Why Hibs are a good bet tomorrow, blaming Ibrox monkeys, not the organ grinder


Before you get carried away, let me remind you: Our Premier League record of 25 consecutive wins in season 2003-04 came to an end at home to Motherwell, the game after a memorable European victory over Barcelona. Our 2007 win over European Champions, Milan, was followed by a harrowing game against Gretna at Fir Park, where the soon-to-be-liquidated minnows held the lead until the 87th minute.

The last 10 days have been mentally and physically exhausting for the players: a League Cup quarter-final victory, humbling Newco, then raising the bar further against Anderlecht, all three games away from home. There will be a natural drop-off in endorphins, even the coaches will find it difficult to squeeze determination to climb another summit so soon.

A home game against soft-looking Hibernian is exactly how 57 game unbeaten domestic runs come to an end.

It’s always a bit disconcerting to see the media report a story of discord at Newco, conditioned, as we were, by the blanket of control Sir David Murray shrouded news outlets with while at Oldco. Now news that Brother Pedro has banished Kenny Miller from the Newco first team squad.

Kenny is the innocent party in all of this, apparently. Troubles are the manager’s fault.

Miller, “a guy who lives and breathes Rangers (sic.)”

Miller, “a guy who lives and breathes Rangers (sic.)”

You and I both know that Pedro, Kenny and everyone else at Ibrox are woefully under-resourced to compete at the summit of the Scottish Premiership. That’s the only important part of this story, and the answer doesn’t lie on the pitch or in the dug-out on match days. At best, the person responsible for that is watching games poolside in South Africa.

All that campaigning to unseat the Easdales was for this. It’s a Brexit-style self-delusion, with an inevitable outcome.

Celtic FC Foundation, Great Scottish Run

I can’t tell you him much I appreciate the generous support ahead of the Great Scottish Run this Sunday, for the Celtic FC Foundation.  As I said yesterday, we are not only about winning trophies, and the Champions League, this club is has deep roots in helping our fellow those in need.

I’ve never made porridge in Malawi, or fed the poor in Haiti, not would I know how to engage with Autistic kids, but you and me can do our bit for those who have the responsibility of delivering help where needed.  What I can do is run on Sunday and ask for sponsorship.  If you can help, do so at this MyDonate page.

Thank you.

The CQN Podcast: A Celtic State of Mind (EP14) Champions League Special


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  1. TIMJIM on 29TH SEPTEMBER 2017 12:19 PM



    Jesus wept. Please don’t take our Lord’s name in vain.

  2. prestonpans bhoys on

    now this criteria for the sheep game is all wrong;




    ◾Attendance at 5 domestic away matches in Season 2017/18, AND;



    ◾Attendance at 18 domestic away matches in Season 2016/17



    open to none but a few…………..

  3. Sionnach Abu



    From previous thread:



    Yes I can certainly add to my list of how I can annoy people in my old age, but I may take it a step further:



    I won’t just preamble and sing, I’ll attend every 18th birthday party my grandkids have and demand they interrupt the tuneless noise currently blasting out and play something that I can do the slosh too.



    From painful experience I believe ” beautiful Sunday” should inflict maximum annoyance on the young twists clan.



    “Sunday morning up with the lark, I think I’ll take a walk in the park, hey hey hey it’s a beautiful day”



    They don’t write them like that anymore.



    ( and I can hear you all singing that line in your heads now. Bad news is it’ll be ringing round your heads until at least 3 o’clock. )




    Vincent Price style Mwahhhahaha to ya all…..

  4. I say bring Kenny back home. St Peter let us down selling him for two measly millions in the bad ol days. Can’t think of a better strikers coach.



  5. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    TIMJIM, SIONNACH ABU. Bhoys can I ask you please not to use the good Lords name in vain as a catholic and a Christian I find it offensive . H.H.

  6. TWISTS N TURNS on 29TH SEPTEMBER 2017 12:29 PM



    I think you got what I meant alright :-)


    Ave Ave

  7. Sionnach Abu




    Always struck me that his movement, timing and reading of the play had him one step ahead of the opposing defence .


    Mind you, can you teach that? Instinct?


    I’ll say something for Kenny Miller, he’s a guy who gave his all. I fear ( for him) Father Time is his enemy now.


    Good player – or certainly was a good player.




    Point of order. I didn’t use the Lords name in vain. I quoted the shortest verse in the Bible. 1 Chronicles 1:25.

  9. The Hibs game will be tough.



    Post European success hangover will be a factor.



    And as a former player and manager NFL will understand how to exploit that.


    A post well worth the repeat,for a family well worth the watching-turn yer back,and an innocent-looking wee wummin will slurp yer Guinness.



    In seconds flat-then tell ye she’s “not a drinker,me!”






    Congrats to Dena29 on the wedding of her daughter today. I wonder if she will make the game tomorrow? :-)










    Thanks for the info,CRC. I’ve waited a long time to get that vicious Guinness killer back.



    Dena,I hope you have the day of your life. Mother of the Bride,proudest moment ever.



    And I hope your new addition makes your daughter as happy as you are today.




  11. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on



    now this criteria for the sheep game is all wrong;



    ◾Attendance at 5 domestic away matches in Season 2017/18, AND;


    ◾Attendance at 18 domestic away matches in Season 2016/17


    open to none but a few…………..






    Worse is that they take into account games that they never allocated you a ticket for last year.



    Spent a half hour in at the ticket office this morning – me and Wee BGFC had 14 away last year and 5 so far this year – the four we ‘missed’ were the one away game at Aberdeen, two at Hearts and one at Ross County, that they never allocated us tickets for (although we got in to Aberdeen and Ross County due to the help of HamiltonTim/BlantyreTim and Hebcelt!!)



    A big haaarrrrummmpphh to that !!!!



    However – we will be in Aberdeen in any case looking for spares. As always – if anyone on here hears of any spares, we’ll bite your hand off :-)



    The worse news this morning was that we didn’t get tickets for Bayern Munich away either. All booked, so we are going anyway.



    Slight chance they may have a general sale next week – so fingers remain fully crossed…the tension in the BGFC household is palpable :-)






  12. Ernie- a bit unsure as to go with the tried and tested , or freshen it up a bit with a couple of changes

  13. Twists and Turns,



    “Slosh to too” would work too, but probably not twice, given your advanced age and declining physical prowess. :-)

  14. TWISTS N TURNS on 29TH SEPTEMBER 2017 12:36 PM



    The most costliest mistake St Peter made. Tommy Burns RIP and Gordon Strachan begged him not to do it. We had no out after that. No one to stretch the defences we had toyed with previous seasons. We didnt replace Miller and couldnt possibly for the pittance we got.


    It wasnt Millers finishing we missed most it was the fear of God he put into every opposition defense who darent let go of their own 18 yard line.


    Cost us 4 titles.


    Even St Peter makes mistakes :-)


    Bring Kenny home I say, let St Peter swallow his pride.

  15. Not to demean Joe’s comment re the term ” Christ Almighty ” as I’m sure others feel equally uncomfortable with it, but, would the term ” Lord above” also offend?


    Same thing really but somehow less offensive?




    Jist sayin’ …..mibbes just me.

  16. The difference between this Celtic team and those previous is that we can make changes and the team will still function, and they are also younger and fitter. Brendan will make a few changes to freshen things up. In: Moussa, Jamesy, Bitton, McGregor.

  17. Sionnach Abu


    I was a huge fan of Kenny Miller. Always had admiration for anyone who gave their best at all times in that jersey.


    Who wiz it we horsed 3 zilch in CL? Benfica?


    Hmmm I think Benfica…. Kenny wiz superb!

  18. p.s re Miller. Just to qualify. Bring him home in a coaching capacity, his playing days are over other than the odd bit part.

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