Whyte, Ticketus or their proxy the only show in town


Sterling work by Chris McLaughlin at the BBC who brought us the news that Duff and Phelps have rejected a bid for Rangers from Brian Kennedy, the owner English rugby club, Sale Sharks.  Earlier today Kennedy suggested the administrators get their act together and move towards appointing a preferred bidder.

A preferred bidder may now be identified, if not yet publicly announced.

I can imagine the process to whittle bidders down:

‘Tell me, do you own Ibrox Stadium or security and floating charge over it?’

‘No?  Ah, that’s a problem, as we don’t have it either.  Where do you propose to play matches?’

‘Forget that one, someone tipped off St Mirren.’

‘Don’t take that tone with me, we’re doing our best in difficult circumstances and we’ve not been paid a pound.  Yet.’

Craig Whyte controls the security and floating charge over Ibrox.  He provided Ticketus with security for the money they due on the season tickets they purchased, worth in the region of £40m.

Mr Whyte and Ticketus, or a proxy, are the only show in town – and that show is not a CVA.  Everything else is just shooting the breeze at £600 per hour.

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  1. James79


    Stinking rat hole of a place…


    Last week my son told me and his family are looking to move home, I have been suggesting to him ever since that he moves his family out of the stinking toilet that is Scotland

  2. Paul67



    Just as you stated weeks ago.



    Looking forward to CH4 tomorrow night…

  3. BlantyreKev - Parcel=> on

    Worth reminding ourselves of the reaction to the concerted attacks on Neil Lennon.






    Among others….



    Alex Salmond “There is a major police investigation under way to ensure that the individual or individuals concerned are identified and apprehended, and then brought to book with the full force of the law.”



    If this is the full force of the law we are in seriously, deeply, troubled times.

  4. The huns msm and former directors will be made rue the days of tearing into CW he has the power in this game. If it was me and i was willing to hand it all over for nowt it wouldnt be to someone who has publically slaughtered me. Ticketus will have a stadium to hold as many concerts sporting events or whatevers they want very soon.

  5. Paul67 – the continued guff being regularly regurgitated in the press shows things will not be changing around here anytime soon.



    Whyte was, is and always will be until Rangers United kick off, the only show in town.



    Once again Dave King was right. Liquidation is inevitable.

  6. Everyone,






    In the event of a conviction a criminal defence can use material published on the web or elsewhere to claim their client did not get a fair trial.






    This difficult period will soon be behind Neil Lennon, who has a league win to plan. The last thing he needs is rumour and speculation about his future. He is the Celtic manager and there




    ASonOfDan, aye.

  7. The Pantaloon Duck



    I’m really flattered and what’s more glad you liked it so much so bought it!



    As for what’s happening today, there doesn’t seem to be any pretence at hiding things now, it’s open season. Perhaps, it’s their last gasp and attempt to bring down as much as possible with them.



    We’ve been renting a house for just over 5 years now and have been looking to buy recently. Honestly, the more that incidents like this happen not to mention the thought of a successful independence vote makes me feel less inclined to stay in Scotland, however Mrs Dharma wants to stay where we are and we’ve got 2 children both under 10, as well as our extended families.

  8. BlantyreKev – Parcel=> on 29 March, 2012 at 13:59 said:



    Tom devine has not been listened to



    Tom Devine


    What has happened over the past few days is entirely unprecedented. We’re into a new situation.



    I honestly think this is a powerful wake-up call for the judicial, political and police authorities in Scotland.



    In my view, the law has not been administered as strongly or as firmly as it could.

  9. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on

    Perilous?? Never thought that word would have brought a smile to my face!!



    God Bless Neil Lennon.

  10. Does this failure to pay Dundee Utd equate to the administrators worsening the position of creditors to RFC(IA)?

  11. sixtaeseven: No NewCo in SPL and it's Non-Negotiable! on

    Administrators Duff & Phelps are charging up to £654 an hour for each member of their staff’s service.



    Tuesday and Thursday nights are time and a half, and weekends are double time.



    Expenses such as air fares and hotel bills on top.



    The Fighting Fund will need to go into overdrive to pay these heroes.



    Eh, I made up the bit about overtime rates…


    Hell mend the Huns



  12. I became a Christian 19 years ago.


    I used to attend church at a Christian fellowship in Glasgow for a while, until it was explaned to me one Sunday that having been born a Catholic i was sort of less of a Christian than those who could claim to … wait for it…


    “Biblical Protestants”



    I dusted off my feet and never set foot in the place again



    This crap is being preached from pulpits in Glasgow



    Christians Who Hate!!!




  13. RRC



    I do hope him and his family find a good place to live and bring the kids up, cause it sure as hell ain’t good here!

  14. South Of Tunis on

    Paul 67



    “Whyte, Ticketus or their proxy -the only show in town.”



    Bang on !



    Nothing will happen without Whyte and Ticketus getting what they want.



    Looking at the known gamblers at the table-only Peter Lim has the necessary cash to play for real and the wherewithal to wait and see what the future might bring.



    He is a real shark.

  15. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    David Healy has revealed he may be forced to leave Rangers at the end of the season but only if Ibrox is knocked down.



    The 32-year-old who experienced learning difficulties as a child has been left out of the squad for the last two games amid reports that he has been omitted because of a clause in his contract which means he is due a ten pound pay increase if he makes another appearance.



    Rangers CIA and all members of their squad recently agreed to significant wage cuts to help the Ibrox outfit pay the administrators.



    Northern Ireland’s record goalscorer has admitted he is keeping an open mind over his future and would consider a move abroad.



    “I have had an opemn mind since I can remember but if I leave Rangers it will only be if they knock the stadium down and even then I will chain myself to the goalposts. I also wouldn’t rule out a move abroad either although it would depend on the EBT circumstances for me and my family and preferably a scandinavian country” Healy told the Belfast Telegraph.



    “Another big factor for me is that I wouldn’t want to go somewhere that would have a detrimental effect on me playing for Northern Ireland. So it has to be somewhere where I will be assured of not playing every week”



    When asked if the clause in the contract has anything to do with his lack of recent action, Healy replied: “Look at that plane up there is it a fighter ?



    “How is your mother doing these days ?



    “I don’t really know why I haven’t played recently.



    “I definitely want to play again for Rangers and obviously I want to stay until the workmen turn up with the chain cutters”

  16. Timabhoy on 29 March, 2012 at 13:57 said:




    ‘even if its only cival law that the uk supreme


    courts have over scots law its still another countrys


    law superseding another countrys law’




    If the case concerns Scots law (ie law that is specific to Scotland and is different to the rest of the UK) then it’s Scots law that’s applied.



    The fact that you thought otherwise just shows you haven’t got a clue what you’re talking about.

  17. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on

    Just watch what you are posting on CQN Bhoys It could be used if an “appeal” is used in the future.

  18. Farce.


    The defense lawyer appears to be his client is too stupid to be serious.



  19. Paul 67



    Just a quick question



    If and when they are liquidated, how much of their anger do you think will be vented at us?

  20. James79



    I am pleased to say my son has managed, despite his mad dad, to grow up a fine tax paying, family loving decent guy, one smack head moving into the street he lives in, and he is starting to look around for better.



    I think I will have a job convincing him to leave Scotland though, we’ll see.

  21. The Masonic distress signal must have been given out in court. Contrary to some opinion on CQN, N.Ireland is nowhere near as bad as Scotland is now. I drink in what was once a UDA club, taken over by them, and I spent Tuesday night defending NL. He can do that himself, as we have seen, but we must confront any denigration of the man. What we have is a Pavlovian response to what appears in the MSM. It is deliberate. I just wish Celtic lined up the top gunners in the legal profession and elsewhere and went after them. On the other hand, they may be just giving them enough rope. By the way, Timbhoy 2 is a currant bun. The whole package–terrible grammar and spelling, ignorance of the difference in UK and Scottish law, and kite-flying.

  22. It’s all too Clouseaueque in court.



    On top of everything else, it would appear Scotland is unravelling.

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