Why this is the finest Celtic team in 47 years


You and I have seen some special Celtic teams. For me, the double winning team in 1977, the Centenary team and, of course, the Martin O’Neill team, were without doubt above anything we’ve had since the 60s.

I am in no way disparaging Gordon Strachan’s remarkable achievement of twice reaching the knock out stages of the Champions League. This was down to Gordon’s superior ability as a manager; the wee man didn’t have a squad to compare to the others on the list.

By contrast, this team, in its embryonic state, finished fourth in the Champions League group, but that was then. Now, they are within touching distance of winning an undefeated treble. This is the finest Celtic team I’ve seen.


The ’77 team wasn’t so much a team as a support act for Kenny Dalglish. A season later, without King Kenny, they finished fifth, without even a Uefa Cup spot as compensation.

It was sheer force of Billy McNeill’s personality which drove the Centenary team on, but they returned for preseason without their elixir.

It was like going to school watching Martin O’Neill’s team. We learned so much about the game that we’d never seen at Celtic. This was a guy who knew how to get results. But without another King, we discovered that team too was built on a single foundation.

There are no Kings in this Celtic team. They are a team in the true sense of the word. Last night, without Dembele, Armstrong, Tierney, Lustig, Simunovic and Sinclair they rolled around the Firhill surface like a machine from the 22nd century.

It was breathtaking. This is the greatest Celtic team since the one which walked off the Hampden pitch in front of 136,000 fans in 1970.

I saw a preview of the BBC documentary film, Glasgow 1967: The Lisbon Lions, which airs across the UK on Wednesday 24th May. It was heartfelt, entertaining and inspiring. I intended to review it today, but I was so annoyed at the coverage some in the media gave it, I thought I better step back to do the job justice.

They had some of the Lions, of course, and some wives too, but they sat a microphone in front of a few of our more experienced CQN’ers Some of the best things you have read on this site come to life on the screen. We’ll talk about it again next week.

Stunned and humbled at the support for the marathon, which takes place on Sunday morning, to benefit the Celtic Foundation. I just don’t know what to say. There are spectacular donations (here) there – a simple thank you does not seem appropriate, but I know every donation, large or small, means someone has taken the trouble to spend hard earned money.

It is appreciated, thank you.

If you’d like to get an historic week off to a unique start I hear there’s a projector screening of the original live broadcast and whole 90 minutes from Lisbon in a Govan warehouse tonight (Friday, 19th), it’ll run from around 6.30 till 9. If interested drop an email to cqnopen@gmail.com



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  1. ============ SPARE TICKET ALERT ============



    I have a spare adult ticket in the SE corner for tomorrow’s match, free* to a good home.



    * or in return for a donation to Mary’s Meals.

  2. BMCUWP:


    I’ll not go to Heaven for pointing that out…:)


    Last CQN Coupon for the Season


    Lennybhoy- St. Johnstone


    AWATR – Aberdeen


    Pogmathonyahun – Alloa


    TET – Man Utd


    GFTB – Peterhead


    Keep the Faith!


    Hail Hail!

  3. Nye Bevans' rebel soldier on

    BOURNESOUPRECIPE on 20TH MAY 2017 10:18 AM



    Only 2 rolls,lightweight:)

  4. Jimmynotpaul on

    Park RD 67.


    I will definitely cheering on in those last fixtures.


    Yoker away your last fixture. You might need something to win the league, they might need something to avoid relegation. It could be tasty but not as tasty as Bournesouprecipes breakfast looks.


    Hail Hail

  5. I just noticed the Huns have scored 54 goals ( compared to our 104) in the league this season. So one more and they will have meet their target for the season of 55. They were bumming they would get 55, guess we’ll never hear the end of it, or am I getting mixed up :0) :0)

  6. Park Road 67 on



    In Girvan”s own hands mhate , your right BSR’S rolls looked very tasty !!!

  7. *** GFS2 – WE HAVE A WINNER!!!! ***



    A Huge congratulations to INCHTURE BHOY on wiining the race to be the last competitor still to submit a pick for this current competition. 1,025 emailed picks already received and now just 1 to come in.



    Aff oot for a bit but my plan is to stick a post up around 1pm showing who the current leaders have all chosen for this weekend’s games.



    It’s tight at the top!

  8. My boss is Peter Principle on

    Good morning,



    Feeling down, here’s a little pick you up from the other side on dobears den, they are discussing the Europa league.



    I have not altered a thing in the guys post, hard to believe I know



    Inigo 9,877




    Club Legend


    25,809 posts


    Posted Tuesday at 01:37 PM



    We should remember that the winners of the Europa League get access to the Champions League.



    It’s another avenue into the CL, so it’s very important to us.


    2 people like this








    You’ll be denying the existence of Santa next!

  10. Hail Hailstones in East Kilbride!! Battering down. A real pity that I heard the ole flute and drums in the distance about half an hour ago. Shame.

  11. My boss is Peter Principle on

    Bobby Murdoch,



    I think it stems from when we were infants and learning to take our first steps, they were learning to march, hence missing out on the learn to walk before you can run adage




    I know what you are saying on talking about The Munters,but FERGUSSLAYED THE BLUES post at 9,06 AM,really has to get a mention.Sheer comedy gold.

  13. MY BOSS PP



    They are deluded, paranoid,easily conned, clutching at straws, bigoted,just plain stupid and still not willing to accept that their team is dead. This present team is merely a tribute act.

  14. Big Sutty really giving it to Pedro.


    te latest is that the spat between him and Mc innes is over.They sat down with a glass of wine and made up.


    Just when did this wee romantic interlude take place between Wednesday and Friday.Did one “Jet up”,or did one “Jet down”.We deserve to be told.

  15. Three things no one has ever heard at the game.


    “I hope that Ryan Jack is not playing today.He is a real danger man”


    “That Ryan Jack has totally run this game today”


    “Aberdeen are a lot poorer when Ryan Jack is not playing”


    Munters 1,Aberdeen 2.First win at the Dodgyroof Stadium since 1991.Ryan Jack not playing.





    It was probably when McInnes popped down to renew his season ticket.



    You making it over for Lisbon? Fancy a gemme of darts?



    You can choose whose photie we throw them at(!)







    It was probably when McInnes popped down to renew his season ticket.




    You making it over for Lisbon? Fancy a gemme of darts?




    You can choose whose photie we throw them at(!)



    Raging at not being able to make it over to Lisbon.My family over here this week on holiday.Just typical.


    I will def be over for a Hootnanny soon.Give you a few games then.Played in the first Summer League game on Thursday night.Played great,but got in at 4 AM,then watched the game on Celtic TV.Mrs TB asked me the Darts result next day.No idea.Still dont know.


    No need to say have a great time.But I will anyway.


    Hail Hail.





    Wee Philvis Thumbs Up from me,enjoy the family time.



    Btw,I’m pretty pash at darts,but I can hit a decent sized photie. Treble twenty,Mibbe not!

  19. My boss is Peter Principle on

    Can someone please confirm that it is absolutely pissing it down in Airdrie at the moment




  20. So, unless I’ve missed it, vfr, no word of the day. Still enjoying the view from the summit? The only way is down, so there is your challenge





  21. Had a wee snigger to myself last night.


    Me and my wife are in Tenerife at the mo.


    We were walking along the prom last night towards Porto colon.


    We were behind a group of 5 or 6 lads .


    We could hear them talking in Glaswegian,


    I noticed one of them had the 5 star tattoos favoured by some of them.


    I said to my wife.


    Depending on the outcome of the big tax case they might have to scrub one or two of them stars off.


    I then chuckled to myself thinking how funny it will be when you see all these people


    With 4 or 3 stars and a swallow or a big black square or some thing to cover them


    It will be hilarious. Or ami just a very naughty bhoy for thinking like that.

  22. newradbhoy on 20th May 2017 12:26 pm




    Juve were stripped of titles by the league yet the club still claim them so I’d imagine Sevco and their fans will do the same.



    Football doesn’t really follow real life rules or laws

  23. Hebcelt: I have a similar itinerary to you and am equally looking forward to it.




  24. Thunder Road on

    Was talking to a sheep fan that i now work with and asked if he was going to the final.


    Said he was giving at a miss despite qualifying for a ticket due to the points he has for attending other ties.


    Thinks they have no chance and if we play at all like how we have been then its a foregone conclusion and he wasnt prepared to pay £35 for a ticket plus all the other expenses racked up going to a game to sit and watch it through his fingers!



    Thats the spirit!

  25. buick makane on

    See when we win our 50th title in a few years where will we put the 5 gold stars,will it be below the badge,above the badge or even on a sleeve or will we just keep the two real gold ones for the big cup wins,the 67 one and the one we’re going to win in the next year or two;))))))





    One star means more,and our jersey doesn’t shrink to fit inferior milestones.



    They can have their five. That we won’t bother with it will seriously piss them off!

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