Why Ange had to play Kyogo


For you and me, it was a dead rubber, an opportunity to watch Celtic without the pressure of winning or losing.  For the players and coaches, not so much.  The entirely-changed 11 who took the field played like they wanted to make an impact, as did an almost-as-changed Real Betis side.

The game was competitive, the nine added minutes at the end of the second half passed excruciatingly slowly; by that stage of the evening, no one’s head was in dead rubber territory.

When Albian Ajeti pulled up lame in the first half, Ange Postecoglou had plenty to ponder.  At that moment, he was left with only one fit striker, Kyogo Furuhashi, the most valuable asset in Scottish football, who was resting on the bench.

Of course Kyogo came on.  Ange did not set his team out to pull their punches, he wanted and got a performance.  He gave fringe players their opportunity.  Would it have been right for him to pull his own punches, 30 minutes into the game, by leaving his only striker on the bench?  If he expects the players to commit, he has to commit and play the game competitively.

Management is so subtle.  Selecting the right players and tactics is not nearly enough.  If you want players to follow you, you have to live the role.  Ange knew this when he told Kyogo to get stripped.

So what did we learn?  James McCarthy looks more than comfortable in a Celtic shirt every time I see him.  The player he was is slowly emerging.  Liam Scales can feel aggrieved he has not had a sniff of proper action before this week.  Stephen Welsh continues to grow into the role of Celtic central defender, a year after breaking into the team.

We finished third in a group against the third placed teams in Germany and Spain.  Collecting six points from Ferencvaros was an objective delivered, although so much more could have been achieved as we allowed comfortable positions slip in Spain and Germany.

If you are old enough, you will remember being told Celtic win trophies when they first emerge.  Perhaps the Europa Conference League will have its compensations.

Motherwell on Sunday afternoon is anything but a dead rubber.  The Celtic FC Foundation Bucket Collection returns for the first time in two years, those in need remain numerous.  The work of the Foundation does is remarkable and literally life changing at this time of year.  It is our greatest boast.

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  1. Ange made the correct decision in playing Kyogo.



    I will not repeat ad nauseam why he was absolutely correct. However one point cannot be ignored.



    50,000 + who braved the elements deserved nothing less.




  2. Bada.


    I agree.get them in as soon as.do their quarantine ASAP.work to be getting on with.


    Our window is 1/1 to 31/1


    Japanese one? Do you know?



  3. SONSOFERIN on 10TH DECEMBER 2021 3:11 PM



    SS – You can sign anyone, the transfer window simply stops you from playing them in competitive/association games.



    That’s the difference between employment law and association rules.





    Makes me wonder what other differences exist,😇


    Say between insolvency and association rules.


    Think there is one or two here in Scotland.







    I’d still dispute that the substitutions were a “mistake,” no one can say for certain that keeping them on would have stopped us from conceding two late goals, I’m not sure how much more effective three tired forwards would have been in preventing them. You could easily argue the risk was worth it to protect the players



    What can’t be argued is that keeping them on would have made injury in that game and the next more likely. Jota’s hamstring went on exactly the same time as he was taken off against BL a couple of games later. The longer a game goes on the more likely someone is to be in the red zone and pull or tweak something. And playing a full game makes the next one more of a danger.



    Id also argue (no surprise) with making GG the nominated penalty taker was a mistake. Its easy to go with the evidence of what we’ve seen with our own eyes but a more statistical analysis, which should always be used when considering something like penalty taking, suggests it wasn’t. Jura had taken one penalty in his career before he came to Celtic,, GG had scored 9 out of his last 10. You go with the expert. Jura’s next one didnt exactly show he’s infallible himself. I honestly would have put GG on pens.



    I don’t think having Kyogo on the bench was a mistake. Hindsight is great, but I don’t think anyone envisaged Ajeti coming off after 30 minutes, a run out for the last 15 minutes would have been perfectly reasonable. He did his hamstring 13 minutes after coming on.

  5. Here is a synopsis of a Tom English article I just read on the BBC site:



    `Stop whingeing, Postegolou. All the other Managers in Scotland have it much harder than you.`

  6. Go tell the Spartim on

    Celtic train the way Ange expects us to play so injuries are just as likely to happen there as anywhere, so do we exclude players from training now in case they get injured?

  7. shit moof ! I know you like last word , makes you think you’re hard , probably because in a pub would bet you wouldn’t!! anyway have a nice evening, before you become incoherent later on , you shit moothed rat , absolute fake your talk about refugees! fooling nobody, now fart in the wind all night Wank !!

  8. Does anyone know if rest makes hamstring injuries any more or less likely?



    It seems to be assumed that if he didnt play yesterday then he wouldnt have picked up in the injury in any of the coming games.



    An honest question and one that I’d hope our new sports science guy would have an answer to



    I do seem to remember hamstring injuries happening to players who didnt rehab properly, or have a proper pre-season. We used to pick up a few of them early on in the season before bodies had got fully used to the rigours of 90 minutes of sheer hell



    I also remember Ryan Giggs having recurrent problems with his until he changed the seat in his car. Or maybe it was he had his wisdom teeth out, although that may have been Jose-Maria Olazbal.

  9. !!BADA BING!! on 10TH DECEMBER 2021 2:50 PM


    hankray- VAR should be used to call out the cheats,who go down holding their head,when replays show otherwise, yellow and red cards are needed,happened about half a dozen times last night.






    Agreed I said the same last night. If VAR is going to check if a player ‘struck’ another player like the check on Soro then surely it should also be able to check when/if a player goes down holding a head/face/leg and replays show no contact. That’s ‘simulation’ or cheating to you and me!

  10. Some truly incoherent mentalness (one of my favourite made up Scottish words) on here today.


    Maybe it’s Friday and the approach of the weekend?



    I’m off for a pint……………or eight.

  11. So many comments on the Kyogo ‘thing’, all valid in their own way. Most have been measured and have given reasons for their stance – I posted mine early this morning.



    What is sad & so annoying, is that we don’t have a young striker in the development squad ‘bursting a gut’ to step up – whenever was this so?



    Scales, Uroghide, Shaw, Mongomery & Henderson will all be ‘bhoyed’ by being part of a European night win in a packed Celtic Park – it could be the turning point for them, as Murrayfield was for Ryan Christie. Mikey Johnston must, in my opinion, be persevered with and who knows Dembele might get the chance to stake a claim in the current situation.



    So no ‘doom & gloom’, just a realisation that things may be tougher in December than we imagined.

  12. GENE on 10TH DECEMBER 2021 5:10 PM


    I thought we had language rules on here.




    So too did I, however personal experience over time has disabused me of that notion. To be abused & disabused simultaneously must be rare indeed😁.

  13. evening loons and lassies…all the Germans in ma hoose last night loved the game….many converts…and it is just a game of football…hahahaha really it is ..here is a wee story of what other Celtic loons are up to….my big brother has been repairing ships engines in Hamburg and Wilhelmshaven for the last 18 months …on the last one he accompanied the ship as the engineer .The Rise Above






    they saved over 800 souls off Libya…was with him last weekend and he had awfy braw stories …he flys back from Palermo today having flown down on the 7th to hand over to the next engineer.All the crew are volunteers and I have got to know them …braw braw folk …and all new Celtic peeps now …I,ve introduced them to The Cutty Sark crew ..and send them songs and news about the Celtic .This real world is very very real for a lot of potential Celtic fans .



    smiley it is comforting to know there are Celtic folk doing Celtic minded work thing



    mission-lifeline .de if you would like to help…put CQN somewhere or just Braw (as I have not asked P67 hahahhaha)



    tomorrow is another day ….





  14. 4.38 4.40


    You have the last word.they are crackers.


    A lot of self analysis in there.lol.


    Short on Celtic tho.


    Are you coming on as yourself or as a flash cutNpaster


    Supporting fishermen harassing RNLI when rescuing humans?


    Refugees are most welcome.

  15. Just catching up on all the day’s other news and it seems the political wind is about to shut the gates at Scottish football grounds sometime this month. If this does happen will they open again this season?

  16. Re signing the Japanese Bhoys, I think it would be illegal to prevent any employee or potential employee from signing a work contract if they wished to do so.


    My understanding of the Window is you can only register Players during the Transfer Windows.


    What is the difference between Shaw signing a pre contract last Christmas & the Japanese lads signing a pre contract on Monday.


    There is also nothing that would prevent any new lads from Training with the Team.


    It would make total sense to sign them now, get them into quarantine, hopefully a week or 10 days Training before Jan 2nd and be in like a shot on 1st January to Register them.

  17. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    Sometimes this site reads like one of theY Hun swearie sites.



    Give it a rest guys for goodness sake – disagree, but keep it civil.






  18. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    At Stivs – cheers.



    I see your point about “blockers”.



    Hopefully we employ some smart people who know the process for international clearances, work permits etc.



    Why would they (selling club) help ?



    Just a punt but ..



    lob 1st instalment into an escrow account?

  19. Corkie.



    I just don’t know that the owners/selling club would want their assett training with another club.



    What happens in the event of illness or injury.

  20. I just had one of those out the box thoughts.



    why not get a link up with some jleague club and send some of our development players over there ?

  21. The Big Mhan once said that Celtic don’t play friendlies, Ange echoed that when he said he didn’t believe in dead rubbers.



    At one point the cameras panned tae the technical areas, there was big Ange straight faced and pensive concentrating on the game while opposing coach, Manuel Pellegrini, who has managed teams in Spain, England, Argentina, Chile, China and Ecuador, winning national leagues in four countries, looking quite agitated.



    As Celtic40me said “Betis sent out a second string 11 last night as did we. Their second string had 4 Spanish internationals, 2 Portuguese, an Argentine and a Mexican. 8 of the 11 have played for top national teams. William Carvalho has made 65 appliances for Portugal and cost them 25m, the wee winger cost them 12.5m. Their captain has over 50 appearances for Spain, while we had 2 players making their Celtic debuts and 5 players with a total of less than 30 appearances for Celtic in ours”.



    This was not just a great victory as Corky alluded tae, but the manner in which they grafted right tae the end, as for Real not upping their game, mibbees just mibbees we didnae let them, in the 100th minute look at the anger on their player for NOT getting a throw in, magic performance fae a the young Celtic team.



    My first win over them after 2 defeats and 1 draw, all at hades I hasten to add, the losses were a 0-4 drubbin in Paddy Crerand’s last game and a 0-2 quarter final cup game where they had applauded us ontae the park before the game after we had sensationally beat Slovan in Bratislava, in our second season in European football we had managed to get through to a semi final of a European competition.



    As much as there was pure hostility on the terracing not so in the boardrooms, can’t say that about the present regime over in the bigot pit.



    After this fine gesture of sportsmanship willie henderson then gave a sublime display, their second goal came when he ran 40 yards before thumping it home at the Celtic end.



    The draw, my first ever visit there, other than the Police Sports, was when big Frank who had replaced Frank Connor in goal, somehow contrived tae dive over a shot from the over rated 2nd best player tae come out of Hill O’ Beath in the final minute practically on his doorstep which led tae the “Haffey Haffey” chants fae them whenever he was in opposition.



    That goal resulted in the subway loyal coming back intae the ground, outcome, 2 fatalities and 60 were injured when a barrier gave way at an exit on the Copland Road side of the ground. Glasgow magistrates called for an investigation into the incident.



    Ironically I was there 10 years later when a similar last minute goal resulted in far more deaths, so much for their fabled enquiry.



    So here we are, already qualified for the LC quarters when we head down tae the aptly named Rugby Park for a “dead rubber”. kilmasonic, who would win the title that season, tactics were brutal and appeared to involve kicking anything that moved in green and white, as a result both Bobby Murdoch and big Billy were stretchered off the park and we finished with only 9 men, the biggest sinner was soosider Pat O’Conner, who allegedly kept Paddy Crerand out of the school team, what’s that oul saying “yer ain kind are the worst”.



    Anyway, Saturday rolled around and we are at home tae a full strength deidco side. Chopper had torn knee ligaments and Billy a chipped bone in his ankle, so in came big John Cushley and John Divers while Brogie replaced Luggy.



    In a game played in torrential rain, we literally played them off the park, Charlie G had a penalty tipped ontae the post by the hun goalie only for it tae stick in the mud instead of rebounding and the Bear after rampaging down the left wing before rifling the ball home had it called back for a foul tae him.



    Still there was no stopping this hard working Celtic side with big Cush, Brogie and stand in captain the President easily curtailing the front line trio of mclean, forrest and brand, while John Divers had the hun stand in captain baxter in his pocket.



    So in the end they were well beaten by a patched up Celtic side 3-1 going on 6 or 7.



    And for all those “Monday morning quarterbacks” out there, there’s a job going at Easter Road.

  22. Just dropped Paul67 a message, requesting he cleans up the current abuse and language being thrown around on the blog



    No idea who the moderators, are, were, maybe they can intervene

  23. TONTINE TIM on 10TH DECEMBER 2021 5:47 PM


    ‘The Big Mhan once said that Celtic don’t play friendlies,’







    Was it not Fergie that said that?



    Whoever it was it came to a halt under Strachan. Coventry at the Ricoh arena, Shearer testimonial. Jeesh.

  24. I really hope that they don’t pull the plug on fans attending games. ( To the best of current medical knowledge, not one person world wide has died of this new varient, how many will die due to mental health issues ? )


    Control, agenda or prevention. Were jabs not meant to set us free ?



    Does no crowd make a difference to games: absolutely. For example, without a crowd last night I do not think Ange would have put Kyogo on.


    Simple but probably true.




  25. GREENPINATA on 10TH DECEMBER 2021 6:07 PM



    ‘Were jabs not meant to set us free ?’





    Not as such, no. They were meant to avoid you dying unnecessarily. Which, for the most part, they have done.

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