Why the new training centre? Look at the shape of players from England


And from the ashes of Barrowfield, the Celtic “Training Centre in the East End” arose.  One of the limitations of the Lennoxtown facility is it does not have a full size indoor field.  This presents a specific problem in December and January, when trialists arrive at Celtic, but the pitches are either completely unplayable, or not in a condition to accommodate an additional game.

The driver here has come from English Premier League clubs, who have invested in the best facilities for their Academy players.  Developing footballers is no longer about solely about hard work rest in the appropriate measures.  Look at the shape of players now, compared to how they were 20 years ago.  They are indistinguishable from athletes, each muscle toned to the right proportion and no more.

You can have all the talent and speed in the world, but if your shoulders are not strong enough, you are not going to make it.  Young players are coached, get the best sports science and nutritional advice, and will be supported through their entire physical development at this new facility.

The project is at the planning permission stage only, but it is set to add a fourth major sporting facility to the area, after Celtic Park, the Emirates Arena and the Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome.  The additional facilities will help attract major events to the Arena and Velodrome; there are big wins for the city with this investment.

Recent years have been good to us financially, much of which is evidenced by the collection of trebles amassed, but long term plans are always needed.

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    I’d suggest it’s mostly 1 and a bit of 2.



    Interesting to note a couple of posters admitting they called this wrong at the time.



    It’s best though to face up to reality than to continue to delude yourself.




    Yes, it’s important for those who feel any criticism is disloyal that this comes from a true passion for our Club and a deep sense of disappointment.



    Auldheid suggested there could be blackmail involved but I believe he meant more in a financial sense. Yet what ever motivated the inaction, if that makes sense, it is hugely disappointing, especially the way the Res12 ghuys were treated.



    Aff Oot



    Hail Hail

  3. Hunderbirdsaregone.



    I’m not sure if I was in the “keeping the powder dry” school of thought as gathering the powder is still in progress.



    I tend to be cautious about saying anything I cannot back up with some evidence to support it.



    I cannot recall thinking that powder was being kept dry and in fact at one meeting 3 years ago walked away in disgust at Celtic’s lack of action on information provided prior to a later AGM.



    There was also reason to suspect Celtic did not want to pursue the matter before the 2013 AGM but the adjournment provided the requisitioners with some authority to dig , but had Res12 been passed UEFA could have done that.



    Why the reluctance to go to UEFA was always puzzling but to keep the investigation door open we accepted Celtic’s request to deal with SFA only.



    That is still going on but I ‘m afraid that as the powder gathering process reaches its end the powder could blow up in faces it was never meant to.



    The next couple of weeks will tell if that fear is real or not as the SFA have been asked to clarify what was reported in the press.



    If an acceptable answer is given we can all stand down but wonder why it took nearly 6 years for a stand down answer.



    If no acceptable answer provided or worse, no answer to the latest and earlier questions made last June then Im afraid the powder trail will turn towards Celtic .

  4. Hi Auldheid may I salute your work on Res – and all the others involved. Celtic would be a better organisation with people like you at board level, we can but dream!!! Hail Hail Hebcelt

  5. Stairheedrammy on

    I still have suspicions that Celtic were warned not to open their mouths about the cheating through the two police reports of sectarian songs that came out of the blue around 2013.

  6. Hebcelt



    Thanks on behalf of the guys.



    It is the thinking that needs changed – by everyone.



    That is going to need trust all around and that itself has to start with the club.

  7. Chairbhoy.



    Yes,financial as in Sevco say, “you dont do this we walk away.”



    I think the fear of the loss of the blue pound by ALL clubs made them willing to accept conditions that took form in the 5 Way Agreement.



    Conditions that call into question all domestic attempts at football justice since 2012 whether it was the LNS Commision or the current case of non compliance with 2011 UEFA licensing rules that has required CAS involvement.

  8. TheLurkinTim on

    Auldheid…u and the Res12’rs hav my utmost admiration…but even you’ve got to admit that yer getting to the straw clutchin stage…unfortunately




  9. THELURKINTIM on 7TH JUNE 2019 11:42 AM


    ‘Whurs the High Court judgement from yesterday…embdy’






    It hasn’t appeared yet. Not sure why.



    Might be a job for the Lennoxtown Leaker.

  10. AULDHEID on 7TH JUNE 2019 11:17 AM










    ‘It is the thinking that needs changed – by everyone.’








    Whilst I am indefatigable in saluting your (plural) indefatigably on this issue I can’t help wondering whether it isn’t your thinking that needs changing.



    You are too ready to extend the benefit of the doubt to those who don’t deserve it.



    Perhaps the schools are to blame.

  11. Hunderbirds are Gone on



    What was the nature of the most recent question asked of the SFA?



  12. TheLurkinTim on

    Ernie…where’s Lee Wallace when u need him ?…as for the leak…I think it’s a storm in a tea-cup…deflection/diversion



    Embdy remember that I thought Lustig was away after watching the post cup final coverage

  13. TheLurkinTim on




    Hope 2 see you next Friday..as per convo…let me know nearer the time if yer still ok with it




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