Why this is the finest Celtic team in 47 years


You and I have seen some special Celtic teams. For me, the double winning team in 1977, the Centenary team and, of course, the Martin O’Neill team, were without doubt above anything we’ve had since the 60s.

I am in no way disparaging Gordon Strachan’s remarkable achievement of twice reaching the knock out stages of the Champions League. This was down to Gordon’s superior ability as a manager; the wee man didn’t have a squad to compare to the others on the list.

By contrast, this team, in its embryonic state, finished fourth in the Champions League group, but that was then. Now, they are within touching distance of winning an undefeated treble. This is the finest Celtic team I’ve seen.


The ’77 team wasn’t so much a team as a support act for Kenny Dalglish. A season later, without King Kenny, they finished fifth, without even a Uefa Cup spot as compensation.

It was sheer force of Billy McNeill’s personality which drove the Centenary team on, but they returned for preseason without their elixir.

It was like going to school watching Martin O’Neill’s team. We learned so much about the game that we’d never seen at Celtic. This was a guy who knew how to get results. But without another King, we discovered that team too was built on a single foundation.

There are no Kings in this Celtic team. They are a team in the true sense of the word. Last night, without Dembele, Armstrong, Tierney, Lustig, Simunovic and Sinclair they rolled around the Firhill surface like a machine from the 22nd century.

It was breathtaking. This is the greatest Celtic team since the one which walked off the Hampden pitch in front of 136,000 fans in 1970.

I saw a preview of the BBC documentary film, Glasgow 1967: The Lisbon Lions, which airs across the UK on Wednesday 24th May. It was heartfelt, entertaining and inspiring. I intended to review it today, but I was so annoyed at the coverage some in the media gave it, I thought I better step back to do the job justice.

They had some of the Lions, of course, and some wives too, but they sat a microphone in front of a few of our more experienced CQN’ers Some of the best things you have read on this site come to life on the screen. We’ll talk about it again next week.

Stunned and humbled at the support for the marathon, which takes place on Sunday morning, to benefit the Celtic Foundation. I just don’t know what to say. There are spectacular donations (here) there – a simple thank you does not seem appropriate, but I know every donation, large or small, means someone has taken the trouble to spend hard earned money.

It is appreciated, thank you.

If you’d like to get an historic week off to a unique start I hear there’s a projector screening of the original live broadcast and whole 90 minutes from Lisbon in a Govan warehouse tonight (Friday, 19th), it’ll run from around 6.30 till 9. If interested drop an email to cqnopen@gmail.com



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  1. One more thing before I become a Lisbon bore


    I was wearing my Lisbon T shirts every day: 4!times I was approached by men who knew of our team , 3 of them were guys in their 50’s who knew of us and were Benfica supporters. The other lad stopped his car at side of road and asked if I was Irish, he was a Sporting fan who was won over by some Irish lads and due to the green and white Hoops was also a Celtic fan .


    Overall the staff and people we met were friendly, helpful and happy to see us. Enjoy yourselves.

  2. JMC Loganair will not be flying direct or indirect anywhere until Sept 1st, H H Hebcelt



    2 Euros for a small glass. In the better bars you will pay 4 Euro for a grande, be warned that a grande is less than a pint.

  4. A Ceiler Gonof Rust on

    Bateen Bhoy / BobM, thanks guys for reposting my Lisbon sclaffbaw update.




  5. Jimmynotpaul on

    Thunder Road.


    Yes they had the knives out for Yogi.


    Guy in my old work was co opted onto the Falkirk board, a fans rep is or certainly was elected every year to sit on the board. Anyway he was the one who started the Yogi out campaign, big John heard about it and came barging in one day offering to knock seven bells out golf him. Guy in works initials were S.J. he was terrified after that, I laughed for weeks.




    Disappointing result for Cumbernauld on Wed 0.0 v Maryhill both teams keepers had excellent games. Cumbernauld keeper saved a penalty.


    I see Pollok beat Arthurlie 4.2( I think )

  6. ACGR


    Would have loved to have joined you on the cut bits, but it’s so long since i played it wouldn’t have been fair on the greenkeepers.


    Hope you all have a fabulous day, and make sure y’all have the factor fifty amongst the other liquids. :-)

  7. JMCCORMICK – Thank you for the very interesting info on Lisbon, 5 days to go, cant wait.




  8. A Ceiler Gonof Rust on

    TET, please tell mercadona have not put up the price of their own brand litre bottles…..:-)



    Booked flights for heading your way and will be there 16th – 25th June. Bringing the young pretender with me so we,ll be a three ball.



    Let me know what days suit you for a sclaff and we can take it from there.



    Well done utd in reaching the play off final.



    HH to you and the lovely J

  9. A Ceiler Gonof Rust on

    Bateen Bhoy, my hip flask will contain factor 60.2, that’s the only factor I need. Im permatanned. Kenny miller is milk white by comparison………..:-)



    Make yersel known to me next week please.





  10. Thunder Road on




    Thanks, the only place ive flew to in about 18 years is Dublin so i was hoping it might be a bit cheaper!


    Had read that it was about 2 euros but wasnt sure how dated those prices were.


    Quite like the pricing in TETs neck of the woods even if he is a big tease by letting us in on that fact :P

  11. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Hamiltontim , club tweets have been promoting Sunday’s tifo which to me is progress in the club’s attitude towards the Green Brigade .



    The Bhoys retro banner display last night was fantastic and a really good idea.

  12. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Jimmynotpaul, sorry to hear about Cumbernauld’s result.



    How many league games have Cumbernauld left to play?



    Pollok beat Arthurlie the other night to get into the semi final of the Central League cup which they are currently the holders of.



    I hope our team’s performances and results are lifting your spirits when your illnes is affecting you.

  13. Allowayjambo1874, on 17 May 2017 – 11:12 PM, said:


    I know it’s unlikely but if we lost 8-0 that would be the worst league defeat in our history. Serious question do you think that would be enough to get this prat his books?



    I don’t think that’s unlikely at all.



    We’re abysmal, it’s Celtics big day, the place will be packed, an unbeaten season and getting the trophy at the end.



    Its a horrible thing to say but Rodgers will send them out to ******* slaughter us with style.



    There is a way out.



    If we get 5 players sent off we only lose 3-0.






    Freak results Hearts away at parkhead, we must be one of the worst away sides in the league, not beaten Celtic in about 5 year, they’ve took about 3 thousand goals off us in that that time, we’re honestly not winning, the best we can hope for is damage limitation.



    Comments from http://www.hmfckickback.co.uk/index.php?/topic/169708-can-we-give-celtic-the-points-now/




  14. Thunder Road on




    Normally its annoying when something is getting held up blocking the action but i couldnt help smiling at the Big Cup that was being brandished right in front of one of the cameras last night.


    IF there were any huns tuned in that would have got rid of em!

  15. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Moonbeams , the comment from one Hearts saying I can’t understand why they (Celtic supporters ) despise us



    Obviously the guy must be a bit deaf to the Hearts fans chants and blind to their antics against our players

  16. Jimmynotpaul on



    They have two games left. Maryhill have three and Yoker have two.


    Cumbernauld are a point above Maryhill and two behind Yoker.


    Cumbernauld play on Mon and Wed both home games. Monday against Rutherglen, Wed against one of the teams already relegated. Irvine, I think.


    The teams performances and results are just fabulous. It certainly gladdens the heart.


    Hail Hail

  17. We have the most talented manager since Jock. Other than Gamboa all the players that started last night were there last season. All aspects of our teams performance has improved immeasurably. Hh

  18. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Thunder Road , I showed the display to my dad today , it impressed him.



    The unity between supporters , players and our management team is special and long may it continue.

  19. There has been a massive difference in the players fitness levels from previous seasons. I think Chris Davies has played a crucial role in fine tuning this team. Hh

  20. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Jimmynotpaul, I hope Cumbernauld stay up and Paddy plays a big part in them doing it.



    It always amazes me that players in the Juniors at this time of the year are playing two to three times a week but don’t openly moan about it unlike players and manager in the pro leagues .



    I’m like those who have posted over the past few days who don’t want this season to end.

  21. Gerryfaethebrig on




    I have mentioned this numerous times, never in my days have I known a manager like Brendan to unite every fan….. Although stuff that Brendan guy, I think wee Griff was in the right :- )



    Play the goalie that makes saves


    Play the Griff who scores the goals



    The fans were (again) exceptionally last night, had a wee lurk on way to work today and I think HT mentioned about the fans just enjoying themselves no hatred, no nasty stuff, happy days



    We do live in great Celtic times…….with hopefully more to come




  22. HT: the last few end of season matches have been run-of-the-mill afairs. Nice occasions to celebrate our club’s efforts.



    At what time do you reckon we should be inside the stadium.



    I was at our glorious 2-1 win over Barca but missed the tifo.

  23. Phyllis Dietrichson on

    Has anyone got a clip of that Paddy Roberts run down the right wing last night? The rollover step over one?

  24. I have been one of LG s biggest cheerleaders. He is a fantastic football player and natural goal scorer who would never be out my time. Sadly however LGs ridiculous strop at being subbed last night was enough evidence for me that he is not Celtic class. LG won’t be at CP next season. Hh

  25. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Jmccormick 10.22pm



    Sounds like you had a good trip, a wee overtime shift tomorrow 8am-12pm then the big & wee boss are meeting me in the town for “shopping” then seemingly “build-a-bear” shop (will be paid in full not the never never) by all accounts both bosses are talking of La Lanterna ? I have told them it’s you & JNPs recommendations, Miss GFTB is paying so might end up in Burgee King :-)



    (bear & King in the same paragraph was unintentional but I can assure you both bills will be paid in cash)

  26. I’m more than happy the Arabs won tonight, nothing against Peter Houston or the players but it has not been a friendly Celtic place as far as I can remember even though 2 of our legends actually played for them.



    I can go back as far as both Pat Crerand and Mike Jackson being ordered off in a fives tournament there and the Celtic players, also including Dunky McKay, Jim Kennedy and Big Billy, being verbally attacked and having debris thrown at them as they stood on the touchline.



    During the game against the home side they received constant and sustained sectarian abuse from falkirk player lowry, brought to the club from Ballymena, a vile bigot, according to a former player, who refused at the last minute to play in a charity match (league select) upon hearing the benefactors were RC.



    Dunky had put us 1 up when Paddy was sent off after clashing with the black north reprobate and mayhem from the sidelines ensued, they equalised and then all hell broke loose when Mike and lowry were ordered off after trading punches. Objects were then thrown at “keeper” Billy and finally with 3 against 4 we lost by a single corner. Justice was done however when ‘well beat them 3-1 in the final.



    Several years earlier I taken to the Glasgow Police Sports which were held, where else, but their favourite teams stadium, my mother was a great athletics fan and urged me to go and see Derek Ibbotson, I was rewarded when he ran the first sub four-minute mile in Scotland that day, narrowly missing John Landy’s world record. There was also a fives tournament and I don’t recall our team receiving any abuse whatsoever, what’s more I can recall them sitting relaxed on the sidelines between games.

  27. Gerryfaethebrig on

    G64 11.41pm



    Leigh will be there for seasons to come…….and could break all sorts of records



    Fellow Celts good night n God bless

  28. Gerry imo LG is a manchild who thinks the world revolves around him. If he has any sense he will apologise to his manager and in future learn to behave like a professional and not a spoilt brat. Hh

  29. Mary Black was celebrated on the Late Late Show tonight. Worth a look on RTÉ player if you missed it.

  30. What is the Stars on





    I hope Leigh is around for a few more years. ..but I don’t think he will get another chance if he behaves like that again.


    As Brendan very cleverly said. ..He forget for a minute that it’s about what is best for the team…or words to that affect

  31. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    A big shout out and thank you to Kris Commons and his parter , Lisa for their assistance with the still birth Charity , SIMBA, for helping get a room at the Maternity Unit at the new Southern where bereaved parents and family cab spend time with their child who was born asleep.




    A much needed space for those affected by stillbirth.

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