Why the new training centre? Look at the shape of players from England


And from the ashes of Barrowfield, the Celtic “Training Centre in the East End” arose.  One of the limitations of the Lennoxtown facility is it does not have a full size indoor field.  This presents a specific problem in December and January, when trialists arrive at Celtic, but the pitches are either completely unplayable, or not in a condition to accommodate an additional game.

The driver here has come from English Premier League clubs, who have invested in the best facilities for their Academy players.  Developing footballers is no longer about solely about hard work rest in the appropriate measures.  Look at the shape of players now, compared to how they were 20 years ago.  They are indistinguishable from athletes, each muscle toned to the right proportion and no more.

You can have all the talent and speed in the world, but if your shoulders are not strong enough, you are not going to make it.  Young players are coached, get the best sports science and nutritional advice, and will be supported through their entire physical development at this new facility.

The project is at the planning permission stage only, but it is set to add a fourth major sporting facility to the area, after Celtic Park, the Emirates Arena and the Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome.  The additional facilities will help attract major events to the Arena and Velodrome; there are big wins for the city with this investment.

Recent years have been good to us financially, much of which is evidenced by the collection of trebles amassed, but long term plans are always needed.

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  1. Jobo


    You are one guy who wil never be alone ?


    I am an armchair supporter with Scotland now for economic reasons and a hohum at the SFA,with all my football dosh goin to Celtic.have great memories of various qualifiers for wc 74-90 as well as now defunct home internationals


    Good appointment with Steve Clarke and i get the vibe of being re-energised.i wish him and Scotland well.your updates are welcome.?



  2. Hrvatski Jim on

    An Tearmann



    I read that the 3 bears consortium will have nearly 54% so King will have outright control without having to purchase any minority shareholder’s stake so they would not be able to win a vote even if they all joined forces. It’s the same as at Celtic.



    I expect that their small shareholders are more I interested in success on the pitch rather than financial returns so I doubt King will face any opposition.

  3. Hrvatski Jim on




    if I remember correctly it was a condition of the purchase of lennoxtown that the land would be retained for leisure purposes. If a change of use was subsequently applied for it , there are conditions to stop Celtic from taking all the gains. I can’t remember the exact terms.

  4. TINYTIM on 6TH JUNE 2019 4:43 PM



    Not to mention that Lennoxtown could be sold in the future for housing.






    I seem to recall Ian Fraser,the financial reporter when breaking down the Minty group and its maze of debt,after rfc went into liquidation referred to companies that were now in the control of his son/family.


    The company had ‘future’planning permission for swathes of land in the m8 corridor,hermiston gate and from Torrance along the Campsies to that m8 corridor.



    Maybe there would be a purchaser there



    Hope your good




  5. Developing barrowfield training centre into a modern training centre for the kids, woman and reserve games and training sessions is positive for the club and wont bump up the overall cost. The academy has produced quality players who have gone on to play for us and has also provided millions of pounds in transfer fees.



    celtic should always strive to be Better and to do Better in every area. Thing is we had 38 million in the bank before rodger and co left for 9 million, that 47 million. Since then we have sold 52000 season tickets and lunched a new home strip, won the league and scottish cup etc. We have removed about 10 million off the wage bill to. Thats before ntcham’s likely departure.



    We should have enough in the bank to complete the hotel, museum, superstore cafe and bar and the barrowfield upgrades without breaking the bank (23 million) and sign up a good rightback, centreback, cm and forward.




  6. Hvrastick Jim



    The folk who need to see Nurse Hatchet (sp?) are those responsible for allowing our game becoming Jeopardy.



    However as long as there is no escaping The Cuckoos Nest that is Scottish football it’s unlikely to happen.

  7. AN TEARMANN @ 7.14



    Thanks my good mhan. Con got back to me and I was able to put names-to-faces for W in France. Surprised myself that I could remember as far back as last day of school, 1968. I even remembered the name of the pub we had been in!



    Really looking forward to my Seville visit, and the good nosh recommended by some of CQN’s finest.



    See you next season.

  8. It gives me great pleasure report that Engurlands 53 year wait without winning a major tournament goes on. They’ll soon be going for 55!


    Engurland 1 Oramgemen 3 after extra time.

  9. lets all do the huddle ? on

    posession football from the back is pure baws



    get the ball launched well into the other half



    and even if ur strikers dont win the heeders



    at least u go win the 2nd ball



    still in ur opponents half



    simple game

  10. prestonpans bhoys on




    I think a Woolworths pick and mix is needed from the back or whoosh launch it up the park⚽⚽⚽

  11. *** CQN OPEN – FRIDAY 21st JUNE ***


    Good evening, all.


    On behalf of our very, very busy posters, John “Taggsybhoy” and Kevin “Blantyrekev” I’m happy to remind everyone of the headline details for this year’s golf day which is now only 15 sleeps away!!!


    As always, the day takes place in sunny Aberdour with the feature being a very pleasant round of golf on one of Scotland’s finest courses, Aberdour. This is followed by copious amounts of socialising with fellow CQNrs and friends culminating in an evening meal and more, ahem, socialising.


    This year’s guest speakers are Daniel Fergus McGrain (yes, you too can be in the company of THE greatest full back to ever don the Hoops), Willie McStay and, of course, Paul67. The costs are £45 if you only want to play golf, £45 if you only want to attend the evening event, or £80 if you want to do both.


    Traditionally and as an alternative to participating in the golf, Sir Oldtim67 is believed to be organising his usual daytime pub crawl which, of course, is absolutely free (unless you want to indulge in any drinking!).


    The proceeds from this year are going to both Alzheimer Scotland and Open Arms Malawi.


    If anyone’s interested just drop a short email to cqngolf@gmail.com and John or Kevin will get back to you.


    And if you really want to top the day off with an overnight stay at The Woodside Hotel, just call 01383 860328, mention CQN and someone will sort you out!


    A day and evening of great sport, laughter and company. Helping others too – the Celtic way.


    Oh, and wear green (lots of green) day and night!


    Hail Hail!

  12. LETS ALL DO THE HUDDLE ? on 6TH JUNE 2019 10:42 PM



    Totally agree , there has to be an option for route1 football.


    The most recent cup win and the 1995 game against Airdrie to end a six year wait proved that.



    Play to your strength st all times.




  13. Matt Stewart on

    Out for a quick jog/bend over double in agony yesterday and headed from the Gorbals, over Polmadie and up Carmunock road before cutting through Carmunock itself and into the Braes themselves ….and bhoy did the skies decide to empty their bladder on me.



    As I descended inside the boundary parallel to Cathkin road I slipped twice and ended up covered in mud, knees wrenched finally draggin myself to solid ground to stand like a feckin mad axe murderer outside the Cathkin Braes Golf club, the inmates (sorry members) at the windaes lifting their broadsheets over their faces, ignoring the obvious wastrel taking advantage of the rain for probably his monthly shower, whether I needed it or not.



    Anyway as I dragged my poor battered frame, Quasi-modo like back towards the trees and sheugh, lo and behold the sun came out and so I foolishly removed my outer layer of sheugh covered jogging jacket ….only for a bleedin’ car to drive through a road wide puddle and send Glasgow’s answer to Niagara falls tsunami-like to engulf me and wash me over the wee wall…right into another stinkin’ midden of dung…this time face-first.



    The sun then went back in again, sniggering at the eejit below.



    Anyway, I made it back into the braes advancing like the beast from the swamp and as the mud batter started became heavier, I took a break while the haar and mist lifted and the rain drops shrunk to slightly smaller than jellyfish.



    With my camera wrapped in a plastic bag to protect it from the tidal weather, I managed to get two pictures ….one a vista of Glasgow, and the other a zoomed in snap on a wee football ground you might recognise.



    The ground is just visible in the first one. It is about one third of the width in from the right, half way down.



    Hopefully one day my run will coincide with some good visibility. The panoramas are superb and dizzying.



    I’ve also dropped Scottish Hydro a wee note asking if I could get an accompanied visit to the top of the wind turbine at Propeller Point…that would be something else…you don’t get if you don’t ask….we’ll see!



    Anyway to the photies.






    Hail Hail




  14. BOURNESOUPRECIPE on 6TH JUNE 2019 10:21 PM


    No full size pitch no floating pitch?



    Hehe finished by 2012 ??




  15. I wonder if any of the the shareholders in Sevco are now wishing they had exercised their right to sell to King Liar for top dollar.

  16. glendalystonsils on

    ‘Rangers*’ must get awfy fed up with us latching on to their coat tails and chasing aw these signings that they’re after.

  17. Dexter P. Bampot on

    Press conference at 3pm tomorrow.



    It’s to announce Celtic’s new 3 year bog roll contact with Andrex apparently.




    Seriously though, we hear so often about the need to “get business done early” only to be regularly disappointed with squad improvements pre CL qualifiers. Everyone knows when the season ends. Surely PL had targets to discuss before the end of the season? The leaked document? I had hoped it was fake. It was entirely underwhelming in terms of the names mentioned. A real lack of ambition pervades. Yet again. Yet afu**ing again.



    A modest investment not only buries Sevco for next season but also affords an opportunity of CL qualification and a respectable effort at same.



    But, no, it seems. It’s the bare minimum.

  18. i recall doing a little reseach on lennoxtown training centre, if i recall rightly there is a 25 year perid were any gain from sale would not be celtic or 50% split. Dont think celtic will look to sell the centre anyway, they may wait for another 13 year and sell there lower part of there site if not developed, which look likely.



    Barrowfield had similiar restriction when celtic purchased site behind the original pitch. That one had a 15 year period, but celtic will not be looking to sell that and it has likely passed already

  19. weebobbycollins on

    Matt…is that a wee tornado passing over the Gorbals?…or someone having a fag outside Sharkey’s?

  20. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Engerland pumped again by a half decent team,beat 2 pub teams in the World Cup, and knighthoods and OBE’s are out……embarrassing stuff

  21. Why some Celtic supporters continue to pour scorn on our PLC that have delivered is a mystery to me.

  22. Damn tooting Henry Joy you know what they say about fools & money.


    the latest crap to come out of the gob-shit huns media mouths is that


    we went for the cheapest option in appointing N L aye right in future


    we will just send all our hard earned spare dosh to you fanny’s so you


    can run our beloved Club into oblivion aye right dream on fools


    Good photograph Matt however the next time the Jet Stream comes


    back with it’s shit-storm weather off of the Atlantic if I was you head


    to the local Gymnasium instead of being drenched after all we don’t


    want you to catch a cold young Man Hail Hail & COYBIG Everyone :-) :-)

  23. Henry Joy on 7th June 2019 1:17 am


    They’re telling you why.


    I agree with some of it but not with others.


    My main bugbear with the board is the fact that we’ve been cheated for years and they’ve let it go.

  24. Good morning, friends, and a Big Happy Friday from a dry and bright East Kilbride.


    If you fancy a very quick scroll back I’d recommend 2 postings in particular, both on this page – Matt Stewart’s wee tale at 11.00pm and, of course, my own at 10.49 ;-)

  25. weebobbycollins on

    No more walking on gilded splinters…RIP Mac Rebennack…Dr John


    The Night Tripper…

  26. HENRY JOY @ 1:17 AM,



    Why some Celtic supporters continue to pour scorn on our PLC that have delivered is a mystery to me.



    Well, I’m not in the scorn business and of course by many measures our PLC is an efficiently run corporate and up Lenny’s first tenure I was pretty much a happy clapper.



    In those days there were many mineshafters who were critical of the business. Three in particular come to mind.






    Mike in Toronto






    Neganon was very critical of how the Board worked and suggested the Board’s claim that All the money made by the Company would be reinvested in the Football Club was Bunkum. Of course he was right.



    MiT was critical of the Board’s handling of the Rangers Scandal, he felt they should have acted swiftly, decisively and ethically. I and others argued that the Board were being canny, not being pulled in to making it an “old firm” thing and that we should keep our “powder dry” and strike at the opportune moment. MiT suggested that the Board had no intention of doing anything about the situation and were going to be compliant and let them away with it. MiT as we now know was right.



    Madmitch suggested, and still does, that Celtic PLC were not a highly efficiently run business as many, including me believed, and in many aspects fell far short of that and the PLC were not running the business to anything like it’s full potential. Of course with hindsight we can see that he too was correct.



    For my part as I said, My view was the Board was doing a good job but have long argued we were not ambitious enough, that by endeavouring to become a UCL Pot 3 side we could be producing much better football, footballers and more money. Many argued that strategy was too risky. I believe Brendan Rodgers tenure proved me correct also.



    Now as we see more of how our business structure and infrastructure operates, we can see quite clearly, even though after Rangers died our PLC kept the business afloat and on an even keel, it is not fit for the purpose of running a modern, ambitious Football Club.



    They also don’t seem to be aware that Celtic are more than a Club.



    Hail Hail

  27. Hunderbirds are Gone on



    Great post. Hard to argue with your cogent evidence. Re. the Scottish Football authorities’ collusion with old Rangers, and now Sevco. I had hoped that Auldheid was correct, and that the Celtic PLC would pounce at the most opportune moment, with maximum effect, and leaving no wriggle room for the authorities. Alas, this truly feels like a forlorn hope today.


    To me, the PLC’s inaction on this matter can only mean one of two things. Either 1) The PLC really does pursue a permanent strategy that has us portrayed as one half of Scottish Football’s “Ugly Sisters”, and we will forever be hogtied to Sevco. Or 2, our own financial history and relationship with the authorities is not wholly above board, and someone with knowledge/evidence of this, is holding us to ransom.


    As option two seems a bit fanciful, disappointingly, I am moving towards the conclusion that option one must be the case.


    That fact leaves me with a very heavy heart, and for the first time in my life, unsure about my feelings towards the one thing on this Earth that, until now, I had loved unconditionally – Celtic.



  28. lets all do the huddle ? on

    watching Scottish reporter Jane Dougall reporting from Nice on the womens world cup on BBC News



    must be very cold there :-)

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