Why Celtic need to take their portion of Anderson’s money


I’ve given Ann Budge appropriate levels of criticism this year but credit where it is due, she managed to get the ‘exclusive’ that James Anderson was a potential benefactor in waiting for Scottish football.  Anyone who comes up with £2m for the game is entitled to break the news in whatever way they choose.

Unlike Budge, Anderson clearly understands how important it is to cultivate support in arenas you want to influence.  He is now perfectly placed to do just that.  Hearts fans can only wonder how their club’s fortunes would differ if he, not Budge, fronted their financial rescue.

£50k per club is generous and welcome at every one of the 42 clubs.  It is easy to suggest Celtic should take the high ground and leave their portion in the pot, but that suggestion looks different if you dig into the grubby details.

Right now Celtic’s reserves are reducing by millions each month.  We don’t want to, and are unlikely to, sell anyone of value this year, pay cuts have happened – and not just for top executives.  That £50k might keep a couple of people in jobs.  Alternatively, if it is put to altruistic use, it should top up the support the club gives to the Foundation.

There are times to be generous to smaller clubs, but it is ludicrous to suggest that the extra £1219 they would earn if Celtic declined their portion would make any material difference.  It is a stupid idea, counterproductive and of value only as a vacant gesture.

We need to get ready for 10-in-a-row and Champions League qualification.  The Foundation needs to continue its work with the most needy in our community and beyond – and we still need to sell season tickets.  There is not enough money to do everything we will want to do in our own back yard.

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  1. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    What Stephbhoy67 said at 4:19pm



    What Fess19 said at 4:32pm

  2. !!Bada Bing!! on

    So on the 5th June, this incompetent clown said he is ‘re-doubling’ his efforts? Ffs

  3. i'vehadtochangemynamebacktojackiemac on

    Very interesting An Dún



    very very occasionally, I’ll put out an as gaeilge email in work (St Paddy’s day for example); most people google and reply as gaeilge – except evry chuffing time, there’s a smartarse comment from the CoE (house price religion) chaplain in work



    Ná bac leo a chara

  4. Slabhoy - on the road to 10 on

    Just a wee observation… Most bank apps allow you to deposit a cheque immediately without having to visit the bank or even post it off. I’m on the waiting list for a ST so don’t have tbe problem myself. Hope it it works swimmingly for all affected




  5. Bada



    These feckers are allowed to spout…pish without recourse. Shrek talking usual shi*e.



    Still clinging and mentioning…doubts…legal.. & he seems to keep mentioning …dynamics…as if he knows what he’s talking about.



  6. i'vehadtochangemynamebacktojackiemac on

    What revel would rae be ? He’s got to be the last bitter mauldee nut at the bottom of the packet.

  7. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    Did ticket price for hun games cost the same as all other games, was the season ticket price affected by inclusion of Hun games, what was the difference?


    But the refund will be calculated on a prorate basis, another skim off the top.



    More than a club no more than a business
















    great interview,


    relaxed, human, caring NFL.



    i am so glad he got back to us, and keeps on winning while maturing into a great man, wonderful.



    now a complete random, where is that interview taking place ? do we have some lounges/boxes in the lisbon lions (am i being completely daft here ?)



    anyone help

  9. fairhill bhoy on

    CANAMALAR-our books are up in LL416-we are special season tickets.our seats were the no mans land between us and them before they got reduced to 800 and now we get the option to buy our seat for they 2games at £50 a pop for me I honestly can’t remember if my dad gets his concession.I also think Celtic have made it awkward for st holders to claim a refund

  10. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    Fairhill Bhoy,


    So they take 100 extra but want to return approx 56 being the prorata rate, shrewd business practice in any carpetbaggers language eh

  11. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Just watched c.15 minutes of Euro 92 match between Scotland vs Netherlands.



    Paul McStay genuinely looks like a guy who has come back in time from playing 20 years in the future.



    His football brain, the way he keeps and moves the ball totally at odds with the other 9 outfield players who are all playing low risk, low percentage passes .. and giving the ball away.



    A real loss to the game at just 32.



    To think that Gary Mechanical was lauded in his late 30s at Liverpool.



    Couldn’t lace McStay’s boots.



    Hamilton Tim @ ages ago




    I think , its important to acknowledge that Celtic are pledging every single ST holder a refund, every penny, for every home game cancelled, there is a least one other biggish club in Scotland, which hasn’t and cannot even though its the obvious and correct thing to do.




    With Celtic ticket office staff furloughed, we have an online process which IMO is very easy, given’ windfall type payments’ won’t happen in many business’s or football clubs because of Covid 19. Filling in a form to identify yourself for a refund isn’t a hurdle, it involves thousands and thousands of pounds in an unexpected bill that Celtic have to fund, administer, facilitate and then pay out by cheque separately to season ticket holders. The Celtic and Sevco games were one offs and more easily refunded as the money involved is not entangled in season ticket money funding, which Celtic can justifiably say was spent a long time ago.




    The gist of some posts read that, they had no intention of claiming a refund but because Celtic asked us to fill in a form to get the refund, they’ve made us claim it?




    I suspect the dilemma of asking , or not asking for a refund is what really bothers some fans, not the fact that there is a simple protocol to be followed to get the money back.






    Apologies, I’ve been keeping busy all day and I’ve only just seen your reply.



    Regarding the first point I’m reminded of Celtic’s Sinn Fein (Ourselves Alone) policy where Peter was clear and unequivocal about our ability to survive without the bigot pound. For that reason it should be immaterial to Celtic, and indeed you and me, what that lot do. I fully acknowledge however that Celtic have been good enough to offer refunds to the many thousands who purchased season tickets for the 2019-‘20 and like many I’m genuinely appreciative of the offer.



    I disagree with you that printing, completing and returning the refund form ‘isn’t a hurdle’. On the contrary it’s a wholly unnecessary inconvenience which, in my opinion, puts supporters at risk. I speak as someone who has yet to experience the queuing which has become so much a part of ‘normal’ life.



    I don’t know for certain but I’d guess that it would take significantly less man hours, and in fact hassle, for the employees in the ticket office to simply transfer money by bank transfer than go through the arduous task of opening thousands of envelopes containing refund forms, processing them, printing off cheques and then posting them out.



    Regards the dilemma. There was none for me, I didn’t want the refund it was as simple as that. The dilemma came when Celtic deliberately made the refund process far more difficult than it needed to be.

  13. fairhill bhoy on

    Canamalar-I don’t know what we’re entitled back but We didn’t buy the Huns game this time,So in our case it’s probably not a lot.But it all adds up I suppose

  14. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    Fairhill Bhoy,


    My point was, tickets for the Hun games were not sold on a prorata basis but will be refunded like that, they used the Hun games to bump up the season book prices.



    More than a club, nothing more than a business.

  15. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Back to Basics- good game actually, that’s probably Holland’s best ever side.

  16. Back to Basics,



    Paul is my favourite ever Celtic player. Such a Legend. He had Everything you’d want in a central midfielder.



    Xavi Hernandez was the only player better I’ve seen.

  17. fairhill bhoy on

    Canamalar-does the st not just get divided by the amount of home games (19) and then X the games we didn’t get to see .Thats why because we pay less for our st with the Huns games optional we wouldn’t be entitled to much of a refund .But I agree with your main point,more like a business now

  18. prestonpans bhoys on

    Lets cut to the chase , CFC have made a refund difficult. Could have been done with a online form to submit easily. Folk have different economic circumstances, I’ve been plumbing £1000 per month into one of the weans to keep her afloat. The other I always pay for her ST and she pays back but will not ask this year since she’s short too. So £2500 savings gone over 10 weeks then yes I’ll take my refund and hers too, pity it’s so tortious😈

  19. Bigbhoy



    Re. Jordan Ibe being seen a a troublemaker



    The same was said about Edouard when we took him on loan. Sometimes young guys just need a bit more time than others to mature and the added responsibility of being a big player at a big club (he’s 24 so still quite young) can be enough to settle them down and concentrate on football



    Lenny would be good for him imo




  20. This discussion about ST refunds should see us through til the start of the new season. If not, the virtual season ticket topic will e good too.

  21. fairhill bhoy on

    Prestonpans Bhoys-I Dont think anyone has to justify why they’re taking the refund .Its a personal choice

  22. If I had ST I would be going for refund, even if it takes a convoluted route.

  23. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Most have an online account through email and Client Code,put refunds in there,click to leave with the Club, or click to put in your account, probably put towards next season’s ST.

  24. prestonpans bhoys on




    Agreed and if I didn’t have any dependences I would not bothered with a refund. However there are bhoys out there who struggle big style to pay their ST’s and this should have been taken into account by the board

  25. i'vehadtochangemynamebacktojackiemac on

    Anybody got any thoughts on the whereabouts of 92 Govan Road : my gran, Maria (mariah) Finn was born there?

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