Why Celtic need to take their portion of Anderson’s money


I’ve given Ann Budge appropriate levels of criticism this year but credit where it is due, she managed to get the ‘exclusive’ that James Anderson was a potential benefactor in waiting for Scottish football.  Anyone who comes up with £2m for the game is entitled to break the news in whatever way they choose.

Unlike Budge, Anderson clearly understands how important it is to cultivate support in arenas you want to influence.  He is now perfectly placed to do just that.  Hearts fans can only wonder how their club’s fortunes would differ if he, not Budge, fronted their financial rescue.

£50k per club is generous and welcome at every one of the 42 clubs.  It is easy to suggest Celtic should take the high ground and leave their portion in the pot, but that suggestion looks different if you dig into the grubby details.

Right now Celtic’s reserves are reducing by millions each month.  We don’t want to, and are unlikely to, sell anyone of value this year, pay cuts have happened – and not just for top executives.  That £50k might keep a couple of people in jobs.  Alternatively, if it is put to altruistic use, it should top up the support the club gives to the Foundation.

There are times to be generous to smaller clubs, but it is ludicrous to suggest that the extra £1219 they would earn if Celtic declined their portion would make any material difference.  It is a stupid idea, counterproductive and of value only as a vacant gesture.

We need to get ready for 10-in-a-row and Champions League qualification.  The Foundation needs to continue its work with the most needy in our community and beyond – and we still need to sell season tickets.  There is not enough money to do everything we will want to do in our own back yard.

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  1. lets all do the huddle on

    Last weekend I had difficulty maintaining my 2m distancing.



    In queue at shop along road from house.



    Guy in front has a shitty Fernando R tattoo on left calf, right calf has butchers apron and RFC.



    I think “what a fanny” he turns round and it’s Nacho Novovirus..



    He’s a wee smout



    Knightswood is going downhill…





    we had the wee skank here in EK a few months ago



    he might still live here



    brawling in the street outside the pub



    got a warning from the police a few days later



    a disgusting nasty wee runt who should just get to



    if you ever need to back up the argument that the word ‘hun’ isnt sectarian then he is the example

  2. lets all do the huddle on




    first on page 8



    i would like to thank my family and friends without whom this wouldnt have been possible







    A PAGE 8 PODIUM should be treasured.



    Well done!

  4. Good morning CQN from a beautiful sunny morning in the Garngad



    Refund our ST money and sell VST to everybody and anybody who wants one, whether they are ST or not. There is an opportunity here to keep match day revenue high and we should not feck it up.



    Surely we should also be looking at playing fans singing through the sound system.



    I think Adi Dassler first said this weeks ago, surely it would not take long for someone to go through the matches from last 2 seasons and take the sound out and make up 90 mins worth of the bhoys singing.


    Why can’t we have a couple of thousand Celtic fans in our 60,000 stadium cheering on the bhoys, plenty of room for social distancing.



    If peaceful protests are allowed😯 why not a couple of thousand in a massive stadium??



    Or is it a case for governments to get us all back to work to start the economy but have no safe enjoyment.



    D. :)

  5. !!Bada Bing!! on

    LETS ALL DO THE HUDDLE-a couple of minutes after the video, the wee fud was sorted out.

  6. !!Bada Bing!! on

    If my seat is £34 a game,and a Bhoy can buy a game for £7-8 pay per view, it wouldn’t bother me in the slightest,I have read some saying it devalues your season ticket. A bit of added revenue for the Club, more get to watch the game, not everyone can afford a season ticket.

  7. agreeing with philbhoy and rpmcmurphy


    I think it was that good Celt Lazy Dynamite.


    have a happy and peaceful Sunday folks







    “The Govan Miler’


    Many’s the time I had to walk the Miler’ having missed the last bus. My future wife stayed just off the Shields Road.


    Anyway one Saturday afternoon on a bus after being “up Ra toon ” we just turned onto the Miler’ and there right in front was a giant billboard advertising McEwan’s Export with froth cling all the way down a pear shaped glass. Got off the bus at next stop and went into the Widow’s to relieve my thirst. Had to get another bus to get home a few hours later.


    The power of advertising

  9. Melbourne Mick on




    The Widows is a name i’m familiar with but where it was? i can’t




    There was a lot of tim pubs in Kinning park and Govan, the horribles


    didn’t have it all their own way.


    I.e the kensington at Cessnock, the Stanley bar, The Tall Cranes, and


    The Govan Arms


    Probably many more but i can’t recall, maybe Tony Rome will be a help.


    H.H . Mick

  10. What on earth is wrong with saying virtual season tickets will only go on sale once all season tickets have been purchased, then season ticket holders get a 85% discount. I would be happy an a non season ticket holder to pay £ 300 thereafter as I cant attend matches but would be glad to pay towards club. Mind you I would want a right good virtual seat at that price.

  11. RPM/Philboy,



    Thanks both, yes it was Lazy Dynamite I was thinking of – I’m glad to hear he has been posting, I must have missed it. His “radio silence” had me concerned.

  12. Melbourne Mick on

    And just came back to my aul rid biddied mind ,the Fountain in


    Kinning Park an aul bike shop turned into a pub on the Paisley rd West.


    Originally advertised in the green evening Citizen as the ..Three Coins in


    a Fountain.. which the horribles just couldn’t stomach.


    Lovely little lounge with a miniature fountain in the middle of the floor.


    As usual the first home game at doomdome the pub was stormed and


    destroyed and i suppose the owners wanting a quiet life changed it to


    the fountain.


    No surprise there then eh?


    H.H . Mick




    Hi Mick



    Love the boxer story. I don’t live in or frequent those areas anymore. When I got married my first house was in Elizabeth Street (always said it was named after my mum and not some other wumin). Pu b at the top of the street was called the jester (wall to wall huns). The Kensington was a wee quiet shop so I drank there. I believe sadly it is now a hun shop too. The Govan Arms and The Tall Cranes I know are still good tim shops.




  14. Melbourne Mick on




    Remember ..The Jester..wasn’t too bad back in my day but last visit


    home it had deteriorated badly. nuff said.


    Jackie Marshall was a legend back then and i don’t or ever will know


    if he was football minded or Celtic minded but my wee da idolised him


    and when i saw him pummelling two huns outside the Snapp bar in


    Kinning Park he became my idol lol.


    H.H . Mick

  15. glendalystonsils on




    During the school summer hols I spent time there on retreat for a couple of summers . Soon realised I didn’t have the same vocational drive as some of the other guys.

  16. G-D’s solution seems sensible to me.



    After all we have a number of Celtic fans who pay £30 and more for away tickets in the SPFL. Those of us who cannot buy them or fail to obtain them can watch most of these matches live on TV, mostly legally, for a much smaller cost per game.



    The idea that , if you can watch cheaply on TV, you will not attend live matches, is not borne out by that evidence.



    Would it be any different for home games? As G-D suggests, if the SB’s have already sold out, you cannot lose revenue by selling the live TV package to non-SB holders, you can only gain.

  17. The Widow’s (if I’m correct) was just being the Old Govan town hall. Big pub with good beer.


    The Stadium bar was rubbish when it opened and went even more downhill when it changed it’s name to the Lou, the Lou ah feqq it that Hun pub at the Copland road subway




    Dan went to school at OHR Clydebank then St Pat’s Dumbarton in the 1960’s. He might have been a teacher at St Columba’s in the 70’s but I don’t know.

  19. DAVID66 on 7TH JUNE 2020 8:39 AM


    Why can’t we have a couple of thousand Celtic fans in our 60,000 stadium cheering on the bhoys, plenty of room for social distancing.


    o Would be great but how do the club select who gets to attend allowing for 8 (?) empty seats in front , at the side and behind each taken seat ?


    o Even with a ballot, how would it affect families assuming that all STHs would want to sit in their own seat(s) ?


    o On sales of VSTs, I think Sky will have the biggest say on the amount of VST packages available to ST and non-ST fans as they protect their normal SPFL planned coverage ?


    Hopefully a statement from the club soon will clarify these issues ?

  20. MM. There was a Widow’s pub in Port Glasgow. I am sure St Stivs can back me up on that. I believe when she died/retired her daughter took over and was awarded the name, Indeed her husband was referred to as the Widow’s Man.

  21. Jinkyredstar on

    Connaire – correct ‘The Wida’s’ was part of Port Glasgow’s history – it had a real name, which I forget.

  22. Sunday smile courtesy of Glasgow Live By Old Firm Facts 12:08, 7 JUN 2020



    The ‘Rangers will stop Celtic making it x-in-a-row’ guide for new Ibrox arrivals



    A guide to composing your first vow as a Rangers playerHello, new Rangers signing!



    Welcome to Ibrox. If you’re reading this, you have been asked to complete the introduction section on our Web Assignment Task Portal (WATP).



    By now, you will have completed the James Bell Staunchness induction. Please return your papier mache rendering of Her Majesty to the kit room.



    Today’s task concerns one of the most important facets of your role as a Rangers Football Club employee. I am of course referring to statements.



    Only upon completion of this module will you be able to move on to module 2 (Building up a Head of Steam in November), module 3 (Believing This is our Season Following a win over Celtic in December) and module 4 (Chucking it Against Kilmarnock in January).



    As a new signing, you will not be expected to create official club statements. These are handled in the Statement Factory adjacent to The Blue Room. Although 30% of our statement writers have been furloughed, the other 412 writers are still working around the clock.



    Your focus will be on the ‘statement of intent’. As a Rangers player, it is not enough to humbly state that your aim is to be as successful as possible. You also have to announce that this is the season in which Rangers will stop Celtic winning (insert relevant number) in-a-row.



    Say it with enough conviction and you’ll generate a ‘GERS ACE VOWS TO STOP CELTS (insert relevant number) IN-A-ROW BID’ headline.



    You’ll know it’s a success within six hours when fans share the story saying ‘He GETS it’.



    You’ll know it’s a failure within six months when Celtic establish a 13-point lead and dozens of Celtic fans share the screenshots they took of the headline six months ago.



    Please also remember to note that you ‘relish the opportunity to work with Steven Gerrard’.

  23. Odsonne’s contract extension news is magnificent. A real dagger to the heart of our opposition who had hoped he would have moved on….



    Keep Olly Ntcham, buy more frenchies.

  24. Hope this works, it was sent to me by a mate….




  25. The Battered Bunnet on

    Very briefly…



    The central assertion in Paul’s article – “That £50k might keep a couple of people in jobs” is (sorry Paul) nonsense.



    To an enterprise of Celtic’s scale, a one-off £50,000 simply doesn’t register. It is, for all intents and purposes, invisible.



    To the majority of clubs in Scotland, it is significant money that can have a considerable impact at this time of crisis. Celtic should thank the benefactor for their splendid generosity and decline the kind offer such that it can be better applied to the purposes intended.







  26. theBHOYfromU.N.C.L.E on

    Will the green brigade’s new ditty be’lets not do the huddle’

  27. TBB


    Perhaps there’s an element of FFP at work – same amount to every club regardless.

  28. !!Bada Bing!! on

    TBB- agree,50k would make a big difference to some clubs, or take it and give it to Albion Rovers or similar.

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