Why the new training centre? Look at the shape of players from England


And from the ashes of Barrowfield, the Celtic “Training Centre in the East End” arose.  One of the limitations of the Lennoxtown facility is it does not have a full size indoor field.  This presents a specific problem in December and January, when trialists arrive at Celtic, but the pitches are either completely unplayable, or not in a condition to accommodate an additional game.

The driver here has come from English Premier League clubs, who have invested in the best facilities for their Academy players.  Developing footballers is no longer about solely about hard work rest in the appropriate measures.  Look at the shape of players now, compared to how they were 20 years ago.  They are indistinguishable from athletes, each muscle toned to the right proportion and no more.

You can have all the talent and speed in the world, but if your shoulders are not strong enough, you are not going to make it.  Young players are coached, get the best sports science and nutritional advice, and will be supported through their entire physical development at this new facility.

The project is at the planning permission stage only, but it is set to add a fourth major sporting facility to the area, after Celtic Park, the Emirates Arena and the Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome.  The additional facilities will help attract major events to the Arena and Velodrome; there are big wins for the city with this investment.

Recent years have been good to us financially, much of which is evidenced by the collection of trebles amassed, but long term plans are always needed.

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  1. excathedra44 on

    SAINT STIVS on 6TH JUNE 2019 3:06 PM



    Totally agree nothing positive,sniping at Board,sniping at Lennon,Lustig has nae legs,so it goes on.


    Never mind the Main Stand started as a ” crumbling eyesore” its now an edifice, so there’s some progress.



    PS.If you want to see a crumbling eyesore,visit the Nou Camp,complete with only 20% roof coverage.

  2. T88 @ 2.53



    What you describe doesn’t surprise me.


    Our current business outlook reeks of complacency and stagnation.



    There is no business case — there is no DD “Absentee Landlord” / PL Bonus friendly business case more like.



    The ground is now 25 years old in terms of design and planning. The Main Stand is a 1920’s design with a 1970 roof and a 1988 facelift that was carried out with a butter knife. In a world of global trends and mass consumerism it shouts out local park for local people.



    The world has moved on and we are being left behind — at some point we will have to do something just a case of when and under what level of duress. We aspire to EPL membership but clothe ourselves in 70’s cast offs — if we want to move forward then we have to work with standards that will get us noticed.



    We are being run by a pennywise / pound foolish clique who have no vision, desire or ability to move things forward.



    PL wages and bonus over 15 years = £25mill?


    How much steel and concrete would half of this amount bought?



    Regarding the Barrowfield / Lennoxtown debate.



    Lennoxtown = 40M x 30M sports hall plus 2000M2 of support facilities done to a good standard.



    Barrowfield plan = 120M x 90M ‘ish rigid tent plus 550M2 of support facilities in a portacabin.



    Very mix and match but we will still need Lennoxtown into the future.

  3. I see the Edinburggers are hosting a big soccer match in july with Liverpool and Napoli. The Midlothian mob continue to speculate to accumulate, meanwhile on the banks of Mount Florida the vacuos carcass of the SFA lays waste. Only when they need a cash injection do they get their media hacks to spin a tale and it was a Celtic supporter who put up the money and saved Hampden’s fate about a year or so back. Where are the scottish patriots promoting the national stadium in Glasgow? West of Scotland wake up and reclaim the game.

  4. JF I appreciate that you are a busy man but any chance of a response to my request to you at 11:51 H H Hebcelt

  5. Hrvaski Jim



    To mix my metaphors Dave King has sold his fellow shareholders a pup that snookers them into keeping the pup alive.



    The only way “Rangers” can reach the promised land of sustainability never mind profitability is with UEFA money, preferably from the CL.



    If they dont swap what DK owes them for shares whose value depends on UEFA income, then they have no chance of having the debt repaid because UEFA FFP


    break even rules would eventually prevent a license being granted, so they have to agree.



    If I can use another metaphor whose medical base I’m unsure off. It’s like a man lost in the desert driven to drinking his own urine to survive.



    Eventually after so many passes through the liver it clogs up the plumbing and he dies.



    It is a policy dangerous not only to his club but Scottish football as a whole and particularly Celtic as his main rivals for top spot.



    Perhaps if we were to look more at bringing such a dangerous policy to an end through domestic FFP, we wouldn’t have to worry so much about spending at a risky level for players, safer in the knowledge the game wasn’t bent against us because our rivals and their media cohorts are as bent as a Nine Bob note.



    (For the younger fans there was a unit of currency called a shilling circulating in coin form.


    To save holes in the pocket, ten of them came in a paper note form called a ten shilling note. For reasons someone might be able to explain this was called a Ten Bob note in Scotland. There was no Nine Bob note. Get it?



    Weans! Sheesh. What do they know eh?

  6. That awkward moment when The Louden Tavern Duke St is closed down, –




    you let your pub die, you let your pub die, Glasgow Rainjurz you let your pub die



  7. Switching topic to a degree.



    The debate on Mickael Lustig… extend his stay or let him go.



    The money aspect is the most important thing here. Its at the crux of it. Whether he is an able back-up to the right-back position, I don’t think is up for debate. He is a 32 year old Sweden International, with wealth of experience. Lots of Intl caps and World Cups etc under his belt. Therefore, of course he would be a more than able reserve option.



    However… question is. What is he on wage wise ? And what does he want ?



    By moderate estimates, he is currently on £22k – £24k per week. A huge amount of money, by Scottish standards. Mickael will no doubt be receptive to a 2 year deal on reduced terms. But reduced by how much ?? Realistically he probably seeks £15k/£16k per week. That’s a rational estimate on my behalf.


    Prudent business to me, would be to minimise the wage thieves..i.e guys like Compper… sitting on a big wage, and not contributing.


    I would rather therefore, that Celtic’s back-up right back wasn’t a guy passed his best, earning £16k per week.


    I would rather, we run with Ralston as back-up. And see what Manny Perez can bring to the table.


    In between times, lets go and sign a bonafide 1st choice right back.


    As for Lustig… I would give him a thousand thanks, wish him well, and send him on his way.

  8. AULDHEID on 6TH JUNE 2019 @ 4:04 PM



    “…UEFA FFP break even rules would eventually prevent a license being granted”.



    Oh! you are awful, but I like you.

  9. Not to mention that Lennoxtown could be sold in the future for housing.




  10. TINYTIM on 6TH JUNE 2019 4:43 PM



    Not to mention that Lennoxtown could be sold in the future for housing.






    I blame Peter Lawwell

  11. I wouldn’t mind all Celtic’s operations being back in the east end ,that’s where we belong .


    Just my opinion though .

  12. Hrvatski Jim on



    it is clear that the 3 bears have no chance of getting their money back in the foreseeable future so they have no real choice. The minority shareholders also have no choice because, as you say, without this they will be exposed to FFP rules which will deny them European revenues. However, the minority shareholders who declined to take the share offer, presumably because they felt that the prices was too low, will now be diluted if they do get European revenues.



    I see your reference to domestic FFP – do you need to see a nurse?

  13. MADMITCH on 6TH JUNE 2019 3:40 PM


    T88 @ 2.53



    our current business outlook reeks of complacency and stagnation.





    No it doesnt. How can planning to build things, hotels or training complexes using some of our cash in hand reek of compacancy and stagnation ?



    Thats an absolute belter mate, ignoring every financial perfromance indicator from the annual results,



    i have stated often in the past that Peter Lawell is paid too much (I could have typed PL, and saverd myself 9 taps on the keyboard but that would be lazy), for the size of the company and the job , however I still have to balance that against what is being delivered in real results.



    Its utter daft to say anything different.

  14. Bada @9.59 on the last blog.




    “My favourite is Casa Morales, a wee place that has been on the go for over 150 years, still run by the same family.”





    Bejasus, they must be in some state!





    Sorry for the delay in answering – grandparenting duties!! Thanks for that, Mrs Emeraldbee puts great store in CQN recommendations, surprisingly because I’ve been asked more than once “Are you still on that Blog!?”




    Will take a note and seek it out. Looking forward to classic grumpiness to go with the good food.





    Muchos gracias. (And ……. the weather looks greeeeeeeeaaaaaaaat.)

  15. Lenny already has those uppity zombies in his sights, rest assured. ?‍♂️

  16. !!Bada Bing!! on

    COURT 19




    Before LIONEL PERSEY QC sitting as a Judge of the High Court






    Thursday 6 June 2019




    At 10:30 AM












    CL-2018-000726 SDI Retail Services Limited v. The Rangers Football Club limited (born




    29 May 2012)

  17. whitedoghunch on



    can’t find notes on Seville and if we meet you’d realise why I sometimes require them


    I would say in Abantal to get the chance of eating exceptional 2 star michelin cooking for


    a 1/3 of what such a meal would cost here, i would not miss that

  18. BIG PACKY 1 on 6TH JUNE 2019 6:10 PM


    HI GHUYS, who is this harper we are after, don’t know of him.hh




    Could it be the record goal scorer for the Sheepies.? ?

  19. GREENPINATA, im old enough to remember him playing last time I seen him playing was a game at goodison park probably 74/75 and he scored 2 goals with one reply from man citys,rodney marsh hh.

  20. HRVATSKI JIM on 6TH JUNE 2019 5:08 PM



    Hi jim,have you any idea what groups like 1872 stake will be after dilution ?


    I have read kong&3burz will have a majority afterwards.





  21. Good evening, friends.


    Everyone looking forward to this weekend’s big double header – Scotland v Cyprus on Saturday at 7.45pm and Scotland v England in the Women’s World Cup on Sunday at 5.00pm? Expecting the men to win narrowly but think that our lassies are up against it.

  22. !!BADA BING!! on 6TH JUNE 2019 5:23 PM


    The huns waiting till midnight to bury bad news…



    Never forgetting a noo klub got “accepted into” our league in the middle of the London olympics opening ceremony in 2012.



  23. Jobo,



    For the first ever time I’m looking forward to the ladies game over the men’s.



    Our girls may be up against it as England are one of the favourites, however we will not be beaten on sheer endevour, pride and application.



    Come on you girls in pink and blue.

  24. Business/company plans are only plans for whatever reason.



    Might result in something, might not.



    Cannot be arsed about Barrowfield versus Lennoxtowen.

  25. Emerald Bee


    Have a great time in Seville with your good lady.i passed your pic onto Con who forwarded it to W.small world eh?.thanks again for that ticket and i hope your friend is well.catch up in the new season for sure my friend ?



  26. JOBO when I meet anyone down here in Cheshire when they here my accent they say where abouts in Scotland are you from I don’t say glenboig they would never have heard of it I just say Coatbridge just outside Glasgow now that’s why I will be supporting Scotland im Scottish.hail hail pal,

  27. Greenpinata and Big Packy 1 – thanks for reassuring me that I’m not completely alone.


    And to start my build up to the weekend I’m about to cheer on Big Virgil’s Orangemen in the hope that they defeat Engurlaand.


    I’ll check back later…

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