Why Ange had to play Kyogo


For you and me, it was a dead rubber, an opportunity to watch Celtic without the pressure of winning or losing.  For the players and coaches, not so much.  The entirely-changed 11 who took the field played like they wanted to make an impact, as did an almost-as-changed Real Betis side.

The game was competitive, the nine added minutes at the end of the second half passed excruciatingly slowly; by that stage of the evening, no one’s head was in dead rubber territory.

When Albian Ajeti pulled up lame in the first half, Ange Postecoglou had plenty to ponder.  At that moment, he was left with only one fit striker, Kyogo Furuhashi, the most valuable asset in Scottish football, who was resting on the bench.

Of course Kyogo came on.  Ange did not set his team out to pull their punches, he wanted and got a performance.  He gave fringe players their opportunity.  Would it have been right for him to pull his own punches, 30 minutes into the game, by leaving his only striker on the bench?  If he expects the players to commit, he has to commit and play the game competitively.

Management is so subtle.  Selecting the right players and tactics is not nearly enough.  If you want players to follow you, you have to live the role.  Ange knew this when he told Kyogo to get stripped.

So what did we learn?  James McCarthy looks more than comfortable in a Celtic shirt every time I see him.  The player he was is slowly emerging.  Liam Scales can feel aggrieved he has not had a sniff of proper action before this week.  Stephen Welsh continues to grow into the role of Celtic central defender, a year after breaking into the team.

We finished third in a group against the third placed teams in Germany and Spain.  Collecting six points from Ferencvaros was an objective delivered, although so much more could have been achieved as we allowed comfortable positions slip in Spain and Germany.

If you are old enough, you will remember being told Celtic win trophies when they first emerge.  Perhaps the Europa Conference League will have its compensations.

Motherwell on Sunday afternoon is anything but a dead rubber.  The Celtic FC Foundation Bucket Collection returns for the first time in two years, those in need remain numerous.  The work of the Foundation does is remarkable and literally life changing at this time of year.  It is our greatest boast.

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  1. HOT SMOKED on 10TH DECEMBER 2021 10:04 PM


    Let me ask a diferent way and see if this gets an answer:







    Is it the case that when the virus enters the system of a triple vaccinated person, it `dies` so is no longer tranmissable?







  2. I have only heard AP complaining yesterday, about the ridiculous schedule, which he is totally right about, English picking what he wants,to pay his bills.

  3. Just get Your Boosters.






    Destroy your natural immune system – thats whit yer daein’.



    This isnae really about the older wans like us jibber jabbering about it but about the Young Ones who are being denied so much.



    I’m an old skool raver and dinnae want anything to do with this incessant Big Pharma onslaught.



    Anyway twas good to see some Confident play by so many players considered back ups.



    Onwards and upwards.

  4. Interest piqued, I read the Tom English essay.


    Besides pre-surmising that the guy loathes us as a team and club, I thought it was a fairy nuff – if snide – piece.



    Like another poster said, I don’t think our squad is threadbare [esp compared to many of our foes] but I don’t see the harm in Ange publicly stressing that claim to coerce CEO Michael to flourish the transfer chequebook.



    Would still like to have seen wee Moffat get a chance to run – Jinky like – at some of Betis’s leggy seconds.



    Embdy heard of WeeBobbyCollins, whose pithy contributions haven’t appeared for a while?

  5. Chairbhoy



    “By stating the odds are 50/50, so Celtic investing in the team before the qualification rounds for UCL would be too risky, as TBB stated was incorrect imo.



    If Celtic invest more money to qualify for the UCL group stages, they obviously have a greater chance of qualifying, right.



    So how can the odds always be 50/50, regardless of how many rounds we play, how many Clubs qualify from the champions route and how much money we invest in the team?



    It can’t can it? “





    No, it definitely can’t!



    And I said so in the original post if you care to read back. The first round odds may be as much as 90:10 or 80:20 in Celtic’s favour if you calculate the number of times we get beat by an opponent at that stage. The singular odd for round 2 may be 70:30 still and in round 3 we may still be favourites albeit it will be trendi g towards 60:40 or less. By the time we get to 4th Qualifier, we might (NB might not definitely) be meeting a team that is close to 50:50 with us.



    So nowhere did I state that it was always 50:50. I know this not to be true so I wouldn’t say it.



    What I did say was that if you add an 80:20 chance to a 70:30 chance and then to a 60:40 chance and then to a 50:50 chance, your cumulative odds will be less than 50:50.



    Any punter who puts on a cumulative dds bet will be familuar eith the old Juan Didme expression. You may get 3 of your 4 odds on horses winning but maybe the first loses and the other 3 win or the 2nd loses with the other 3 winning. You CAN lose at all these stages,so the odds of tiumphung from all 4 are co-dependent. You cannot declare walkovers because you are favourite as favourites get beaten. They get beaten quite often in a low score game like football, as it happens. Less often in high scoring games like Basketball or Volleyball but , even there, thank god, it happens. that simple fact has given me some great sporting memories.



    Of course buying early and buying well can give you an edge, but it is NOT a riskless strategy as many clubs have shown. Proponents of Speculate to Accumulate always beleive there is a strong correlation. But you can Speculate to Stand Still (with a higher wage bill and debt) or Speculate to Fail (“Events, Dear Boy, Events”). There is not a scout alive or a manager/coach who nelieves you can get the best bang for your transfer buck by doing all your business early in the window. Yoi can replenish your journeymen than by signing up players from lesser clubs for whom Celtic is a pinnacle they will never surpass. But, if you want the very best you can attract you might be best served bywaiting until the top teams have chosen from their select and you can get their displaced players or the players they overlooked, who may be better than the ones who were willing to come to you earlier in the window.



    We can rationalise all this and use Scooby Doo thinking- If it wasn’t for those pesky kids/ risk averse businessmen we’d be awash with Messis and Ronaldos but that kind of “explain it away” thinking is usually expressed by unmasked Scooby villains on their way to the Big House. Villains who thought themselves the smartest guys in the room until reality told them how smart they really were.



    Thank you.Correct re WBC,will ask around before Motherwell game sun.sound Celt.hopefully if a good result in final may see lots put their head in.




  7. park>the>bus>long>ball>goal on





    Thank you for the responses.


    I fear a lock down is coming.for political reasons


    In England the UK government desperately needs a diversion. There will be an internal fight between the Chancellors gang and SAGE.


    There is no money left to support industry in trouble and economists are acutely aware of the economic and health consequences of lock down.


    In Scotland Nicola wants to be relevant and in control. The recent Scottish budget is a shocker and asking the UK government for more money when allocating 450m to a hypothetical Indy ref 2 is a complete joke. Council taxation for households is set to soar and we have just put the boot into the oil and gas industry with no credible plan for a phased transformation from Hydrocarbons.


    A few weeks ago we were asked to fling open our doors to strangers from all over the world. We indulged in selfies with everyone and anyone. Cop 26 was the holy grail and it was open door policy. The citizens of Glasgow had a nightmare. Gridlock meant emissions were up 33%, health suffered and now they want to isolate us.


    If the NHS is in danger of being overrun where are the mitigations ? The Nightingales and its tartan equilivant the Louisa Jordan???.


    Competent government would inact ” Lessons Learned ”


    So yes I fear lockdown is coming and our grounds may soon be empty.


    But make no mistake the consequences will be far reaching.


    Apologies for the political post, However if our stadium s are soon to be empty it will be a political decision.


    HH to all.


    The UK and Scottish governments are both sleezy and incompetent.




    All of that, plus the Scottish Green Party were elected on a manifesto which clearly stipulated that, not giving Care Workers the £15 per hour that they badly deserve, was a red line the Greens wouldn’t cross!


    The Greens accepted a toryesque deal of 18 pence per hour, about £6 an hour less than Greens said they’d accept, so an insult of a rise for the oppressed Care Workers?


    The tartan Tories consist of…


    SNP, Scottish Conservatives, Scottish Labour, Libdems, Scottish Greens.


    Everyone of these parties are the same. No opposition = sameness


    They are all shameful.


    The worst decision ever, was the creation of a Scottish Parliament.


    The country has gone to the dogs ever since.


    At least with Tory austerity from London, all of Scotland knew who the bad guys were.


    Or so it seemed.


    Now Scots have their own Parliament, and the entire parliament is an enemy of the people.


    Local councillors masquerading as Prime ministers and being utterly useless at it.

  8. Bada.


    I asked a pal that exact question seeing the b team tonight?


    It kinda fits.if our front men are knocked out for him to get a chance.


    Then again in Ange I trust.




  9. !!Bada Bing!! on 10th December 2021 11:24 pm


    Quad- seems Moffat was not in squad for the Development Squad tonight……rumour started….






    Here’s hoping the lhad gets a crack!

  10. Young Moffat had a good game down in Wales. Takes mair than that to IMPACT Celtic of Glasgow.



    I Hope he and so many others from our Footballing Academy make the first team and play at the most Elite of levels.



    Ange has said he will give Players chances. It’s about taking them.



    Thursday Night was Good.

  11. I’d definitely shuffle the goalkeeping pack when the Window opens.



    Joe has a mistake in him but has so much mair that says OH YEAH!!!!!!!!



    Incredible signing, IMHO.

  12. Liam & Osaze had Great games all things considering. The Fullback position is a toughie. Betis are a Highly skilled team with AWESOME forwards. Celtic are losing Forwards. Ange will deal with this.




  13. from the northern islands... on

    PETEC – 10:41 PM



    “Just get Your Boosters.






    Destroy your natural immune system – thats whit yer daein’.”





    You mean, like the BCG and Polio and Infuenza and MMR and Smallpox and Yellow Fever and Ebola and … vaccines too even though they have saved billions from the effects of serious disease and death?



    “Malaria vaccine is a vaccine that is used to prevent malaria. The only approved vaccine, as of 2021, is RTS,S, known by the brand name Mosquirix.[1] It requires four injections.[1]



    Research continues with other malaria vaccines. The most effective malaria vaccine is R21/Matrix-M, with a 77% efficiency rate shown in initial trials and significantly higher antibody levels than with the RTS,S vaccine.[2] It is the first vaccine that meets the World Health Organization’s (WHO) goal of a malaria vaccine with at least 75% efficacy.”





    Will this one destroy “natural immunity” too even though it has the potential to save many many millions of lives in some of the poorest countries in the world?



    Anyways, do you not think it would be a really really good idea for you to take your anti-vaxxer pseudo scientific voodoo nonsense elsewhere as you people are more, much more more, of a serious public health risk than any vaccine ever developed as, please believe me, thats whit yer daein? Just a thought and I thank you.

  14. from the northern islands…







    You Dani Bher,



    That is So Important.



    A Tsunami coming of, Propaganda.



    To scare the Resolute people, This is a wierd Fascist/Communist madness TRANSpiring.



    If you dinnae see it. Hmmmmmmmmm.







  15. Beyond this I dont post anything on the Timternet.



    I dont do whatsapp to the consternation of family and friends,



    I am not on facebook.



    Given the inputs above, who is the loony no offense intended to any one in anyone.



    hard read cqn, hard read.



    someone commented close it down earlier, any mibbies,



    like an army and navy shop. its done selling old shite

  16. from the northern islands... on

    PETEC – 12.31



    Indeed they’re not, I reckon they’re there cause a wealthy nut job(s) paid for them put them to be put there but, maybe just maybe, they were put up by anti-vaxxer death cultists to get the population down to “Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature and maintain it at that level” as the stones say?



    After all, there is little evidence to show any vaccines have ever caused any mass (or even minor) casualty events, but from Flu to Malaria to Polio to Smallpox to TB etc etc the corpses are piled up in their billions over the course of human history so I’d say anti-vaxxer is the way to go get us down to that level.

  17. Saint Stivs,



    I hope Our Greek Dude gets another chance.




    He was woeful/wasteful so much against Livi.



    Ange is ruthless, IMO.