Why players betting on games is a serious offence


How do you find out that a footballer is betting on the game?  They don’t walk into bookies and hand a slip over at the counter, this stuff is all done on smartphones or by telephone.

Betting information is protected by the Data Protection Act, the SFA have no authority to ask and bookmakers have no authority to tell, even if they know a player is breaking SFA rules.

Even if a player sits in the dressing room, and announces that he’s just bet on the match about to take place, and all his team-mates reported him, he would be able to dismiss the charge on the basis that his comments were a joke.  No one could prove otherwise.

But, very specific charges are levelled at players.

The betting industry survives on the quality of their information being better than that of their customers.  “Are you likely to win at the weekend?”, “Any inside info on who the new manager will be?”, “Who’s struggling to be fit for Saturday (and therefore unlikely to be first scorer)?”

If you are a player, you have the inside line on a market worth hundreds of millions each year.  Football has an unhealthy relationship with bookmakers, at some clubs, the betting partner has their own lounge and has full access to the players’ lounge.  Many players are big gamblers and some have big incomes.  They are both significant clients for bookies and potential sources of inside information.  Like many big gamblers, they are offered special odds, not available to the general public.

Let me tell you one way of catching a player who is gambling on football.  He is tempted away from his old bookie to one who has become friendly with, possibly after giving his former bookie a bum steer on a striker who was supposed to be injured.  The former bookie then ‘discovers’ that the name on one of their accounts doesn’t match the name on the linked bank account, and that this account holder is a footballer.

The bookie is now officially concerned that illegal match fixing is going on.  With the possibility of criminality (even if it is without basis), they can alert the authorities.  That would teach the player a lesson for leaving, while making money through advantageous odds and feeding bum information back, and destroy whatever competitive advantage the other bookie has.

Does anyone know of any other way a specific charge of gambling on football could be raised?

Maybe the players are all just daft laddies.  Maybe the SFA decline to release reports into players gambling because there is nothing to see in them.  Maybe you can break the rules on betting but not be punished because it’s a silly rule.

You don’t need to be match fixing to be involved in serious criminality when dealing with a bookmaker.  The football watching public need transparency from the SFA on this issue, no matter how much money floods into the game from the gambling industry.

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  1. 1st 11??





    I hope ole Fernando the Commando is handed the cheque personally. He should make sure it isn’t ‘processed’ through Sevco or else he’ll end up with thruppence ha’penny and a used Commando book. If he’s lucky.



    Office hun upon hearing that Celtic are making a £10k donation is seething. I give up on this muppet. Beyond redemption.

  2. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    Unfortunately, with the R Foundation involved, plus ” expenses” for hosting the game, I’m afraid the net amount for the stricken lad will be seriously depleted.



    They have previous in Charity games.

  3. As an observation, I found it interesting that the word “Rangers” never appeared in the Charity Foundation statement when it could easily have been. e.g. ex-Rangers player

  4. Anyone have any links to pictures of the back page headlines with Davie moonbeams stories about supercasinos, floating pitches or any other delusions of grandeur? I’m thinking of the epic daily record / sunday mail ‘exclusives’ of days gone by.



    Little project I’m working on, in it’s infancy so may come to nothing, but Google is drawing a blank.



    Be back on in the afternoon, will repost this if need be, I’ve seen the pictures before so hoping someone, somewhere, has them saved.



    Much obliged.











    Thanks mate but I’m looking more for the pictures of the back page / front page rather than the articles themselves. Keep it as a back up though

  5. HT



    See if you have anything in the Junk mail from a Stuart MacMillan. Think I just forwarded his reply to you. Perhaps that is why you did not receive it immediately. Sorry to spoil your happy day. Bring back three points, please.

  6. If a player can get off as lightly as the last one did who was betting on his own side loosing, I wouldn’t hold my breath on this one being given more than a soft fine

  7. sixtaeseven - je suis charlie on

    I bet that the gambling goalie story will be swept under the lumpy Hampden carpet.

  8. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on

    My brother in law has just been diagnosed with MND. Just retired last year after working hard all his life, Life is a bastard sometimes!!!!

  9. Zbyszek ( previous thread )



    Thanks !



    Not only film soundtracks / also Jazz Lps by those guys too. . I woul also be interested in other Polish Jazz Lps .



    I know 3 stores in Warsaw -Mellow Man / Muzant / Hey Joe .



    Are there more ? Are there people who sell second hand vinyl privately .?



    Apologies for being a hassle -but any info you could provide would be much appreciated

  10. 67Heaven .. CHALLENGING THE LIE ..I am wee Oscar / Neil Lennon.. Ipox belongs to the creditors on

    At this stage of his career, I don’t think Armstrong is a £3m player

  11. jude2005 is neil lennon \o/



    12:47 on 23 January, 2015



    Sorry to hear that mate, will light a Candle at Mass on Sunday.



    Keep the Faith!



    Hail Hail!

  12. prestonpans bhoys on

    67Heaven .. CHALLENGING THE LIE ..I am wee Oscar / Neil Lennon.. Ipox belongs to the creditors


    12:49 on 23 January, 2015



    I’m informed that this sum includes GMS too.

  13. saint stivs



    21:07 on 22 January, 2015


    That is feck in hilarious.



    The two year build programme will commence once they clear the snow aff the pitch.




  14. I wish Fernando Ricksen all the luck in the world – he has a horrible disease, God help him.



    Proper action taken by our Foundation – Nice gesture.

  15. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on

    Is see Ryan Mc Gowan is back in town. Good solid R B. Capped 12 times for Australia. Hope we go for him.

  16. havent had time to read back on all of yesterday but I assume Mrs Doc is ill and I send thoughts and prayers and hope you are giving her plenty of tlc xoxo



    I am assuming the chris to whom birthday wishes are being sent is the only chris I know so Hoopy Birthday xoxo



    Iwould now like to have a non football rant so if you dont want to read the rambling of an old ghirl scroll now



    I was awaked at 2:03 am yes am by bt passing a text message that they would be delivering my parcel to-day????? I then received another call at 7:32 am with the same message????? to say I nearly got killed getting to the phone is not an understatement I hit my hip on the kitchen table reaching for the phone and fell(irrelevant I know but this is a rant) my husband says forget about it but Iam very cross not least because I am not waiting on any parcel.




    Rant over



    back to the football




  17. Can’t believe some posters quibbling over the fee for Armstrong. We spent 4 million on Broon years ago, and Armstrong is already a far more accomplished player.

  18. By the way bt is not my friend blantyre tim whom I am missing on the blog but British Telecom




  19. I would imagine a number of our players are regular gamblers, what has their keeper done to justify being called out by the SFA?


    Maybe Sally will reappear now with his list.

  20. 67Heaven .. CHALLENGING THE LIE ..I am wee Oscar / Neil Lennon.. Ipox belongs to the creditors on

    prestonpans bhoys



    12:50 on 23 January, 2015



    That’s more like it

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