Why Celtic need to take their portion of Anderson’s money


I’ve given Ann Budge appropriate levels of criticism this year but credit where it is due, she managed to get the ‘exclusive’ that James Anderson was a potential benefactor in waiting for Scottish football.  Anyone who comes up with £2m for the game is entitled to break the news in whatever way they choose.

Unlike Budge, Anderson clearly understands how important it is to cultivate support in arenas you want to influence.  He is now perfectly placed to do just that.  Hearts fans can only wonder how their club’s fortunes would differ if he, not Budge, fronted their financial rescue.

£50k per club is generous and welcome at every one of the 42 clubs.  It is easy to suggest Celtic should take the high ground and leave their portion in the pot, but that suggestion looks different if you dig into the grubby details.

Right now Celtic’s reserves are reducing by millions each month.  We don’t want to, and are unlikely to, sell anyone of value this year, pay cuts have happened – and not just for top executives.  That £50k might keep a couple of people in jobs.  Alternatively, if it is put to altruistic use, it should top up the support the club gives to the Foundation.

There are times to be generous to smaller clubs, but it is ludicrous to suggest that the extra £1219 they would earn if Celtic declined their portion would make any material difference.  It is a stupid idea, counterproductive and of value only as a vacant gesture.

We need to get ready for 10-in-a-row and Champions League qualification.  The Foundation needs to continue its work with the most needy in our community and beyond – and we still need to sell season tickets.  There is not enough money to do everything we will want to do in our own back yard.

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  1. quick yin, for Big Jimmy.






    from the glasgow story






    View of the Bridgegate and the Merchants’ House looking east from Stockwell Street c 1849.



    The Bridgegate (or “Briggait”) was originally lined with the mansions of rich Glasgow merchants but by the mid-19th century it was occupied predominantly by Irish immigrants and their businesses. According to J F S Gordon, writing in the early 1870s, there were many Irish lodging houses on the street. An hotel, the “Londonderry”, had a predominantly Protestant Irish clientele while “The Emerald Isle” tavern catered mostly for Catholics.



    An Old Clothes Market was established in Scanlon’s Close off Bridgegate in 1824, the forerunner of “Paddy’s Market”. The trade was a profitable one and Bridgegate was soon lined with shops, booths and barrows belonging to dealers in second-hand clothes. Much of the old clothing was purchased for export to Ireland. Gordon also noted that the street was renowned “for the quality of its tripe, potted meat and cow heel” and for its public houses, but notorious for brawling and Saturday-night rioting.



    Reference: Mitchell Library, GC 941.435 GOR



    Reproduced with the permission of Glasgow City Council, Libraries Information and Learning




  2. ERNIE LYNCH on 6TH JUNE 2020 12:51 PM





    ‘Anybody got any thoughts on the whereabouts of 92 Govan Road : my gran, Maria (mariah) Finn was born there?’





    You can access old Ordnance Survey maps on here, assuming you have a rough idea of where you’re looking for.








    Thanks for that resource Ernie.




  3. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Hopefully Bassey knows he’s going to a Klub that’s in it’s ‘Second Time Around’ , that are broke and can’t be ‘Big Spenders’ There’s also a very high chance of ‘History Repeating’ before next season is finished so his 4 year contract is worthless.



    With compliant refs he’ll know that ‘ I Get a Kick out of You’ , but by May next year he’ll realise ‘The Party’s Over’. He’ll then say ‘You made Me Love You’ and ‘ Je Regrete Rein’’, but ‘ You’ll be Hearing from Me’ (my lawyer).

  4. We are getting our asses kicked in the preseason cup !






    Sack Neil Lennon.

  5. Virtual Season Ticket


    My season ticket is £666 for 21 home games, that is 19 league games, a preseason friendly and the first European qualifier


    So on average just under £32 per game



    For a Celtic one of game n apremier sports, last season it cost £10 for a months subscription



    Take all this into consideration, and recognising Sky will have a few of Celtic’s home games (4 ??)



    I will not be happy to be paying £32 per home game to watch on TV, on my season ticket, for attending games



    Now, if Celtic were setting up an accessible channel to watch home games at all times, accepting they will not be able to put on games in competition with Sky, So modify kick off times to suit us fans Celtic, then I would happily pay £20 or £30 a month for such a venture


    50000 fans at £20 a month( season ticket holders), would bring in £1m a month, or £1.5m @ £30 per month – this does not include current CTV subscribers


    Grow this to a worldwide audience of 100000 fans, including worldwide subscriptions, you are doubling the above figure, so could be drawing opinion £2-3m per month


    Remember for winning the league this season, we would have got less than £3m from that deal



    Show the ladies games, U-21’s etc, or reserves, midweek Celtic show etc, with the channel on the BT platform ????


    Make a professional go at a new revenue stream, long term



    Hail Hail

  6. SFTB


    I also see young 17 year old Owen Moffat, has also got a deal (I know his mum).


    Having been with us for coming on 12 years


    He was the wee blonde curly haired ball Bhoy who always sat in front for of the Green Brigade



    Congrats to young Daniel Kelly on signing on for another 4 years with the Celts.



    SFTB – great news Young Daniel played for EK Caley Thistle when I was involved and I know his family. Always good to hear about a local lad doing well….fingers crossed for him

  8. Back to the Celtic TV proposal


    Celtic minded commentators who can offer fair analysis


    And absolutely NO EBT recipients

  9. Norriem


    I feel that if Celtic had been open with us, there would have been fewer discordant voices on CQN.


    `night all.

  10. Big Wavy


    Indeed,and have they ever signed anyone that we couldn,t rip the piss out of their name/association etc.





  11. CQNers,



    Can any of you remember the name of the taxi driver from the North-ish of England who posted on here regularly?



    He was on the local news down there for raising money for an old dear who had lost her life savings.



    The last post I think I read of him on here was just at the start of, or just before, the lockdown and he had had someone coughing and spluttering in his cab and was worried about getting ill and not being able to pay his bills.



    Any news?

  12. A virtual season ticket will cost the same as going to the live event, that doesn’t seem right. Under the circumstances it is reasonable but celtic can and should do more to justify the cost.



    For season 2020/21 celtic should put together a package that offers more than just first team football



    If we are expected to pay the full price of going to the live event I want: First team home games, under-23 home games, under-19 home games, woman’s 1st tem home games , highlight packages for all aged group down to under-17 and Interviews with staff and coaches, interactive etc.



    Hopefully celtic home games will return and we can get back to normal soon. Once that happens I would like celtic to gift celtic t.v for season 2021/22 to all virtual season ticket holders (without live 1st team football) but with everything else included.



    For 2022/23 season celtic should then offer all virtual season ticket holders discounted option (10%) to renew celtic t.v and try to build up a larger subscription base. Let’s face it the more people that have it the more people will talk about it and so more people will want it. 2 years of quality and comprehensive coverage of all things celtic could help to make celtic TV a stable diet for many folk.

  13. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Scotland on Sunday reporting we have opened new contract talks with French Eddy🤞

  14. Celtic linked with Dykes of Livingston. 100% sure that’s pish.



    Been linked with Kiki Kouyate of Troyes which sounds promising. He’s a massive unit like Jullien.

  15. NORRIEM on 6TH JUNE 2020 9:22 PM


    Back to the Celtic TV proposal



    Celtic minded commentators who can offer fair analysis



    And absolutely NO EBT recipients






    Sutton, Hartson, Strachan, Tom Boyd and maybe somebody like Mark Wilson?

  16. rpmcelticfan on

    Majestic Hartson Lazy Dynamite is the poster I think your looking for , a good man I hope he is fine and well , ;)

  17. HRVATSKI JIM on 6TH JUNE 2020 11:07 PM


    You Don’t Get to be Racist and Irish











    quite powerful.



    those descendants on migrants on the streets, eithet killing or being killed



    no blacks, no dogs, no irish.



    its not that long ago,



    well maybe yesterday in some places

  18. Last weekend I had difficulty maintaining my 2m distancing.



    In queue at shop along road from house.


    Guy in front has a shitty Fernando R tattoo on left calf, right calf has butchers apron and RFC.



    I think “what a fanny” he turns round and it’s Nacho Novovirus..


    He’s a wee smout



    Knightswood is going downhill…



  19. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    Got to say, American people have restored my hope in American people today, millions took to the streets, not you’ll be informed of that but millions took to the streets to send a message that they’ve had enough of the greed and repression, My only hope is they can remain focused

  20. Neil Lennon & McCartney on

    Neil Lennon has confirmed that the club have officially opened talks with Odsonne Edouard over a contract extension 💚🍀 ~ see link above

  21. Melbourne Mick on

    Hello again all you young rebels.



    As usual a late reply from Oz to POR CIERTO.


    Cornwall St. was my domain, across the Paisley rd West from you


    in Blackburn St which was Plantation.


    Our side was the infamous hun infested Kinning Park, but there


    where plenty of the fighting Irish familys in both areas including the


    Donnachies and my relations Brennons, and Shannons.


    Most were dockers, a hardy bunch working the Plantation docks.


    None of the local royalists would mess with any of them, but when


    the nasty people had a home game the Grapes pub and the Regal bar


    were full of the bilious blustering idiots looking for a lone bhoy to batter.


    Thats when the aul windae hingers were invaluable and the call went


    out to the Celtic families, a tim was in trouble.


    Don’t think many hun busses left that area without a bluenose with a


    rednose lol.


    I suppose it was a bit like the wine ally in Govan which was little Ireland


    back in the day.


    As regards ” The Miler ” the Govan road, i’ve told this story before on


    here so please bear with me and my aul memories.


    I had just purchased my first car an aul Austin Cambridge and driving


    along ” The Miler ” i spied Jackie Marshall a local boxer who took the


    local kids for boxing lessons in Lorne st school gym.


    My wee da who knew a bit about Jackie reckoned he would have been


    a world champion but a cruel injury left him with an affliction which the


    term back then was ” punch drunk ” which left him always having to


    hold his nodding head up with his hands.


    Probably not an acceptable term nowadays but it’s what i remember.


    Anyhows as i stopped to give him a lift with his two big punchbags, one


    on each shoulder, two huge Alsation dogs rushed out from a woodyard


    and attacked him as he put the bags in the car.


    My abiding memory of that bizarre event was Jackie trying to punch feck


    out of those two snarlers as i sat bewildered in my new car.


    Memories eh?


    H.H . Mick




    I’m pretty sure LAZY DYNAMITE posted a week or so ago.



    I hope he’s well too!