Why Neil Lennon got the job


And so it’s Lenny.  Let’s put some easy to apply context onto the decision, Jose Mourinho and Rafa Benitez were not about to pitch up in the east end of Glasgow, those names were placed in the pubic domain by those in the betting markets.  Jose is pondering his next move, with a number of oil wells pumping away at his disposal.  Should Rafa leave Newcastle, he has a mind-blowing deal on the table from a Chinese club, and that’s before he is on the market.  There was not a candidate of Brendan’s calibre.

Salzburg manager, Marco Rose, ticked lots of boxes. Salzburg were scintillating against Celtic this season, but the whole of Europe knows about Rose, who will join ‘some German team’ in the summer.

We could have had David Wagner, two great seasons with Huddersfield before it all collapsed, but never having managed a club bigger than Huddersfield (or any other club), the risks were evident.  How would he cope with the scrutiny and pressure to win every game, when he has not actually won anything?  Before he joined Schalke, he was a possibility, but not a clear favourite.

We could have thrown the field open and gone for a Ronny Delia-type candidate, someone who has outperformed – and won things, in another European league.  There is a time for this kind of appointment, but is that now?

This month saw new names on the market, like Chris Hughton.  Hughton did for Brighton what Wagner did at Huddersfield.  He was a worthy candidate but there were red flags among the green.  Hughton spent £77m at Brighton this season (selling £12m of talent), but it was careless.  £17m went to Alkmaar for Alireza Jahanbakhsh, but the player was given 90 minutes only four times.  This is the kind of shabby recruitment that values Oliver Burke at £15m.  It is as wrong for Celtic as it was for Brighton.

The major consideration, and why Neil got the job, is that Celtic have a major rebuilding exercise to undertake.  They need to replace Lustig (whether he remains as backup or not), Boyata, Benkovic and Mousse Dembele.  Despite the mainstays of central mid being under contract, this area of the team needs at least one significant recruit.

Not only do they need to spend money this summer, but they need a high success rate from the new arrivals.  Signing the likes of Burke, Toljan and the legendary Compper would jeopardise the most precious of properties in football – a place in history.

Whatever you think of Brendan Rodgers, Celtic know very well the commercial impact a manager of his calibre brought to the club, but that level was not open this time.  We could have repeated the Ronny Deila experiment from Europe, or picked up someone recently out of a job in England, but not at this time.

Everyone at Celtic knows that for the next 100 years, fans will look back at this period and ask one of two questions: What was it like to live through +10-in-a-row? Or, How did they not get 10-in-a-row?

We need to spend, what for Celtic, is a lot of money, perhaps more than ever.  It needs to be spent well, with a lot more hits than misses.  If we break our transfer record again this season, the player(s) needs to an outstanding success.

Whatever Neil’s strengths and flaws, one comment from Peter Lawwell immediately after the Cup Final gave insight into what the club seen in the manager, “he has a great eye for a player”.  This appointment was not about stepping up when required, being a real Celtic man, or winning the league and Scottish Cup.  This was about spending a lot of money to make sure we get nine and then 10-in-a-row.

Celtic believe Neil Lennon can spend your money effectively.  That is why he is here.  Buckle up.

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  1. BR made a complete arse of everything in his last 8 months at Celtic…??



    Eh… lets be fair here. That’s not even remotely accurate.



    8 points clear. 8 consecutive wins since the beginning of the year.



    Mon, behave yourself

  2. Lawell, didn’t even consider the 400 C.V’s that landed on his desk.



    Because deep down, he didn’t want to have to.


    Irrespective of whether N.L completed things in style, or simply limped over the line… Lawell didn’t want to show ambition through investment. Austerity rules.



    So long as Lenny didn’t completely fck things up, his appointment suited Lawell’s agenda to a tee.

  3. ‘Buckle up.’







    I reckon the highs will be higher and the lows will be lower under NFL than they were under BR.




    Not necessarily a bad thing.

  4. Knightswoodbhoy on

    Paul so why not put Neil in charge of recruitment, and appoint a continental coach, I accept that I may well be wrong but his eye for a player which I acknowledge wholeheartedly seems tofar outstrip his reputation as a tactician/coach?

  5. Lennon should have stuck to punditry.



    Cheapskate option —- will end badly.

  6. Paul67


    I am not sure about this new article and what you write.



    I think firstly to keep referring to any type of continental appointment as a “Ronny Deila like appointment” really demonstrates a narrow mindedness.


    With all due respect to Ronny, he came from Norwegian football. From a club the size of Partick Thistle.



    To simply write off all European coaches, and tar them under the same brush, the one basket… is incredibly naïve.


    There is a huge pool of European coaches out there, all with varying degree’s of ability / qualification.


    But there are plenty good one’s that Celtic, at the very least should have entered dialogue with.


    Out of courtesy if nothing else.

  7. fieldofdrams on

    It can’t be denied that Neil Lennon has an eye for a player, and it was that comment from Peter Lawwell that struck me on Saturday. It also can’t be denied that Neil Lennon understands the power of 10.



    Looking forward to next season already…

  8. I wrote this for the last article but I have not altered a word of it, despite reading Paul’s leader:-






    I have refused to touch the Neil Lennon appointment in any detail because I was too high all weekend to treat it with any seriousness. I think I can attempt to go for it this afternoon.



    Firstly, it was heavily hinted by Paul67, early on, that the appointment was not dependant upon the result at Ibrox, a decision with which I fully agreed. I did not read the article as saying it was definitely Lenny. So I spoke with another prominent CQNr who repeated the view that it was going to be offered to Lenny. I told him that I was surprised and I could not understand why the Board would want to make an appointment that was likely to be unpopular with many Celts, even though we love Lenny dearly and appreciate what he has done for us since coming in. I got no explanation from this source as to what the Board’s thinking was.



    And you know what? I still can’t work it out.



    I have heard all sorts of suggestions as to their motivation and I find them unconvincing. So, as I have no theory of my own, I can only address the theories that have been put out there.



    1) “It’s all about the bigot buck and keeping Sevco relevant”



    I wonder after 8 titles iar and winning the last 10 cups and titles up for grabs, why this argument still has any traction. They are sure doing a bad job of keeping them in the game. If they were going to make Sevco relevant, they would have thrown them a trophy or title earlier than this. Why achieve 8iar , if your intention is to throw the 9th or the 10th? That would just make your cheating more obvious.



    So we get the 2nd iteration of this argument- “It’s all about keeping them close and relevant”. In this version, we are asked to believe that yes, we want to win everything, but we are not prepared to invest enough to give us 30 point gaps over Sevco and guarantee further progress in Europe. This version of the argument has the advantage that it is fairly disprovable. The mere act of expecting regular 30 point gaps and regular post 16 CL qualifications, sets such an unachievable target that we are bound to fail, and when we fail, the Board can be blamed for failing to deliver the unrealistic target we set.



    In any case, if this Machiavellian “keep them close, but never winning” was remotely realistic as a strategy, I would buy it. Where’s the big loss? A league won by 9 points or 1 is still a league win and to be rejoiced. A league lost by them, with a small margin, may keep their hopes alive, but they are still losers until they actually win something.



    I can concede the rather obvious point that having them in our League is good for business. Sadly, that is true and the Celtic support have demonstrated an appetite for having them back. An appetite and a fear. We need monsters to rail against and Aberdeen and Hearts were not scaring us enough.



    If we are going to blame anybody for Sevco being in the top league we should blame the supporters, theirs and ours. Their support has proved remarkably resilient in adversity and have stuck by them in great numbers. They are not advocating boycotts of their own club but we, with our unprecedented success, are.



    2) “It’s a cheapskate option”



    Yes, I would be surprised if we are paying Lenny at the level of Brendan but he will be getting a fair whack more than he got at Hibs (not sure about Bolton). The level of pay Brendan got was not enough to keep Brendan here and he had been out of work and unsought. What level would we have had to go to to attract Mourinho, Benitez, and Villas Boaz who are used to the wages of elite clubs and are all still sought after managers. Internet punters were the ones putting such names out there but our Board are the ones getting it in the neck for “failing to dampen this fevered speculation”. How can you stop people having unrealistic thoughts?



    Even at the next level down- Dyche, Howe etc;- we are talking about managers who are employed and wanted at the clubs they are at. We are talking of the types of clubs who can steal our players from us and reward them better financially. We don’t lose players to Liverpool, Bayern and Barca. We lose them to Southampton and Swansea so Burnley and Bournemouth can predate upon us – not vice versa, unfortunately.



    So, we have to go to the next level down to become realistic if we are still into EPL managerial worship. Chris Hughton, David Wagner etc- were in the same boat as Brendan Rodgers. Sacked EPL managers who had previous high reputations. There, without compensation to consider, we could have been in the mix unless a top Championship club fancied Chris Hughton allowing him to keep his grown family where they are or a mid table Bundesliga team gazumped us for Wagner. Who knows if they would have come? Who knows, for sure, if they would have improved us? I don’t watch a lot of EPL but I saw Huddersfield a few times and they were dead boring. Brighton were a bit more gung ho but I would not call them a silky football team either.



    Almost all our managers previously came from other Scottish teams (Stein, Hay,Burns, McNeill), were rookies (Barnes, Brady, Lennon) or had very mixed coaching records (Venglos, Jansen, Macari, Mowbray, McNeill- 2nd time around). The only exceptions to this were Martin O’Neill (who we stole from Leicester at a time where we could also steal players like Neil Lennon- those days are long gone), Tony Mowbray (where we had to pay £4m compensation to West Brom and he brought no magic EPL dust with him) and the out of work but ex-Liverpool manager, Brendan.



    Brendan its the outlier. Cheapskate, if you want to call it that, is the norm for us.






    I don’t find either of the above motivations for the board to be compelling. I remain puzzled as to why it was Neil. I don’t have to traduce the man as a “failed manager”- he is far from that- to have reservations about Neil.



    I applaud Neil for what he did with us first time round but it is a mixed picture, as it is for most of our managers. MON gave us Seville and Black Sunday. WGS gave us 3 titles and 2 last 16 CLs but a lot of boring fitba, NFL gave us the Barca win but also the Utrecht loss, amongst others, and Brendan gave us The Invincible Season but also Red Imps and no clear discernible progress in Europe. Now the level of the mix of success to failure can be ranked and Neil would not be high on that list but he had a unique set of circumstances to cope with:-



    All the tension of Rangers going into administration and some form of faux-liquidation.



    The rise in bigotry and the targeting of Neil as the lightning rod for said bigotry.



    The collusion of the Scottish Press and media in demonising Neil during this process so that the attacks were ramped up.



    The damage done to the Psyche of even a strong man, like Neil, by the cumulative experience of this.




    All of this led to the astonishing situation, whereby, despite his relative success as a rookie manager of Celtic, the only job offer he got was with the financial basket case of Bolton, where he, actually, did a remarkable job. The reputation foisted on Neil, by his time serving us first time round had damaged him as a man and as a managerial prospect. In some senses, we owe him a greater duty of care, than we are showing in appointing him manager again.



    I don’t know whether Neil acted really badly at Hibs or whether he engineered his “mutual sacking” in order to get back to Celtic. I hope it was the latter but I fear it was the first and that leaves me still worried about the man we are asking to face up to the red hot fire of going for 9iar and then the magic 10. I hope it is a new more mature Neil, capable of keeping his calm at a time when the support will be turning the angst up to 11(Spinal Tap reference – not 11iar) but he is a fairly set in his ways character. At 47 years old, how much can he change? Therein, lies our fear.



    Now, a lot of what I have written carries the flavour of damning the man with my concerns and I plead guilty to that. I find it preferable to exaggerating his weaknesses and playing down his strengths, and there has been too much of that over the last few days.



    Neil is not a dinosaur or a failed manager; he is a good bloke and knows more about football than I ever will. But that’s a large group of people who fall into that category and not all of them should be manger/coach at Celtic.



    Despite my strong reservations – now I have laid them out- I will give full backing to Neil. I want to do nothing to harm my team’s chances of the big prize of 9iar so, from now on I am backing him. I can either indulge my reservations or just get on with supporting. I am not folding my arms just waiting for him to slip up. I know that he, and any manager, will slip up at some stage. When he does, and provided it is not too serious a slip up, I hope we will all get behind him. Next season is too important to be derailed by fractious disagreements and “I told you so’s”.



    We can downplay the cups but the Title is the big one and some level of European credibility, even Europa League credibility, would be nice meantime.



    I think the board probably made a mistake and I cannot fathom the reasons behind it. It is done now and we have to get on with this as best we can.



    I fervently hope that NFL proves most of us wrong. I would be delighted to be in that place so I have to shove my doubts to the side, and get on with being a supporter of the club- which is bigger than the Board or the manager.

  9. Good article Paul.


    Delusions of grandeur were apparent in some of the wishful thinking regarding our next manager.


    Knowing the environment , knowing what’s at stake and having an eye for a player were all equally important.


    There’s other bloggers who need to get their act together. Actually paying money to watch Celtic in the flesh would be a start.


    Is NFL a perfect appointment ? No , then again , can anyone tell me who would have been perfect ?

  10. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on

    @ LAZYDYNAMITE on 27TH MAY 2019 12:34 PM



    You place on the blame at Brendan’s door? He continually talked of getting quality additions and yet we signed Morgan to replace Paddy and Mulumbu to replace Armstrong.



    It was clear he didn’t want to sell as he knew that it was unlikely that even a half decent replacement would be bought. Look at the complete mess of the John McGinn saga (Aston Villa’s players’ player and fans’ player of the year this year btw- that’s pretty spectacular).



    The lack of criticism (or apportionment of some blame to PL/the executives is astounding). BR was not perfect or blameless, but it can’t all be put at his door.

  11. Paul, you list a number of big names who were never under consideration. I’d agree with that.



    What I would wish to know, however, is how many managers did we consider? Clearly, none got as far as an interview. I would like to think we gave some consideration to other options. The outcome would suggest otherwise.



    Have we gone for the easy option? The least risky? The emotional pull?



    Neil will be the candidate many on here wanted. I am not so sure.



    I wish him well next season.

  12. The appointment of Neil Lennon the man is obviously going to split opinion.



    Aside from whether you are pro or anti Neil Lennon, will get debated for ever and a day on here.



    My concern more over is the way, Peter Lawell and Celtic as a club have now admitted they handled the process without giving due consideration to interested parties.



    Now here’s something to consider… Neil Lennon’s 2nd term in the hot-seat will not be for life. Therefore Celtic will again be in the market for a new manager, maybe in a years time, maybe 2 years time… maybe 4 or 5. But fundamentally the time will come.


    And to my thinking a large number of coaches / managers will see Celtic, and Lawell in particular as time wasters. Imagine being that manager that instructs your representatives to make contact with Celtic, express and interest. Only for Lawell to file your interest away with probably 200 others…. and not even give the right people the due time or respect.


    It could potentially come back to bite him in the arse.

  13. traditionalist88 on

    RUGGYGMAN on 27TH MAY 2019 12:47 PM


    Lawell, didn’t even consider the 400 C.V’s that landed on his desk.



    Because deep down, he didn’t want to have to.






    Can I ask the source of this number of CV’s?



    Not doubting it, just would like to know more.



    Since it is clearly such a big list, if you could just list the names that would have been a) a realistic target and b) better than Neil Lennon that would be great, cheers.




  14. Mistertaximan on

    “He has a great eye for a player”. Correct interpretation: He can spot a bargain.



    Mr Lawell has apparently already stated that in his own view there is no squad overhaul required.



    There will be a clear out. There will be some recruitment. Some will be season loans. Err…that’s it.



    Any net spend on fees and wages will be minimal. The usual formula will be adhered to; fail to invest in UCL qualifying, then if we get beat we have an excuse for further belt tightening/panic buying in Jan, depending on how the nine is coming along. If we make group stages despite ourselves, the window will slam shut within days along with the tin lid, it’s too late to spend don’t you see? Come Jan we will be told how difficult it is to do business in that window.



    Bonuses all round…make mine a treble!

  15. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on

    I don’t quite understand this article.



    Firstly, “There was not a candidate of Brendan’s calibre.” Well, to quote PL:



    “We had approaches from many, many agents, many representatives of managers across the board. We put them in the file, just left it and kept our word to Neil, really.”



    So no other candidate was sought out, interviewed or enquired about. Zero consideration given.



    Secondly, “The major consideration, and why Neil got the job, is that Celtic have a major rebuilding exercise to undertake.” To quote PL:



    “We still have a core of a lot of good players. I think people are maybe overestimating what we need to do or overstating it.”



    Hardly inspiring or indicating that PL is of the opinion that a major rebuild is required.



    So both statements fly directly in the face of what PL is saying. Confusing article.

  16. Paul 67


    Your argument against Chris Hughton was the best laugh I have had in ages.


    He signed one player for a lot of money in a league awash with money who hardly played is the reason he shouldn’t get the Celtic job!


    Do you know how ridiculously stupid you sound?



    In all the years that this blog has existed, is this the first time you have overstepped and argued against the charlatan Lawwell?


    In your header you state that we have ‘ a major rebuilding exercise to undertake.’


    However the charlatan has been reported as saying


    “We still have a core of a lot of good players. I think people are maybe overestimating what we need to do or overstating it’


    Your header is totally at odds of what the charlatan is saying.


    Have you ever blogged your disagreement with the charlatan before?


    Willi you call the charlatan out if he ends up doing to Lennon what he done last summer to Rodgers?

  17. I am happy that Lennon got the job as I believe that he knows the ropes better than any other possibility.



    I would point out that he did leave us after having promised to stay and we had to appoint a new manager who was expected to be assistant.



    PL and the Board were far from happy with NL. It is good to see that they were prepared to forgive and forget for the good of the club.



    I hope this anti-Lennon sentiment leaves soon and we can back the manager.

  18. Knightswoodbhoy on

    Angel Gabriel I have previously posted regarding Celtics place in European football both financially historically and in terms of supporter base. Can you really say it’s delusions of grandeur to say that we should aim higher than a former Hibs and Bolton manager?


    That doesn’t mean I ever thought a Mourinho level appointment was on, nor is it a criticism of Neil as a man more of the process involved

  19. If PL is to be believed, we never spoke to ANYONE and made the decision at an impromptu board meeting seconds after the final whistle.



    So we never embarked on a proper recruitment exercise for what could be the most important managerial appointment in recent history. We had several months to speak to every interested party.



    Remember we made a profit on BR, the by products was treble trebles. We are a very attractive proposition for a top manager.



    This “he gets Glasgow and is a Celtic man” is patronising nonsense. Does Klop get Liverpool, or Pep “get” Manchester?



    Its who is the best possible candidate available and willing to come to Celtic , I am not convinced that’s who we appointed.

  20. Deep breath



    Things Neil Lennon has done since he arrived



    – minimised the faffing about at the back


    – selected a solid centre half pairing with a view to CL playoffs


    – where possible varied the play with the centre halves coming out from the back with the ball


    – organised a goal from a corner kick


    – went back to rotating forwards and switching wingers every 30 minutes or so


    – we a bit more solid but plenty of work to do



    Things to work on


    – move the ball quicker from the back


    – pass the ball to a man that is marked , you never know he may shake himself free


    – third man running from deep





    – centre forward to act as a focal point


    – Tom Rogic if he wants to play for Aussies then we can’t cope with injuries which routinely occur after these tournaments , decision time


    – 2 strong running one touch midfielders needed




  21. Traditionalist88



    I’ll answer… however would expect that most people will know I was being flippant / over-exaggerating.



    But I don’t know, call it an educated guess, you can bet your bottom dollar there would of been plenty.


    See even if there was 60 notes of interest, that you quickly sieve through, and dismiss 56… There would, I believe still be 3 or 4 candidates that should of been granted an interview / talks

  22. traditionalist88 on

    The problem here is that some people are trying to come to terms with the fact that there was no A-list candidate.



    The quicker you arrive at this realisation, the quicker you will realise it probably is the best move for the club to appoint Neil Lennon.



    Don’t think applications weren’t noted before being ‘filed’ away.



    Receiving applications is not guarantee of quality. Maybe some ticked a box or two. Probably red flags galore.



    Marco Rose, the poster boy, got a job in the Bundesliga. Theres your problem right there. The kind of level we’d be looking at, the managers are already well known and successful, they have options and are attracting the attention of clubs in bigger leagues.



    After that you’re looking at taking a punt on a Deila type from Scandinavia.




  23. quadrophenian on

    All the pessimism still can’t dispel the feel-good euphoria of 3×3. A literally legendary time to be a Sellic fan!


    But – monty – Paul; the first time I heard Mourinho mentioned re CFC was from this very blog; your very pen (are you doing PR for the cream cookies, then?)


    But agree; embdy like Rafa or Jose purchase class – not nurture it. That would not fit our business model.


    Great eye for a player – are we signing Scotty Allan back fae the Hibs?


    Mon Lenny – do us proud!!

  24. The Onlooker on

    “We had approaches from many, many agents, many representatives of managers across the board. We put them in the file, just left it and kept our word to Neil, really.”



    The most interesting part of that paragraph is “kept our word to Neil”


    What word was that?



    The job is yours




    Win the treble and the job is yours?



    Doesn’t make sense to me.


    Off The job was his regardless if outcome why not tell him and us?



    The support of the dressing room can be filed under “Things footballers say”



    The players ( especially those whom NFL has picked to play in a final) are hardly going to come out and say ” we could have had a better manager than Neil”



    Badly handled, badly timed, badly announced.


    Just how much of the hospitality drinks were the impromptu board meeting enjoying before they came down to the showers to inform Neil of their decision?



    The Onlooker

  25. traditionalist88 on

    RUGGYGMAN on 27TH MAY 2019 1:25 PM



    I’ll answer… however would expect that most people will know I was being flippant / over-exaggerating.



    But I don’t know, call it an educated guess, you can bet your bottom dollar there would of been plenty.



    See even if there was 60 notes of interest, that you quickly sieve through, and dismiss 56… There would, I believe still be 3 or 4 candidates that should of been granted an interview / talks





    Well, we’re speculating all right.



    What we do know is that managers data/information/achievements are available to us at the click of a button as much as it is to the CEO of our club, and none of us can name a better, realistic candidate.






    @ LAZYDYNAMITE on 27TH MAY 2019 12:34 PM







    You place on the blame at Brendan’s door? He continually talked of getting quality additions and yet we signed Morgan to replace Paddy and Mulumbu to replace Armstrong.




    Yes I do blame Brendan.


    He was the one who signed them.


    And as far as John McGinn is concerned?.


    Perhaps we should have signed him.Perhaps PL should have offered more?.


    But you know what after watching him very closely for Scotland this year he appears to be riddled with mistakes for all his energy.


    I am kind of happy we have Ryan Christie getting a chance instead as it is almost certain he would have been offloaded to make room for McGinn.


    Christie is a better player for me.

  27. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    HENRY JOY on 26TH MAY 2019 12:34 AM



    With 9 and 10 beckoning there’s no time to win over the anti Neil Lennon brigade. We have to rid our Club of them,



    Every single one of these assimilated tim touts denouncing NFL should be publicly identified, their season cards taken off them and once tarred- feathered, their wannabe hun arses kicked down London Rd.



    Wee bit different but good shout Henry…

  28. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on

    @ LAZYDYNAMITE on 27TH MAY 2019 1:42 PM



    Ok. Well you seem quite partisan on this.



    Brendan squarely gets the blame but “perhaps PL should have offered more.” One party is being held to a standard the others is not; and that’s before you even consider that Brenda’s success was effected by how well PL did his job.



    “He was the one who signed them.”



    He can only sign within the budget he was given. For some reason I suspect Brendan will not be signing players like Mulumbu or Morgan at Leicester.

  29. The Battered Bunnet on

    In a quiet corner of the internet, a discussion between two Celtic supporters:



    – “Here’s what I think might have happened…”



    – “How do you know that? It’s pure speculation!”



    – “Yip, that’s right. As I said, it’s what I think might have happened. Like everyone else, I haven’t a clue.”



    – “See! Even you admit it.”

  30. Paul67



    Good article and congratulations for steering clear of the Joyless Division, – ‘The Lennon / Lawwell despisers’, another thing your Blog has taught us for the future.



    The vast silent majority will prevail as Celtic have, with or without a recruitment process of which I doubt there was little. Neil Lennon correctly IMO, remained amongst the favourites . There was no contest in what the decision would be, given, if it was finally made at 5.00pm on Saturday whilst we were still in Prospecthill Rd, or all around the world.



    Neil Lennon’s CV is the identikit man, was a record signing, he captained the side with distinction, and is a winner over EBT assisted Rainjurzz and Sevco, tactically a better player than any predecessor a better coach, with Barcelona’s scalp and Efe Ambrose as a Centre Back.



    Most adult Celtic supporters, even those that spend time on the internet have a lot more to bother about, than who Celtic choose to manage our club.



    The right choice is now debated in public like it never was before, ever since broadband got broader, and Blogs became a new social media phenomena , nothing wrong with that , its a modern equivalent of throwing pennies at Bob Kelly (Sir) in the directors box, not too long before he got on a plane with Celtic bound, for Lisbon.



    We’re still the jacobite army filled now filled with our kids singing Irish songs at Hampden, the Lisbon Lions regularly played to 18,000 and 28,000 on a good day, Celtic Park ebbed and flowed with casual day trippers, if you’d lived our lives, the view of modern day Celtic would be vastly different, and wouldn’t easily dismiss how our club has flourished, whilst being the constant nemesis of the Scottish establishment, that not only couldn’t save Rangers, but had a big hand in their death.



    Celtic Da’s who’ve sang the Merry Cowboy down underneath Archie and Arthur in Janefield St, have seen and sang it all before, nobody envisaged industrial scale cheating, or the current benefactors commentating on TV and in life, about a Celtic treble, treble.



    If our closet rivals, are behind Celtic but in tangible 9 point touching distance, then let rebs play on, I say.



    The game is over the rebels have won CSC



    p.s. Europe can wait

  31. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    So it’s all about the old firm. As if we didn’t know!


    £100m turnover, £9m for Rodgers and we get an out of work manager who was struggling in the bottom half of the league with Hibs! Could we not have pushed the boat out a bit and got Paul Heckingbottom who at least got into the top half of the table with the same players? A few hundred thousand compo too much? Complete lack of ambition.

  32. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Cant help thinking, the huns level of recruitment, guys fae Killie,Motherwell, bidding 500k for a CB from Oldham, had a part in getting NL the job.

  33. kikinthenakas on



    Probably your best post ever.


    Agree 100% with it…which is worrying in itself


    R3B3L TR3BL3 ???x???



  34. quadrophenian on

    Surely nothing wrong with keeping a promise with a KPI condition attached.



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