Why Morgan was bought now instead of on a pre-contract


What’s the difference between Celtic signing Lewis Morgan now, then loaning him back to St Mirren, or simply signing him on a pre-contract agreement to join the club on 1 June? Primarily, it is about the player’s training regime.

Celtic are paying St Mirren for the privilege of telling them how Lewis should train, what dietary rules he should follow and what developmental objectives to prioritise. He will train, rest, eat and sleep according to guidelines Celtic set out.

The cumulative effect of sports science is difficult to quantify, but it forms the basis of much of what the technical staff do at Lennoxtown.

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  1. Imatim wants justice and the titles to be stripped from the cheats on 7th January 2018 2:50 pm



    The side letters alone condemn the Huns to being caught cheating and a 3 point reduction is the penalty that should have and should be retrospectively applied to every game applicable.



    When are we going to demand justice?



    Auldheid when are we going to get things started re crowd funding and initiating a judicial review?





    The 3 point deduction as result of misregistration was the wrong basis on which to pursue justice. This was a point raised on CQN at the time that it would be best to wait for the outcome of the BTC FTT.



    The subsequent Commission that the registration issue generated has provided a façade which serves the football authorities and behind which they now hide.



    Charges under SFA Article 5 which at the time in 2011 said



    Article 5.1 Obligations and Duties of Members said



    5.1 All members shall observe the principles of loyalty, integrity and sportsmanship in accordance with the rules of fair play”



    should have been brought after the Supreme Court ruled.



    In fact Article 5 was enhanced in the 2014/2015 version to harmonise with SPFL rules by adding (all members shall)



    (f) behave towards the Scottish FA and other members with the utmost good faith.



    RFC never at any point acted with utmost good faith and its introduction in 2014/15 might even be as a result of their failure to do so.



    The position on a JR was published on SFM






    so little point revisiting, but as explained earlier the Comp Off investigation is the SFA’s last chance to come clean, which is why Celtic stated at the AGM



    . Statement re Resolution 12 of 2013 AGM made at 2017 AGM,



    In the past year the Club has continued to work with shareholder representatives to seek to achieve a satisfactory solution to the concerns raised by both the board and shareholders regarding issues of football governance. Shareholders raised their initial concerns via Resolution 12 from our AGM in 2013, relating to Scottish FA licensing procedures in 2011. At that meeting a vote was taken to adjourn the resolution indefinitely to allow further enquiries to be made of the SFA and if necessary UEFA.



    Having raised the matter with the Scottish FA in 2011 and 2012, the Club had received assurances as to the process followed. Following the concerns raised by shareholders, over the last four years the Club has continued to work with shareholder representatives to seek further clarification on various matters, and the matter was, and continues to be reviewed, by the Board on a regular basis.



    Over those four years, the Club has corresponded with the Scottish FA, and independent solicitors instructed by the shareholders have also corresponded with the Scottish FA, providing them with information for consideration and asked further questions regarding governance procedures. The responses received thus far did not address the concerns raised.



    At the same time, court proceedings which related to the issues raised in correspondence were progressing in the Scottish courts. The Club and shareholders agreed to await the outcome of those proceedings.



    Following the conclusion of those court proceedings, the Club called upon the Scottish FA to hold an independent review of all matters, including the licensing processes followed in 2011, which are of importance to the governance of football in Scotland. The SPFL also called for a review.



    Regrettably, the SFA declined to hold such a review. The Club remains of the view that an independent review established by the Scottish FA and SPFL presents the best opportunity to allow lessons to be learned and recommendations made to ensure effective governance moving forward so that such events cannot happen again.



    However, the Board and shareholders welcomed the SFA’s decision to refer the specific issue of UEFA licensing procedures in season 2011/2012 to the SFA Compliance Officer for him to review.


    The Club awaits the outcome of that review with KEEN interest and will review matters with shareholder representatives at that stage.



    The Board will take appropriate steps to promote and protect the interests of the Club and will continue to work closely with the shareholders’ representatives.



    It is possible that further funding may be required to pay the Res12 lawyer to bring all the issues to the attention of the Compliance Officer during his deliberations and after but no need at present.

  2. 16 roads - Celtic über alles... on

    MAH – Good luck and best wishes chief.



    BIG JIMMY on 7TH JANUARY 2018 9:45 AM






    Sound, uncompromising post.



    Damn Tories.



    Come the revolution, and all that there and all.




  3. Greenpinata@3.38


    It is a blog and opinions count so my point was …..to be the establishment club the establishment would have to “protect” us and the points that I made were an attempt to demonstrate that quite the reverse is the case.


    Initially Rangers and now Sevco are the ones that are allowed to make up the rules as they go along and when they are blatantly in contravention of those self same rules, no sanctions are applied. Indeed the bodies who are supposed to apply those rules without fear or favour consistently “look the other way” as Auldheid has demonstrated in his numerous posts today when Rangers or Deidco are involved. Therefore cannot for the life of me see, given the evidence, generated, how we could be referred to as the Establishment Club.


    MA and H hope everything goes well tomorrow.


    Also noticed in my catch up that TTT had a bereavement. Sea us RIP.


    HH and May comfort come to those who need it.


    Strip the titles and rake the coals.

  4. Greenpinata on 7th January 2018 3:38 pm



    PS : Auldheid, you know i have always admired the four of you in regards res 12. However, as time marches on, it all seems so complicated now. Maybe that’s just me, but my desire for justice is still as strong. I sincerely hope most fans feel the same. Do our custodians feel likewise I wonder ?





    It IS very complicated and the challenge is to distil the matter down to a one page summary of what presently is a 14 page library of comments, some current some out of date or less relevant now, plus linked documents that support the narrative.



    What I think the narrative demonstrates is that a trust based system which is basically what club licencing at domestic and European level is, is not worth a candle if the parties responsible for using it and policing it are dishonest.



    Club’s should not ask for STs to be renewed until that issue is addressed. As it stands club licensing as policed by the SFA is as much use for protecting the integrity of Scottish football as a chocolate fireguard and only one club is benefitting from the laxity.



    Supporters associations and trusts should in my opinion seek assurances from both SFA and the clubs.




    Best wishes for tomorrow!



    Wee prayer said for a positive outcome.



    Take care and God bless.

  6. MWD



    Best wishes to you too for tomorrow!



    It’ll be a dawdle!



    Keep us posted!




    Keep posting the facts my friend, you are a must read!



    And thanks for everything you are doing behind the scenes.

  8. NEGANON2 @ 12:18pm



    That’s the poorest post of the year so far.



    So far from the truth, you should be embarrassed.



    But I know you won’t be.



    C’MON THE CELTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Evening all from a cold but dry Dublins fair city.



    Not posted in a while. Too busy on Sevco media lurking and laughing every time they suffer a defeat. Their anger makes me happy.



    Best wishes to MAH and MWD.



    I see Nacho has apparently had a heart attack. A despicable rat but, that said, wouldn’t wish that on anyone. I hope he recovers.



    I sincerely hope we add at least 2 more players in Jan. For me, 1 more centre half and a centre mid. SB badly needs resting in 2nd half of season. Either give Kouassi a run or sign John McGinn. I really rate McGinn and he is a good Tim – bonus!



    AJer, I like but he is slow. Massive concern as we play a high line. That said he reads the game well so he may have a future. Erik will hopefully go – useless! Jozo I’d keep unless silly money is offered. Sell SA if we get 8 million so long as we reinvest it.



    Anyone know when Paddy and Rogic are back? I know Paddy went to Dubai so surely he can’t be far away?? I am a huge fan of Rogic. His 1st touch and his ability to get his body shape in correct position on the half turn to leave opposition players in his slipstream is invaluable. That alone creates so much space for himself. If he had pace he’d be playing top 4 to 6 premship club. Speaking of pace, its something we lack all over the pitch with possible exception of SS and JF. Anyone else agree we need an injection of pace in a few vital areas!



    Odsonne has it but is used sparingly as he is young and very raw. Lustig is struggling – hope Ralston is back quick as he definitely has massive potential.



    Wishing everyone a happy and healthy New Year.



    Hail Hail



  10. Auldheid,



    Many thanks for reply. The time and effort you guys put in on our behalf must be immense.



    Much appreciated.




  11. Well done Forrest. Arsenal Brown Trout.



    Just shows if you’re good enough, you’re old enough.




  12. Well done to a young Forest side that played for 87 minutes without their £6m pound superstar



    Good post. Totally agree that we have a lack of team speed, which explains why we have so few breakaway goals. Speed covers a multitude of sins and is fundamental for defensive recovery.


    You have to have the skill of a Bobby Murdoch to compensate for its absence.



    I like Ajer. He shows promise, but it was disturbing to see him labouring to catch Sevco players recently. And Zenit players will be a tad faster!



    On the transfer front, it will be a huge disappointment if we do not make substantial improvements from a position of relative financial strength, something we are not known for.



    Fantastic performance from 18 year old center forward Brereton for Nottingham today. He held the ball up in a way that Griff, Dembele or Edouard do not seem capable of doing.



  14. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Murdoch, Auld and Hay, good luck tomorrow with your treatment.




    Gearoid and Fairhill Bhoy, I wonder if the Arsenal an who apears on Sky Soccer Saturday who does not hold back when criticising us , will do the same with the team he is most passionate about’s loss to Forest today.

  15. Re McInnes



    2 solid sources (1 main Aberdeen sponsor, other family friend) stated reason for McInnes not going to dark side is he was told in no uncertain way that Tony Doc could and would not be part of the deal. As long as they keep the dark ages attitude they will always remain in the dark and in the past

  16. Dallas


    After that waste of spaces comments yesterday, I was delighted to see his team stuffed today. Hopefully he’s “just sitting there thinking” about it.



  17. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    Just had a quick look there, so my sums could be wrong, but I make it that five EPL teams didn’t prevail against lower league clubs in this weekend’s FA Cup ties.



    In bits of games that I have watched on tv, it seems to me that EPL clubs are struggling, with the basics of cup football. Because the EPL is so financially oriented, the default setting for all clubs, in all games, is to avoid defeat. This is a mindset that has been many years in the making, and it seems is hard to change.



    Forest knew that their best chance of progressing in the tournament, was at their own ground, and went for the victory from the off. Arsenal started at a poor pace and tried to feel their way into the game. As Forest drove forward, Arsenal were unable to pick up the pace of the game, and Forest were good value in the end for their four goals and victory.



    The EPL results, increasingly show games that ended 0-0, 1-1 or 1-0. Money is killing the game. Football needs to stop sleepwalking into oblivion, and reverse the current trend towards engineering a few elite “superclubs” at both National, and European level.



    It’s boring and will ultimately throttle the goose.

  18. Taranis.


    True. Also, Stewart Milne demanded that Sevco deposit £1.2m in compensation In AFC account one day prior to ‘any official approach’ could take place. £1.2m would be paid back if McInnes decided to stay ( 800k was the sum without Docherty) .


    He knew Huns didn’t have the money, so where they have all of a sudden ‘found’ upwards of £1m, according to SMSM, to buy player/s remains a mystery which no journalist has the cajones to write about.

  19. Iniquitousiv



    Agreed mate. Massive concern re lack of pace which, as u say, is highlighted by a lack of breakaway goals.



    Ajer is slow, of that there is no doubt. I think he has the makings of a top centre half if he is surrounded by pace. If not, he’ll get cruelly exposed I’m afraid, especially against Zenith but even at SPFL level with us playing a high line. Apparently Commper has pace. If we pur our faith in Ajer then, for me, I’d play 3 5 2 with two pacey centre halves beside him.



    Personally, if we sell Moussa then I’d love to see a striker with pace signed. Hard to find and attract to Scotland I will concede.



    I think our strongest team would have paddybhoy Ralston and Rogic in it.



    Am desperate to get both Paddy and Rogic back quickly. I think we will romp 2nd half of league if we get Paddy back quickly. Paddy kills teams that sit deep so even with a lack of pace that deficiency can be negated with a player like Roberts in the team as was seen by Griffs goal at Ibrox this season. Griffs ain’t lightening quick but didn’t need to be to get on to an inch perfect ball from Paddy. The guile that paddy and Rogic give us makes us a totally different team and, as stated, covers up our lack of pace. Paddy commits players and kills them with skill which creates space. Totally invaluable! Priceless in fact. As I say with those two bhoys back we will be a completely different team 2nd half of season.



    Hail Hail



  20. Philbhoy



    Only stating what I have been told. Can only assume Tony being West of Scotland tim might be the reason ? Does that help you understand ?




    Not if Caixhino is a catholic.



    Why the fuss about a hun’s catholic assistant?

  22. What is the Stars on



    Happy New Year


    Good to see you back posting.


    Heading over for Hibs game. Might see you then.

  23. Philbhoy.


    I believe some Sevco fans differentiate between West of Scotland, Celtic supporting Catholics and other Catholics.


    Don’t ask me why but they do.


    Hail Hail

  24. MurdochAuldAndHay.


    I hope your treatment is successful.


    Kick the s##t out of your illness.


    Hail Hail

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