Who stole Jason?


Delighted for Wales last night but what’s happened to Jason Denayer? Since ending his loan period at Celtic a year ago he’s made 15 starts for Galatasaray. He was hooked on four of those occasions, which is a high percentage substituted for a defender. Gala won their first four league games with Jason in the team but won only once in his final 10 appearances. The point was made to me last night that he looked overweight.

In his 12 months at Celtic he polished his rough edges and established himself as a top performer in the most effective defence we’ve had in years. Manchester City were not prepared to let him return to Celtic as the reckoned he simply wasn’t being stretched.

He signed a new contract at Man City before heading for Turkey, but their new management team are unlikely to promote him to their first team squad. He’s unlikely to have impressed anyone at the Euros and Galatasaray won’t be as keen as Celtic were to have him back.

Is it possible we’re the only ones who know what he’s capable of? I’d have him back tomorrow.


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    There are examples of why PL is good at his job,and there are examples of why he should have stuck to what he was good at.



    Had he stuck to the latter,he would be more appreciated-adored,even-by yer average Tim



    He didn’t.



    And yer average Tim found something else to do on a Saturday.



    He is a lucky man to still be employed,but back in his box can be an asset.




    Surely that’s just you assigning them good and bad then saying he should only do good.



    When in reality PL followed the same procedure for all those signings and some worked and some didn’t.

  2. SFTB


    I think that Pedro has had his wings clipped, he will still be weilding the axe when needs be, but I do reckon that BR will have much more say on team matters.


    I saw a quote from Chris Davis just prior to leaving for Slovenia, he said that the hiarachy knew who the targets were and that they would do the deals, I paraphrase, so it seems that Pedro has been told who they want and he has to go get them.


    Had DD not interveined, and we are assume he has, I very much doubt that the likes of Dembele would have signed, I could have seen Pedro baulking at the signing on fee and wages for a wean.


    I still believe that the policy is virtually the same as before, but with a few tweaks, highly important tweaks, but tweaks all the same.


    I said it before that I think BR is in the same position as Ronny, he is just an massive upgrade IMO.


    I am delighted with the progress.



  3. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Joe Ledley ?



    Excellent player for us, pretty sure Joe didn’t want to sign a new contract we got Joe as he didn’t sign a new contract with Cardiff…. No room for sentiment





    Time will tell,but the post from TET explains why he should be.



    As a starter,of course.

  5. SFTB –



    Spot on.



    I was at Celtic Park when Brendan was introduced to the masses, and lurked on CQN over the next few days. I couldn’t believe how a few posters were claiming that at the press conference, Lawwell looked “ill at ease” and “not too happy” and that he had obviously been “put in his place” by Dermot.



    So here we had the club finally doing the right thing by pushing the boat out to acquire a top-class manager, and some people couldn’t even bring themselves to give Lawwell a modicum of credit. So much so that they claimed to be experts in human psychology and body language. Aye right!



    I viewed the press conference once again and Lawwell was smiling throughout, rather like the cat who got the cream.



    Talk about people seeing what they want to see, just to suit their own agenda.



    Absolute nonsense.

  6. Did Dembele not say we tried to sign him in January? That would indicate that PL was happy to pay the fee/wages back then

  7. Gerryfaethebrig on

    The Huddle



    Dembelle has said he was approached in January about Celtic’s interest Brendan was probably approached before Dembelle ….



    SuoerLeigh signed an extended contest during last season

  8. TET –



    Lawwell tried to sign Dembele in January, so your claim that he would not have been signed had Dermot not “clipped Lawwell’s wings” makes no sense.

  9. The point of signing a player from the Euros is what?



    They’re all knackered, their worth falsely inflated by the media coverage, and we need immediate impact in the next eight weeks to get us into the CL.



    We played a blinder with Dembele. More of the same please, Celtic.





    In no way did PL look at the players as what they brought to the team.



    He looked at what they cost,and whether he could get the same for less.



    A nugget of gold here and there? Aye,mibbe. Where did it go? It went on the nuggets he signed,signing on fees,contracts,agents fees.



    And even paying them to leave.



    Meantime,he shut down the upper tier because he reckoned the fans weren’t there anymore,well it’s pretty bloody obvious we were there all the time,but don’t like the pish getting ripped out of us.



    Had he stuck to his strengths,he would be a hero. He didnae. His ego was bigger than his talent.

  11. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Bada Bing



    Germany yet to lose a goal in this tourney…. 0-0 ?



    For any gamblers out there do not bet 0-0 bet no goal scorer (always same price) but if any own goals scored you still collect NEVER bet 0-0

  12. Auld Tam


    See if you read my post properly :-)


    The fact is we didn’t sign him, that tells me something different than you obviously.







    Four wins and four draws,I believe.



    Fire in,I’ve not jinxed you!

  14. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Interesting line-up from Germany. Was going to say I fancied Italy unless Germany try something different. So, could be interesting…..

  15. Celtic signed Joos Valgaeran after Euro 2000 for £3.6 million, and Izzy after the 2010 World Cup for a paltry £550k(?).



    Both turned out not too badly.





    It’s satire.



    Corrected that for you,BSR. Don’t want the pedantry vanguard of the grammar police giving you a hard time.





    But again that’s you assuming PL makes the decisions on who we sign. I don’t believe that was ever the case.



    To me it looks like we have a procedure for signing players, that involves management, scouting and finance (like the majority of clubs in Europe).



    Why some fans have this hangup about PL is a little strange





    Didnae realise I’d missed your call till I got back,left that phone on charge.



    Enjoy yer flight tomorrow,pity about missing the Dublin stopover.



    Hugs and kisses to yer gals.





    That’s your opinion. I have mine.

  20. TET



    “I saw a quote from Chris Davis just prior to leaving for Slovenia, he said that the hiarachy knew who the targets were and that they would do the deals, I paraphrase, so it seems that Pedro has been told who they want and he has to go get them. ”




    I am not seeing a world of difference between that and the previous policy. There was a manager wish list then just as there is now. Martin Odegaard was on Ronny’s list but we did not land him. Joe Allen and Trevor Sinclair seem to be on Brendan’s but we might land one, none or both- who knows?



    The narrative I heard was that, while Sevco were in the lower divisions, we were always going to reign in the spending, so that we would have a bit left by for the rainy day when they got to Premier League level- I look on it as “slap down” money rather than a change of policy. It is increased transfer spending designed to give them much less chance of competing with us for the title.



    I am not convinced that this is a wise policy- not for the usual CQN gripe that we should have been motoring well ahead of them these past few years (How could we be even more ahead of them when they were in different leagues?)- but, because, I think the money might be better spent in Sevco’s 2nd or 3rd season in the Scottish Premiership.



    Having said that, I think Sevco have used the only transfer policy open to them- Supplementing their few SP standard players- McKay, Halliday, Wallace and Tavernier with hardened senior pros like Barton, Gilks and Hill. It reminds us of attempting to compete with their English internationalists by recruiting Mike Galloway and Pat McGinlay- both decent pros- but clearly a level below what they had at the time. It gives them a chance of being competitive- look how good Hearts were in their first season after promotion. All it needs is for them to strike it lucky and a couple of their youth team prove to be superstars and they will become even more competitive in future years.



    Even a generation of domination (such as Rosenborg , Skonto Riga had and Dinamo Zagreb currently have) will end some day.



    A lot depends on their finances for off field activities. Derek McInnes has already shown how easy it is to be competitive with a largely journeyman squad.

  21. If the rumours via ETims diary are that Robson Kanu’s signing has now hit a glitch I’m sure any deal for Joe Allen will hit the same glitch of an agent going “hang off son, yer in demand. Get yerself off to Ibizia for a week and leave it to me. Do you like Hull?”



    Wouldn’t be surprised if Duffy hits the same glitch.





    Aye,we know about the Spurs one,but daizafaver,don’t mention that name again!



    Guid lad…

  23. Bada – same here in Spain but I have an obliging son at home who stuck a few Bob on Wales for me last night.



    Being an hour ahead and with Mrs Baldie “I like to be asleep lying midnight” they avoiding the scores and catching the 11.45 highlights has been ideal!



    Italy for me tonight.

  24. TET –



    So you believe that Celtic have upped their game as far as wages and transfer fees are concerned, but it has absolutely nothing to do with Lawwell, the club CEO, who was presumably dragged kicking and screaming into the real world?



    Absolute fantasy.

  25. SFTB


    I don’t see much of a difference either….


    ” I still believe that the policy is virtually the same as before, but with a few tweaks, highly important tweaks, but tweaks all the same.


    I said it before that I think BR is in the same position as Ronny, he is just an massive upgrade IMO. ”



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