Who stole Jason?


Delighted for Wales last night but what’s happened to Jason Denayer? Since ending his loan period at Celtic a year ago he’s made 15 starts for Galatasaray. He was hooked on four of those occasions, which is a high percentage substituted for a defender. Gala won their first four league games with Jason in the team but won only once in his final 10 appearances. The point was made to me last night that he looked overweight.

In his 12 months at Celtic he polished his rough edges and established himself as a top performer in the most effective defence we’ve had in years. Manchester City were not prepared to let him return to Celtic as the reckoned he simply wasn’t being stretched.

He signed a new contract at Man City before heading for Turkey, but their new management team are unlikely to promote him to their first team squad. He’s unlikely to have impressed anyone at the Euros and Galatasaray won’t be as keen as Celtic were to have him back.

Is it possible we’re the only ones who know what he’s capable of? I’d have him back tomorrow.


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  1. Hankray


    I’m a longstanding critic of modern coaching.


    For the most part football is dull with a plethora of cautious possession obsessed coaches.


    I only enjoy watching Celtic and even then last seasone was tough at times.


    Like I say above football is in danger of losing future generations due to the fullness of the modern game and the fact that there are many alternatives.


    The Copa America put the Euro’s to shame.


    It was entertaining.

  2. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Roy C



    We should invite the Snp politicians (Mr Boswell included) to ML post code next Saturday if they want to experience offensive behaviour ….



    When the heavens opened today I had a wee smile more of the same next Saturday



    Italy missing De Rossi

  3. STAIRHEEDRAMMY on 2ND JULY 2016 8:11 PM


    Half caught shortbread news earlier and I’m sure they reported the crimes going at OO walk today as being done by unofficial hangers on. Did i hear that right?



    Apparently it was Chelsea fans…

  4. Roy croppie…



    For once my daughter didn’t recognise a song “the Wakes”. :)



    Quite a boring game it will suit Italy more, hoping it will open up a bit in the second half, although I can see a 0-0 then penalties.

  5. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Ramsey and others missing the semifinals is a scandal,yellow cards should be wiped out after group games.

  6. Good grief……………..



    whit a poor game……






    BellaFigura? CSC

  7. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Ellboy on 2nd July 2016 7:42 pm




    I don’t remember Denayer ever playing as a left sided CB for us as he did last night for Belgum?




    That one puzzled me too. Normally if you have two right-footers, you put the better/more experienced one on the left. Expected Alderwrireld to be on the left. Mind you with Wilmots logic doesn’t seem to apply!

  8. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Roy Croppie, good photo of a flag raising from yesteryear.



    If Big Billy or Tommy Gemmell can not raise the league flag due to ill health, Danny McGrain will hopefully be asked to do it.



    Danny , like Billy and Tommy, played a big part in our team’s history in the last 51 years .

  9. Royston………….




    Highly,……………. highly………. unlikely.




  10. We are watching the Germany old style …….workmanmlike but boring. Italian football has never been at a lower ebb not one player on view with a modicum of flair.

  11. Re The reporting on Orange Walks



    I would not expect anything better.



    The SNP knew what they were doing in getting Duncan Morrow to report on this. Football got vilified and the walks were given an easy assessment. Strict liability for football: pious chat re parades.



    Here are the recommendations for both:-






    5.7.9 We wish to reaffirm the recommendations made in our Interim Report (paragraphs 6.65 to 6.73) all of which remain valid.



    5.7.10 The football authorities and clubs should proactively work to address the close association in public perception of football in Scotland with sectarianism through direct programmes of intervention, clear anti-sectarian messaging and active and visible leadership in partnership with other agencies such as local government, youth work, schools, police.



    5.7.11 Respond to our question of ‘if not strict liability then what?’ It is clear that a strategic and measured response to Scotland’s remnants of sectarian attitudes and behaviour cannot succeed without squarely addressing the sectarian problems within and around football.



    Marches and Parades



    5.7.12 Organisations convey the key messages of their parades through dialogue in and with local communities. Dialogue will also give an opportunity for local communities to present their views.



    5.7.13 Scottish Government enter a dialogue with local communities and community planning partnerships which affirms and respects the rights of religious and political expression and the rights of communities not to be unreasonably disrupted.

  12. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Re signings from Euros – I liked the Albanian defender Ajeti. Solid and reads the game well. Plays for a Serie B club, so shouldn’t be out of our budget.

  13. Neustadt-Braw on

    Fecksake……wots Italian for football…..






    No sae braw ..




  14. Expect fireworks now.



    No Pyro No Party.



    25ish minutes of quality fitba ahead.



    I have Italy in the works draw.