki a free and return Fraser Forster to Newcastle as damaged goods.





    Joe Allen has earned about £12m just in his Liverpool days. I doubt he was scrambling about for the rent before that. Sometimes,a player gets an idea that there’s more to life than more money when you already have plenty.






    Huge crowds.



    Adulation and appreciation.



    Who knows?



    Why did you want to be a footballer?



    I wanted to be rich-tick



    I wanted to be famous-tick



    I wanted to win things-well,that might just swing it,you never know.



    Btw,if I had my choice about a Welsh guy named Joe,it would be Ledley.





    Panic not,our master negotiator is in control.

  19. And, while I’m ranting, World Cups and Euro Championships are poor places to conduct scouting these days. Everyone sees those games: there are no hidden or under-appreciated gems. In fact there is a fevered bidding war conducted by those clubs who can afford lazy scouting and are attempting to appease their fans by competing for the latest fashionable bling. Shane Duffy is a rock of a defender and, like Stephen McManus, a big threat as a goalscorer at set pieces, but he is not an accomplished defender. Joe Allen is an industrious hard working small midfielder- as good as Johansen- possibly a bit better- but not as good as Neil Lennon in his heyday, but a lot more expensive.



    The number of surprise results should alert us as to how loosely coached and organised these teams are in comparison to club sides. These international teams are hastily convened collectives of ever changing players who do not know each others strengths, weaknesses and preferences. That is why well organised teams with heart but no flair like Greece, Iceland and, to an extent, Wales can do well there.



    El Hadj Diouf, Mario Balotelli and Kleberson all got transfers, on the back of looking reasonable at this level of disorganised football.



    Honestly, apart from Gylfi Sigurdsson, who is a real star in the Iceland team. Bjarnasson works hard but so did Landry N’Guemo and so does Stefan Johansen. That is not enough to better Celtic.



    I hope we are signing guys that did not go to the Euros.

  20. I think only Scotland failed to qualify for the Euros so that limits our scouting of Euro players ;O)

  21. Up to ten Italians believed dead in the latest ISIS atrocity in Bangladesh.



    May they rest in peace.





    Shocker,mate. Really saddened by outrages like that.



    R I P

  23. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Joe Allen ?



    BR had him at Swansea, BR had him at Liverpool, could BR tempt him up the road to Paradise ? Who knows……. MON brought Neil with him, some players trust managers as much as managers trust players…… Klopp might not have JA in his 25 once he brings his own signings in



    Just as long as JA realises he has top be at the top of his game to join the champions :-)

  24. when I saw denayer last season he was at right back and he had a very good game, it was only one game but it was in the Europa against decent opposition



    Last night he played on the left hand side of a makeshift defence, alongside a left back who looked like he’d never played there before. Maybe he was unfit but it looked to me like he was defending for two out there. Alderweireld, supposedly one of the best defenders in the prem last season has looked very average all tournament.

  25. BMCUW



    Our selling success with McGeady, Wanyama, Ki, van Dijk, Forster and even Ledley and Matthews late on in their contract have to be put in the credit column in an attempt to mitigate the poor tradings in the debit column- Pukki, Balde etc;



    I am fairly neutral on the loan signings as we are not stuck with them when they stink or on the punts on players recovering from injury or bad boy reputations (Bakayoko, Ibrahim, Blackman etc:) as they do not cost us much and, if one came good, they would pay for the rest. But I draw the line at any excuse for Boerigter’s career. Other clubs and coaches paid Balde and Pukki when they left CP but Derk will be luck to get another job with a decent club. (even Chinese and Qatari clubs have not touched him)

  26. Celtic currently have 35 players in their first-team squad. Obviously we are all hoping for at least another couple of signings, maybe 3, this window, which would bring the squad up to 37 or 38.



    I’m sure we all agree, it is top-heavy and needs serious trimming.



    I believe we will need to wait another year before the squad numbers are seriously cut.



    The following players have contracts that expire next summer:




















    Of that list, I would imagine only Griffiths and Rogic would be guaranteed to be offered a new deal. Also, we will always need 3 goalkeepers, so if not Fasan, it will be A.N.Other. Which leaves 5 obvious candidates for removal.



    I am sure we will see 2 or 3 more being shipped out over the course of the current transfer window,



    By the close of next summer’s window, I would hope we have a first-team squad of around 25, which was the number quoted by Brendan Rodgers as his preference.



    It won’t be easy moving players out, especially those still in contract.



    Who’d be a manager?





    There are examples of why PL is good at his job,and there are examples of why he should have stuck to what he was good at.



    Had he stuck to the latter,he would be more appreciated-adored,even-by yer average Tim



    He didn’t.



    And yer average Tim found something else to do on a Saturday.



    He is a lucky man to still be employed,but back in his box can be an asset.

  28. N83


    I see better players here every week, players that could be had for way less and a fraction of the wages, then we could look at the eastern european markets, cheaper still, we really should take off the brit blinkers.








    I would never have let Joe leave in the first place :-(


    A poxy mill, this is an example of meddling where there shouldn’t have been.



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