Why Celtic need to take their portion of Anderson’s money


I’ve given Ann Budge appropriate levels of criticism this year but credit where it is due, she managed to get the ‘exclusive’ that James Anderson was a potential benefactor in waiting for Scottish football.  Anyone who comes up with £2m for the game is entitled to break the news in whatever way they choose.

Unlike Budge, Anderson clearly understands how important it is to cultivate support in arenas you want to influence.  He is now perfectly placed to do just that.  Hearts fans can only wonder how their club’s fortunes would differ if he, not Budge, fronted their financial rescue.

£50k per club is generous and welcome at every one of the 42 clubs.  It is easy to suggest Celtic should take the high ground and leave their portion in the pot, but that suggestion looks different if you dig into the grubby details.

Right now Celtic’s reserves are reducing by millions each month.  We don’t want to, and are unlikely to, sell anyone of value this year, pay cuts have happened – and not just for top executives.  That £50k might keep a couple of people in jobs.  Alternatively, if it is put to altruistic use, it should top up the support the club gives to the Foundation.

There are times to be generous to smaller clubs, but it is ludicrous to suggest that the extra £1219 they would earn if Celtic declined their portion would make any material difference.  It is a stupid idea, counterproductive and of value only as a vacant gesture.

We need to get ready for 10-in-a-row and Champions League qualification.  The Foundation needs to continue its work with the most needy in our community and beyond – and we still need to sell season tickets.  There is not enough money to do everything we will want to do in our own back yard.

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  1. mcphail bhoy



    I notice the EPL is screening some games on Saturdays @ 3pm, might just be on BT. Tend you agree with you Celtic have not thought this through. I see elsewhere that there is a question as to how many matches the new “deal” allows them to show. To be honest I’m not sure that this deal is worth all that.

  2. !!bada bing!!



    Not according to the provisional list of fixtures released yesterday!

  3. On Refunds: A missed opportunity?



    I cannot be bothered digging back but if Celtic want to continue as a business then those making money from that business ie those with a large shareholding whose share value was built in part from TV related income, should be prepared to meet the cost of refund so that asking for one doesn’t become a guilt trip.



    If the likes of DD doesnt like the idea of putting his hand in his pocket with no return and fans unlikely to be satisfied with a discount on purchases, then perhaps he can sell shares in the form of a Membership Scheme which is not contractually tied to a game taking place but to the emotional attachment we all feel for Celtic, regardless of all other issues.



    It would be a safety net for times like this but in return for buying in there has to be a means of giving members a meaningful voice in matters that are important to supporters.



    Current plans are built on hope and wishful thinking and have as the main article say produced resentment.



    Avoiding resentment is clearly not a top priority of those in charge or they would have acted on the fiasco that was the LNS Commission that rewarded 10 years of cheating with the swag won by the cheaters.



    There is never going to be a better time to make Celtic accountable but that opportunity will most probably be missed in a rush to win 10iar, unless enforced poverty has a huge impact on ST sales.



    Two men behind bars


    One saw mud, the other stars.

  4. MONAGHAN1900 @2:33pm



    He looks happy.I wonder if the masons can make you miserable.😠

  5. sean thornton



    Made the same point on here a couple of days ago. Cui Bono? Not Celtic, apart from people seeing the Celtic that is.

  6. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Listening to Shortbread, ive no idea how Neil McCann got bagged at Dundee, because he was going to do absolutely everything……..fud.

  7. Bada – There’s a few BBC ones too……



    Looks like it’s the end of MOTD types that nobody really cares for….

  8. WDH



    The only saving grace to be found.


    Chris, John, Johan and wee Gordie, all have that connection with the club.


    And no neophytes either.

  9. Monaghan1900 on

    TIMHORTON on 6TH JUNE 2020 3:28 PM


    MONAGHAN1900 @2:33pm


    He looks happy.I wonder if the masons can make you miserable.😠




    Must do,Tim. Smiling at them makes them angry.

  10. CONNAIRE12 on 6TH JUNE 2020 11:41 AM


    It is incredible how someone’s question can trigger off other thoughts in one’s mind. Someone mentioned a street in Govan yesterday and for the first time in many years I remembered the story that my maternal grandmother told me about one of her cousin’s who was a carter and who actually died while out delivering goods. His horse continued merrily on and returned him to the stables.




    That same grandmother was born 1882 at 335 Gallowgate and went to St Mary’s School and finally ended up in Lennoxtown. Good Celtic connections there, do you not think? Does any one know if 335 Gallowgate still exists?




    It no longer exits although the building I was born in, now bedecked with a Billy Connolly mural on the gable end at 151 Gallowgate exists.



    My dad was born in Well St, but get this, my grandad was born in 335 Gallowgate in May 1881 so your granny and my granda most probably grew up together.



    Small world isn’t in it. :)

  11. !!BADA BING!! on 6TH JUNE 2020 3:31 PM


    Listening to Shortbread, ive no idea how Neil McCann got bagged at Dundee, because he was going to do absolutely everything……..fud.




    I’ve heard him a couple of times and there is a lot more to him than the spiteful pundit. Quick on the uptake was my view.

  12. CONNAIRE12 on 6TH JUNE 2020 1:49 PM


    Thanks to all the lhads giving advice on the Gallowgate. Does anyone know if a school register for St Mary’s PS is available, especially from 1860 – 1890, Just wondering in my granny was fed at the Celtic table. it would interesting to know that Celtic is in my ” blood” from away back at the start.






    utterly fascinating that 3 on here have ancestors that were born or lived in the same address on the gallowgate, all of you thanks for sharing, I love all that stuff.



    I dont think its a great leap to imagine that someone in your past worked on buidling the celtic parks, seen the early games, mixed with the irish societies, met the founders, or indeed ate at the brothers dinner tables. some might have been at that very first game.





    I dont know if school records do exist for the parishes there, but someone who maybe able to help could be Brendan Sweeney author of Celtic The Early Years. The work put into the book identifies many pupils taught by the Marist brothers who went on to have some connection with celtic. I dont do facebook, but on that I recall Brendan mapping out where the schools were, how large they became, girls getting taught, all that stuff, might be worth reachinh out to him, or maybe somebody on here could make the connection/


    I am going to take a stab at maybe VFR could be a source as well.



    anyways scroll down this page for some maps of where walfrid taught –






    Brendans book for me is just possibly the best I have ever read about our founding.

  13. whitedoghunch on

    Celtic Mac


    indeed their insight and analysis will be a great honest measure of how we are shaping up/progressing


    Chromecast Celts

  14. Aulheid thanks for that information. Granny’s name was Annie McBride. By the 1901 census, she was living in Lennoxtown. But I am sure in her early years, she must have known your granda and of course his parents. Small world indeed.



    Thanks St Stivs for the information also.

  15. Por Cierto. Sorry missed your note that your people were from the same building. We will need to have a 335 reunion sometime.

  16. !!Bada Bing!! on

    AULDHEID on 6TH JUNE 2020 4:16 PM


    !!BADA BING!! on 6TH JUNE 2020 3:31 PM





    Listening to Shortbread, ive no idea how Neil McCann got bagged at Dundee, because he was going to do absolutely everything……..fud.










    I’ve heard him a couple of times and there is a lot more to him than the spiteful pundit. Quick on the uptake was my view.



    Your typical Monday Morning Quarterback, full of flannel and other people’s ideas

  17. last for now, i enjoyed that gentle stroll through the virtual mitchell, and up popped another of those wonderful coincidentals



    CelticEarlyYears Retweeted


    Michael Connolly








    Today is the feast day of Saint Marcellin Champagnat, who founded the Marist Brothers from the hills outside Lyon in 1817. Today the Brothers represent a worldwide Catholic teaching organisation who endeavour to live out St Champagnat’s founding principles.


    GERMAN footie now got background noise during games.Makes a huge difference.Now 64 million dollar question will games from sunny govan have the billy boys on.

  19. PHILCOOL on 6TH JUNE 2020 6:31 PM


    I see sevco have signed Leicester,s Bassey.


    Shirley some mistake there.lol






    Hey, big spenders?

  20. St Stivs. Thanks for all that information and for all the photos. The grandmother’s parents were married in Neilston. Hope that does set the ball rolling again for more “friends” turning up. She was a McBride, but also had a McCormack background. Work was the cause of all this movement, I think. They all came over on the boat and followed the work.

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  22. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    LoL, good old BBC Scoddland certainly know how to polish a turd.



    ‘Steven Gerrard’s Rangers sign out of contract 20 year old’ would be more accurate.

  23. !!Bada Bing!! on

    The Hun managed to get ‘freed’,and ‘highly sought’ in the same paragraph 😆

  24. FAVOURITE UNCLE on6TH JUNE 2020 5:55 PM



    I watched a bit of the Dortmund game just there, the background noise was actually quite good as it changed to the match situation – cheering for a goal or good move, booing/whistling when Dortmund didn’t get a foul – thought it worked well.