Why Hearts should buy Ibrox


Vladimir Romanov has grown bored of his Hearts experiment as an investment of tens of millions of pounds failed to change the side from mid-table strugglers into a team capable of something Motherwell seem able to do on significantly less.

Romanov wanted to transform Hearts into the biggest club in Scotland but failed to address the structural limitations of the club.  While Hearts may be the biggest team in Edinburgh, Edinburgh is a net exporter of football fans, Tynecastle is squeezed into a cramped corner of the city and provides very little opportunity to harvest corporate income, and, in case you haven’t noticed, there were two well-established competitors in a larger, net-import city with ample corporate income opportunities.

Various Hearts boards have looked to relocate the club or extend facilities at Tynecastle without much headway being made.  A bid of £22m was received from a house builder for the stadium some years ago but without a viable alternative the deal stalled.

A viable alternative could come onto the market soon.

If Rangers go out of business Romanov is in a unique position to take advantage.  Craig Whyte holds a floating charge on Ibrox and Murray Park but any bid in excess of his liability, which would be considerably less than the value of the properties, which have a book value of £139m, would secure both pieces of real estate.

Hearts could sell Tynecastle and Hearts training ground, raising enough funds to considerably offset what they would need to pay to secure Ibrox, if not provide a surplus, and establish foothold in the Glasgow market to complement their historical Edinburgh fan base.  One club would have a pull on a huge proportion of Scotland’s two largest cities.

At a stroke Romanov would ensure his club were for all time, at the very least, the second largest team in Scotland, and, eventually, could push Celtic for top spot.

It would be a ballsy move, but if you want to create a super-club you need to think a little creatively.

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  1. Good idea but Rangers would then move into Hampden (possibly forever), hmm then Scotland wouldn’t have a neutral ground

  2. paul if hearts replaced rangers then sadly things would just stay the same in the mini huns would become the huns

  3. Has there ever been such a scandal as this in any other sporting event?



    It is so big involving the establishment team and the authorities I still can’t get my head round it.



    Surely justice and common sense will prevail?



    Or will we be sold down the river as usual in this great wee country of ours by those in position of power?

  4. tommytwiststommyturns on

    TBB and others : I’m not worried about our fans in the Broomloan Stand being attacked at Mordor, it’s the visitors in the directors box that will feel the heat.



    If the next Glasgow derby goes the way I hope, then it will be a role reversal of the game that eventually brought down our old board.


    When the Huns scored a fourth goal at Celtic Park, some of our fans went ballistic in the main stand and got quite aggressive towards the occupants of the directors box. It made such an impression on Minty that I don’t think he ever returned for a Glasgow derby!



    I want to see their fans fighting amongst themselves at Ipox, as the Hoops go 4 up and their humiliation is complete.


    Now, is that too much to ask for…?!




  5. lennon's passion on

    merseycelt lmfao as the big house door slams shut on 4 March, 2012 at 10:58 said:


    I know I’ve already commented on this bit but I want to be clear. As much as I respect JF, “..this is like humping a man’s missus after tying him up and sticking him in the corner where he can watch”.




    Did Max Mosley not pay to get things like that done :))))

  6. The Newcastle Sunderland game will not finish with 22 players still on the park. I’ll go for 19.



    Good to watch




  7. Stringer Bell on

    Ralph topping



    Jelly and ice cream




    Ralph topping



    Jelly and ice cream




    Ralph topping



    Jelly and ice cream




    Hmmm. There is something in there…..just can’t see it…..

  8. I’d rather Romanov stealthily slipped up the clyde in his submarine before unleashing a barrage of smart missiles on to the red brick facade before the tanks trundled in for the mopping up op.

  9. Tim Malone Will Tell on

    The Rangers calendar has set me thinking. We could have…



    David Murray – Miss The Good Times


    Sebo – Miss A Sitter


    Ally McCoist – Miss The Point


    Craig Whyte – Miss A Payment



    …..any others?

  10. pabloh_AKA_NEIL LENNON on

    Paul67 that would add even more interest to this pantomime we are all enjoying :) I’m sure mad vlad has an idea or two up his sleeve.



    Martin oneill’s s’land doing well here in a game destined to have a red card – 5 or 6 booked already.

  11. Tim Malone Will Tell on




    Wouldnt the Ticketus deal have implications for any new tenants at Ibrox?

  12. unew mike on 4 March, 2012 at 12:31 said:



    paul if hearts replaced rangers then sadly things would just stay the same in the mini huns would become the huns



    Said this to a friend yesterday. The sectarian troubles in Scotland are not a West of Scotland problem. The sectarianism arose along with the arrival of the Orange order who settled predominantly in West Lothian. Sectariansim can be found throughout Scottish society. When Rangers die their support will naturally gravitate towards Hearts of Midlothian and embitter that support further.



    He said, ‘But that will mean I will hate Hearts of Midlothian.”



    Then I reminded him he hated them already.

  13. The Battered Bunnet on




    Anger is never a pleasant experience, and while it can largely be contained within a stadium, what happens outside is a different matter.



    Rangers have lost 3 games in succession at Ibrox. Their next home game, should they live that long, will be against Celtic. They have never in their history (as I am told) lost 4 successive games at home. It is quite likely that this will be that last time these clubs meet at this stadium.



    Quite who Rangers will have in their squad to select from is as yet unknown. Celtic could be playing against a team of under 19s.



    A focussed, professional Celtic team might very well consider 7-1 a realistic target in perhaps the last ever chance to better that record score.



    Things of course rarely play out as predicted, but at this point in time, there is every reason to be concerned at how some might react, not least given that the Rangers support are already fighting amongst themselves. They haven’t needed much prompting in the past after all.

  14. Rangers Calendar



    Miss Ing …….MBB


    Miss Creant …… oh pick a name, any name.



    Miss Spelling ….. Walter Smith Legned

  15. James Forrest is The Emperor of Ice Cream on

    Two reposts from the end of the previous article.



    James Forrest is The Emperor of Ice Cream on 4 March, 2012 at 12:37 said:


    Hey lads



    Thanks to everyone who commented on my post of last night. That was written very quickly, and was on my Facebook page first, after I read – in disbelief – the comments from the former TV presenter.



    The guys who read a lot of my posts will hopefully know that I am neither advocating violence or glorifying it. In fact, the only reason I used that sort of language is because McCoist, himself, is indulging in it. I thought I would have a bit of fun turning the metaphor against him …. even the “humping a guys missus” metaphor is a wee stab about certain Ally stories which have done the rounds over the years. One thing on that before I move on – I said “humping”, not raping, which one over-the-top post appears to have suggested today.



    My own post itself was over the top – I was going for exaggerated effect because I thought McCoist’s comments were deserving of the utmost sarcasm. I actually thought McCoist was speaking merely as a guy who was hurting … It was only this morning when I read some of the comments of the guys and understood how my own post had been perceived, and fair play to all of you for pointing out how easy it is to misunderstand these things, that I realised that maybe, just maybe, McCoist’s comments had a slightly different, sinister intent ….



    I have just read them again, and whether he knows it or not – and I realise my own mistake in echoing it – the IMPLICATION is pretty damned clear in it. This guy knows the media, he knows what he’s saying … his comments, which yesterday seemed, to me, to be pitiful and contemptible efforts to steer attention away from his own lousy record, actually read, this morning, in the context of what’s been said about my own, as highly inflammatory … even dangerous.



    Thank you guys for pointing that out. If it’s alright with the moderators, I’d like my post removed. This is a highly sensitive time, and unwittingly or not I would not like to think anything I have written or would write would add to the chances of some nutter doing something stupid. I am not daft enough to believe people take the crap I write seriously, but the notion that even one person might use it as justification to do something … it makes my skin crawl.



    Apologies to those who think it went too far. Its an example of how words on paper can have a different connotation than was first intended, and it’s a lesson learnt.






    James Forrest is The Emperor of Ice Cream on 4 March, 2012 at 12:41 said:


    joe millers shorts:



    In even responding to that comment I am giving it a credibility it does not deserve.



    But I am responding to it. I was posting my own reply to some of the guys even as you were writing that, and even willing to take on the chin criticism and comment, your own comments are contemptible.

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